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Dave is left babysitting his sisters, what could have been a disaster turns out to be the best thing that happened to him
It’s summer holiday again and here I am a 14 year old boy and looking after my 12 years old twin sister’s, Rachel and Louise, not that I mind, they are smashing kid’s and give me no problems, they like the same things as I do and this helps as I don’t have to play girly things with them.

We had a wooded area behind our house, with a pond where we often go pond dipping, there is also a play area with a rope slide and climbing frame’s. a lot of parents around here got together and approached the council and worked with them to develop the area making it safe and nice area to walk and watch nature.

We were two weeks into the break and the girls wanted to go pond dipping, so with jam jars and nets in hand off we set. We were around one side where the decking had not been built, and leaning forwards Rachel leaned too far forwards and fell in, head first, she came up arms flaying and coughing and spluttering, I dived in and pulled her out, we both were covered in mud and week, and naturally soaking wet, I shouted to Louise to run home and open the door, I picked Rachel up and sprinted after Louise. She had the door open and I dashed in and went straight up to the bathroom.

I stripped Rachel and myself and took her into the shower, I washed her hair and started on her body, she had no breast’s to speak of, there was just a small bump and nipple, as I knelt in front of her my eyes were level with the slit between her legs, she was totally bald and this was the first pussy I had seen, I had seen pictures but she looked nothing like them.

As I washed her between her legs she shuddered and leaned back against the wall, I asked her what was wrong, “It feels funny, you touching me there” “Sorry, I’ll let you wash yourself then” “No I like it, it just surprised me, that’s all”. I started to rub the soap on the sponge but she took it off me and told me to use my hand, I was a little confused, but I did as she asked.

As I rubbed my hand over her slit she opened her legs a little wider and bent her knees a little, she closed her eyes and softly groaned. After a few minutes her pussy opened a little and I could slip a finger into her slit, she opened her eyes and looked at me in surprise, “Do you want me to stop”? “No”

As I continued fingering her the bathroom door opened and Louise came in asking what was keeping us, she stopped dead in her tracks seeing me on my knees and my hand between her sisters legs, she shouted “That’s not fare” I asked what wasn’t fare “What your doing” I smiled and told her to join us then and she too could have what Rachel was, she was naked and standing beside Rachel in the blink of an eye.

I continued fingering Rachel and started working on Louise, a few minutes later Rachel shook violently and her breathing slowed, I knew about orgasms, but I didn’t know girls of 12 could have them, but Rachel defiantly had, Louise experienced one a short time later. I stood and was about to step out to get dry when Rachel looked down and saw me erection, now I’m not going to brag about having an enormous cock, I had a 6 inch cock fully erect, but I suppose to 12 year olds it did look huge.

I had for the last year found out, touching myself was pleasurable, so having my sisters doing it would be double, Louise asked if they could touch it, I nodded, tentatively they reached for it and it took a second or two for them to gain enough courage to hold it, “Oh Dave, it looks so hard but it’s really soft to touch” it was like there was a primeval thought deep in their minds that was brought forwards, because with out me telling them they started moving their hands up and down my length, it was now my turn to groan softly.

It wasn’t long before I had the feeling I had when I was about to cum, I was going to tell them, but decided to let them find out what they were doing would do to me.

As my cock started twitching and spurting my cum they jumped back in surprise, “What’s happening” Rachel asked, I told her that’s what happens when my cock is rubbed for a long time, they both were curious about my liquid and scooped some up with their fingers and rubbed it between them, Louise asked why it was slimy, I couldn’t answer her this, so I just said that’s how it was.

With my cock now shrinking, I suggested we get dry and dressed in clean clothes, naturally the girls wanted me to dry them off and they dried me. When we had dressed we had a bit to eat then went back out into the woods, we stayed away from the pond, instead playing on the rope slid and climbing frame, the girls wore skirts so as we climbed up If I looked up I could see up their skirts and see their camel toe well defined under their knickers.

They of course knew what I was looking at and now and again they would reach between their legs and pull their knickers aside, showing me their slit.

We kept an eye on the time and knew when mom was home to return as she would be making our evening meal, when we got home she asked why our clothes were covered in mud and soaking wet. Rachel told her she had fell in the pond and I had jumped in to pull her out, mom asked how she was feeling Rachel told her she was ok, because I had jumped in and pulled her out then dashed home with her and helped her into the shower and washed the dirty water off her.

Mom thought about this for a second or two then asked “Were you both naked”? “Of course mom, how could he wash the mud of me”, I saw the look strange look in mom’s eye’s, she must have been angry with me be being naked with my sister, but then she was pleased and relieved I was they to save Rachel.

Before she could say anything Rachel asked, “Mom, when Dave was washing me I felt funny between my legs and his penis got hard, and when I rubbed it white sticky stuff came out, why was that”?

