the Wedding .... back ground
The Wedding ...
A fine affair. The Minister gave a long service. I guess he liked a full Church. Not the norm in todays Godless society.
My niece Jessica was married. She married a young fellow named Gino. No, not THE Gino, but a rather nice young man of Italian ancestry. No surprize there. Jess is a beautiful girl, No Doubt. They make a attractive couple.
Outside the Church the people are well wishing, hugging and all, as the newly married couple make their way to the Limo. I see my Nephew Jimmy move in to give Jess a hug, then shake Gino' hand. HUM! ... Jimmy can't stand Gino. Nice of him I THOUGHT. I head for the underground parking and stop to look at the happy going's on. I notice Jimmy going in for seconds with Jess. Stopping to watch from my vantage of ground level. I'm on the steps going down to the underground garage. Watching Jimmy with Jessica, laughing together. Jimmy gives Jess another hug............. a bit long this time ... He seems to be standing oddly. I see what appears to be a flash, then another flash ... hard to tell in the Sunlight. Must be someone on the other side taking pictures. I look down at Jess`s gown and see Jimmy has his shoe under her dress and one hand is in his suit pocket. I wonder ................. Jimmy is taking Upskirt`s of Jess on her wedding day .......... little buggar. I turn and go down to the parkade ..... I`ll have to catch up to my nephew on that issue some day.
I arrive in the parkade and meet Gino, Willie and a couple of their buddies. We exchange pleasentries and jaw on about the wedding and the like. I hear the patter of running feet and turn to look. Amy, my new cousin. Fuck, can that girl motor. She leaves her feet at least twenty feet from me lands a few feet away and does a little hop right into my arms .... I had to catch her or I would be on my ass.
`Hi Cousin.``.......... Amy say`s .................`This is my cousin Bob` ... Amy say`s to Gino, Willie and all who are near. Amy gives me a flurry of kisses.
`Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."................[ HUG ].............." I love you cousin`. ...Amy say`s with an excited voice.
Off like a deer she goes .... damn she is fast on her feet. I turn to talk with my compadres ...... THE SOUND OF SQUEELING TIRES ..... I turn abruptly.
`SORRY`.............. I hear Amy say.
" Watch out" unknown voice barks.
"SORRY" ............. I hear Amy again ............ I look at Gino and Willie ... Willie nods to Paul ... Paul leaves in a flurry of foot steps ... another race horse of a human being. A car turns the corner slowly ...Paul vaults the hood like it was not even there, and he is gone around the corner ...
SQUEELING TIRES ONCE MORE ..... S o r r y ! ... from a distant Amy ......
" Jeez Amy .... man if anything happens to you Ben will die." I say out load to myself.
" So thats Bens girl Bob . ... " Gino remarks.
" Yup!" ....... I answer. ............ " She is energetic eh!"
" Yes." .. ...lets put her into our Gold program ... what do you think Willie?" Gino asks.
" I think she would easily qualifiy." Willie replies to Gino' question.
" Bobby ?" ............ ask's Gino of myself.
" Yes ... I think she has great athletic ability and I know she has the smarts .... Honor student." ... I answer.
"Ok ....done then, Bob get the Honors of telling her, her father and Uncle Ben." ..Gino say's
" We will wait to see if they accept." .......
"Willie, you set up her personel security." ........ " Her father is in sales I understand." ......
" Yes Gino." ..I answer.
" Ok .... we will look after his career." ........ states Gino.
Amy and her dad have just hit the jack pot .....similar to Janet.
Of course, as their influence and wealth grow their friends benefit accordingly, so do those who helped put them there.Gino and Willie. Oh ya ......... and ME.
We break up our little conflab and go our separate ways to the reception. On my way to my truck I see several faces that are familiar but whose names I do not recollect. I nod in acknowledgement. They smile and return a nod or say hello. I see Jimmy driving up the ramp in a hurray, he must be pleased with his camera work. I get into my truck and sit for a bit ... resting and taking a break before the nights festivities. I know the wedding is going to be big, how big is a guess. I have been informed that it will be between six hundred and six hundred and fifty. That means add a hundred for walk in's.
Gino and Willie and myself have agreed that none of the troublesome people we know will be allowed entrance to the reception. To ensure this we have deployed forty two security professionals from two Security Co.'s. And our SHOCK TROOPS as Willie likes to call them. Nine well trained men, armed and nasty when required. Three will stay at central and the remainer will travel in pairs throughout the Wedding site. This wedding is being held at the Hotel where Janet is Manageress. I have booked fifty rooms at This Hotel and another twenty in near by Motels. All have security.
Janet's Hotel has a very sophisticated Security System, with monitors. Gino and Willie's men will be keeping tabs. You can bet some valuable information will be gleamed before the night is through.
I am looking forward to the next few days when various associates reel in prospective clients. It's always a high to learn about other peoples lifes. There are sone prominent people attending this wedding tonight. It is a must be there occasion for those who wish to keep in or get into Gino's good books. The same applies with Willie and myself, although we are not as big a deal as Gino. My status within the community also begs attendence from some people. I like this power. There are specifically two married women I desparately want to fuck. Willie knows this and being a bud will try and facilitate my lust. They will be in attendence tonight along with their husands and families. I'm getting horny just thinking about getting my hands on either of those two women.
Wow....... this night will give me plenty to reflect upon. The stories that will be told after tonight. We try very hard to get people to loosen up at our festivities. Our guests know they are secure and no one will see his or her face in the news the next day.
