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At a sleepover Two girls make a bad decision
Twisted Tales: White Girls

It was a spur decidion that saw Cindy and Kelly decide to duck out late one night to the all night store. The girls being the young spritley things they were thought they would just quickly walk there and grab some snacks for the sleepover. Kelly was sleeping over at her best friends house and better yet, they had it to themselves. They weren't stupid, but seeing how they were in a country town and only ten minutes away they were sure they'd be fine.

Cindy was the main voice behind going, she wanted to have fun drinking and watching TV and also listen to music. Cindy was the daughter of very well to do parents, she was always being labled as the spoiled daughter. The truth was she was very down to earth and was always thankfull for what she had. At 17 she was still a girly girl, her blond hair still in pigtails and her cute round face, with gorgeouse smile really made her a popular girl at school. Not to mention her very well devaloped body. All ready she had breasts that made guys mouth water. not to mention a great pair of legs and smokin hot behind.

Her friend Kelly was similer but had come from a much less fortunate family. She was a humble young girl who had a very kind nature and loved her family and friends. In contrast to her friend, Kelly had long brown hair whiich framed her face nicely. She too had a slim body and nice complexion. Of course she wasn't as attractive as Cindy but was still very pretty and had many poeple that would just love to get their hands on her young body.

After putting on some warmer clothes the girls locked up and then headed out the front door, they then quickly went up the street. It was a cool evening with a clear night sky, the girls pointed out different stars and constilations to each other. a few minutes of walking saw the girls crossing a bridge and heading into the main area of town. As they walked they passed a nearby park, a group of guys were hanging around. the girls tried to pass as quickly as possible, who knows what kind of people are around late at night. kelly for some reason shot a glance over and saw that there was a group of about five, four of them were black and one she made out to be Asian.

As Kelly was turning away she saw one of them catching her glance and smile as they turned the corner and headed to the store. Inside the girls grabbed anything they liked and by the end had a lot of stuff.

"uh, how are we ganna pay for all this?" asked Kelly.

"come on Kel!, who do you think your talking to?" laughed Cindy, flashing her credit card.

Kelly smiled and the girls made their way to the checkouts. They got their stuff and paid for it and began the trip home. Kelly wasn't sure if she wanted to pass those guys again but decided she shouldn't be so paranioid. The girls soon reached the pathway and moved quickly by the park, upon seeing the guys from before, who were now keeping a close watch on them.

"hey!, what u up to girls?" asked one of them.

The girls just passed really quickly, not replying to the question. "hey! i asked you a question bitches!" once again the girls said nothng and just walked by until they were passed them and going across the bridge again.

After a few moments the girls felt safer and then headed home with a much more cheerfull demenor. They arrived home and entered through the front, grabbing all the food and drinks they had brought and put it on the table. They put on some music and started having some fun, putting their PJ's on and mucking about the way girls do. Cindy and Kelly were the best of friends and loved spending time together, there wasn't a day when they weren't in contact one way or another.

it was about fifteen minutes into the festivities when there was a loud knock at the front door, the girls stopped mucking about immediately.

"You reckon we're being too loud?" said Kelly.

"i'll just tell em what they want to hear, hold on a minute" said Cindy turning down the music and heading to the front door. She put on her most sorry face and opened the door expecting to see a neighbour. Instead the group of guys from the park stood in the doorway.

"well, looks like you girls have got a party going, thought we'd join ya" said the one at the front.

"look, just go away alright, it's private!" replied Cindy.

The tall black man laughed and then as she tried to close the door on him, his arm flew out and grabbed her blond hair.

"look you white little slut!, we're ganna join you two for some fun tonight and you'll do whatever we want to!, got it?" said the man pulling Cindy to him.

Kelly immediately tried to run for the phone, but one of the guys ran into the house and grabbed her before she could dial the number completely.

"come on honey, were ganna have some fun!' he said, lifting her up and kissing her neck.

