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Thomas' Stag Party

(This is linked to the stories "The Bridesmaids' Revenge" and "Lisa trains Thomas" but can be read on its own


Copyright Oggbashan September 2000 The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Thomas and Jane are to marry next Saturday. Today, Tuesday, Thomas is holding his Stag Party and Jane her Hen Party - in different pubs in the town of Silverbridge. Tuesday night had been chosen to allow the effects of the parties to wear off before the wedding ceremony. Both parties were small because there had been a joint party at their football club last Saturday. The Stag and Hen parties would be for close friends only. The Hen Party is another story ...

Harold (Thomas' best man and the target of "The Bridesmaids' Revenge") had booked the room at "The Red Lion" for the party.

The private bar would be run by two young waitresses Helen and Pamela. In a small town such as Silverbridge it was inevitable that the waitresses would know who most of the men were and almost all of the women at the Hen Party. Some of them had gone to school together. Helen and Pamela often worked together on the bar at Stag Parties. They were attractive girls, broad-minded and tolerant but very capable of looking after themselves. They helped to make parties run smoothly without letting them get out of hand. They were a great asset to "The Red Lion". They knew it but more importantly the landlord knew it and made sure that they were better paid than normal for bar work. He trusted them and they had never let him down. Parties might be noisy and boisterous but with Helen and Pamela around the furniture and fittings remained intact and so, usually, did the partygoers. Police had never been called to a "disturbance" inside "The Red Lion". The landlord wanted to keep that record.

Harold had booked a locally famous stand-up comic "Barry the Joke". He didn't know but expected that some of the others had arranged for a stripper or strippers or kiss-o-gram girl for the bridegroom. He just hoped that the proceedings wouldn't get too boisterous because he had the responsibility of getting Thomas to the church on Saturday in reasonable condition. Harold took all his responsibilities seriously ... but he was worried.

The guests arrived within a quarter of an hour of each other. There were only eight including Thomas and Harold. All the others would be groomsmen (ushers) on Saturday. Since the party was so small part of the room had been blocked off with portable room dividers leaving about a third which would be enough. The waitresses served drinks and they had put some CDs on until the comic arrived.

The comic Barry worked hard for the first few minutes to get the party moving. He was finding it difficult with such a small group but he started telling jokes about the football club "The Glossies" and soon had them roaring with laughter over his satirical impressions of the Chairman and Directors. Then Barry continued with jokes about the members of the ladies' team the Silver Vixens and their running feud with the other local ladies team "The Stock Ladies" called "The Fatstock Sows" behind their backs. The jokes were getting bluer and closer to home as the bridegroom was the Silver Vixens' coach and the bride was their captain.

As he was ending his act he started on the bridegroom ...

"Thomas" said Barry "must be the horniest man in Silverbridge and have unrivalled stamina. Who else could have survived two years as the ladies "coach" ... we all know how you were "coaching" ... without being ****ed out every week. They have a full team of eleven and reserves as well. Do you know anyone else who could have lasted even two weeks?"

"No!" roared the groomsmen "For he's a jolly good fellow!"

Barry continued "and on top of that has anyone else in the history of this town lived through three years of their goalkeeper Lisa? Most of us are scared of getting closer to her than a pitch away - but Thomas - he survived three years almost unmarked! How do you keep it up Thomas?"

Thomas was about to reply but Barry cut in "It must be that famous stiff ... upper lip? Or was it something else that was stiff?"

The party collapsed in roars of laughter and began singing "For he's a jolly good fellow" to Thomas.

Barry finished "I'll leave you distinguished gentlemen to work out for yourselves how Thomas does it and how he'll survive next Saturday night. I only have to introduce your next entertainers - the lovely Amy and Jo!"

Thomas suddenly stopped laughing and turned pale. 'Amy and Jo' were the names he used to describe his twin girl cousins to Lisa five years ago. Surely they weren't here tonight!

Loud hoe-down music started and the lights dimmed. Two women danced in wearing "Oklahoma" type costumes - denim shirtwaists over layers of petticoats, but with low cut necks revealing substantial cleavages. Each wore a long white waist apron, denim bandannas around their necks and denim headscarves.

They grabbed Thomas and pulled him up from his chair "Hi guys" shouted one "I'm Amy!" The other shouted "I'm Jo!"

They spoke together "We're here to make you enjoy yourselves -" they switched to mock sultry voices "particularly Thomas! You will enjoy yourself, won't you Thomas?"

Amy was holding Thomas tight while rubbing her breasts up and down his chest. As they finished their question. Jo who was standing behind him grabbed Thomas' hair and forced him to nod twice before she pushed his head right into Amy's cleavage.

"Thomas says yes!" shouted Jo, pulling his head back but with her hand over his mouth "Don't you Thomas?" She made him nod again vigorously before pulling her hand away just as she forced his face back into Amy's cleavage. Amy wrapped her arms around Thomas' head and she began to dance to the music. Thomas flailed his arms wildly for a second before Amy moved both arms around his trapping them by his sides. His head came up under her chin as she made him 'dance' with her. They continued to 'dance' behind Jo.

Jo said "Well guys - that's Thomas happy for a few minutes. Now what about the rest of you? .. I know. Perhaps you'd like a leg show?" She flipped the front of her skirt up about a foot. "How was that? Not enough?" She flipped her skirt up but not her petticoats. The audience yelled "More!!"

Jo spun round showing her legs nearly as far as her knees. "That do you?"

"More! More!" was the response.

"You guys want a lot, don't you?" Jo stood in front of them swishing her skirts to and fro in time to the music, getting higher and higher each time.

"More!" called the guys

"Oh well" said Jo who then spun round, bent forward and quickly flipped her dress and petticoats over her back revealing white panties, white suspenders and white stockings before standing up and letting her clothes drop back into place to loud cheers and shouts of "Again!"

