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A dark and sadistic tale set in Victorian England.
Jasmine entered the room, followed meekly by a little girl from the poorhouse and smiled at the group of parents who were seated around a low bed that had been placed in the centre.

"Good morning," she said curtsying before drawing the girl forward, her wrists bound behind her back. "This is Melody who is eleven and she is going to receive Doctor Croft's special treatment for self abuse," she explained.

The parents looked at each other and licked their lips; there eyes travelling over the child, her plain cotton shift hiding little of her pretty pubescent form. Jasmine let them admire the nervous girl while she turned down the bed and puffed up two large feather pillows before placing them in the middle.

"Melody is perhaps a little younger than your own daughters," Jasmine told them, "but she has a proven history of self abuse, and therefore is an excellent subject, despite her age," she explained now turning to the girl to remove her shift.

The sleeves parted without having to release her bound wrists and the adults found themselves staring at her nakedness, a wisp of dark hair sprouting from her little vulva, and the bud of her breasts standing like acorns from her flat chest.

"Come on. You don't want me to spank you again, do you?" Jasmine told her, leading the wide-eyed and frightened little girl to the low bed, then helping her lie upon it, the two large feather pillows lifting her pelvis and making her pubis appear even more prominent.

"As you are probably aware," Jasmine told the watching parents as she arranged the child's limbs, parting her knees to attach a rubber rope to them so the girl could partially close her legs if she strained to do so, but would otherwise have her legs spread at the knee as far as the outer edge of the mattress. "We deny our patients the pleasure of arousing themselves and instead arouse them ourselves on a regular basis," she explained.

From under the bed Jasmine retrieved a case and opened it in front of the parents, but hiding the contents from the girl. As they looked at the contents, some blushed as they saw the myriad of implements that lay within.

"All these implements are designed to arouse," Jasmine explained, but before I use them on Melody, we'll just check to make sure that she's following Doctor Croft's rules for patient hygiene," she explained. Jasmine then opened a smaller box and took out a slender but phallic looking object for all to observe. There was a valley along it that ran from its tip right down to the base. Seeing it, Melody licked her lips and tensed.

"Used to this, aren't you Melody?" Jasmine chuckled, as her fingers took hold of the girl's labia and pulled flesh from flesh, exposing the bright pink mouth to her sweet cunt.

"There we go," Jasmine crooned, slipping the rounded head into the little pink opening and pushing it gently up her passage. Staring up at the ceiling, Melody took short breaths, her thighs trembling as the device was slowly inserted.

Once inside her, Jasmine grinned and turned it slowly, the valley gathering what liquid was scraped from the Melody's tight vaginal passage. Twice turned, Jasmine eased it out and let the adults see the clear liquid that it had gathered. Jasmine smelt and tasted it before passing it around.

"Moistened like this, it's now perfectly prepared to check Melody's other place," Jasmine giggled, her fingers prying her bottom cheeks apart, just enough to expose the dark ring of her anus.

Little gasps were heard from the ladies as they watched intently as the gleaming device was placed at the rim of her anus, and then pushed inwards firmly.

Melody gasped, her eyes widening as the familiar feeling slid into her belly. On and on it seemed to slide, deeper than she had thought possible, to be slowly rotated and collect anything that clung to the walls of her colon.

Once again it was revolved, then eased out, and the valley inspected and smelt before, thankfully, being passed as healthy and clean.

"Good girl Melody," Jasmine told her.

"Now for her arousal," Jasmine intoned, as she partially opened the sweet little cunt in front of her. She framed it with the length of her thumbs and parted the sticky folds, allowing them all to view the topology of the young girl's vulva, from the base of her bottom up to the apex of her little cunt from which her clitoris was just showing.

"Doctor Croft, has determined through extensive research, that unlike boys, girls can achieve multiple orgasms, often with the second and subsequent orgasms having more intensity than the first," Jasmine announced to her eager audience.

The women in the audience now fell into two groups; those that knew this and looked smugly at their husbands, and those that did not and looked awkward and grief stricken.

