A chance encounter, draws a teenage boy to a needy girl. The two find their way through the unknown. Further down the trail.
Themes: Actually Teen Male/Pre-Teen Female (That's the young part)

This is more of a love story than a sex story, but there is sex! Sorry if you hate it. You really need to read the first part to understand this one.

As I post this story for validation, I am preparing for a trip to a medical facility. Because I do not know if I'll be here when it gets online, I add these comments here. I hope to be back before long, but I was told I might need to stay as long as thirty days. As always, when going for a long hospital visit, you run the risk of never returning. I hope that does not happen. But, be patient if I don't respond to comments or add new chapters, soon.

Finding a Treasure at Winn-Dixie 2:

Jessy Jay's arms were locked around Daniel's neck, her feet locked behind his lower back. Daniel's arms were wrapped around her body. Both squeezing so hard they could barely breathe. Jessy Jay thought her ribs were cracking, her hole still filled with Daniel's penis. She wanted to stay like that forever. I'll never let that bastard touch me again! Never! Daniel's arms made her feel safe from her mother's asshole boyfriend.

The sound of an approaching train finally convinced them to separate their bodies. Reluctantly, they dressed and prepared to continue on to Jessy Jay's house. She knew that even though nobody cared where she was, someone would expect her home soon. Surely, there were some chores she needed to do. Get me a beer.

"Let me drive?" Jessy Jay asked with an almost silent yet excited voice.

Jessy Jay piloted the AVT. Daniel might have been nervous if he wasn't consumed with his thoughts and feelings. Even at fifteen, he was no more prepared to deal with the powerful storm of emotions bombarding him, than was his young companion. If anything, her dysfunctional life probably gave her an advantage over him, she had dealt with many painful blows.

Jessy Jay's hair was blowing back in his face, as he tried to look over her shoulder. He gripped her around her waist. His large hands could almost stretch completely around her skinny waist.

His driver scooted back making sure they were as close together as possible. Daniel's hard cock pressed into her back. He wished it would relax, because it was sore from being hard for such a long time. Plus, he didn't want to arrive at their destination with a hardon.

Slow and cautious was how Jessy Jay navigated the trail, which was quite a contrast to the previous hour of their lives. What should I call her? Should I kiss her good bye? Do I meet her mother? Daniel's thoughts were so confused, he was asking all the questions that should have already been answered. He suddenly realized he had everything out of order. He had just had sex! He had sex with a girl, he knew nothing about.

Daniel cast all logic aside and memorized the feelings. He touched her stomach as they rode. He wanted to kiss her, but now he didn't know the protocol, he had never really had a girlfriend. All the confusion came back in like a flood, as he realized he had just had sex before he even had a girlfriend. He didn't even know if that made her his girlfriend. Are we going out now?

The only part of Daniel that seemed to have all the answers was his dick! Which, was still hard. His cock would be happy to get back inside the girl in front of him, now and whenever. It felt so wonderful, it can't be wrong. I'll figure all this out later. With that thought he held Jessy Jay a little tighter.

For Jessy Jay, her need to concentrate on being a good driver, kept her mind from going where Daniel's was going. She had a sore, yet satisfied place between her legs, and she felt loved. After all, he was letting her drive, he must love her.

The closer they got to the end of the trip, the greater Jessy Jay's concerns grew. She was now wondering if this was going to be more than the end of the trip. What did I do? I told him I loved him! I gave him everything I have to give! Why will he ever come back, I have nothing else to give him. As soon as he sees my disgusting life, he's never coming back. Why did I let him have sex with me?

When she left the Winn-Dixie, she didn't know she still had her virginity to give. She thought she was just giving something to Daniel that had already been stolen from her. But, now she knew she had given him, her most prized possession. Does he realize he took my virginity? Does he love me for giving myself to him? Why would he ever come back to see me, I have nothing? I'm a stupid, ugly kid, who will let anyone fuck her!

