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This is a story of a boy who did what he had to do to pass English class, but really it wasn’t a problem.------If people like this story maybe I’ll write a sequel
Jack was a typical 15 year old, so like most teens his age he didn’t care much to pay attention in class, to be specific English class and who could blame him with the teacher he had. Jack’s English teacher was a hot, she was the sexiest redhead he had ever seen, she was 5’5 and about 120 pounds, but her tits had to be at least a 38C, and her ass was so juicy it gave instant boners, no wonder Jack couldn’t pay attention in class.

A week before the end of the quarter Jack when to go see her English teacher, Ms. Swift. Jack told her that he knew he wasn’t doing too well in her class and asked if there was any chance to do some type of extra credit to improve his grade. Ms. Swift responded by telling him to come see him after school the next day. Jack agreed and left her classroom with a boner under his pants, I mean really after having a talk with a sexy teacher like her who wouldn’t.

Surprisingly, as soon as Jack left, Ms. Swift was also sexually aroused by Jack, she thought of Jack as somebody sexually attracting and it wasn’t really a lie. Jack was built, he had a six pack and was muscled, and he was about 5’8 and 160 pounds. Ms. Swift was thinking about how to make her move on Jack tomorrow after school, she might be a 22 year old but she like teens, and she hadn’t had sex in a long time and was hoping that would all change the next day.

The next day after school Jack knocked on Ms. Swift doors and she told him to come in. Jack was stunned at Ms. Swift sexy attire, she was wearing a mini skirt and had on a very small and tight blouse with no bra, and no panties either but Jack hasn’t noticed that yet. As he spoke he stuttered and said “ wh wh what is it I need to do for extra credit” She responded by telling him that he would be helping her put up posters and students work on her walls. Ms. Swift told him to help her pick a poster up, so they both got down and Ms. Swift made sure that Jack would notice her panty less, so as she got down she made sure her legs were spread to give Jack a nice view at her pussy. Her plan worked, Jack saw her pussy and his limp cock went straight to busting hard and he was kind of scared that she would see his boner through his pants. Ms. Swift in fact noticed Jack’s boner and thought to herself that her plan was working.

After about 10 minutes of more getting down to pick up posters Jack couldn’t take it anymore and had to go take care of his boner, so he asks Ms. Swift if he can go to the bathroom, and her response shocked him. “Have to go take care of your boner” said Ms. Swift. Jack was scared and nervous he answered by telling her that he was sorry and that she was just so hot he couldn’t help but get hard. What happened next was something he wasn’t expecting. Ms. Swift asked Jack if he wanted her to help him with his boner. Jack was stunned for a couple of seconds but then like any other guy his response was yes.

Ms. Swift took of her tight blouse and pushed down her tiny skirt, and proceeded to take out Jack’s cock, to her surprise it was bigger then she had expected, she was face to face with an 8 inch monster. Ms. Swift approached the huge cock and took the head into her mouth and began licking it and sucking it like a lollipop. Jack was in heaven he was enjoying it and could barely speak, all he was able to say was “oh my god this feels so good”. Ms. Swift kept on sucking his cock taking in more and more every time, she also went faster and faster every time. After some ten minutes Jack told her he was about to cum and so he did and she sucked every inch of cum out of him. His cock was limp after that but with someone like Ms. Swift it’s only a matter of time before she gets him hard again.

“Thank you Ms. Swift I had never had my cock sucked before” said Jack

“You mean to tell me that someone like you hasn’t had oral sex” said Ms. Swift

“To be honest Ms. Swift I have never had sex before” answered Jack

After saying this Ms. Swift took this as an invitation to take, and so she did. She grabbed Jacks limp cock and began rubbing it as an attempt to get him hard. As she was doing this Jack started sucking on her boobs and too one of his hands down to her pussy to finger her. After about 2 minutes later Jack was hard again. This time Ms. Swift told Jack to lie on the floor and he obediently did as he was told. Next she got on top of him and lowered her pussy onto his cock and began to move up and down for a couple of minutes. Jack told her to get off her and to stand up and she also did as she was told. After both of them were up Jack started taking control and told her to lie on her desk and she did so he grabbed her and teased her a little by placing the head of his cock on her pussy and rubbing it around. She yelled “Would you just fuck me” Jack said yes and began pumping her hard and fast, knowing he was a virgin she knew he couldn’t last long and told him to slow down so they can both enjoy it. He listened and slowed down. While he was going in and out he used his hands to fondle her boobs. Ms. Swift was enjoying this very much and so was Jack. Jack decided to speed things up again and after 10 more minutes of going in and out of her Ms. Swift moaned very hard and yelled as she was approaching orgasm. Jack was also exited and approaching an orgasm. A minute later both of them had their orgasm at the same time and Jack collapsed on top of Ms. Swift.

“Get up Jack” said Ms. Swift

“Sorry, I’m just so exhausted” Said Jack

“I understand, thanks for cumming in me” said Ms. Swift

“Thanks for taking my virginity” said Jack

“It was no problem, you’re so hot, but now you must promise you won’t tell anyone about this, if you do I
will get fired” said Ms. Swift in a serious tone

“Of course I won’t, but I have a question” answered Jack

“Ask anything you want” replied Ms. Swift

“Does this mean I have a passing grade now” Jack asked with a smile on his face

“Only if you come see me once a week for the rest of the school year” said Ms. Swift with a smile on her face.

Jack went home happy and kept on going to see Ms, Swift after school for the rest of the school year.

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2013-10-01 23:54:48
No good. Seriously? Sucks.


2009-09-06 01:45:14
fast paced good start. Let's see more.

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2009-08-19 09:51:02
wait...first time havin sex/ getting sucked and it takes him 10 minutes to cum ?!!

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2009-08-03 16:51:51
This story fucking stinks.

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2009-07-29 14:01:38
Little potential, felt like I was reading some middle school kid's work.

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