Mom sat back into the chair with a thud, she had been shocked with Rachel’s question, she just looked form Rachel to me and Louise, several time’s, then shaking her head to clear it she said,
“I think it’s time I had the talk with you” we of course didn’t know what she was talking about and looked puzzled. She got up and turned the cooker off and made her way out into the hall telling us to follow her.

We went up and into her room and she had us sit on the bed, “How was Dave touching you when you had the funny feeling”? “He was washing me between my legs and touching my slit” “Show me” “What”? “Come on, how can I explain if I don’t know what you were doing”. “Do I have to get undressed mom”? “Yes and David does, if he was naked too” hearing mom say this there was no way I was going to strip off in front of her and I told her so, “Come on you don’t have to be shy, you’ve got nothing I haven’t seen before” “But mom, I’m older now” Rachel wasn’t as shy and was already down to her knickers, with no breasts she didn’t need a bra.

Mom looked to Rachel and then said to me “See your sister isn’t bothered” “But mom” “Ok then I’ll do a deal with you” she swallowed and took a deep breath then said “I’ll strip off too, but first you have to get undressed” I was stunned at her words and looked at my sisters for their reaction, they didn’t seem too bothered, so I stood up and removed my shirt and trousers.

I could already tell my cock was hard and still wasn’t shore about letting me see me like this, but she was calm and had started to undress, so I just grabbed my underwear and pushed them down and stepped out of them, I stood the, my cock standing straight out in front of me. Mom stood up and removed her bra, Oh my God, her tits were huge, well to me any way, her nipples were hard like erasers on a pencil and her aureoles were a dark pink. As she pushed her panties down my heart missed a beat, I just couldn’t believe my mom was naked, with me and my sister Rachel, Louise asked if she should get undressed too, “If you want” mom told her, she was naked in seconds, Mom sat back on the bed and opened her legs a little, I didn’t think my cock could have got any bigger but I swear it did.

Her pussy looked like the pictures I had seen only now it was real, I so wanted to touch her but I had to fight the urge back. “Ok, show me how you were washing Rachel when she felt funny” we both stood and I showed mom what I was doing, but this time I kept my hand back a little and didn’t touch Rachel. Mom shook her head and told me to do it exactly as I had been. So I showed her again and this time I touched Rachel’s, slit.

Mom then explained about sexual touching which was what I had been doing, even thought it was washing her, the two things a very close thing and something so innocent could turn in a second, she continued with what happened to the woman’s body and why it happened.

She then asked what Rachel had done to me, Rachel having done it once didn’t hesitate this time and started rubbing my cock, she continued until I came and looked to mom for an explanation.

Again mom told us about the male body, then said it got hard like it had so it could fit into the girls vagina and if the time was right them a baby would be made.

Both Rachel and Louise opened their legs and looked down at their vagina, then looking up to mom said “That wouldn’t fit in us mom, it’s too big”

“You’ll be surprised how it can stretch, for it to fit” the girls still didn’t look convinced, mom lay back and said “Let me show you” she held her hand ut to me and instinctively I moved to her, I hadn’t realised my cock was still hard until mom touched me, I jumped with surprise but she told me to relax and do as she tells me.

She got me laying between her legs and reached down to my cock and told me to move forwards, as I did she guided my cock into her vagina, now for a woman of 34 to have my small cock in her I would have thought was hardly worth the bother, but mom seemed to enjoy the feeling,

She have me move back and forth a few time’s then said to the girls, “See I told you it could fit in easily” “But mom, your older and your vagina is so much different to ours”

Mom told me to get off and turned to Rachel, she had her lay down and told me to get between her legs and I had with her, she then reached between us and took my cock and held it to Rachel’s slit, “Push forwards, but real slow” I did as she had said and I felt Rachel’s slit resist me, but not for long as it opened and let the tip of my cock enter, “Stop” I wondered why when mom told me Rachel had to get used to my cock slipping into her, after a short pause mom told me to move again, I stopped with a little more of my cock in her then I entered a little more, “Oh mommy, it hurts” I didn’t know it but I had reached her hymen, “Don’t fight it Rachel, it will go away in a moment, she looked at me and mouthed “Push hard” I did and Rachel cried out in pain, “Oh mommy, stop him, make him take it out” Relax, the pain with stop”.

We lay there for a few minutes and Rachel started to calm down, “The pain’s going away mommy” “See I told you it would” she turned to me and told me to moved back and forth like she had me do, slowly I pulled back and thrust back into her, Rachel gave a groan, the more I thrust into her the more Rachel groaned, then she started shaking, then her back arched off the bed and she screamed.