Daniel wiped the moisture away from his face, not knowing it was painful tear drops. His eyes scanned the area as they pulled on to the road. It was a quiet neighbor, with small houses. All the houses were spread far apart, with long driveways. Daniel tried to pay attention, so he could make sure he knew how to find his way home.

Jessy Jay turned right onto a dirt road with no visible houses. After about a half mile, Daniel realized the low class neighbor his mother had pointed out, was an upgrade from where they were now. They approached a dirt driveway, the mail box was half off the pole and its door hung by one hinge. Daniel scrutinized the mail box over Jessy Jay's shoulder as they approached. The writing looked like a kid wrote it with a magic marker, except in spray paint. "47 Allison Ln" Under that, just as sloppy, it said, Jay. Daniel was thrilled, he knew her name. But, past the mail box, the sight was more daunting than having to figure out what to call this girl.

The four wheeler came to rest by the mail box, not turning up the driveway. The dirt, semi-circle drive came back out to the road sixty feet past where they stopped. Trees and high weeds lined the road between the two openings. There was a ditch the length of the road filled with weeds and crap. Cans, junk and mess. The front yard was two or three feet deep with wild grass and weeds. A nineteen seventy something Ford grew out of the grass. No windows, or wheels.

Daniel stood next to his ATV, looking at a very self-conscious girl. "Do you like to be called Jessy, or is that short for Jessica?"

"You can call me Jessy or Jess if you rather. Just never JJ." Jessy spoke to Daniel as he looked past her to the rundown, silver, rust colored trailer. It reminded him of the tin can looking campers he used to see when his parents took him to the mountains. Except, this one wasn't cool looking. It looked like it was sinking into the ground.

Daniel guessed by where Jessy had parked that she didn't plan on inviting him in. He needed to get home anyway, so he started trying to figure out how this was supposed to work. His heart said, find out when you can see her again and kiss her good bye. His brain said, just get out of here before someone shoots you for what you did with Jessy.

"Can I call you?" Daniel's heart won out.

A very meek looking girl kicked at the dirt, looking down. "We, I, um, don't have a phone."

"You can come bye tomorrow, and we can go ride or something?" The exuberance of the little girl that had bounced off with the margarine appear for a moment. Then, with a forced smile on her face, she thought. Or something? What other something is there? We did it all.

After a long pause, Daniel spoke, "Okay, that sounds good. I can be here at twelve thirty."

A long uncomfortable minute passed before Jessy nervously laughed and started to walk up her driveway.

"Daniel," Jessy called out.

Daniel turned back still hoping, "Yes?"

Tear streaks through the dirt on her face; what had been the best fake tattoo, now smeared with sweat and dirt, revealed the youth of the girl before Daniel. A skinny, dirty child who needed someone to call her home for her bath time.

The young girl's empty face stood silent for a moment. Jessy wanted to shout out her feelings for Daniel. Her empty insides had been filled beyond anything she had ever known. Her emotions were trying to spill over and declare her love for the boy in front of her.

"I, um, Can you bring some drinks tomorrow?" When she finally spoke, only a superficial question spilled from her lips. Even in that glorious state of powerful emotions, her heart had to hold back any expression of her true feelings. How could she express it? Her heart was full of love, but her heart had been smashed carelessly by pitiful people, so many times, that she didn't recognize its content anymore.

"Sure." Daniel's answer lacked any enthusiasm for tomorrow's hopes. He wasn't sure what was supposed to happen after an event as profound as the one he had just experienced. But, somehow, his heart was anticipating an expression of love. His heart felt so full he expected it could explode and cover every unpleasant thing around him with beautiful colors. He wished she would run full speed at him, smash into him, and be a part of him forever.

The two kids went their separate ways, both full, but somehow left feeling empty.

Daniel didn't really remember the ride home, as he sat on a stump in his side yard. He was so deep in thought he didn't even notice his friend Jason walking across his yard. Daniel's emotional state was that of a complete lunatic. He was sure it was love, sure it was wrong, sure he would do it again as soon as he could, and sure he'd never do it again, faced with the risk of burning in hell.