"Doctor Croft, also advocates that in order to educate his patients into a healthier regime, they are regularly aroused, thus focusing their acceptance of receiving their orgasms at the hands of others, and not by themselves," Jasmine explained.

There were nods and a growing alertness as Jasmine leant forward and blew softly on the revealed flesh between Melody's thighs.

The reaction was immediate and Melody gasped while lifting her loins, her whole body eager to feel a much firmer touch, but Jasmine withdrew her hands much to her disappointment, in order to pick up the first of her chosen implements.

"The unknown can also be a powerful aphrodisiac," Jasmine told those watching, and placed a leather hood firmly over the upper part of Melody's head hiding her eyes. "It is unlikely to move as she tosses her head, yet it will still leave Melody's lower face uncovered so you can admire her expressions during arousal".

Then, with the girl panting and unable to see, she picked a feather from the case and held it up for all to see.

In a silence broken only by Melody's heavy breathing, Jasmine applied the feather's edge to her inner thighs, then caressed the soft blond hairs on her skin before meeting the infinitely smooth and tender flesh bordering the rise of her vulva.

Melody's reaction was all that her audience could have hoped for as she gasped and bucked, panting hotly in an effort to receive firmer caresses to her delicious little cunt.

Again and again, Jasmine stroked the tender flesh with the feather; sometimes using it's edge, at other times just its point. Each stroke brought a fresh gasp from the young girl and a tensing of her thighs, lifting her young cunt and bringing a whimper that grew more and more demanding the more she was stroked.

The audience leant forward and the men shuffled in their seats while, on the bed, the panting, gasping girl jerked her hips upwards, her belly sucked in and rippling as tense thighs quivered with the need growing within her.

The feather was cast aside and a grooming brush was then taken from the case. The oval brush of horsehair was slid lovingly up each thigh while the girl gasped and shook, her loins rotating with the urgency of her need to be touched.

Her cunt glowed with colour in contrast with her pale skin, the few strands of dark hair rising from her fledging cunt now standing almost erect with the tension within her.

Smiling, Jasmine stroked Melody's sunken pelvis and gently combed her pubis, her grin growing as the girl cried out in her agony, lifting herself high in an effort to receive her pleasure spike. Yet Jasmine held off and put the brush aside.

Her brushing had brought a new sensitivity to all the flesh around Melody's sex. Now, from the case, Jasmine brought a string of beads, the string about a foot long, the beads each only quarter of an inch in size. Holding it taut at each end, Jasmine pressed it to the girl's hot little cunt and drew it downwards.

Melody contorted, squirming madly, her whole body beginning to gleam with perspiration as she tried jerking her loins more forcibly into the deftly stroking beads.

Giggling excitedly, Jasmine drew them upwards, each bead appearing from her rounded cunt gleaming with the wetness that filled her.

Half understood words cascaded breathlessly from Melody's mouth as she begged for the release she craved. Her feet fought for better purchase in the tangle of sheets while her thighs tried spreading just that little bit extra, while still offering a lever on which to lift her cunt and offer it up for molesting.

The beads were dropped to one side and Jasmine extended her index finger, licking it wet before putting it to the base of the young girl's clenched bottom cheeks. She wriggled her fingertip between, and feeling the young girl's anus, pressed inwards.

Melody strained upwards, her whole body held taught as Jasmine's finger slid remorselessly into her bottom. As the pain Melody felt obliterated any passion, Jasmine's hand turned on the now embedded digit, her thumb coming down for the ball to press roughly on the opening to her sweet little cunt.

New, fierce, sensations shot through the young girl, lifting her body tightly against her bonds. She keened through teeth ground together by taught facial muscles, jerking uncontrollably as the thumb burst into her.

Eyes wide under her mask, Melody felt suspended between opposites, pulled in two directions as thumb and finger rubbed back and forth within the first inch of her anal canal and vagina.

Sharp feelings shot and swarmed into her, forcing her to buck and squirm, to toss her hips and keen through her grinding teeth.

Jasmine pushed deeper with her one hand, and with the other pressed her palm down on the child's prominent pubis, her thumb turned out and down to enter the smooth edged apex of her slippery cunt and there, flick her nail across the little stub of her clitoris.

