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Husband lost me in a card game
We were on a 2 week holiday down south in a caravan that had been loaned me free of charge. Well actually it was loaned by a couple of brothers I had been shagging for a while, and also shared among their friends. It was a real rough large site split in two. One for caravans and camper vans, the other for tents. Over the first weekend we got friendly with 4 other guys in their late 30s who over the week along with hubby used to give me a good fucking when we had barb-b-ques and they came to our caravan for drinks and to play cards. On the first Friday afternoon, hubby and the guys and a few bikers from the tent site area who were down here for some motorbike show a short distance from us were playing cards down the site bar. The last hand there was about £150 in the kity and only hubby and one of the bikers were left in. Neither had much money left so the biker threw in his fancy watch he was wearing. Hubby only had a cheap watch on so this guy said tell you what, throw in the tart as my slut until Monday afternoon as your stake. I laughed and said bloody cheek, (not the tart bit as I was dressed like one, but the stake bit). Hubby said OK then as he had a good hand. Anyway the other guy had a better hand. He said come on then slut, you've got work to do, and pulled me towards the door. As he left he shouted to everybody there they were having an allday party at their site sunday morning from 9ish and all was welcome. Bring beer and with that he lifted my tight shortish dress to my waist, ripped my g-string off and threw it on the floor showing my shaved cunt to everybody, thrust his hand between my legs and said we'll provide the entertainment. Everybody whistled and we went off to his camp site on his bike.

As soon as we got to his site I was told to take off my dress which I did in front of loads of people who he had announced to that I was his slut slave he had just won. I was naked under the dress except for my high heels. Right there infront of everybody he got his cock out and ordered me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I did. He fucked my mouth hard, holding my head with my nose pushed hard into his pubic hair and his cock fully in my mouth holding it there untill I couldn't breath. I gaged and dribbled loads of spit when I pulled it back out. He done this several times until he cum in my mouth and over my face. Then he shouted out, come on then guys, give this filthy cunt alot of cock and some rough hard fucking. It was about 4pm by now and untill about 3am that morning I was on my back, knees, front, doggy, getting cock after cock thrust into all my holes. They did every perverted thing they could think of to me. All the time I was groaning, screaming, crying out in ectasy as I cum over and over again and in pain as I was mauled, slapped, whipped, and thrashed all over my naked body. As I cried out when beer bottles were shoved in my ass or cunt guys pissed in my open mouth. I was fucking knackard by the time I was left to have some sleep. Cum was leaking from my holes and drying on my body as I lay down to sleep.

The Saturday I was woken up about 10 and told to shower. I had to walk to the shower block naked as my dress had dissappeared. Of course I was fucked in the shower and toilet block before i showered. After, back at the camp I was given my dress back by my master (as he liked me to call him) who had it to wear and told we were going to the bike show. It had been roughly shortened by about 3-4 inches and now barely covered my ass. At the show we meet up with another large group of guys who the knew and meet up at shows around the country. One of them saw me and said who's the tart. My master replied I was his slut slave who he had won in a card game and boy doesn't she fuck. With that he told me to take the dress off and go and fuck this guy. I pulled my dress off and walked naked to him and got his cock out. Fuck me then, fuck me hard I said to him as I wanked his cock. I was soon on my back in the dirt having a strangers cock rammed up my cunt again. Of course everybody else wanted piece of my ass then. So as my master went with some of the guys to look around the show, I was left there servicing all the other guys. They took alot of video of me being fucked to take back with them. Loads of close up filming of me with 2 cocks up my ass or cunt. All my holes filled with cock and wanking cocks as well. Film of me being whipped and slapped around, wanking myself off with bottles, and ass licking. One 20 minute piece of film was them seeing who could piss into my open mouth as I was being hard fucked by the biggest cocks in my ass. I was on all fours and as I cried out each time a cock was rammed to the hilt in my ass I opened my mouth to moan or cry out they would try and piss in it from about 2-3 feet range. They all thought this a laugh. All this went on through out the day untill early evening. During the evening after I had been washed down in one of the toilet blocks, I was taken around the show and whored out to everybody and anybody who wanted to shove their cock in one of my holes. I was told it was to get back some of the money back he had lost in the card game that Friday. They charged a few quid a fuck or blow job. By the end of the night I had more than doubled what he had lost which was quite alot. Then it was back to the campsite.

The Sunday I was allowed to lie in untill about 7.30 which wasn't that long as we did not get back untill 3am as it was the party in about an hour. I was thrown my dress to wear again, it was only for a short while I was told as I would be entertaining shortly. The dress was filthy. It was covered in cum, piss, and mud stains. I walked with my master to the party area. As soon as we were there I was told to take the dress off again. I followed him around stark naked tottering in my very high heels. Guys he stopped to talk to were asked if they wanted to fuck me, of course all did. At about 9am I was taken to a platform with a table on it and told to lie down on it on my back with my legs wide apart which I did. I was then told to shout out that the entertainment had arrived and the fuck slut was ready for cock and fucking. I shouted this out at the top of my voice. I soon had my cunt filled with cock. They had put up a sign next to me saying Mega Gangfuck, Minimum 500 cocks needed to fuck our whore before end of party. Underneath they had added only cocks cumming inside or over the slut after fucking counted.

About 2.30 I saw Chas and the guys turn up. He was greeted with the sight Of his slut wife naked, on her back, legs wide apart outside in the middle of the crowded campsite with a big fat unshaven guy, jeans and pants around his knees fucking the shit out of her cunt hole and mauling her tits and twisting her nipples making her scream, and a long line of guys behind him waiting their turn with the whore. The number 96 was chalked up on the board. He soon cum,97 replaced 96 and a big ugly guy came forward and roughly turned me over. I'm going tear your ass hole open now, cunt he shouted to me, and started to fuck me real hard and violently. I cried out at this onslaught which only raised a load of cheers and comments from the guys behind and people around the campsite. He pulled hard on my hair and raked my swinging tits with his other hand, squeezing and twisting them. He cum shooting his load deep into my bowles, then pulled out and thrust his cock into my mouth ordering me to clean all the slime off it. My upturned gaping asshole leaking cum on view to all and ready for the next cock.

That's where I stayed for hours untill I had passed the 500 mark. I had guys of all ages from 17 to 70 fuck and humilliate me, slap me and spit on me, wank and piss over me. I was then given an half hour break then after strung up with arrms above my head, legs tied wide apart and the crowd were given a show of 4 girls fisting me and giving me a good strapping with leater belts. I pissed myself several time as they thrashed my tits and cunt and reddened up my ass. After the show it was back to the fucking until about 5am in the morning.

I slept then until it was time to deliever me back to Chas. Master and a few of his mates gave me one last hard fucking and then took me back. I had to walk to our caravan naked with him as my dress was nowhere to be seen. This really did not matter as probably everybody had seen me naked and fucked, and all the guys and some women had fucked one or more of my holes. I rested up for the rest of that day and the following one, but has you'd expect, guys came to our caravan on and off for the rest of the holiday for a fuck which they always got whether Chas was there or not. I cannot start to guess how many cocks used my orrificies over the three days as I had lost count by the Friday evening. I don't think Chas will bet me again has I was not much good to him for the rest of the holiday with my holes gaping or other guys fucking me.

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2010-11-01 17:40:03
Lovely set up hon, makes me want to put my sister up for a card game one time.


2010-11-01 17:38:05
Lovely set up hon, makes me want to put my sister up for a card game one time.

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y dont u write more stories kathy

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