The rest of the group entered the house and locked the door behind them there were about seven in total. The two girls both began to scream and struggle, hoping someone would hear them. They were both slapped violently by a member of the group.

"shut the fuck up!" yelled one of them.

both girls had their hands on their faces as well as being held by someone, they were then forced onto the couch and made to sit there while the group made themselves at home.

"nice place you got here, must have plenty of dough" said one of the group, Cindy figured it must have been the leader.

Two of the group were getting into the food and guzzling down the various drinks the girls had brought. One of them then turned the music up and the they all huddled around the two girls. They all had their hands on there crotches, their eyes staring hungrily at the girls.

"Now ladies, i'll make it simple for you, we are going to fuck you both tonight, hard and rough like youv'e never been fucked before" said the leader of the group. The girls both looked terrified.

"Now, it's ganna be a long night and by the end you will both be our bitches and know your place in the world, fucktoys and nothing more!" joined in another of the group.

After a few moments, Kelly was grabbed and tossed over one of the mens shoulders, carried up the stairs kicking and screaming. Cindy was suddenly swamped with black bodies and felt hands wonder all over her body. She heard buttons pop and felt her pants whipped down as she was held inplace. Before long she was naked on the couch before the group of about three black men, all had jackets and bandana's on showing soem sort of crest. Cindy tried to push the hands away but was constintly being slapped or punched in various parts of her body. She let out one last hight pitched scream before a black body came over hers and she was silenced by a huge black cock.

Kelly had been taken into the master bedroom and flung onto the bed, a black guy and an Asian looking guy stood at the end of the bed. They were both smiling and begining to undress, Kelly backed up on the bed knowing full well what they intended to do to her.

"you should count yourself lucky, your friend down there's getting more cock than you for now, just me and Kwon here" said the Black man with a slightly menacing tone.

They then got on the bed with Kelly and both got up near her, she tried to get away but was grabbed and molestered as they ripped her Pyjamas off her body. it wasn't long before they had her bare naked and were wrestling with her on the bed. The black man jumped on top of her and began to kiss her as he moved his hand up her sleek body, moving it between her tits and then taking one in his hand.

"Nooooo!"squeaked Kelly as she felt his tight squeeze on her young tit.

The Asian man grabbed her legs and pulled them apart, revealing her smooth bald pussy, he licked his lips and knelt down between her legs and started licking her snatch. kelly began to wriggle her bum, trying to evade his motions but having little success. The black man began kissing her and forced his tongue into her mouth, Kelly's attempts at resisting him actually french kissing him back unintentionally. The man moaned into her mouth, continuing to squeeze her teenage tits, he loved their young tenderness and couldn't wait to fuck this broard. He stopped the kiss and moved his head down her body and took her right tit in his mouth, taking as much in as he could. Kelly once again emitting a scared little whimper.

Kwon still lapping her pussy, feeling it react involantary against the girls wishes, he could sense her inexperienced cunt begining to get wet and excited. He loved tasting this girl and loved it when she tensed and her thighs closed around his head. Kelly of course was doing this unintentionally but she couldn't stop the feeling in her pussy and to her regret the way this complete stranger sucking her breasts was actually exciting her. She tried her hardest to deny it and struggle against this attrack, she was being raped, but somethig inside her was exciting the deepest darkest parts of her.

Suddenly the black man sucking her tits got up and told Kwon to move away from the girls crotch, he couldn't wait anymore, he needed to be inside of this white bitch. He loved fucking white chicks and over the years had fucked many, he also figured he must also have fathered a lot of their children. now he hoped he could continue his run and be the one to knock up this little bitch, but he had a lot of compitition. He swapped places with Kwon and after rubbing the lips of the teenagers pussy he positioned the head of his cock against her entrance.

'NO!, please don't do this, please!" pleaded kelly.

The man just smiled and as he leant over her a bit he thrust inside the skinny girl and impaled her on his huge black cock.