Melody's hands and feet, bound as they were, contorted even further, lifting half her body as the ultimate sensation careered through her young but responsive body. Lean young muscle stood out on her limbs as her squealing ebbed with her loss of breath.

Jasmine grinned and continued to work on the girl, her nail slipping across the clitoris hood to cause the girl to jerk upwards again, her juddering body and the flow of warm liquid over her thumb speaking of her second orgasm.

"There!" Jasmine announced.

"That should keep her happy until her next session this afternoon," she said with a grin.

Licking their lips and gazing around at each other, the parents were no doubt imagining their own daughters on that bed, their tiresome little moods being swept away by this carefully orchestrated sexual arousal. It was very rare that any parent declined Doctor Croft's treatments for their children after such a display.


As Jasmine was inviting the parents to step closer to see how swollen and tender Melody's cunt had become, her father was attending another young patient who had just stormed out of the building.

Miss Elizabeth Mathews could have been pretty, had it not been for the angry scowl on her face. The thirteen year old had expecting to see a carriage waiting to take her back to the railway station, but stood confused by the back entrance when she didn't see one.

"I thought I had made it quite plain," she announced in her girlish voice, turning to the doctor and placing her hands on her hips, just as she'd often seen her mother doing when telling off the staff. "I want to leave and require transport," she told him irately, fully expecting him to have already summoned it for her.

Doctor Croft smiled, conjuring up all the wicked things that he had added to her training, just to see that haughty expression wiped off her pretty little face. "I have a little surprise for you, before you leave us Elizabeth," he explained, walking back into the building and along to a special soundproofed room that he kept for patients that needed just that little bit more persuasion.

Elizabeth hesitated for a moment, and then hurriedly followed Doctor Croft, wondering what he could have got her. Of course, she thought, he would want to give her something expensive, in the hope that she wouldn't report him to her parents. She smiled at the very thought of having the doctor on her hook, squirming in front of her as many of the household staff had learnt to do.

Doctor Croft joined his wife where she was carefully removing nettles from a container and watched as Elizabeth entered the room, her rosy cheeks speaking of the excitement she felt at receiving the present.

"Well?" Elizabeth shouted, wondering how the stupid man could have ever become a doctor. "Where's my present?" She was too astonished to say anything as they caught her wrists and clamped bracelets to each, a rough rope tied to each and then lifted to the ceiling by a pulley.

"What?" she cried as Samuel pulled on the other end, forcing her to stumble, and then lift her arms as the other end was dragged over the pulley towards the ceiling.

"What are you doing? She cried furiously, panting and gasping as she fought to escape.

Lily knelt and quickly cuffed one small ankle and, before she could be kicked, stepped back to pull on the rope, forcing the squealing, crying, shouting girl to lift one leg outward.

When she'd finished, Elizabeth stood panting in front of them, her face contorted with rage while she swayed on one small foot, the other one pulled up and out to her side and her arms held over her head.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked furiously. "You'll pay for this when my father finds out. He's a barrister you know. He'll take you for every penny you own!" she spat, her eyes aflame despite their moistness.

"We don't care for your attitude," Lily told her, and showed the girl the large sewing scissors she had brought into the room with her.

"What are you doing? No, no, NO!" Elizabeth screeched, her voice growing higher and higher the closer Mrs Croft got to her with the scissors. Samuel laughed and watched eagerly as the rich blue dress was slowly and artfully cut away until it fell from the girl, leaving her in a pretty undergarment of fine cotton and Mother of Pearl buttons.

Crying, Elizabeth pulled herself together to scream her defiance once more. "You're both hateful! I hate you, I hate you!" she screamed.

Lily smiled patiently and went behind the child, cutting the cotton shift away to leave the panting, struggling, weeping girl in just her woollen stockings.

"Let me go!" Elizabeth cried stridently, tossing and turning as she tried hiding her nakedness. "I hate you! You wait till daddy hears of this!" she screamed.

Samuel admired the development of the girl, pleased that one as old as her had developed so little. He preferred such girls. They were better able to appreciate just what he was doing to them and, as a result, felt it that much more keenly.

