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My wife and I meet our neighbors
We had just moved into the neighborhood, and were still unpacking boxes. It was summer and hot; unfortunately our house didn’t have a pool. Our neighbors were out of town on vacation when we moved in, but four days later they were back home. My wife and I were in the living room, pulling picture albums out of boxes and shelving them under the television set.

Susan noticed the cab pulling up next door. “I think our neighbors are back.”

I walked over to the window to join her. Sure enough, a handsome black man was helping the driver pull suitcases out of the trunk, while his beautiful wife, a light-skinned black woman, was digging in her purse. When she looked up to pay the driver, she noticed us watching through our living room window.

Susan waved and the other woman waved back. I gave a little wave myself, feeling very much like a voyeur. She was a curvy woman and my cock stirred a little at the thought of her. She said something to her husband, and he looked over at us. He waved too, and we waved back at him. They grabbed their suitcases, and proceeded up their walkway to their house.

I watched her walk, her ample ass moving sensuously under her dress. I watched as her husband gave her a swat on her backside as he followed her up the walkway. Ah, I thought, an ass-man just like me. He turned his head toward our house again, and I think I saw him smile.

We turned back to the boxes filling our living room.

“I’m not in much of a mood for unpacking right now,” I said.

“Neither am I,” said my wife.

I tossed some newspaper and bubble wrap off the couch, and sat down. Susan curled up next to me, her hand on my thigh. My cock swelled again, at the pressure of her hand on my thigh. I put my arm around her, cupping her ass, pulling her closer to me.

“I think I’m ready for a little break,” I said.

“Me, too,” she said. “I think we should break in those new sheets we got as a housewarming gift.” She tilted her head up to face me and we kissed.

Then the doorbell rang.

“Great timing,” I muttered, as I got up to answer the door, adjusting myself in my shorts. Susan followed me to the door.

When I opened it, our neighbor stood there. “Hi,” he said, “my name’s Ray.” He stuck his hand out.
I shook it. “Steve,” I said. “And this is my wife, Susan.”

She had moved up beside me, and shook his hand.

“Come on in,” she said.

“Thank you,” he said, stepping across the threshold. “My wife sent me over here to invite you two over to our house.”

Susan and I looked at each other, a little puzzled.

“We were out of town on vacation when you moved in,” Ray explained. “We feel like we need to welcome you to the neighborhood.” He looked from me to Susan. And I noticed he was looking her over pretty well, checking out her breasts and looking down at her legs.

“Okay,” she said. “We were just about to take a break from unpacking anyway. Right, honey?”

I looked her right in the face. “Right, honey.”

Now I knew what was going through her mind. “Honey” was our code word. She wanted to fuck Ray. And I let her know I wanted to fuck Ray’s wife, when I called her “honey” in response.

“Great,” Ray said. “Why don’t you grab your swimsuits? We can take a dip to cool off.”

“Okay,” I said. “That sounds great.” I stepped farther into our living room. “Come on in and wait here.” I gestured toward the couch. “We’ll run upstairs and get changed.”

Susan closed the door and came again to stand by me. She was clearly checking him out, nearly as boldly as he had just looked her over.

Ray walked toward the couch. “Oh, don’t bother with that. You can both change at our house.” He sat down. “Carla’s getting cocktails ready for us now. We can drink a little first, talk, get to know each other, then go for a swim, if you’re still interested.”

“Okay,” Susan said. She turned toward the stairs and I followed her up.

Once we were in the bedroom, she asked, “Are you okay with this?”

“Yeah,” I said, feeling a little dazed. I was just getting ready to get into her panties, and now she was double-checking with me if I wanted to get into the neighbor’s panties. And if it was okay with me if that handsome black man sitting in our living room could get into hers.

She pulled her swimsuit out of a cardboard box. “I thought I caught you checking out her ass.” And she gave me that knowing smile.

“You caught me a little off-guard, with him standing right there, but yeah, I’m okay with it.” I dug around in a box and found my swimming trunks. I smiled at her. “Let’s go.”

We went back downstairs and followed Ray back to his house, carrying our swim suits. We went straight to their backyard, where Ray’s wife was behind a small bar on their deck. “I hope you like mojitos,” she said, handing one to me and one to Susan.

“Cheers,” I said. We all clinked glasses with each other, and took the first sip of our drinks. “Nice,” I said, smiling at Carla.

Ray formally introduced his wife, Carla, and Susan and I introduced ourselves. We sat down on some chairs on their deck, overlooking the pool.

Carla said, “Welcome to the neighborhood.”

“Thank you,” said Susan.

“We knew you were moving in while we were on vacation,” Carla said. “We felt bad that we weren’t here to welcome you properly. We know,” she said, gesturing over at Ray, “that this isn’t a real housewarming gift, but we thought the least we could do is be neighborly.”

“It’s great,” Susan said. “We really appreciate it.” She looked at me and I nodded.

“Yes,” I said, “this is great. We needed a break from our unpacking.” Susan gave me a look. “And it’s so nice of you to invite us over like this.”