"arhhh!" screamed kelly at his intrusion, she felt like a branch had been shoved all the way up into her guts.

Kwon now had his face buried in her chest and was sucking her tits like a hungry child. he was patient and would get his dick wet soon enough.

"how's she feel Leroy?" shouted Kwon.

"tight as a 8 year old girl!" he replied.

"you'd know!" shouted back Kwon.

Leroy laughed and began to gather momentum and started a rythem, fucking the scared Kelly really ferociously. Tears were streaming down her face as the reality of the attack was setting in, her body trembling as she was raped. Leroy had become quite rough with her, squeezing her tits really hard, and also slapping them. Kelly would whimper and let out cries of distress as the muscular black man plowed into her.

"you got no idea what you and your friend are in for" said Leroy really humping her with hard strokes, his groin would collide with hers, making loud slapping noises.

kelly couldn't help but let out moans and cries, "Ah! Ah! Ah!...nnhhh!!" arghhh!"

Leroy took a tight grip of her young hips and really went for it, he felt his balls tighten and would soon blow his load. He was a bit dssapointed, she felt so good and he was ready to cum already. He pulled her lower body to him as much as he could and fucked her hard and fast, rocking her young body back and fourth. Grunts would be forced from the girl as their bodies collided, Kelly herself becomming nothing but a fuck doll. Kwon would distract her a bit by kissing her and licking her face.

Leroy was ready, he felt his cock twitch and knew he was imminant. 'you ready bitch?, ganna flood your white cunt!"

Noooo!, please, don't cum inside me, i don't want to get pregnant!!" shreiked Kelly.

Her pleads fell on deaf ears and not a second later she felt a warmth spread through her young little pussy and probebly her wombm had cum inside her. Leroy groaned as he squirted more and more inside the girl. He loved cumming inside these white bitches and was always hoping they would get knocked up. He slumped over Kelly, his sweaty body dripping on hers. Kelly was crying histericlly, she felt his cock still inside her and now was struck with the fear of possibley falling pregnant.

A minute later, Leroy got off her and stood up next to the bed, he laughed at her and then placed a hand on her cunt. He parted her lips and immediately found cum was leaking from her pussy. He smiled and then moved his hand up to her flat white tummy.

"looks like that tummy of yours might not be so flat in a couple of months" said Leroy

"you bastard!, im ganna make sure you go to jail for his you fucking prick!" yelled kelly.

Leroy gave her a stare and then walked over to her and without any hesitation slapped her very hard across the face. Kelly's head cracked sideways and she immediately slumped on the bed. she moved her hand to her face and rubbed her red cheek.

"By the end of tonight, you won't say a word about this, we will make sure of it" said Leroy walking away and then leaving the room.

Kelly tried to get off the bed but Kwon immediately shoved her back on it and then jumped on her, pushing her on her stomach and started to maul her body. kelly wrestled with him a bit but was overpowered and forced on her stomach. Kwon grabbed her hips and lifted her ass into the air, he ran his hand up and down her cheeks, loving her smooth white arse.

"damn, you gotta a hot arse girl" said kwon as he positioned himself behind her and guided his cock to her pussy. Kelly was crying again, her whole spirit had been shattered. Before Kwon could start another one of the gang entered and watched, Kelly figured he would be the next one to fuck her. Kwon began to rub her pussy with his fingers, he wanted to make this girl betray herelf and cum. kelly herself began to react to the stimulation as she had before and this time she could barley resist and when Kwons thumb found her clit she let out a cry, except this time, it was all pleasure.

Kwon smiled and then as she untintentionaly swung her cute butt, he entered her smooth wet cunt. Kelly's breath got louder and she lowered her head as her back arched. Deep down she felt like she was nothing but a whore, she was being raped and now she was enjoying this. She didn't want to, she hated this whole thing, but now that she had been cum in and possubly pregnant, something inside her told her she shoud just except it. kwon slammed into her, grabbing her round hips and fucked her ferociously.