"Hey, wake up!" Jason yelled at his dazed friend.

"Sorry, I was just thinking about trying to get my parents to let me go to your school next year." Daniel's answer wasn't a complete lie, it was one of the thousands of thoughts he was contemplating.

"Really, you want to go through that again? You know your mother is never going to go for that. But, I think it's a great idea. Then, maybe you can get a girlfriend." Jason spoke, tongue in cheek, but his words ignited another firestorm of thoughts about Jessy Jay.

"Hey, speaking of girls, do you know a girl named Jessy Jay?" Daniel made his tone, as matter of fact, as he could, hoping not to give any emotion away.

"I do, or really my little sister knows her. She's in her grade. She's nasty, why are you asking about her?" Jason spoke flip-idly from hearsay.

Daniel almost jumped up when he heard, "she's nasty." He felt his heart pounding and his face turning red. He felt like he was going to smash his good friend's face into the dirt. Cool it, don't say anything, you'll give it away. Then Daniel wondering if he was ashamed to say he liked her.

"You don't know that about her, do you." Daniel's voice trailing off, more as a statement than a question. He really wanted to condemn his friend for being so judgmental and defend the girl he knew little about. Daniel knew at that moment he was going to see her again, and he wasn't going to judge her based where she lived, or how she lived. It's not her fault where she was born.

Jason wanted to pursue the conversation, and make his point. But, Daniel shut it down, knowing he was on the verge of blurting out everything. "No reason, I was just wondering because I heard her name some place. Did I tell you about the new lawn I got?" It was easier to lie and change the subject, than try to explain to his friend, about sex with a girl in his sister's grade. Daniel suddenly realizing himself what grade Jason's sister was in, and what that meant about Jessy's age. Maybe she got left back? He could hope.

Sleep didn't come easily that night for Daniel. He had great conflicts waging war inside his brain. He wasn't a virgin anymore, he should be trilled, proud and excited, yet he was none of those. As much as he knew the great sensation of being inside a girl, and knew there was no greater feeling, he didn't know anything else. He wanted to do it again, but he didn't know if he should expect that. Just go and see what happens, just go and see what happens. Daniel coached himself, until he finally passed out from mental exhaustion.

Daniel woke up early, a nervous excitement had replaced much of his inner conflict. He went about doing his lawns as quickly as possible. His excitement grew all morning. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Jessy's blue eyes and freckles. The sound of her voice played in his ears over the sound of the lawn mower engine. "I love riding on four wheelers, can you give me a ride? Yeah, that would be so much fun, can you ride me home?" His penis tingled with the memory of her mouth and her insides squeezing it. A smile stretched his face all morning. His cheeks hurt, but he couldn't turn it off. As soon as he was finished mowing, he told his mother a lie and went to the store for some pop.

Daniel zoomed down the trail, only slowing down as he passed the place he lost his virginity. Maybe I should stop and build a memorial to mark the spot? He joked with himself, knowing he needed to hurry, he was late.

Once Daniel reached the street in the first neighbor, he realized he was wearing his green sneakers, green pants and probably had grass in his underwear. Why didn't I change? I should have taken a shower, I must stink!

Daniel's self condemnation was quickly swept away by the sight of a girl sitting on the corner. The roar of his engine alerted her, and she rose to her feet, wildly waving her arms. Daniel's heart raced ahead of his speeding transportation. But, his nervous uncertainty tried to reel his heart back. What should I do? Do I kiss her? Should I be excited? Is she my girlfriend?

Squealing rubber caused Jessy to jump back as Daniel came to the most unruly attention getting stop he could manage. "Hey, what are you doing over here?" Daniel yelled as he turned off his engine.