“Well,” Ray said, “we want you to feel at home. If there’s anything we can do to help you get settled in, just ask.”

“That’s very kind of you,” Susan said, eyeing him again.

“In fact,” Ray said, “I need to change into something more comfortable now that we’re back at home.” He stood up. “If you’ll excuse me.”

He was still wearing the clothes he was in when he got out of the taxi. Carla had had time to change into something more comfortable already. While Susan’s eyes followed Ray as he went into the house to change, I was looking Carla over more carefully. As I said before, she was a curvy woman, and now I could see her cleavage better in her sun dress. As she turned in her chair to talk to Susan, I noticed her breasts move beneath the cotton of her dress, and I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her sizeable nipples pushed out the fabric from her dress. My cock stirred in my shorts again. I couldn’t wait to see those breasts, to make those nipples harden in my mouth.

Before long, Ray returned, wearing shorts himself. It took no time at all for Susan to check out his crotch. His bulge was unmistakable. His shorts weren’t that tight, but you could see the bulge of his penis very clearly. I couldn’t miss it, so I knew Susan had taken in every inch of it.

After we had drained the pitcher of mojitos, Ray suggested we change into our swim suits and take a dip.

“Steve,” he said to me, “you and I can change in the pool house.” He turned to Susan and Carla. “You beautiful ladies can change in our bedroom.”

Carla and Susan headed into the house, while Ray led the way to the pool house.

Once we were inside, he wasted no time in stripping down right in front of me. He obviously wasn’t shy, and, frankly, neither was I. His cock was as big as I imagined it. He was definitely a “shower,” as his uncut cock hung a good six inches and thick too, and he wasn’t the least bit aroused.

I tried to be subtle about looking at his body, but I wanted to get a look at the cock I knew Susan wanted inside of her. He noticed me looking.

“It’s okay,” he said. “It’s no big deal.” He looked right at my cock. “Nice,” he said.

I was a little surprised by him talking about my cock.

“You’re thicker than most white guys,” he said. “About the same as me. Carla will like that.”

“What?” I said. Now he had really caught me off guard. First my wife, and now my neighbor.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Did I read things wrong? Haven’t you been checking out my wife? Hasn’t your wife been checking me out?”

I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to sit down. Of course, I wanted this to happen, but I didn’t think it was going to happen so quickly. But my body knew. My cock stirred a little when he said that. My brain was saying, “Slow down,” but my cock was saying, “Let’s go.”

Since I wasn’t saying anything, he went on. “Carla and I have an open marriage. I have my girlfriends and she has her boyfriends. And sometimes, we play together.” He finally got his cock into his swimming trunks. “But if all you want to do is swim, that’s okay too.”

I pulled on my trunks over my hardening cock. “No,” I finally said, “you didn’t read things wrong. Susan wants you, and I want Carla.”

“Good,” he said. “Carla’s in talking to Susan, just like I’m out here talking to you. Is she going to be okay with it?”

“Oh yeah,” I said. “Honey will be just fine with it.” And I chuckled.

Ray gave me this questioning look.

“Oh,” I said, “Susan let me know back at our house that she wanted to fuck you.” I was feeling more comfortable, even bolder now.

“Good,” he said again.

I couldn’t help noticing his cock hardening in his swimming trunks, hot for my wife. My cock hardened more itself, at the thought of Carla, not to mention the thought of this man fucking my wife.

As we walked out of the pool house, I said, “We’re not going to go swimming, are we?”

Ray looked me in the eye. “Maybe to cool off after we fuck.”

We sat down on the back porch, waiting for our wives. After a couple of minutes, they came outside in their swim suits. Carla looked even better in her suit, even more of her beautiful brown skin showing. Susan looked great too. I suddenly remembered that we were going to fuck when Ray knocked on our door at home. I desired her always, but, man, was I hot for Carla. I wanted her in the worst way.

Susan came over to me, and said, “Ready, honey?”


I couldn’t hear what Carla said to Ray, but she was on top of him, kissing him. I could see her big ass, as she ground her pussy into Ray’s crotch. Susan was climbing on top of me, and was soon doing the same. Ray was watching Susan get me hard, while I was watching Carla do the same to him.

I reached up and cupped Susan’s breasts, while she slowly rotated her crotch on mine. It was definitely getting hotter. I reached around behind her, and undid her top. I pulled her top off and started working on her breasts, which hung right in my face, going back and forth from one to the other, teasing her nipples with my tongue and mouth. Her nipples were soon hard. And I knew this was getting her pussy wet too.

She slid down off of me, kneeling on the deck, and started tugging at my trunks, pulling them off. I lifted my hips and she pulled them down over my hard cock. As she went down on my cock, I could see Carla getting off of Ray, his cock straining against the thin fabric of his trunks.

Carla turned around to watch, then she walked over and kneeled down beside Susan. Ray got up, pulling his trunks off, his cock now even bigger, his foreskin pulling back to reveal his cockhead. As Susan and Carla licked my cock and scrotum, teasing my balls, Ray came up behind Susan, kneeling down himself, his black hands on her beautiful breasts. My cock surged again. His cock must have been against her
back. Surely she could feel it.