Kelly felt her clit being toyed with, her insides were now spasming as pleasure was sparking inside her like a fire. only her sense of strength and detirmination to not be taken by these men stopped her from giving it away totally and fucking him back, but she feared that soon she would be broken and become part of this depraved act. Kwon was sensing this too and continued the assult, gyrating his hips and playing with her clit so ferociously that his hand was almost completely soaked with her secretions.

The gang member who had been watching now had his cock in his hand and decided he wanted some of this white little whore. he moved toward her head and grabbed her by the hair. She looked him in the eyes and after he smiled at her evily, he forced her mouth open with his hand and inserted his cock. kelly groaned at this intrusion but was so taken by her pussy assult that she just did it and took it in her mouth. The gang member skull fucked Kelly as Kwon fucked her doggy style. he moved his hand that was on her hip and used it to part the cheeks of her arse and after leaning over and giving her asshole a nice long lick, he inserted his finger.

nnhhhhhh!!!" groaned kelly as she felt her ass being assulted, she couldn't say ,much as she had a mouth full of dick. Her pussy was on fire however and now a feeling had ovetaken her, She was so horny now that she almost no longer cared. Her pussy was getting so hot with passion and sexual fire that she felt like it was burning. The thought of more cum inside her was now becomming more of a want than anything. With all of this happening she was sucking the black guys cock with viger, playing with it's piss hole with her tongue and really sucking it like never before. The last of her innocense lingered, tears still rolled down her cheek as thought of what could happen after this. the voice was still there.

Kwon then began to power fuck her for all he was worth, slamming into her with jackhammer thrusts. He stopped toying with her cunt, instead grabbing Kelly's hand and moving it there, she moved he rfingers so they were on her pussy lips. He knew that is she did it herself she was broken and would do pretty much anything. and as if to signify the end of her innosence and defiance. Kelly began to masturbate herself, as Kwon fucked her like a rag doll. kwon laughed and leant over her arched back. he then moved his head to hte back of her neck and bit her skin like a dog would it's Bitch.

Kelly didn't care anymore, her cunt was almost ready for release, she was frigging herself so fast and the cock working inside her was driving her so mad her body was trmebling. Kwon himself was almost ready and began to slow doan a bit and do more slower smoother thrusts. He shoved his finger back up her butt and that seemed to do it for her. However just as she felt herself break, her mouth was flooded with blackman's sperm, covering her tongue and coating the roof of her mouth. The jerk reaction to her climax sent her head up and so cum splattered all over her face, her nose, chin and forehead all recieving a splatter of cum.

Kelly barly noticed, she had climaxed and cum all over kwons dick, it had splurted out and gone all over the bed below her. Just as she was comming out of her trance she felt a pinch on her ass and immediately felt the familier feeling of cum flooding her insides. It felt like a warmth spreading through all of her lower regions. Her womb had been coated with sperm and now that there was a double load inside her, pregnancy seemed almost garanteed.

Kwon laughed and gave Kelly's arse a slap and then withdrew from her, a loud pop sounded and he got off the bed. Kelly was laying flat on the bed, she was dazed and confused. Kwon then said something she didn't understand and then was accompanied by the other black man who was naked and ready for buisness. Kelly with thoughts of hopelessness as well as sexual excitment just got onto her back and lay there, knowing she had no choice and simpy waited for him to mount her and take her,he did so entering her with a massive thrust, Kelly simply wrapped her legs around his waist, accepting her fate.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the loungeroom Cindy was on her side on the fold out couch, she had a guy spooning her from behind fucking her, a guy with his dick halway down her throat and a 3rd rubbing his chocolate brown cock all over her tits and tummy. She was being fucked senseless by the group leader and all that could be heard were the sounds of flesh smacking flesh. Some of the guys had come and gone upstairs but at this point she had been with these three for about twenty minutes. The leader,who's name was Dylan, had been fucking her slowly and painfully the whole time. he would whisper abuse into her ears, calling her "white trash' and "stupid white fucktoy". he would also pinch her where he could reach and also bite her hard enought to break the skin.