Elizabeth Mathews was no exception. Her budding breasts were small enough to be completely tenderised, while the large areole meant a much greater pain for the girl.

Their eyes slid over the naked child enjoying her humiliation.

"Stop looking at me! Stop it I say!" Elizabeth wept, still twisting and turning but growing tired of trying to do so.

Lily and Samuel continued to look, delighting in the roundness of her young bottom and the fresh femininity it had taken with the onset of her young hips. They delighted too in the individual strands of pubic hair that lay on her pubis and exposed vulva, so sparse they could have counted each one had she remained still.

"Why have you done this to me?" Elizabeth sobbed, now trying to hang from her wrists in an effort to bend her unfastened leg inwards and half protect her privates from the horrid people's prying eyes. She wailed as Doctor Croft tightened the rope to bring her to her toes, and stop her.

"Ready Samuel?" Lily asked her husband.

Samuel smiled as he took the glove, and then strode over to the cut nettles to select one. He chose a short one, one whose stem wouldn't break and leave a good part of it hanging down uselessly, but one with plenty of young leaves.

Elizabeth saw the doctor through her tear-filled eyes and licked her lips nervously. "What are you going to do?" she asked worriedly.

Samuel smiled at her and held the nettles closer to her face. "I'm sure you've had the odd nettle rash now and then," he chuckled. "On your legs, on your arms?" he asked. Her weeping became uncontrolled as she came to understand what the two adults were about to do to her.

Tossing her head from side to side in denial, her body tried yet again to escape, young limbs working feverishly in her bonds while her body twisted back and forth.

All in vain but for the pretty sight it made.

"Now then," Samuel leered. His short nettle was pushed out and the tender upper leaves caressed the small swell of Elizabeth's breasts.

Lily watched with mounting excitement as the young girl erupted into movement, screaming and sobbing, wailing for her mother even as the nettle rash began to form across her small and girlish breasts. And as the child settled, exhausted by her efforts and hanging forlorn from her wrists, she applied her own wand of nettle to the girl's half parted bottom.

Elizabeth was jerked from her exhaustion and by the stinging pain swarming through her bottom. With a squeal she jerked forward, all thought of trying to hide her maidenly charms forgotten in her hurry to evade the nettles from getting between her bottom cheeks.

The Croft's gazed at the young pelvis as it jerked forward, one leg held raised and apart in order to leave her young cunt unprotected and completely visible. Even with soft hairs gracing her vulva, her shape and tone spoke of youth and tenderness, an innocence Samuel would see an end of before the child was allowed to leave.

Samuel's nettles caressed Elizabeth's little breasts again, striking at smooth flesh not yet marked by the nettle rash.

Exhausted, breathless as she was, Elizabeth was still driven to try and jerk away, tears coursing down her face as, evasion from one branch, brought her into contact with the other.

"Please! PLEASE!" she wept, twisting and turning, fighting for breath and the strength to carry on.

The Croft's stopped, but only long enough to cast aside their worn nettle branches and gather new, fresh ones.

"Oh, please don't!" Elizabeth begged through her tears.

"Going to tell your father, were you?" Samuel asked, his leaves sliding along her inner thigh.

"Agh!" Elizabeth screeched and squirmed. Samuel thought her agonised face looked so lovely that he wished he could draw it down and let his cock splatter it with his seed.

"Have us thrown out, would you?" Lily asked. Her nettle stem caressed the tense thigh held horizontally out and Elizabeth Mathews squealed and squirmed, once more delighting her tormentors with her pathetic squirming.

"You realise that leaves just one place left, don't you Elizabeth?" Samuel teased, tormenting the cowering child.

Wordlessly, Elizabeth shook her head and drew back as far as her bonds would allow. The muscles of her belly and thighs stood out in relief as she tried pulling away from the large man.

Her pelvis turned, trying in vain to hide herself from the rising nettle branch. "Squeal more loudly for me," he urged, his excitement taking his breath.