"I was ready to give up and go back home. I have been here since twelve thirty. I figured you weren't coming." Jessy fired off a barrage of statements in order to avoid the truth. She didn't want Daniel to be reminded of where she lived, or take a chance that her mother might not let her go.

Daniel was so thankful he knew her name, and didn't call her Jessy Jay, like it was all her first name. "Why wouldn't I come? I was late because I had to get drinks. I didn't even have time to change. I have on my grass covered clothes. I bet I smell bad." Jessy seemed to have rubbed off on Daniel. All his words flowed together, never giving a chance for any reply. He gasped for air, and then felt uncomfortable with the silence. He wondered if he should have said anything about being dirty or smelly.

Other than Jessy wearing shorts today, she looked exactly the same. Even her smeared tattoo remained. She had on a different shirt, but it too came up two inches short of covering her stomach. Her belly button peeked from below the frayed edge. Her dirty feet rested atop a used-up pair of cheap flip-flops.

Daniel's eyes scanned up her body, starting at her half painted toe nails. His brain was painting a mental picture for future reference as his eyes went inch by inch. Suddenly, her blue eyes sparkled, sending a calming peace to Daniel's nervous system. He dismounted his machine without ever breaking their eye contact. The face before him sent two messages. The eyes shouted joy, happy joy. However, the dried up tear trails on her cheeks, told of a sad girl. A girl who had been crying five minutes earlier, sure her first love was never coming to save her.

The two youthful souls rejoiced at the reunion, but neither expressed their abundant delight outwardly. As if they were both so overwhelmed by the power of yesterday's emotions, that they didn't even know for sure it had actually happened. And, even if it had, what did it mean to them? Neither child knew how to proceed from the position their errant sex had placed them in. They had gone from just met, to "the two shall become one flesh," in less than two hours. Now, as if pushed backwards in time, the two faced each other as strangers who knew the depths of each other's love. What now?

"What do you want to do today? I got the drinks. What should we do?" Daniel's nerves got the best of him again.

"We're going swimming!" Jessy answered as if she had it all planned out and Daniel didn't have a say.

"Swimming, I don't have a swim suit." Daniel looked concerned.

With a broad, confident smile Jessy said, "Neither do I. Where can I put these?" She held out the plastic Winn-Dixie bag containing towels.

Daniel reached for the bag, processing what her answer implied. He felt even more nervous as he fastened the bag to the rack over the front fender. "Where are we going swimming?"

"Well, we are going to Hell's Hole, but not actually to swim in the hole." Jessy's words added to Daniel's many conflicts of the last day.

Daniel had been to Hell's Hole two years earlier with his cousin, who was sixteen at the time. He got in big trouble later that day when his mother found out. The well known swimming spot was famous among parents for the teenage antics that took place there. Among the kids, it was best known for the folk lores. There were tales of people being cut in half by a mysterious wire that lurked somewhere under the water. There was a twenty five foot jump from the edge of a bluff and an equally daunting jump from a shore line tree. There was also the area where the water from the fall landed. The depths of which could never be determined, because it was said, "The water pulls you under, and you never reappear. Nobody has ever gone deep enough to find the bottom, and those that tried were lost to the under world!" Hence, the name, Hell's Hole.

According to the stories, many a young jumper had been sliced in two when they landed in the wrong spot. Nobody Daniel knew had ever seen any actual body dicing, but many a drunk teenager had been hurt trying something stupid. That was enough for Daniel's parents to ban him for life from the "Devil's pit," as his mother called it.

Daniel's mind was trying to figure out if it mattered anymore. He had lied to his mother already today, and yesterday he fornicated! Should he be concerned about disobeying his parents when he had already committed the worst sin he could think of?

As if Jessy was reading Daniel's face, "Don't worry, we aren't going to the hole, just the lake."

Daniel snapped out of his moral dilemma as Jessy spoke. Her soft voice with its energetic tone erased all from his present world, except her wonderful presence.