Cindy had been a mess through the whole ordeal, her face was read and streaked with tears, but she had spent most of the time sucking off guys. there was a considerable mount of spit and precum on her pretty face. Her thoughts were of dread, how she wished they had never left the house and just waited until the morning. She was always rocked back and fourth by Dylan and by now her cunt was red and swollon, this whole thing had been so horrible. She felt like a sex toy for these guys, and with the abusive words coming from them she was begining to believe it. There was absolutely no pleasure for Cindy, every minute was an horendous torture and punishment for her.

Leroy was fucking her wildly, he didn't want this bitch getting any pleasure out of this, he loved her tight pussy around his cock and wanted to savour this, but he knew he was close to blowing his load inside this girl. He continued to hump her, however he was getting sick of the position. He grabbed her and moved her ontop of him. Now he was staring at her face and chest, the other guys all moved so they could have access to her. one had his cock back in her mouth the other had to be happy to just grab her back tightly , his cock rubbing against her asscheeks, sometimes rubbing between the crevice of her butt.

Cindy was bouncing up and down on Dylans cock, it was so big and it filled her so much that she felt like it was going up into her stomach. She felt her tits being felt up by the guy behind her, his fingers pinching and pulling her erect nipples.

'ganna cum inside you bitch!" said Dylan, "me and all my brothers"

Fear struck Cindy, she tried desperately once again to get away but was held firmly in place. She groaned agains the cock that was in her mouth. Then the guy she was blowing pulled her hair tightly and within a few seconds came life a fire hydrant. He however pulled his cock from nher mouth and shot his cum all over her face. Cum was landing all over her, brow, cheeks and chin, by the time he was done her face was almost completely covered in jizz. Cindy cried out like a banshee and spat out cum which had leaked into her mouth. She tried to wipe it from her face but one of the guys grabbed her hands and kept her from doing it.

Dylan stepped up his performance and really powerfucked her, he felt his nuts tighten and was going to cum any minute. "you ready baby?' ganna knock you up tonight" said Dylan with a cold voice. Cindy gasped and shreiked out, only to feel his cock twitch inside her and soon felt squirts deep inside her, followed by a warmth. Dylan groaned as he flooded her womb with his seed.

"that's it, find her eggs, fertalize her good" said Dylan.

"nooooo!" shouted Cindy, breaking down and crying hystericlly.

Cindy was still kept from wiping her face and flung onto her back, the guy who had been rubbing her from behind got on top of her, but the other who she had been sucking was arguing with him, soon she was being pinned down and had two black guys over her. The two decided to move her so she was laying on top of one and then the other stood over her.

"time to see how good your ass is" said the guy, first feeling her asscheeks for a while and then moving his cock against it and rugginh the head up and down the cleft of her ass. The guy she was ontop of moved her so they were face to face. Cindy's cum covered face not discusting enough for him. He smiled at her and then moved a hand down, guiding the head of his cock to the entrance of her spermy pussy.

"Time for a second deposit" he laughed.

"No, oh god, please don't get me pregnant, please!" begged a teary Cindy.

"sorry hon, but i never pull out" he replied, thrusting his hips upward and spearing into her.

"argghhh!!" cried Cindy as she was impaled on the blackman's massive cock.

Then the guy from behind her began to push his cockhead against her asshole, this caused a groan from Cindy. The member found a lot of resistence from her anus and ended up reaching down to her cunt lips and felt the moistness. he managed to rub her pussy juice and cum over his dick, using it as a lubricant. He gave it another try and this time felt his cock sink sowly into her asshole.