Elizabeth's head shot back as the leaves slid between her thighs, the stem floating along the meeting of her folded flesh. Her scream tore at her throat and took her breath. The terrible and insidious pain of the nettle stings on her labia swept inwards, eclipsing all of her other stinging aches and pains. On and on, inescapable, driving her mad with the urge to fiercely rub at the horrible stinging.

Her young body struggled to escape the terrible stinging, slender hips jerking from side to side, then forward and back. The Croft's chuckled with pleasure and let their eyes drink in the young girl's nakedness, her contortions only increasing their excitement.

Samuel freed one of her wrists and it went immediately between her thighs, rubbing the itching flesh, even pulling at it, in an effort to reduce her pain. The sight was doubly exciting and, when the girl's crying subsided, he attached her wrist again and allowed his wife the pleasure of slowly sweeping a new nettle branch between her thighs while he watched, fully enjoying her squeals.

Elizabeth's wrist once again released, she again began to fiercely rub and squeeze her puffy vulva, sobbing with the stinging pain as her rubbing, pinching and pulling fingers slowly rid herself of the worst.

"Let us se then," Lily said eagerly.

She pushed the girl's hand away and replaced it with both of her own, harshly pulling nettle stung labia apart so she could feel the new wetness that coated the girl's cunt.

Her grin told Samuel all he needed. "Kneel in front of her and use your fingers on her privates," he told her. He, meanwhile, dropped the nettles and picked up a little whip.

"What are you doing? No, no, NO!" squealed the girl, her young loins trying to evade the woman's clever fingers. She denied the pleasant sensations swarming into her, and then stiffened in agony as the doctor struck her bottom with the whip.

Jerking forward with the fiery pain, her cunt met the fingers of the doctor's wife who knowingly rubbed the flesh at the apex of her slit, countering the pain of her whipping.

"No, no," she wept, knowing she shouldn't allow others to touch her in that way.

Samuel struck her a second time, a harsh strike over the top of flesh marked by nettle rash, then stood back to watch Lily vigorously rub the stricken child, taking her breath away.

"She's moistening nicely," Lily told him, and then brought her head forward to briefly lick the junction of Elizabeth's girl cleft.

With a gasp of shock, Elizabeth pushed her bottom back.

Her expression of both shock and pain when Samuel delivered another searing cut to it was a delight that both adults enjoyed, nearly as much as the tip of two of Lily's fingers spreading the tight little entrance to her cunt.

"A virgin Samuel!" Lily exclaimed, allowing the gasping, weeping girl to jerk away from her fingers.

Samuel grinned and reached further back with his whip, using a long stroke to produce another searing cut to the girl's lovely bottom.

Elizabeth screeched and danced on her one foot, tears spilling onto her body as she danced madly in pain.

"Will you take her?" Lily asked breathlessly.

She imagined her husband thrusting into the young girl, the child's thighs held apart so nothing of her taking would be obscured. Her virgin blood would be smeared around his manhood, a nice salty sweet taste to add to their mingled sex taste.

"No, one more strike and you can take her with your finger," Samuel told her.

He tapped the weeping and bound girl with the whip, chuckling as she flinched, then swept the whip round, landing it solidly across some previous welts. With a loud scream, Elizabeth lurched forward in her bonds, fiery pain obliterating any other thoughts.

Breath held, Lily held her finger poised and, when Elizabeth jerked forward, pushed it brutally upwards, pushing flesh aside to spear the young girl's virginity.

Breathless, Elizabeth squeaked as a new fiery pain suddenly flared inside her privates. On top of this, she felt her vaginal passage opened, the woman's finger pushing in and stretching her. Masculine hands cupped her burning bottom and stopped her from pulling back, away from the finger that dug deep into her cunt.

Cool and firm, they massaged her cheeks, dispelling the horrid heat.

Instead, she felt the finger being pushed and pulled in her little passage, the friction dismissing the pain of having been taken. In its place, hot pleasure swarmed into her belly and took her breath as quickly as the pain had.

"That's it. What a tart!" Lily spat, her face flushed with excitement as her extended middle finger continued to slide in and out of the child's vagina.

