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A club date turns into a hot night
This is a story about Rachel, a beautiful 25 year old blonde, blue eyes, perfect body,
who everytime she goes to a club has to show an ID because she looks like a 17 year
old. Although it bothers her, she is reminded by friends that the older she gets and
people still think she is 17 then the luckier she will be. She figures her friends are
right and has come to accept it.

Rachel walked into the club with some friends. Rob,35 year-old club manager, noticed her right
away and went to the doorman to ask if he had carded her. When the doorman saw who he was referring to he
said he did and that her ID says she is 25. Rob had always fantasized about fucking a
teenager but with mottos like "15 will get you 20" he never dared fool around with a teen.
This, however, was different because Rachel was legit but just looked like a teen. He had
to meet her and hope to score with her. After waiting around awhile he noticed that the
other girls with Rachel were all dancing. Rob decided to take a chance on asking Rachel to
dance. To his good fortune she said yes and they started dancing. Rob started talking to
her and after exchanging names Rob mentioned how young she looked. Rachel just laughed and
said she gets carded everywhere she goes. Rob said he thought it was cool that she looked as
young as she did and Rachel smiled and said thanks. When the dance was over Rob bought Rachel
a drink and sat with her. Her friends were still dancing so it gave Rob more time to talk to
Rachel. They found they had quite a few things in common including having a dog. Rachel said
her dog Rusty was her best friend and Rob laughed and said his dog Ali was his best friend as

They had a good time at the club and Rob asked Rachel if he could take her home. She said yes
and when they got to her house she invited Rob inside. Rob already had a hard-on thinking about
the possibilities of fucking and sucking this teenaged looking young lady. Rachel got them some
drinks and they sat on the sofa. Rob leaned over to kiss Rachel and she leaned forward to meet
him. Rob planted a passionate kiss on her lips and slipped his tongue in her mouth. Rachel
responded and Rob slowly brought his hand up her leg and inside her short mini-skirt.

Rachel spread her legs and Rob started kissing his way down her body and pulled Rachel's skirt off.
Rachel then slipped her panties off and Rob dove in. He placed his mouth on her muff and started
licking her cunt with passion. Rachel was moaning "yes yess yessss". Rob took time to chew on
her clit and drove a couple fingers in her pussy. This set Rachel off and she moaned through an
orgasm. As she was coming Rob got on top of her and drove his cock into her with no mercy. Rachel
moaned louder as another orgasm hit her when Rob penetrated her. As he was fucking her hard, he
felt something lick his ass which startled him. He looked back and saw what must've been Rachel's
dog Rusty. Rachel scolded the dog but Rob told her it was ok. He continued to drive his cock in
Rachel as she began to meet his thrusts. Meanwhile Rusty began to lick Rob's ass again and then
climbed up on his back. Because Rob lets his dog Ali fuck him he wasn't afraid and let Rusty
mount him as he kept pounding Rachel. When Rusty penetrated his asshole Rob came hard inside Rachel..

He stayed in her awhile while getting fucked by Rusty. He then moved off and Rusty slipped off
shooting some precum on Rob. Rachel, knowing Rusty was horny, got on her hands and knees and Rusty
came up behind her and mounted her. He began fucking her. Rob got hard watching this and got up
and walked in front of Rachel. He put his cock in her mouth and Rachel started sucking it while
being pummeled by Rusty. Rob was thrusting in her mouth watching Rusty fuck Rachel. As he saw Rusty
grip Rachel tighter he knew he was ready to come inside her which made him begin to shoot his load
down her throat just as Rusty was shooting his load into his mistress.

Rob asked Rachel how long it took Rusty to recuperate and be ready to fuck again. She said he is
always ready in an hour if she is. Rob said he wanted Rusty to fuck him again but wanted him to knot
him this time while he fucked Rachel again. They had a few drinks and an hour later they started making
out. Rob placed Rachel on the floor. She spread her legs for him as he got between her. He slipped his
cock in her cunt and started a slow fuck while ramming his tongue down her mouth. It didn't take
long for Rusty to get curious as he came up behind Rob and started sniffing his asshole. Rachel could
see Rusty's cock starting to show. Rob started fucking Rachel harder which got her moaning. Rusty had his
whole cock hanging out now and he quickly mounted Rob. As he started humping and found the mark,

Rob lost it and shot his load in Rachel as Rusty penetrated him. Rob quickly moved forward which made Rusty
slip out of him. Rob quickly went down between Rachel's legs and started eating her out tasting his own
come. This put his asshole even higher as Rusty again mounted him and quickly penetrated his asshole.
Rusty started humping for all he was worth as Rob kept eating Rachel who was moaning "oh God make me
come". Rob kept eating and stuck a finger in Rachel's cunt as he felt Rusty's knot at the edge of his
asshole. "Drive that knot in me Rusty" ! As he felt Rusty grip him tighter and lunge forward, he
lunged back on Rusty's cock and the knot sliped in. "Oh yeah - fuck me Rusty - cream me".

He began finger-fucking Rachel harder as he chewed on her clit. Rusty kept pounding Rob as his knot grew to lock
him inside his ass. Rob felt Rusty start shooting his load which caused him to shoot his load onto
Rachel's legs as she shouted out when her otgasm hit her. "Oh fuck yeah". Rob kept licking her clit and
finger-fucking her for the 10 minutes Rusty stayed tied with him shooting his come deep into his ass.
When Rusty plopped out, a gob of come spilled out of Rob's ass as he finished with Rachel.

When they finished Rob got dressed and said: "We will have to do this again at my house so I can
introduce you to Ali". I know he would love to fuck you.

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2016-01-02 21:07:43
All that on a pickup on the first day they met' I guess that makes this purely fiction.

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2009-08-02 23:01:51
Great start - this story definitely needs to be continued.



2009-07-29 11:56:56
really good, kind of short though

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2009-07-29 02:34:09
pretty good

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2009-07-28 06:11:43
Great story! The sequel is gunna be good

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