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hello my name is Curtis and the story im about to tell you is one of my first experiances of one night stands
My name is Curtis i am 18 normal body build and im pretty smart for my age. I recently got on to a phone chat line many of you may know as Live Links it was a pretty nice chat line i thought and then she messaged me her name is Tiffany she is 35 years old and she said she had long blond hair cute little ass 34 c bra size and very sexy she also told me that she had just recently gotten a divorce and that she was looking to have a little "fun" that night.

So I sent her a message back saying when and where (duh im an average teenage boy)
she told me to go to the oxford suites just across the street from the wal mart here in town and said she was in room 611. so i got into my car and went finally i arrived at room # 611 i took a deep breath and knocked on the door she opened the door and i was in heaven.

she was short maybe 5"3 that's short to me considering im 6"1 i am not cocky but a girlfriend once measured me at 9' of rock hard throbbing cock but anyways back to Tiffany she had long curvy blond hair half way down her back i would say nice tits and a firm ass.

We wasted no time on getting undressed we were both horny and lusting for the sweet sweet orgasm we started kissing feeling the whirl of her tongue on my own made me even harder she pushed me on the bed and went down to slurp up the pre cum already bubbling out of my cock.
It felt amazing this girl was a Pro and i mean Pro she knew where to lick and where to twirl her tongue i almost exploded right there but she clasped my balls in her had and squeezed a little and the of my explosion subsided she continued to suck my now fully hard cock and finally let me blow my load into her mouth and milked it dry.

Then she looked up and me and said "your turn" and laid on the bed and i knew it was time for me to suck her love juices but first i started sucking on her tits and got them nice and hard hearing her little moans of ecstasy i slowly started kissing down her belly and to her mound of shaven heavenly hole. I twirled my tongue around her perfect clit and up and down her slit hearing her moans and tasting her sexual juices mmmmmm
she would moan and say lick that pussy yea that's it lick my nice little fuck hole and then she started shouting knowing she had reached her climax her hips bucked up and her thighs tightened around my head and juices started leeking and her body was full of sexual vibrations.

Finally she said those 2 words that any man in my position would want to hear and those words are "Fuck Me"
she laid there and spread her legs put on of them up by her head. I slowly put the head of my cock near the entrance of her now soaked pussy and slowly penetrated it her moans of ecstasy was all i needed to rock my cock in and out of her pussy she started thrusting forward to meet my own thrusts and we were fucking and i mean fucking in and out and hearing her say YEA FUCK MY PUSSY YEA THATS IT MMMMMM FUCK YOUR COCK IS SO BIG OH FUCK!!

After awhile of fucking we decided to change positions this time she was on top standing over my cock she slowly lowered her self on and straddled me she started going moving forward and back side to side up and down moving her body then she picked up her speed and started screaming agian OH YA DO YOU LIKE HOW I RIDE THAT HARD BIG COCK MMM YEA YEA YEA YEA THATS IT MMM YEA OH FUCK OH FUCK IM CUMMING!! she had reached her second climax sending sexual vibrations do my cock and i exploded into her pussy deep deep with in her as she screamed for more.

She got off me and started licking the cum on my cock and swallowed every drop that didn't get into her pussy.

we then got dressed exchanged numbers and she said "im defiantly going to have to call you up agian sometime i had fun and your cock is just the cock i need." All i could think is Tiffany is my sex goddess and i will be more then happy to come back for more.

Then we got into it again undressing and kissing she gets on the bed on her hands and knees and says
"Fuck my ass" so i got behind her and positioned my cock at the entrance of her ass and popped the head of my cock in with a little force she moaned out in pain and pleasure. I started rocking my cock in and out and she was going wild with each thrust of mine was met with a thrust of hers her yelling telling me to fuck harder go deeper sent me hay wire i started pounding her ass in and out my cock went i was going faster then i thought i could.

then i pulled out and made her suck on my long hard cock once more and then i put it back into her ass and started going again grabbing her tits and pulling her hair i was fucking her like she deserved to be fucked and she was liking it moaning in ecstasy again and yelling out FUCK MY TIGHT LITTLE ASS HOLE YEA YEA MM FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD YOUR HARD COCK IN MY ASS MMMMM CUM IN MY ASS BABY YEA CUM FOR ME CUM FOR ME MMMMMMMMMM OH FUCK OH FUCK YEA YEA YEA YEA JUST LIKE THAT!!
I came ropes of my warm juices spewed into her ass and we collapsed and fell asleep

note: this is my first story and i would like some positive feed back and perhaps constructive feed back on what you liked and what you didn't like I am not use to writing these kind of things so any help would be nice. Thanks for reading


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2009-07-28 08:03:57
Good story but work on proof reading it. It would seem English is not your natural language. More deion detail.

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2009-07-28 02:05:49
I enjoyed the story alot but wish u would go into more details. Can't wait to read more of u'r stuff.

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2009-07-28 02:01:48
It wasnt deive enough


2009-07-28 01:48:36

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