Elizabeth panted and mewed, trying to refuse her feelings. Yet she couldn't stop her hips from pushing forward, nor stop the whimper of pleasure as the woman's other hand pressed on her pubis and began kneading the front of her vulva.

"No, no!" she wept, even as she panted and responded to the finger sliding in and out of her. A male hand moved and began kneading her breasts, his touch removing the last itch of the nettles. His smooth stroking suddenly turned to squeezing and pulling, the agony of it all communicating directly with the feelings growing in her cunt.

"No!" she squealed, denying the rage of sensations that now flooded through her. Her eyes closed, colours raced across her eyelids while pleasure swept over her body, from her toes and fingertips, all the way to her hair, rushing through her until she exploded.

"Well, well," Lily chuckled, standing back and putting her hands on her hips as she surveyed the limp youngster just fluttering her eyes as she came round from her orgasm. "Who would have thought that our prim little Miss Elizabeth would spend as wantonly as the girls from the poorhouse!" she grinned.

"I bet her parents would like to know how quickly she excites, even after being punished," Samuel nodded.

Elizabeth just stared at them and swallowed; sick with the horror of knowing she was in their hands, and a slave to whatever they wished.


"Robert!" Jasmine called out, letting Adam pass her and rejoin his friends on the floor, where they played marbles.

Robert grinned at his own group of friends and rose to walk towards where Jasmine waited, a bulge already forming in his breeches as he sauntered over.

"I hope you've not been playing with yourself," she told the lad as he passed her, just fourteen years old but already tall and muscular for his age.

"Not me. I don't want to be punished," Robert said his hands already on the buttons of his rough shirt. Like all the patients who'd been at Birbeck House for any length of time, he knew the harsh penalties for self-abuse, in the same way that he knew the pleasures that were now in store for him as his sexual tensions were relived.

Jasmine was fond of Robert who sported a well-endowed cock and a nice tight little bottom. She went over to a special chair, one of several that was lined up against the wall, each slightly different and drew it forward for him to see, smiling at his expression when he saw the restraints that were attached.

"You don't need those with me Ma'am," he told her.

"None the less," she told him, opening the knee fastenings that were placed in the front sides of the seat. Under the seat, ready to rise through a hole in its centre, was a carefully crafted wooden phallus, sculptured like that of a circumcised male.

Jasmine greased the pole, watching him finish undressing while she stroked the phallus that he would soon be sitting on.

"Ready?" she asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be Ma'am," he admitted, nervousness looking at the phallus.

As with all the boys, he had started on the smallest phallus and then moved onto the larger ones, but being tall for his age, he had been drawn further along than the others, and Jasmine now required him to sit on the largest one.

"Come on Robert, or do I have to punish you?" she snarled.

"No need for that Ma'am," he told her, preparing himself as best he could. Naked, his cock hanging heavily over his balls, Robert stepped up to the seat and moved to sit on it. Jasmine was there to help him, her hands guiding him backwards, then drawing his knees in turn over the heavy leather clasps.

They would not only keep his thighs apart so that she could fondle his cock and balls whenever she wished, but would keep him firmly on the phallus, the clasps only allowing him to partially straighten his knees.

Finally, Jasmine knelt and took each of his wrists; drawing them back along the arm rests to fasten them at the back of the chair. In this way, Robert would be able to lever himself off the seat, although not very far.

All in all, both restraints allowed him to move, but only as far as to draw himself up and down on the wooden phallus, once it had been unwound.

Jasmine turned the handle at the side of the chair and smiled into the boy's face, loving his expression as the phallus began its upward journey, into his anus.

With a groan, Robert moved to position himself above the pointed tip and then relaxed his bottom, panting as the unforgiving wood pushed its way into him, holding him erect on the seat as his anus fluttered and quivered, coming to terms with the assault.

"Good boy," Jasmine crooned, imagining what he would be feeling. The handle turned, drawing the phallus into his bottom, until the handle would turn no more and he now sat on six inches of unforgiving wooden phallus.

"Now Robert, move slightly," she urged, unable to stop herself from rocking him back and forth until he groaned, pleasure slipping past the aching pain that began to glow and burn in his belly.

