The big finish of a wild day & night
The walk out to the car was my first experience of what the night had in store. We rode down the elevator with just the 4 of us, but as we stepped out, there were 3 people waiting to get in. The couple said hello to K, Alice and John, but gave me a very funny look, like they weren’t quit sure what to say. The other guy that was standing there said nothing, but looked at me very intently. As we walked out the building, Alice looked at me and started laughing. “Oh, look how red she is!! Tera must be sooo embarrassed. K, do you think she gets red everywhere when she blushes like that?” Alice asked. “Maybe we should find out,” K replied. “Turn around Tera,” K said to me. I stopped and turned around. “John, give me a hand,” K says, as I feel my skirt lifted up, and a second later, my panties pulled down, uncovering my ass. “It’s pretty red, so I guess so,” K says. “Pull up your panties Tera, and come along” K tells me. I pull up the panties, and as I turn around, I realize I’ve been exposed to a group of women who are walking towards us! As they pass by, they are all laughing and giggling, and a couple say something about what a cute tush that was. K leads us to the car, and we all get in, Alice and I in the back seat, and K up front with John driving. The ride over to the city was uneventful, though Alice did reach over a couple time and give my cock a hard squeeze.

Once in the city, K directed John to drive to a club she liked called The Oasis. It was in the South of Market area, and we ended up parking a couple blocks away. As I got out of the car, I tried to pull my skirt down so my ass was covered. K just laughed and said not to worry about that, the skirt was too short to ever cover me, so get used to showing some cheek! Thankfully, it was too dark to see my blush start up again, but I could feel my skin flush with embarrassment! So wobbling a bit on the heals, and with my cock just barley covered in front, and my panty covered ass showing in back, we began the walk to the club.

The area still had a long ways to go to be considered upscale. The walk took us past winos, guys dealing drugs, and prostitutes, so there was a lot of car traffic cruising pretty slowly. This gave the guys in the cars plenty of time to check out our little group and yell lots of comments. But I began to get a little used to the attention, and also realized that a lot of them probably thought I was really a female. This was actually very exciting to me! I began to pay more attention to how I was walking and tried to look less clumsy. I also realized I sort of been slumping my shoulders. Once I realized that, I made a conscious effort to stand up straighter with my shoulders squared, which had the effect of pushing my chest out and made my “breasts” more prominent, which the guys in the cars seemed to enjoy! So by the time we got to the club, I was actually enjoying myself again.

At the door, I again felt a little self conscious as the doorman gave me a look, but I was beginning to get used to that, so I held my head high, and walked in with K, Alice and John. We walked upstairs and K said that she and Alice would find a table, and John and I should go ahead and have the first dance. As they started to turn away, K turned back and said, “Remember, this isn’t a strip club, just dance nice.” Then John grabbed my hand, and I followed him out onto the floor. There was good music playing, and as we began to dance, I began looking around at all the other girls and tried to copy some of their moves. I still had to concentrate on staying upright in those shoes, so I was doing a lot of thinking as I tried to stay with John. The first dance ended and we walked off the dance floor, looked around, and finally found K and Alice at a large table that also had 3 guys sitting a it. We walked up, and K introduced us to Mike, Allen and Ken, and explained this was the seats available, and the guys didn’t mind sharing it.

Now this gave me a bit of a start. I was just beginning to get comfortable and suddenly I was thrust into contact with these new guys that I had no idea how they would respond to me. But I sat down, and as everyone begin talking, I noticed no hesitation on any of the guys parts. I was saying very little, since I wasn’t sure how my voice would come out, so I just sat there listening. Then a waitress came by and we had to order drinks. I managed to squeak out “Heineken”, but I didn’t think I sounded female at all, but she didn’t even blink. As she walked off, a new song was starting, and John asked Alice if she’d like to dance. As they got up, Mike asked K, and suddenly, I was there with Allen and Ken. Ken looked at Allen, and then to me and said, “So, would you like to dance?” I was a bit shocked, but just nodded and stood up. We walked out to the floor, and once more, I began to dance while trying to keep my balance and study what the other women were doing. Of course, I also had to look at Ken and try to act normal, what ever that might be!