Fifteen minutes later Daniel and Jessy walked twenty feet from his ATV, through some trees, out into a grassy clearing next to the lake. Jessy spread her towel on the grass and then asked if he brought the drinks. He realized he hadn't and turned to go get them from the storage compartment on the ATV.

When Daniel returned to the clearing, he found a pile of clothing next to the towel. He looked out on the lake just in time to see Jessy's head emerge from under the water. The tops of her shoulders stuck three inches above the water line. The girl's wild hair had been tamed by the lake. Her blond curls stretched down over her shoulders, into the water. The blond color seemed purer. Daniel stood five feet from the edge imagining what was hidden by the water.

The bright sunshine glistened off the blue, green rippling lake water. Jessy's blue eyes sparkled even more. She motioned with her hand for him to join her.

Daniel's hands nervously unfastened his jean button. He slowly pulled the zipper down. Pausing for a second, he continued by removing his shirt. Then, he looked to Jessy, as if he was in need of encouragement. Her smile allowed him to slide his pants and underwear to his feet. He stepped out of his sneakers and then his jeans.

Daniel knew he should feel self-conscious about his nudity, but he pushed through the feelings, knowing his only onlooker had already seen everything. Cautiously, Daniel stepped over the rocky surface into the water. His mind fixated on what hid under the water before him. His cock still hung down, but it had grown stiff.

Jessy silently admired the young man walking towards her. Her insides reminded her of the wonders of Daniel's flesh penetrating deep into her. She could feel him inside her, and she almost whimpered at the memory of her tearing hymen. Just twenty four hours earlier the two had shared their first sexual intercourse. She knew she would never forget that day, not as long as she lived.

The water lapped at the tops of Daniel's thighs, just inches from his tightened nut sack. He shivered at the expectation of the cold water engulfing his jewels. His cock suddenly turned the corner and rose towards the sky.

As if silently counting to three, Daniel dove under the water. Jessy screamed when he suddenly brushed her body and popped up in front of her. Effortlessly, he lifted her by her ass, pulling her against his body. Her candy corn tit tops pressed into his chest. His cock pressed into her lower belly. They kissed hard like lovers reuniting after a long separation. Their hearts pounding like they had swum the length of the lake. Lust roared in them, blocking all concerns for their surroundings.

The young girl longed to be filled again like yesterday as she gripped Daniel's back with all her might. She had never felt as complete as she had when Daniel's sword of flesh pierced her cherry and filled her void. He had split her in two, dividing her from her painful, humiliating life, and joining her to him, completing her. Everything that seemed to be missing from her was instantly filled in when Daniel's rod filled her tiny body. When their love exploded and Daniel's hot fluid coated her insides, she felt happier than she could remember feeling for a long time. Maybe, ever feeling.

Jessy broke the kiss suddenly, remembering how empty she had felt when she realized she had given so much, so fast. She wanted to hold back, at least for now. "Throw me in the air!"

With Jessy's foot in Daniel's locked hands, he lifted with all his might, while Jessy straightened her leg. She arched her back and reentered the water curved backwards. For a split second as she flew, Daniel's eyes saw her immature breasts, flat stomach and then the white flesh of her pubic mound. The sight sparked wonderful memories in Daniel's mind.

The two, relentlessly splashed and dunked each other for a long time. Their powerful emotions gave them an endurance they could never have mustered otherwise. Finally, Jessy surrendered as a mouthful of unwanted water streamed from her lips. The water fight had ended, but neither was ready to surrender to their feelings. They floated gasping for oxygen, each wanting to shout out the love they felt for the other, but neither spoke.

Daniel knew all about love. Love God with all your heart, love your neighbor, love your enemy and love, love, love. So many Sunday school lessons, surely he should know if he loved Jessy.

"You're too young to know what love is!" Both of his parents had used those words after he had exuberantly blurted out, "But, I love her!" Daniel had been defending his choice of Romela as his girlfriend. Too young to really be girlfriend and boyfriend, but that's what he imagined.