Jasmine smiled and took hold of his flaccid cock, gently stroking it and using her nails on the underside, whilst his upper body rocked back and forth.

"That's it," she murmured, purring softly as his cock began to lift its head, telescoping upwards as his shaft thickened. She reached for his tiny nipple and squeezed the firm flesh around it, pulling and twisting, grinning as he cried out in pain.

"You big baby!" Jasmine teased.

He groaned, the muscles of his arms standing out as he drew himself up, along the wooden phallus. Jasmine waited, watching and listening to its slick sliding, then pinched the bloated head of his hard cock, grinning as the fresh pain took away his concentration and sent him sliding down onto the seat again.

His cock jerked upwards with his impalement and she ran her nails down its side to listen to him cry out. Leaving red lines along the shaft she then went to his balls, cupping and squeezing them as he raised himself again. The knee restraints stopped him from raising any further, and she twisted and pulled his nipples again, laughing as he cried out and then descended hard onto the seat again.

"That's my boy," Jasmine murmured, stroking with one hand, pinching and pulling at his tender nipples or his balls with the other.

So she controlled his excitement, matching it with pain until she felt he had endured enough. Then she let him rise one more time and then descend in his own time, the deep slide of the thick phallus bringing him on and causing the first spurt of seed to shoot out before him.


Jasmine wiped the seat where Robert had spurted seed, just missing the cupped palm she had held out to capture his warm liquid. She glanced at the clock and quickly cleaned the room before hurrying down the corridor and up the stairs to the family's quarters.

Hoping fervently that her father would be there, she knocked on his office door and sighed with relief when his deep bass voice invited her to enter.

"That time already?" he asked as he saw her enter. He consulted his watch, teasing her as she came to stand beside his desk, her hands working together urgently.

"Please daddy," she whimpered, hoping from foot to foot and keeping herself from pressing her legs together, knowing it would only pain her if she tried.

"Let's have a look then," he grinned, closing the journal he was updating and swivelling round in his leather chair to watch her in more comfort.

Breathless with eager anticipation, Jasmine undid the hooks and eyes that fastened her nurse's uniform draping it over a nearby chair, the feel of her father's eyes on her skin raising goose bumps along her arms. Left with just the special undergarments on, she turned back to her father, spreading her thighs the way he wanted when carrying out his examinations.

Straight away his fingers went between her delicious thighs, stroking the narrow leather that protected her cunt from her fingers, feeling for any crease that would have spoken of her trying to bend the gusset aside.

"Seems alright. Turn around now dear," he urged.

Jasmine obeyed, leaning forward slightly with her cheeks glowing as she presented her father with her bottom, the hard leather pressing tightly into her anal crease making it impossible to edge even so much as a finger into her anus.

Samuel parted her bottom to better inspect it, and having ascertained that she had been a good girl, broke the seal he had put on her that morning, allowing her to remove it.

Her freshly plucked and bald pubis met his gaze, firm labia meeting each other with the hint of her clitoris hood lying within, waiting to be touched and brought erect. He gently drew her firm labia aside for a better look, and smiled when Jasmine's breath caught and her loins shook.

"Alright," he told her. "You may use the bowl," he offered, pointing to where it sat on the floor under the window.

Jasmine smiled through her blush and went to it, bending with her back to her father so he could admire her bottom while she bent to pick up the old porcelain bowl. She then faced him, her ears burning with her ever-present embarrassment as she spread her thighs and put the bowl between her spread thighs.

For a moment nothing appeared to happen.

Then her urine slowly dribbled from between her labia, the dribble becoming a light flow, then a full rush as she thankfully released her full bladder. She sighed, grateful for the release and silently suffered her father's close scrutiny as he admired the arc of bright water from her pursed lips.

As his daughter's urine flow ebbed, Samuel stood up and pushed the armchair forward. He waited patiently for Jasmine to wipe herself dry, and then step across to straddle herself on it before pulling the back down.

Jasmine, growing more and more excited as the moment of her release grew near, lifted her long thighs and rested them over each of the armrests, wriggling down until her bottom was perched on the edge, so both her cunt and anus were perfectly placed for any examination her father wished to make of her.