I felt her muscles gripping my cock and this had the effect on me and made me shoot my stuff into her. As we relaxed, mom asked how we both felt. All I could say was “Awesome”

Mom then helped me slip into Louise’s slit and I came again in her, I rolled onto my back and was surprised to see my cock was still erect, mom lay beside me and asked “~Can I have some too”? as I get back between her legs I found my mark without any help, Rachel and Louise lay ach side of mom and cuddled up in her arms, I pulled back and thrust into her, “Oh Dave, that feels so good” her legs wrapped around my ass and as I thrust into her she pulled me closer, she groaned and moaned, and kept telling me how good it felt, then she pulled me in tight and her muscles gripped me in a vice like grip and came all over my cock, I had a little more stamina and when she released her grip I continued thrusting into her, as she had another orgasm I came, it felt like I had given her more than I had my two sister together as my cock kept jerking for about a minute. Mom pulled me onto her and kissed the top of my head, we all lay they for half an hour, no one spoke, I for one didn’t know what to say.

Mom gave me a nudge and said “Come on you three, get a shower and cleaned up, I’ll have tea done in ten minutes” I followed the girls into the bathroom and we showered together, as I washed their backs I asked what they thought about what mom had shown us, both my sister said they liked it after the pain had stopped and they asked what it felt like when I put my cock in mom’s vagina.

“I liked it but she wasn’t as tight as you both were, but like you told her she is older and her vagina is different” we all agreed it was really, really nice and we wanted to do it again, Louise asked if I wanted to do it with mom again, I shrugged my shoulders saying it was down to mom, but I would be more than happy enough doing it with just them.

For the rest of the holiday, as soon as mom had gone to work, the girls and I had sex, then we went and played over the woods and when we went back for lunch, we had sex again before going out to play again. I didn’t do it again with mom; I think she was ashamed of herself and worried about dad finding out.

Seeing the girls developing into young teenagers and developing breasts was a pleasure and I was soon suckling on their tits, we discovered about oral sex on our own. We were climbing over the frame and I was as usual looking up their skirts and I got an erection, we went to a quiet place and there Louise started playing with my cock, when I came she said to Rachel, “I wonder what it tastes like, she then licked her fingers and liked it, the problem here was most of my spunk had splattered onto the ground and was no good, so the next day Louise said she would put her mouth in front of my cock when I came and then she could catch it in her mouth, from this she started sucking me to get all I had into her mouth, Rachel too sucked me off then she asked if I wanted to suck her pussy, it took a little while to get used to her taste but I soon came to love both.

The following year dad booked us a holiday, money was tight and he was saying about having to book three rooms for us, mom asked what he was talking about, he explained one for them, one for me and one for the girls, he was shocked when mom said we only needed one room, dad didn’t understand, so mom called us down, “Dad is worried about having to book three rooms but I told him for a week you three wouldn’t mind sharing a room, would you”?

The girls showed their maturity saying “If it means we have a holiday, then we can live with it for a week”
Dad asked if they were shore, “Yes dad” “How about you Dave, what do you have to say about sharing a room with your sisters”? “Well I suppose I can put up with their snoring for a week and giggling” Louise came back with “We’ll be giggling seeing your little dangly bit’s” to add to this she wriggled her little finger. Thankfully mom quickly changed the subject to place’s we would visit and made a note of how much it would cost, she was good a budgeting and she worked out the cost for the week with cash to spare.

Our holiday came around and we arrived at the hotel, there had mix up with the room’s we had two book, but they each had double bed’s and not a double with a single, mom said it would be ok so we went up to unpack, we had a meal and went out for the rest of the day.

Back at the hotel the girls and I didn’t waste time in stripping off, what we hadn’t planned for was dad coming to see if we were ok, he knocked on the door and asked how we were doing, I called back saying we were ok, I didn’t want to open the door as he would see the three of us naked, but he asked to come in and make shore, I grabbed a towel and the girls ran into the bathroom, when he came in he looked a little surprised, but only asked where the girls were, Rachel called back they were going to have a shower, “Do you want me to wash your back’s” “No dad were fine” as he was leaving dad said “If I were you I would get in there” I threw him a puzzled look, “There’s nothing like having sex with your sister’s, I know mine were jumping in and out of my bed all the time” Louise thought dad had left and called out “Come on Dave, were waiting” hearing this dad smiled and asked how long, “Last year” “Go on then enjoy, but don’t let your mother find out” “Ok dad”.

All to soon the holiday was over and we went back to our normal way of life, of course I had wild sex with my sisters. Three years later I moved away for my job, but every month I would meet up with my sisters at a motel and we would stay in bed all week end.

Eventually we each got married and it made things harder for us to meet up, but I had lots of memories to look back on.

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What are knickers? if you mean panties, then say so.

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To the person who says the twins were 2 years age difference, If you read the story right the girls were both 12 and the boy is 2 years older at 14 you fkin dimwitted shit

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Sexy and funny! I like it!

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An interesting story, but the grammar and spelling need lots of help--very distractring to see "fair" rendered as "fare," and "sure" for "shore." I know these stories are not to demonstrate good grammar, use of homonyms, and other spelling, but to do it correctly adds a needed bit of class.

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