His parents had explained how some things didn't fit together, and he would understand when he was older. Love was more complicated than he could understand. All Daniel knew was his heart would never be the same without the feelings he felt every time he saw Romela. He never let himself feel those feeling again for fear of having to lose love again. That is until yesterday, and he already knew his parents would never accept Jessy, just like Romela. He wanted to deny his feelings, so he wouldn't have to chance losing love again. But, his heart pounded with something too strong to ignore.

Jessy knew she loved Daniel, she just wouldn't say it again. She couldn't believe she had blurted it out yesterday in the height of her emotional bliss. The last person she loved, and needed more than anyone else, left her. Two years earlier Jessy's older sister left her alone to fend for herself and care for her two younger sibling. Jessy had lost her best friend, her hero and her strength all at once. She had lost her sister and her father in one day. Since the phone had been turned off she couldn't even talk to her sister anymore. Her father never even looked back. Not one call or visit in two years. She was sure he hated her, because she reminded him of her mother.

Jessy got on Daniel's back with her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs around his waist. Daniel felt power surge through him as the girl's warm body pressed against his back. Everything felt right, now that they were touching again. Daniel carefully climbed the rocky shoreline, easily carrying the tiny girl's body.

Jessy's wet body slid down Daniel's back and stood in the grass behind him. He turned to face her and their nude reality fully gripped them. Jessy took in his muscular frame covered in sunshine, water drops dancing down his tan skin. She stared at his thick glistening pubic hair and his penis slumped over his heavy ball sack.

Daniel's eyes scanned up and down Jessy's body, head to toe. Her skin shined in the sun, her watered down curls now hung six inches further down her body. Water streamed from the locks hanging around her neck and raced down her stomach. As they passed her puffy mound, they divided. Several trails collected standing beads as they found different paths down her thighs, towards her feet. One lucky line of moisture found its way into the tiny slice between her legs, and then dripped from her pouting lips.

The girl's eyes reflected the sun, drawing attention to the cute arrangement of freckles that sat on the top of her cheeks, under her eyes. When she smiled at her new savior her freckles rose on her round cheeks and her dimples opened wide, calling all attention to her beautiful face.

Without a word, the two stepped together. They wrapped their arms around each other in a simple embrace. The sun beat down on them, warming their skin, while their silent love warmed their fearful hearts.

Daniel lowered the girl's limp body to the towel on the grassy surface. Holding her under her arms, her ass touched down first. Then, in one fluid motion he laid her back and laid on top of her. Their passionate kissing resumed without regard for anything around them.

The two knew nothing about love making except what came natural to their bodies. Without even planning it, Daniel found his cock pressed between them, grinding over her pussy mound. His hot dick burned her body and her inner passion yearned to be satisfied. She opened and raised her legs, trying to fill her needs. Daniel's humping hips stabbed his dick into the top of her slit. It stuck for a second, but then snapped past her clit and between them.

On autopilot, Jessy rotated her hips a little more and the next thrust drove Daniel's steel between her wet lips. He met a wall of resistance, until Jessy opened her legs wider. Like magic, the two became one as her flesh parted, and he sank deep inside her tender body. He saw stars as an amazing warmth swirled down his cock and throughout his whole body. Jessy groaned and held Daniel even tighter as her body opened to make room for his love.

Sexual instinct replaced logical thought as Daniel's hips pushed forward until there wasn't anything left to feed the girl's hole. A grunt escaped Jessy's lips like the air had been forced from her by Daniel's intruding shaft. Her walls convulsed from the sudden invasion and gripped tightly around Daniel's flesh. Without warning his balls erupted, sending a flood of sperm inside Jessy's body. The burst of hot fluid coating Jessy's insides sent her into a powerful orgasm that shook her everywhere. Neither moved until the waves of joyous pleasure passed.