The first song ended and the next began, but this was a slow dance!! Ken didn’t even give me a chance to leave the floor, he just pulled me in tight and began dancing. As you might imagine, my erection had gone down quite a bit, but as Ken moved in tight, I couldn’t imagine he could miss the fact that I had more in front than most women. But he kept me tight against him as we swayed together, the friction began to cause some swelling!! Then he slid his hand down my back and cupped my ass cheek and really pulled me in, and as he did, he whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, K gave us a quick heads up before you got to the table, and I think you make a very cute girl.” WOW, I was totally taken off guard. I didn’t say anything, but I stopped trying to lean away, and just let Ken lead me as we continued. As his hands continued to explore my back and ass, I begin to do the same. As I relaxed a bit, I also became aware that I wasn’t the only one with some swelling from the friction!! I could began to feel his cock getting hard and pushing against my stomach and hip as we moved. Now I was beginning to get into the fun of rubbing against him and feeling his response!! As the dance continued, I tried one of those shimmy-deep knee bend moves that brought my face down even with his crotch, and as I stood back up, I pushed against his cock with my face, chest and then stomach, and was rewarded with him smiling and a little kiss!! The song ended at that point, and we walked back to the table.

Once back at the table, we all began talking, including me, and enjoying our drinks. One of the guys made a comment about how I seemed to enjoy my beer like a guy. That got a laugh from everyone. The conversation quickly turned to sex, and how no one ever gets enough!! And that I seemed to have found a good way to double my chances!!! A new song was starting and K grabbed Ken and they went off as Mike asked Alice. Allen asked John if he minded, and John said no, so Allen came around, took my hand, and led off for the floor. We dance for quit a while, both fast and slow dances, and I was really enjoying myself. I was getting pretty comfortable dancing in my shoes, and I was feeling more comfortable about my moves, so I could bump and grind a bit, or just touch lightly and sway with the beat. And I know Allen was enjoying it also, because of his hard-on that he kept grinding against me!! When we finally got tired, we made our way back to the table, and found Ken there, having traded partners. We sat, sipped our drinks, and enjoyed the music. But in just a few minutes, the others came back, and soon we were all up and heading for the dance floor, and now I was dancing with Mike.

We continued to dance for the next couple hours, switching partners till we’d all danced with everyone. I’m finally feeling comfortable in my pumps, and I LOVE being able to turn my back on my dance partner, and wiggle my ass as I back up to them, knowing my panty covered bottom shows from under my skirt. I’m also enjoying the ass groping I’m getting, mostly from my partners, but every once in a while, from another dancer on the floor. It’s crowded, so I never know for sure who it was who just felt under my skirt, but I really don’t care either!! At one point when I was dancing with K, she asked me how I was doing. “Aside from my cock which is so hard, I’m surprised it hasn’t ripped my panties, I’m having a great time!, I told her. She just smiled and said she was glad. Finally when we were all sitting at the table again, everyone tired but happy, K asked if everyone would like to go see a movie? “It’s pretty late,” Ken said, “is anything still playing?” K said she knew a theatre that was open all night, that always had something good playing. So we all got up and decided that we could all fit in Ken’s car, so off we walked.

Ken’s car was only a short walk, and then we all piled in. K ended up sitting on my lap, which did nothing to reduce my hard-on!! “Ah, look at this poor thing. It’s been so hard for so long, I don’t know how you can stand it,” she said, as she lifted my skirt and gave my cock a quick rub. She then directed Ken to make a couple turns, go straight, turn again, and pretty soon she tells him to park anywhere. He pulls over, and across the street is the Pussycat theater, one of the nicer porn theaters in town. I look at K, and she asks, “You didn’t want to watch a comedy, did you?” Out we climb, and across the street to the ticket window. We pay for our tickets and go inside, through the lobby, and into the darkened theater. We stand there for a minute to let our eyes adjust, and begin to make out the audience. The screen has naked bodies intertwined, and there’s lots of moaning and groaning coming through the speakers.