She did. She stood up, leaving me and Carla. Ray followed her up, her hand gripping his big penis. Seeing her white hand on his black cock, I could see how big he was. His cock was longer than mine, but not much wider. It would look good going into her pussy.

As much as I liked Carla working my cock, I tried pulling her up so that I could get to her breasts. She looked up at me, stroking my cock, pulling down my foreskin, then moving her hand up, my foreskin sliding back up, covering my cockhead. She did this a couple of times, then increased the pressure along the bottom of my cock, forcing some precum to drool from my slit. She looked up at me, and then slowly tasted my precum with her tongue. Only then did she allow me to pull her up to me.

She stood up, leaned over, and kissed me.

“Tasty,” she said. I don’t know if she meant my precum or our kiss. Part of me didn’t care which. Part of me hoped it was both. Her lips felt good on mine. God, she was hot.

Her breasts hung there, so tempting. And I could see a small wet spot at her crotch. I stood up, kicking off my trunks, hugging her to me, feeling her breasts against my chest. I quickly untied her top and freed them. Her nipples were already hard, sticking out. I played with them a bit, but my mind was suddently fixated on that wet spot. I got her top completely off, then kneeled down myself and pulled off the bottom of her bikini.

I ran my hand gently along her pussy, slipping my middle finger between her lips, gathering a little of her pussy juice. I looked up at her as I slid my tongue along my fingers, licking her juices off. Oh, she was wet, and sweet.

I stood up and maneuvered her into the chair, so that I could get to her pussy. As I did so, I noticed that Susan was sucking Ray’s cock. She was trying to get all of it in her mouth, but it was too long.

Carla sat in the chair and spread her legs. I kneeled down and got to work on her pussy. With her legs spread like that, her pussy lips parted, opening up for me. I could see how wet she was already. I dove in with my tongue, straight to her inner lips, pushing my tongue into her hole, getting as much of that sweet pussy juice as I could. She started moaning, her lips engorged, and more wetness flowed, covering my chin. I lapped it all up, and starting making my way up to her clit. Hers was larger than Susan’s, sticking out slightly from her hood. I teased it gently with the tip of my tongue, and she moaned louder. Soon, I was sucking her clit into my mouth, working it hard with my tongue. Before I knew it, she orgasmed, sending even more pussy juice flowing out of her cunt. I lapped it all up, the hungry dog I was.

“That was great, baby,” Carla said.

I slowly worked my way up her body, kissing her stomach, her breasts, her neck, then her mouth. I’m sure she could taste her own pussy, and my cock surged again.

She pushed me back and stood up. She turned me around, and sat me down in the deck chair. As she did, I looked over to see how Susan and Ray were doing. They were both completely naked now. Susan was sitting in the chair, and Ray was rubbing his cock up and down her pussy, getting her juices all over his cockhead, getting ready to enter her. I watched as he stopped, and let his cock slide into her. I could hear her moan as his cock entered her wet pussy. She was used to my width, so he didn’t have too much trouble getting his cock into her. Besides that, she was ready for him, plenty wet and worked up. He was just starting to pull out and begin stroking inside of her, when Carla climbed on top of me and blocked my view.

I didn’t mind at all. Her breasts were at my face again, and I teased those hard, dark nipples again, as she reached down and grabbed hold of my cock. She slid down, aiming my cock into her sweet hole. My cock slipped past her lips and inside of her. She worked about half of my cock into her, held it there for a moment, then raised herself up a bit, and then let her weight come down, my cock sliding all the way into her.

I could feel the walls of her pussy, soft and wet, enveloping my cock. She rocked back and forth, working her clit against me, moving my cock around inside her, loosening up her pussy. And then she began stroking, lifting up a little, then coming back down on my cock. She kept most of my cock inside of her on each stroke, coming down all the way, her big ass coming down onto my thighs. Oh, you know, I had my hands on those great ass-cheeks of hers.

After a few minutes of this, she began to breathe harder, getting closer to another orgasm. I couldn’t hold off any longer myself, and as the first waves of her orgasm gripped her pussy, tightening around my cock, I began shooting my load into her.

Carla collapsed onto me, my cock still inside her sweet, sweet pussy, and I could hear Ray pounding his cock into Susan, then his moans as he began to shoot inside her and her yelps as she came around his big black cock.

Slowly, my cock began to soften, and Carla stood up, my cock sliding out of her, covered with her pussy juices and my cum. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. She led me out to the pool, and we dove in together. We surfaced and I kissed her.

“Welcome to the neighborhood.”

I laughed and laughed, still giddy from my orgasm. Finally, I got out, “Thanks, neighbor,” and kissed her again, holding her beautiful body against mine.

Ray and Susan dove in too, and swam to where we were, hanging on the side of the pool. Ray slid up to Carla, and kissed her, while Susan slid up next to me and did the same.

Susan said, “I think we’re going to like living here, don’t you, honey?”

I looked over at Carla and Ray. “With good neighbors like these, oh, yes.”
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