Daniel's cock started to soften, and Jessy's hole tried to squeeze it out, while Jessy's tender lips kissed Daniel's neck and ear. His cock reversed direction and started growing against the tight walls of Jessy's tunnel. He lifted the top half of his body on his elbows; arched his back and kissed Jessy, while softly driving his cock in and out of her hole.

The faster he humped, the more sound sloshed from her wetness. She moaned and hissed as his thrusting rod drove her through another orgasm. Daniel kept going until his balls finally sprayed Jessy's insides once again. He collapsed on top of her quivering body. The two youngsters breathed heavy into each other's ears. Still, neither was able to express what they felt.

His hand under the side of his head, his elbow against the ground, he supported himself on his side looking at Jessy. He beamed ear to ear with an unstoppable smile, as their eyes connected in an unbreakable gaze. The young girl's eyes were covered in a haze of sexual satisfaction, as she looked at Daniel like he had just pulled her from a burning building.

Her dimples, freckles, high proud cheeks and amazing blue eyes, all framed out by her curly locks. Daniel knew he was looking at the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She amazed him, he loved her, but he stared silently.

Their unfamiliarity with sex had been compensated for by their basic instincts, but there was no natural force to guide them through the torrid of powerful emotion they now knew. Neither possessed the capacity to hold nor express the magnitude of feelings generated by their love making. The force of what coursed through them, threatened to tear them to pieces if not vented somehow.

The two grabbed each other, locking in a passionate kiss, followed by more love making. Each time they took each other's breath away, but failed to subdue the pain of their unexpressed emotions. They fondled, they swam, they made love over and over, yet the burning firestorm of love only grew. The two exhausted heaps of flesh still gently ran their fingers over the other's body, even though neither had anything left to give. They were doomed to die in sexual exhaustion if they didn't find someway to express their love verbally.

Looming darkness finally forced them to separate and prepare to end what they feared would be over if it took even a small break. Their love was so powerful and their needs so great, they almost rather endure the scary darkness and future consequences, than separate. However, Daniel's sense of responsibility kicked in, and he forced himself to prepare for their trip home.

Still without breaking the unknown vow of silence, the two watched each other dress in the setting sun. Once fully clothed and ready to go, they embraced in one last kiss. The sun setting across the lake cast a long shadow of their kissing bodies over the grassy area. Daniel pointed, "Look how big we are."

Jessy slowly moved her lips towards Daniel's face while she watched their shadow respond. "Look, we became one!" She spoke excitedly as the two shadows merged completely together.

Daniel thought of his Sunday school lesson, "We sure did." His voice carried the stark realization of how different everything was now. "Jessy, I have got to take you home, before it is complete dark!" I wish I could take you to my home, forever. I love you so much, I should say it, shouldn't I?

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BiStander, This is a good story as far as it goes, but you need to let us know what happens with the two of them. Do they go on to have a life together or ...

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Theres always that one asshole that wants the girl pregnant.

Fuckoff mate

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2) Children must be (en)able(d) to have a social life. This is not possible when they are isolated from contacts to other children of different, also "lower" social status. They MUST learn that in every social "class" are really loveable souls and real assholes, and how to distinct between the ones and the others...
3) The parents should read and keep in their minds
3a) Matth 25, 34..(40!)..46
3b) Paul I Cor 13!


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... and now these two children could need a person, who guides / coaches them (perhaps secretly) through this roller-coaster ride through their feelings. Ideally could this have been an old, decades long married couple,
which is still in love to each other as if they were newly-wed's in their honeymoon
AND are NOT denying all the aspects of physical/carnal L-O-V-E(!)
AND are able and dare to speak about this matter...

To (the) oh-so-christian parents ((not only) of Daniel):

1) Each and every single human being MUST fall on it's own face and skin the own nose! There's NO other way!
The only thing a parent must do, is to encourage their children to stand up and try again, but this time after an analysis of the mistakes which led to the stumbling and good advice how to avoid these. Not the falling is the shame, but...!
To shelter children and screen them against each and every roughness and danger makes them unable to live...


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