K begins to walk down the isle and we all follow. As we make our way down, I’m looking at the other audience members. There are quite a few guys sitting there, and a lot of them seem to be paying a lot of attention to various things, jackets, hats, bags, that they have sitting in their laps!! Then I see one guy who just has his cock out, just stroking it and watching the screen intently. K leads us down to the first 2 rows. She sits down in the first row between Ken and Allen. Alice and John slide into the second row, and I follow John with Mike following me. We get settled and begin watching the movie. But it’s only a moment later when I hear K say “Ooo, one for each hand”, and giggle load enough I’m sure to be heard through most of the theater. It’s about then that I see Alice lean over into John’s lap and work his cock loose from his pants. Mike reaches over and takes my hand and pulls it back into his lap where I feel his engorged cock straining at his pants. And of course, my cock is painfully hard and fighting for freedom from my panties!! I unbutton Mike’s pants, and work his cock free from his underwear. It’s about 6 inches, but it’s very fat!! I slowly run my fingers over it, and then down the shaft. I grab his balls and gently pull on them with one hand, as I begin to stroke his shaft. He leans back enjoying the attention, then says “Why don’t you suck on it a little.” I lean down and take the head of his cock into my mouth and run my tongue around and around. I feel his hands on the back of my head, and he begins to push me down onto his cock. I don’t know how much I can take of him, his cock is much bigger around than John’s was, and is filling my mouth and stretching my jaw. But I suck and slurp as much as I can, and begin to bob up and down on his cock.

I’m just getting into the rhythm of this, and I hear K say, “Hey, Tera, come up here!” I sit up, then stand up, and work my way over Mike, loving the way his cock is standing there, glistening with my spit all over it. As I step into the isle, I realize that almost every guy in the audience is looking at me. I don’t think they can see my cock still straining in my panties, but as I turn around, I’m sure they can see my panty covered ass with the way my skirt has ridden up! I walk around to K, and stand there for a moment not knowing what she wants. “Ken here would like some special attention, and since he drove, I think he deserves it. Why don’t you guys move over to the side so you don’t block anyone’s view of the screen, and I’m sure Tera can enhance your enjoyment of the movie”. Ken moves a couple seats over so he’s next to the wall, and I kneel down in front of him and begin sucking his cock. His is thinner than Mikes, more like John’s, but not quit as long. It’s circumcised, and it has a beautiful, rock hard, head that I immediately take into my mouth. I can taste some salty pre-cum that’s beginning to lead from it’s tip. I hold his balls in my hand and pull gently on his sack as I work on getting his whole cock into my mouth. My gag reflex seems to have lessened, I don’t know if it’s the beer I’ve drank or practice, but it only take me a minutes, and I suddenly relax and feel his cock push down my throat as my chin bumps his balls!!

Now I’m really going at it, I pull all the way up so his cock head is out of my mouth, and then plunge back down and take his whole shaft down my throat! I’m going at it, when I hear him say, “Suck my balls, suck ‘em hard.” I lean down and take his ball sack into my mouth and begin sucking on it as hard as I can. I pull back and stretch his sack out as I roll his balls around in my mouth. I lightly stroke his shaft with my hand as I continue sucking. Then I hear behind me, “Stand up, but lean over and continue what you’re doing. I make my way to my feet, never leaving those balls, and then feel my panties being pulled down!! I then feel the sensation of cold at my ass hole for just a moment, then feel the tip of a cock being pushed in. My cock has popped free of the panties finally, and is at ridged attention! The cock going into my ass has little resistance, and is quickly buried to the hilt. Who ever it is begins pumping in and out, their balls slapping at my ass on each thrust. I’m trying to keep my balance as I keep sucking Mike’s balls, and continue to get fucked hard, up my ass!!! At some point, I step out of my panties, and spread my legs as wide as I can, as the fucking gets faster and faster. Suddenly, I’m pulled hard against his body, as I hear a loud moan, and can feel the cock spasm again and again, and then one more thrust, and more spasms, and I know someone has finished enjoying my ass!! It’s then when Mike moans, “I’m about to cum, suck my cock, quick, suck!” I take his cock and suck hard, and with a thrust of his hips, he shoves his cock deeper into my mouth and I feel the first jet of cum shoot out of him and into my mouth!!! He jets again and again!! I swallow, trying not too gag or drip. Then he lifts my head, and the last couple of jets hit me in the face, and run down my cheeks and chin.

“That was pretty good,” I hear K say. “I think she’s ready to take her next couple of guys!” I look up from Mikes lap, and realize K is standing up, looking back at the audience in the theater. It’s only a moment before a couple of guys stand up and walk down to where we are. Mike gets up and one of the guys sits down. His cock is already out, and quite hard. It’s also quite a bit smaller than Mike’s, so I know I’ll have no problem with it. I lean down immediately and go to work on it. And it’s only a couple seconds before I feel a cock pushing at my asshole. It slides right in, though it feels a little bigger, but I don’t care, and I just wiggle my ass a bit and he immediately starts pumping. I feel his hands on my waist, pulling me back against him on each stroke. Then he slides one hand around in front and touches my cock. He immediately freezes, and cries out, “This girls got a fuckin’ cock!! K asks, “Is that a problem?” “I guess not”, he says, but pulls his had back, thought in just a second, he starts pumping into me again.

