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I know spelling and grammar is off this is acually a fantasy that when I get enough nerve I will show the man this as an attempt to blow his mind
Okay so here is how it goes, I am married 33 year old guy typical family one child and some pets. My wife is a saint but has gotten to be boring as hell in bed. As much of this plays out in my head I was fucking her a litle earlier and was so unimpressed I could not even cum (wich is the true part). As this story is about me trying to get one of my best friends cock in my mouth I will spare you the boring ass details of our 2 min romp before she got tired and went off to bed. I have to protect my home, family and marraige so just to be safe I will switch names and things of that nature.

My friend we will call Fred is about 6-7 years my juinor. He is a homebody to say the least, a great guy with a bad situation. Fred will know this is him I am talking about as I always tell him I wish I had half the talent he has (he is an unbeliveable muscian). Fred had a real bad breakup a while back and hasent really gotten back into his grove so to speak. Fred is a very thin guy with a light complextion. I find myself more and more thinking about his body. Fred would never understand this as he thinks of himeslef as way to skinny. Myself I am a little shorter than him and have put on a few pounds since I quit smoking. I work out when I can and have a pysical job so I am alot stonger than toned ( the married blue coller body if you will).

In the past I have played around with guys maybe 3-4 rangin from a one time deal to a short affair, all of wich has taken place before I ever got married. I would decsribe myself a bi I much more prefer girls but I d get the craving to want to suck cock alot. I never have acted on this because any of my old flings could well you never know have caught smething. I would sooner just keep things as a fantasy than to risk geting caught, or worse bring something home to my wife.

It has been over two or three years since fred has had any sexual partners so I feel safe with hime. I have know freds ex for years and one day infront of fred in a fit of rage she staed how a former friend who came out of the closet had given fred a blow job. Fred admitted this to her. I have had a twitch in my pants for him ever since. Again my wife is so boring I have been thinking about this time I would like to share with fred more and more.

Now it is very possible that in the near futer this is how it go, I will go over to freds house and and bring this up about his getting a blowjob back then he will deny it and I will muster up every ounc eof courage to tell him that it is okay and give hime in detail my past. I will then let him know that I want so bad just to make his cock happy and help him empty his balls. The final step will be to let hime read this as I know for sure He will know this is him I am talking about.

Nw you have all been very paient and her is wher my fantasy will get your cock rock hard. I will be standing off behind him just enough to be within arms reach of his lap. I will then place my shaking hand on his thigh feeling a jolt of passion through my shaking body. I want so bad fr him not to say anything. I want to after all this time touch his cock over his pants and fell him get hard right there in my hand. I will pull at his pants as he lifts his body off the chair enough for me to pull his pants down to his knees. No words will spoken between us yet. I will start slowly stroking his ht cock and fondeling his bas wit the most tender touch he can remeber. I will feel his burning hot member star to pulse in my hand as I drop to my knees and slowly stick my hungry toung out to the bottom of his shaftnad lick up his shaft. I will near the top of his cock and lick circles around his cck head as he leans his head back in extasy. I will then wrap my lips around his hard and aching cock and slowly pump my head up and down his shaft takig time out to lick his shaft and balls. I will be slowly stroking his cock and licking and sucking till him and I feel nothing bout the most pleasure we have felt in what seems like for ever. I want s bad t feel his ball tighten up with a monster load and the tension of his cock wil me so strong that i will to be close to orgasm. I want him to tell me when h is about to explode. I will then do what I have always wanted to and lick and suck his balls while stroking his hot cock and feel his molten cums shoting with a force he never even knew. whli his cum is lathered in streams aound my fist. I want to lick his cock head and make him twitch.

I have never been able to take a load in my mouth it makes me gag, I als dont like the taste so I wont b able to take his cum in my mouth at first but I want him and I to learn how to take a shot in my mouth and swallow him whole. I would also like t have him eventually fingger my asshole and get to the point where is cock can fit into me. I want to have him stand infront of me while i lay flat on my back and slide his cock in and out of me while i jerk off . Of course these are things I would like as time goes on and this be a wonderfull affair. Not of love or anything like that but just of two friend helping each other out in the best way possible.

If this ever happens I will be sure to post and let you know if the fantasy works out in real life. This is my fatasy but the very cool part in my mind is that I will use this as a tol to make it happen!!!!
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