Samuel smiled at her eagerness and wondered how many young patients she'd had to punish that morning. Punishing them always seemed to make her more excited than normal, he had observed.

Seated on a stool, Samuel drew his finger down the meeting of her labia and nodded as her wetness coated his finger with its slippery oiliness, labia parting easily as her body yearned for entry.

"Mm, I think we'll need some extra help," he smiled.

A cupboard was opened and Jasmine's heart pounded loudly in her chest as she waited to see what object her father would use on her. A groan escaped her as she saw the large beads he then lifted, six in a row, each connected to the other on a length of string, each separated from the next by knots that kept them an even inch apart.

"Thighs right up," Samuel urged.

Jasmine knew what was coming and shuffled into a better position, levering her thighs above her and reaching down to either side of herself to take hold of her bottom cheeks to help keep them for her father.

The first large bead was pressed against her anus and pushed inwards. Panting, Jasmine urged herself to relax, yet still gasping when it eased passed her relaxed anal ring to stand at the entrance to her colon, holding her apart.

However often she was used thus, she never got used to the stretch of her back passage, how the cold ball was pushed up against her, then slowly inserted, each subsequent ball pushing the previous ones deeper and deeper into her bottom. It ached and it sometimes hurt, and yet it excited too and she stared at the ceiling as she felt her father push the third into her, his finger pushing it well past her sphincter.

Panting, she whimpered as she tried accommodating the unyielding balls in her colon, yet another one pressing inward, forcing the previous ever deeper, ever higher into her bowels.

"Daddy," she whimpered, hoping in vein that he'd stop. He never had, and he didn't on this occasion, choosing to chuckle instead as the penultimate ball was pushed inwards.

"Daddy!" she crooned, fighting the urge to expel them.

"One more," he murmured, pushing it to her half-dilated anus, easing it in to join the others, his finger burying it deep so only the string trailed from her closing anus.

Jasmine tossed her hips, the weight and breadth of the six beads uncomfortable in her bottom. Experience told her it wouldn't irritate for long, but for the moments it took her father to prepare, it made her roll her hips and squirm with discomfort.

Then his fingers were touching her, smoothing her labia and testing their firmness. Fingernails ran down each outer lip leaving a ghostly sensation of their passage before thumbs plucked her apart and then exposed the mouth of her vagina to the air in the room.

Jasmine's breath quickened with the thought of what her father was seeing. Her body was no secret to her father, nor would ever be. Whatever time of month, whatever her mood, his demands were met without any question or hesitation.

She gasped; jerking slightly as her labia was taken between finger and thumb and squeezed. A finger found her urethra and pressed upon it, shooting beams of darting delight deep into her crotch.

It had begun, and Jasmine gripped her knees as her father played her body like an orchestra.

He directed the speed with which she climbed the barrier of her pleasure, and used various bits of the complex anatomy between her thighs to bring expression to her, one moment touching her vagina, the next her clitoris, his touches sometimes soft and caressing, at other times harsh and demanding.

Jasmine flowed with her father's caresses, loosing track of time and forgetting all about the hard balls nestling in her colon as artful touches brought her closer and closer to the release she craved.

She came to the pinnacle of her pleasure, her body shining with perspiration as she hovered between one world and the next, every inch of her taut with the expectation of a violent orgasm waiting just a moment away from her.

She quivered with the need, poised on the edge, every nerve screaming for the release she craved. It came, suddenly there, suddenly in her, over her, throughout her.

And in the midst of her powerful release, her father took the cord hanging from her clenched anus and pulled. Each ball pulling her apart, Jasmine felt the waves of her multiple orgasm wash through her, rising and falling, swelling and deflating, moving her from one brief moment of calm to the tumult of passion, until, nothing left, she slumped exhausted and breathless onto the chair.

"Good girl," Samuel remarked.

He checked his watch and nodded his satisfaction, concluding that he would have to make a note in his journal that Jasmine needed to come to him directly after punishing the patients, if orgasms of the same frequency and strength were to be continued.
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