"What do you think of my legs?" asked Jo archly "or do you want another look before you tell me?"

"Yes! Yes!"

Jo flipped up the front of her skirts but only to the top of the stockings "More!" was the response. She turned and repeated the earlier back flip to cheers. She then moved among the guys giving each one a glimpse of her legs and asking each for their opinion of her legs "Do you think they're too fat?" "Do you think they're too thin?" etc ... until at last she came to Harold.

"Now Harold" she started "I know you are a real connoisseur of legs. What do you think of mine?" She started to slide her skirts up as she had for the others but then suddenly pulled them up to her face and sat aside Harold draping her skirt over his shoulders. She leant forward and kissed him to roars from his friends "But perhaps you are too embarrassed to say it out loud. Why don't you whisper it in my ear?" She pulled his head down to her cleavage "Oh dear. That's not my ear, Harold."

"Perhaps you need a closer inspection. Is that it?" Jo asked as she pulled his head further down and stood up. She lifted her skirt with one hand and shoved Harold's head against her stockinged leg.

"Do you think he can tell from there?" Jo asked the others "Or does he need a second opinion?"

"Second opinion!" yelled the guys

"You'll do" said Jo pointing at one of the smaller men "Come here and kneel. You kneel too, Harold." she ordered.

As the men knelt before Jo she put her hand to her mouth as if she'd had a sudden thought.

"I don't want them touching what they shouldn't." she said as if to herself "You and you," pointing at two other guys "Come here"

She took of her headscarf and bandanna. "You," she said handing him her scarf "tie Harold's wrists together, and you," passing the bandanna "Tie the other one". The two men soon had their wrists secured. "Now we'll see."

She lifted her skirt and pushed Harold's head against her left leg facing inwards then fastened the suspender around his neck. She repeated the process and the top of second man's head was touching Harold's and both were very close to her pantied muff.

"I think I can manage a third and fourth opinion," she seemed to ponder pulling two more scarves out of her skirt pocket. She asked two more guys to tie the ones who had tied the first two. Then she positioned them behind her legs and dropped her skirt and petticoats over all four. "Make sure you have a good examination." she told them as she began to sway her hips like a belly dancer to the music.

Then Jo called out to Amy "Hey Amy! Hurry up with Thomas. I'm 'entertaining' four here and you're only 'entertaining' one."

"Coming," replied Amy pulling Thomas towards the others. "Now you guys" she said to the remaining three "You and Thomas are going to 'examine' my legs. Thomas - you tie their wrists and I'll tie yours,"

In a short space of time all eight men were covered by Amy and Jo's skirts and enjoying the perfume and movement. If the guys felt a bit foolish none of them were admitting it. Helen and Pamela were nearly having hysterics behind the bar at the sight of eight waggling rumps. What the guys didn't realise was that everything up to this point had been pre-arranged - but not by them! The girls from the Hen Party had set them up!

Amy mouthed "now" to Helen and Pamela who came quietly past the gyrating backsides to the dividing screens, one of which they silently moved aside. Through the gap quietly came eight girls dressed just like Amy and Jo. Each one positioned herself behind a male rear. Then all pounced together flattening each man to the floor. Amy and Jo's suspenders flew open as the men were forced downwards and the two girls stepped away from the struggling pairs.

The eight men were soon subdued. They hadn't had a chance of resisting with their wrists bound and their vision obscured by Amy and Jo's skirts. Each was straddled by a suspiciously fit woman. Realisation gradually dawned! They had been attacked by the "Fatstock Sows"!

Amy and Jo set eight chairs in a line about a yard from one wall of the room then went to lean against the bar and have a well earned drink. Then they helped the "Fatstock Sows" tie the guys ankles and position each one on a chair. They were secured to the chairs by ties of the girls' waist aprons and then their trousers and underpants were pulled down to their ankles.

The eight "Fatstock Sows" stood behind the pinioned men and held their heads apparently tenderly as Amy and Jo took group photographs despite the guys' protests. Then they struck several other "loving" poses for the camera.

At an agreed signal each girl gagged her man with a wadded bandanna held in with a headscarf. Then they girls moved aside for the men to be photographed alone. Then came the final indignity!

Each guy's apron was pulled up right over his head and back down so the hem tucked into the scarf gag. They were blindfolded but their cocks and balls were in full view. The girls cheered! Every cock was fully erect! The guys heard more photos being taken and then there was silence for several minutes.

Suddenly each one found he could see again as Helen and Pamela released the apron blindfolds from around each head. The aprons covered up their family jewels again.

When Helen and Pamela had uncovered the last guy they stood in front of the eight.

"Well guys" said Helen "you were set up by the bride and her hen party."

"Please don't blame us or Amy and Jo" asked Pamela "We and thay just did what the girls paid us to do"

"And the Stock Ladies did it for free!" laughed Helen "They're not such enemies of the Vixens as they make out they are."

"If you are not going to hold a grudge against us, we'll release you now and you can continue your party." said Pamela

There were eight reluctant nods of agreement.

"OK" said Helen "We'll untie you and then you can look at the presents the "Ladies" have left for you to keep as souvenirs. The presents are in the apron pockets."

As each guy was released they first pulled up their underpants and trousers and then looked for their presents. Each had a used pair of ladies panties. When asked Helen and Pamela told them that yes each pair of panties was individual to the girl that had tackled them.

The men continued the party but in a subdued mood. They had been well and truly rolled up by the bride, bridesmaids and the others of the hen party.

There were some worries about what would happen to the photographs and those worries increased when they found out that the whole evening had been video-taped as well. Their only consolation was that they had done nothing that hadn't been arranged for them by the hen party.

Surely ... they couldn't be blamed for what the girls had done to them ... or could they? ... THE END
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