His touch had made my cock jump with intense anticipation, and now as he pumped into me, I could feel my cock jumping in rhythm. I was still sucking on the little cock in my mouth, and it didn’t take long to feel him suddenly stiffen, and as his cock gave the first hint of spasm, I pulled back and pumped with my hand as he shot his load all over my face and blouse. For such a small cock, he shot quite a load of cum onto me. I was amazed as he just kept pumping and pumping, spraying all over me, and finally dripping down my hand onto his balls, where I took one last lick. As he was recovering, I held my position, with my feet wide apart and my hands on the arm rests of the seat, and the cock pumping away in my ass. As I stood there, I looked back towards the rear of the theater, at all the guys sitting there. There were probably close to 20 spread throughout, and I’m pretty sure every one had his eyes glued on what was going on up here! A couple more minutes, I felt the cock in my ass push all the way in, and felt the weight of the guy push against me as he came. By now a few more guys had come down, and were forming a line. The guy in the seat had put his cock away and slipped out of the seat as my ass was being filled with cum, and a new guy had sat down. He unzipped his pants and out jumped his already hard cock and down I went on it. A moment later I felt a new cock pushing into my cum filled ass hole, and one more I was pinned between two pumping cocks.

This continued through enough guys that I completely lost track of time and count. I could feel cum running out of my asshole and down my legs in a constant stream. My face and chest were completely coated in cum and dripping and running, and I has so much cum in my eyes that I couldn’t make out anything but shapes. And still my cock was rock hard, though dripping with other guys cum that had run down my front. Finally as I felt another cock shooting it’s load into my ass, I realized that there was no one taking the place of the last guy I’d sucked off. I just stood there, for a minute, waiting for the cock in my ass to pull out, when I heard K say, “You have been one great little slut, and I think it’s time for your reward.” I was so happy to hear here express her pleasure, I couldn’t say anything. “I’ve saved Allen for you, so stand up and come over here.” I do as instructed, and when I get over to where Allen is sitting, I see what she means. Allen’s cock is the largest one I’ve ever seen in real life. It’s about 14” tall, and close to 3” in diameter!! It’s standing up like a redwood tree, and I’m just stand there staring at it. “Turn around and sit down on it, and then you’ll get your reward”, K says. I put one leg on each side of him, then begin to lower myself onto that monster. When it’s tip meets my asshole, I slowly start to push onto it. With all the cocks that had stretched me out, and all the cum in my ass lubing me up, I was able to slide over his cock and began working my way down. I push down then raise back up, then down again and back up, all the while my cock bobbing up and down! “Come on, take it all” Allen says to me. I drop onto it again and once again raise myself back up. Then down again and this time I feel it push through and I’m suddenly down on his lap!!! Up and then down again and I feel so full all I can do is moan. “Ok,” K says, “Go ahead and touch your cock.” I wrap my hand around my shaft, and slowly slide my fist up and down it’s slippery length. “Now slowly”, K says. I slowly pump it, with all these people around me, watching me play with my cock, while impaled on Allen’s monster cock. I slowly pump my cock for a couple more minutes, and as I get closer to the point of no return, K says “Ok, let’s see what you’ve got, you little cum slut!!” With that, I give my cock one more stroke, and then freeze as my balls start contracting, and my cock begins shooting my cum!!! It pumps out and gushes all over Allen who’s been just sitting there. It shoots jet after jet, some of it going right over Allen’s head to the row behind where Alice and John are sitting, Alice astride John’s cock while watching me. I’m cumming like I’ve never cum before. It feels as though it’s never going to end. But finally, as it starts to subside, Allen lifts me by the ass and pushes me down onto his cock a few times which has the effect of pumping more cum out of my cock. Then suddenly stops, and I feel his cock spasming deep inside me, as he cums and cums, and pumps even more cum into my ass!!!!

As we finish together, K says, “Well, this seems to have been one awesome evening for everyone. We’ll have to try this again sometime soon.”

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I luv being FUCKED like That and while eating loads of cum YUMMY

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OMG...I love your stories! I cannot stop cumming from them, I am still rock hard thinking about it!!

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would love more stories from youl You make it all so hot I came and came and came

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Reminds me of someone who used to dance on stage.........

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Heineken, best beer ever ;D

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