Well, time to go. The Wedding reception awaits. The Hotel / Casino is about six blocks away from the Church. I pull into the parking lot. I am looking for a spot when I see Sonia, Angie and their entourage walking toward the hotel. I roll down the window to say hello.
" Hello Ladies" ...
Sonia et al turn. Sonia looks at me, then the truck. She comes to the side of the truck and looks inside.
" WOW ! '' .......Sonia scurries around to the passenger side .......... and jumps in. I have unlocked the doors. Sonia is dressed very smartly. She really is a well dressed young women.
" This is some truck you've got here." ..Sonia say's to me.
" Yes. this is my private vehicle, no company name on the side, .... special tinted windows for privacy." I say. ... and give her a little smile.
Sonia looks around inside the truck. .. She leans over and gives me a little kiss. Her friends outside get animated. Sonia wihispers in my ear. " Next time would you pick me up in this truck ?"
"OK ! I will Sonia."
" Don't wait to long. I really loved what you did to me that night. I want you to do that to me again."
" Alright, it's a date." ... I say to her, and give Sonia lilttle kiss back.
Sonia gets out of the truck and waltz's around the truck to her excited friends. I watch as the group of teenagers walk off jabbering at Sonia. She is a sassy young women that is for sure. She seems smaller than I remember. Maybe it's just the truck.
I park the truck. I sit for a bit watching people enter the Hotel, friends, associates an strangers. Security is present. All's well on the wedding front.
I get out of the truck and walk in the Hotel. Exchanging hello's, and small talk with many people. I see Sally enter with her husband Brian. We nod to one another. Brian nods and gives a thumbs up. I like Brian.
There is Amy with Ben. That must be Amy's father with them. I see a young man. I suppose he is Amy's brother. His name esapes me. He appears to have a date. Go figure.
I feel a pat on my behind and turn to see Janet.
" Hi " ............ and give her a big hug.
"Good to see you again Bill, or is it Bob." .Janet say's to me.
I smile at her, " It's Bob tonight Janet." ... " How are things with you ?"
" Fine, ......... busy as you might imagine."
"Yes, you run a very fine establishment here Janet."
" Thank you Bob." ............... Janet leaves.
I watch Janet walk away. A third married women I want to fuck. I place my finger beside my nose and look at the camera. The camera does a little wobble. Security must be laughing at my gesture. They know what I mean. So many women and so little tiime to fuck them all. I love cunt.
I turn to enter the main dining area and I see Doreen. The women of my dreams. And married. I have not seen Doreen since my little escapade. Now, Doreen could change me. NO DOUBT. But there are three other married women I must fuck before I reform. I see movement out of the side of my eye, looking up and around I see several security cameras all moving side to side in a NO.... NO .... gesture. ...... LOL. A few people look at me and smile. Good to be powerful. I could be going out of my fucking mind and people would patronize me.
I forgot Sally. Got to get her somehow. That is a real challenge. It has to be One Hundred percent consenual with Sally or I'll end up in her freezer. I think I'll just hand out numbers like in a bakery shop.
Looking about I see Jess with her new husband and a throng of people. I walk over to Jess .... I wait my turn. Jess see's me, .... " Hi Uncle Bob." ... and I get a big hug.
"Hello Jessica." ..... I shake Gino's hand and wish them well.
" A dance for your old Uncle Jess?" ....
" Definitely." ....Jess answers. ..... I give her another hug and a kiss on the cheek.
" MMMMMMMMMM " .. " you sure smell pretty Jess." ...
A giggle and " thank you." ... from Jess.
I move on feeling very aroused. HUM! .... I need a fuck. Just then Sally grabs my arm.
" I see you need me." ..she says.
" An how would you know that ?" I ask.
" You look like a Fox in a hen house the way you are moving through the crowd." ...
I pull Sally near enough so I can whisper in her ear.
" B.J." ......
" Yes." ............ Sally quietly answers my query.
" What of Brian Sally.?
" He will be alright for a short while boss." ...
" Brian is not well is he honey." ..I ask Sally
" NO !" .............. she answers with a concern rising up on her face.
" You look after Brian honey, I will tend to my urges." ........ [ a pause ]
' OK !" Sally replies.
" Sally honey, if you need anythiing including money ........... let me know and it is yours; Period."
" Sally ! " ...............
" YES !" ...
" If the chegue his huge will I get more than a BJ.?"
" NO ! " ................. " but I might consider it." .............. she smiles.
My heart skipped. The first kink in Sally's armour.
Sally see's my facial expression and laughs, then walks over to Brian. They disappear into the masses.
Turning I see Sheila and Rob. Two people who have made a good business great with their hooking up with Gnio, Willie and myself. Sheila has a nice big ass, I want he r again. HUM! ...
A very nice couple. ........... Seconds ?........... Yup! Her husband Rob is in love with Sally Sheila told me on the phone a week after our foresome.
Thirsty. I head for the bar. As I near the bar I see Kenra and her husband, along with some friends of theirs.
" Hello " .............. I say to the group. All of them turn at once as I approached.
A chorus of Hello' s come back at me. We exchange small talk, Kendra gives me a touch on the arm with a smile. I smiile back and give her a small embrace. We all talk at once. Hard to keep up with six conversations. A few minutes of this an we part as they go to their table and I get a drink.

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