Ahhhhh" groaned Cindy as her ass was invaded. this really hurt for her, she had never been fucked there and now with her cunt being filled with cock and her ass as well, her guts and body felt so full. It took a while for the guy in her ass to sink all the way in and after a few moments he managed to get balls deep in her ass. He then gave her butt a slap and the two fucked Cindy in unison. This started a whole new realm of pain. the two fucked her continuously, Cindy being fucked betrween the two in a big sweaty heap. her tits mashed up against the guys chest, and her face now with dry cum all over it.

The two black men took the girl for all they could, ravishing her body as they fucked her. Her skin was pinched and pulled, her hair was pulled so hard that she cried out. All the while the extra guy was watching and laughing at her. Cindy was fucked sensless for about fifteen minutes her ass so painful from the invasion it felt like it tore, the two guys seemed to be able to last forever the huge cock in her cunt stretched her so bad as well as her asshole. They loved fucking the teenage girl, especially one as hot as her.

Cindy herself was barly consious, she was exhausted and completely broken. Her body was red and sore from abuse. She was mentally drained and barly showed any reaction to what happened to her. Even when the guy fucking her ass blew his load inside her bowels she didn''t even blink. The guy laughed and groaned, withdrawing and slapping her butt a couple of times.

"jeez, she must be pretty fucked up"

"she will be soon enough said the guy she was laying on top of, he grabbed her ass and pulled her tightly against him and then he thrust deep inside her. then he groaned deeply, biting her neck as he came inside her, filling pussy with his jizz. he let every bit spread throughout her, sending most of it right into her little womb. Cindy still barly moved, but a tear once again rolled down her cheek. The guy laughed, moved her away from him and then slapped her tits a bit. He then rolled her off him and left her laying on the floor on her back.

Cindy lay still, panting and moving into the fetal position, her body still, cum leaking from her cunt and ass. The guys gathered around and just laughed at her, pointing and sniggering. They were soon bored and went to get something to eat. Cindy just lay there, a blank look on her face.

Back upstairs, kelly was being fucked by Dylan, she was on her back as he fucked her in the missionary position. Her legs around his waist, keeping the two tight against each other. Dylan was fucking her powerfully and ferciously, their pubic bones grinding against each other, his cock lodged as deep as it could go in the girl. Kelly had now submitted to fate and was now not even fighting the guys. Dylan was fucked her for a few more minutes, before cumming inside her and sending another lot of sperm into her waiting womb and cum dripping pussy. Dylan leaned down and kissed her then he got off her and got off the bed. soon Kelly was joined by two others who she hadn't been fucked by yet. They jumped on her and she was soon being ravished by them. They fucked her for what felt like ages, one of them pulling out halfway through and skull fucked her.

They both came around the same time, except one came all over her chest, coating her tits with his cum the other filling her cunt with his cum, once again filling her womb. Finally she was left alone on the bed, she must have been fucked by all of them. Now that it seemed to be over, the reality set in. She had been fucked by at least six different guys without protection and they had all cum inside her. There was no question about it, how could she not be pregnant. She began to sob and then turned to her side.

She heard lots of noise and yelling, then she saw Cindy being carried up the stairs and thrown on the bed beside her. she was crying and shaking, Kelly reached out and held her hand, Cindy barly gripped her at all. The whole group of guys all came into the room and then stood at the end of the bed.

"you girls look like shit, now clean each other up" said Dylan.

Kelly looked him in the eyes and pleaded with him to just leave them alone. Dylan just looked at her and then pulled out a knife from his pocket.

"do it or i promise you will be sorry!" shouted Dylan.

Kelly sighed and then crawled over to Cindy, she then reluctantly stuck out her tongue and began to lick the traces of cum off of Cindy's body. Cindy was non responsive and it took kelly to move her arms and legs until she was open and flat on her fack. Kelly went back to licking her and started licking her face free of cum. She moved down her body and reached her pussy. She took her time and really tried to get it all. It was when she probed Cindy with her tongue that Cindy moved and actually began to touch kelly back. At first they just touched, but then they moved into a full embrace. Soon they were licking each other clean, Cindy licking the cum of Kelly's tits and tummy, kelly the same.

they then went further and Kelly was on her back with Cindy, licking her pussy tenderly and gently. They didn't notice Dylan with a video recorder, taping the love session, he then asked one of the guys to join them. Kwon did and got between the girls. Caught in blind lust, Cindy grabbed his cock and began to wank him off as she pleasured kelly. Soon enough she let him move closer and he lay beneth her and began to fuck her as she licked Kelly's pussy. Dylan was laughing, this was just what he wanted. Consensual sex by these three would make sure he and his group would never be convicted of rape.

it was a bout ten minutes later when kwon visably came inside Cindy and kelly also came, her girl cum going all over Cindy's face. Kwon kissed Cindy and kelly and then got off the bed. soon the girls realise what had just happened, they had been filmed freely having sex wih a stranger. CIndy and Kelly both began to weep. They both slumbed and lay on the bed silently.

Dylan luaghed and finished recording, they group all laughed at the girls and then put their clothes on.

"well girls, great party you had here, you know where to find us if you want some more fun' said Dylan

"yeah, and don't think about saying a thing, we're ganna post this vid on the net if we hear anything about this" said Leroy.

"well, time to go, look after yourselves girls, you'll probebly have a fair bit to think about soon" said Dylan. The group all laughed and left the room, soon the noise of the door opening and closing could be heard.

The girls curled up together and cried for well over twenty minutes, both keeping a tight embrace with each other. it was an hour later when they came back downstairs, both very gingerly and quietly. They took turnes going to the toilet, peeing and trying to flush as much cum out of them as they could. They then shared a shower and just stood there silently, The hot water cascading over them. Both girls were quiet and did nothing. they got out and got put their PJs on. They both cleaned the place the best they could and then went to bed.

The next day kelly went home, the girls didn't really talk about the previous night, they both knew what would probebly happen. when Cindy's parents came home she decided not to tell them she'd been raped, there was no point. A month or so later the girls both did the pregnancy test and as fate would have it they were both pregnant. The girls were scared but decided to accept it, Kelly had very strict parents and Cindy didn't tell hers until her tummy was getting noticibly larger. Both girls were almost abandoned by their families. Cindy was pretty much cut off from her money and kelly was shamed by her very christian family.

Time went on and the months went by, to the girls added humiliation a video turned up on the net of the two of them with kwon. 6 months later they both gave birth, Cindi to a black baby boy and kelly had twins, except against all odds they were both of Asian likeness. kelly and Cindy ended up keeping them but life was comppletely different. They ended up parting ways a few months later, cindy moved away to a hostel for young mothers, she never really went on to much, she spent most early life caring for her son eventally a man said if she married him he would support her child. She became a typical housewife, looking after her husband and son. She ended up having more children and ended up mothering five kids all up. A

Kelly left her family and seemed to dissapear. However she was seen some time later on the internet in some adult films. One which she was group fucked by street gangs of all races and ages, another she prostituted herself around the city streets, and another in which she was visably pregnant and was having sex with very young teenagers and preteens doing all sorts of depraved acts for anyone to see.


Dylan was happy, he and his group had made a lot of money lately and they managed to get a new frat house. he had managed to find a large group of girls to star in underground sex films, he esecially had hot young white girls that the brothers just loved to fuck and impregnate. He even managed to find that young Kelly again, At kwons request he let her stay with them, she stared in many of they're films and also fell pregnant a few more times. She eventually became to used and they took her children for their own women to raise and eventually Kelly was told to get lost, they never saw her again.

Dylan ended up having plenty of cash and was never caught or arrested for what he did, most girls he had he used for 12 years or so and then threw aside. In the end he and his mates lived out they're lives in well to do partments and houses. they lived overseas in properties while they're emplyers continued the trade. Dylan laughes at how things ended up. All the while he thought, thank god for those white bitches. In the end they did have a usefull purpose.

The End

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