Victoria had the body she had always dreamed of, now it was time to use it.
Her stomach looked, easily, eight months pregnant and Victoria could sense something important was happening inside of her stomach. She continued to rub her swollen belly, while contemplating whom she should fuck next. She could get fucked and feed whatever was inside of her, or she could fuck some girls and pass the seed on. What a decision! As she continued to ponder her query, Victoria’s fingers slowly worked their way down her swollen stomach and found her pussy. She didn’t realize how wet she had gotten from staring at her own body and her swollen stomach. Her index finger slid into her hot and wet pussy with ease. Her whole body shivered and it was as if somebody had just placed her in a furnace. Her whole body was on fire, but when she brought the finger up to her mouth and tasted her own juices her knees wobbled and her hand quickly found her snatch again. Before she knew it, she was pumping three fingers furiously into her pussy and was on the floor with her legs spread wide. Oh, how she yearned for the touch of the tentacles already, and it had only been 20 minutes! She was working up a storm trying to climax, rubbing her clit, fingering her pussy, and kneading her swollen tits. She was so close, but unable to push herself over the edge. Her fingers were working like mad on her pussy. Victoria could smell her sex in the air and the noises her fingers and pussy were making were unbelievably hot. However, it wasn’t until her fingers found and penetrated her ass that she finally cleared that hurdle. Her hips shot up into the air, impaling her fingers even further into her, and her whole back arched until only her neck and head were still on the bathmat. Throughout the amazing climax Victoria kept attacking her pussy and only relented when her shoulder began to cramp.

Finally, Victoria was able to drag herself off the floor, away from the mirror and into her room to get ready. She toweled off, dried her hair, and cleaned up the bathroom, but when she went to get dressed Victoria realized that she didn’t have any clothes that would fit her pregnant frame. With no other options, she put on the g-string from the day before, the skimpy bra and an oversized t-shirt, which barely fit over her swollen stomach. Despite not having pants on and half her ass hanging out, she headed downstairs for some breakfast. When she entered the kitchen nobody took a second look at her enormous belly, but her Mom was surprised that she was dressed so inappropriately,

“Victoria!! Where are your pants??” She asked.

“Oh…I—uh—none of them fit! I woke up this morning and none of them were the right size.” Victoria replied.

“Well, I’m not surprised. I swear your belly doubled in size last night! You look like you might burst at any moment. Let me go take a shower and then we’ll go to the mall and get you some new clothes and maybe some clothes for after the pregnancy!”

“Sure thing, Mom. Sounds great! I just need some breakfast and then I’ll borrow a pair of Dad’s sweats.” Victoria said, as her Mom turned to leave to take a shower.

Up until this moment, Victoria had never noticed how nice an ass her Mom had. But, now that she really looked at it, it was fantastic. She could feel her pussy start to flow juices, as heat and lust raced through her body. By the time her Mom was out of sight Victoria’s panties had soaked completely, and were now totally see-through. She didn’t really care and she went over to the fridge to get some milk for her cereal. While she was bent over she took a quick glance at her father, who was ogling her firm ass and the tiny string of fabric that was covering it, and she noticed that her father was sporting an impressive tent in his pants. Victoria felt lust rush through her again and, without even thinking about it, she decided to test how strong her allure was (using the power given by the monster, of course). She went over to the silverware drawer and got out a spoon. With her back turned to her father, Victoria put the spoon in her mouth and ran her tongue all over it. When she was satisfied that it was covered she went over to the table. She plopped down next to her Dad and saw him glance at her huge, bouncing tits. Victoria knew that now was the perfect time. She looked down at her bowl and put on a dejected face and an unhappy noise.

“What’s wrong Victoria?” Her father asked, clearly concerned.

“Oh, it’s nothing Daddy. I just grabbed a spoon that I really don’t like. Ugh, now I have to get back up and get another!”

“Aww, well…here why don’t we swap spoons? I don’t mind that one at all and I’m happy to use it, will this one be okay for you?” He pulled his spoon out from his cereal bowl and showed it to Victoria, who then switched her act from pouting to super cheery.

“That one will work great, Daddy. Thank you, so much!” Before he could respond, she snatched the spoon from his hand and began to eat her cereal. Her father was all smiles as he grabbed her spoon and took a big bite of his cereal. It didn’t take long for Victoria to notice a change in her father. She watched as his eyes glazed over and he got a far away look. Victoria decided to try something bold, just to see if it had worked. She pretended to slip, just in case it hadn’t, and her hand landed directly on her father’s prominent tent. Nothing happened. Just as the monster had promised, her father was completely under her spell the second her saliva was in his system. He was putty in her hands. Victoria, now realizing that her father was under her command, was getting wetter by the second. She tried her first command.

“Stand up!”

Her father immediately obeyed and was on his feet.

“Take off your pants!” She ordered her father.

Once again, he complied without a second’s hesitation. Right there, at eye level, hung an impressive 9-inch cock. Victoria licked her lips and felt her nipples harden as electricity ran through her body. It was almost as if she was under the command of somebody else as she dropped to her knees in front of him and peeled off her t-shirt and bra, her swollen tits swinging free. The cool morning air felt good against her bare skin and sent a chill up her spine. Victoria could smell her Father’s cock and it drove her wild. She kissed and licked the tip of his cock and felt its fiery heat. She opened her mouth and let her mouth take the cock, inch by inch. The brisk air was a stark contrast to the hot, rigid member that she was now swallowing, bit by bit. She pulled the cock out of her mouth and spat and drooled over the cock to lube it up, before sucking it back down. Her father watched as his daughter sucked hungrily on his cock. On some level he knew what was going on, but right now he felt like he was trapped somewhere between dreaming and awake. All he really knew was that he never wanted the feeling to stop. Even in his semi-conscious state, he was amazed at what his daughter could do.

Victoria was also amazed at herself, as she watched inch after inch disappear into her mouth. She expected that at any moment her gag reflex would kick in, but it never did and before she knew it her nose was scrunched up against her father’s groin. She could feel the cock pulsing and filling up her mouth and throat. As she slid the long shaft out of her mouth, she brought a hand to her throat and could feel his cock moving up her throat. All nine inches of his cock finally left her mouth with a pop, but Victoria immediately swallowed the whole thing again. Once again she felt her throat expand around the large cock, but she didn’t gag. She also didn’t have any trouble breathing, her father’s cock was completely blocking her airways, but yet she kept breathing as if her throat were empty.

Once again, Victoria slowly drew the cock out of her mouth, before swallowing it all again. Her father, in his dazed state, picked up the idea and grabbed the back of her head and began to viciously fuck her throat. It didn’t take him long to unleash the biggest load of his life, the feeling of fucking his daughter’s throat was too intense. Victoria could feel each spasm of her father’s cock and his hot jizz splashing off the walls of her esophagus. The sensation was too much for her and she felt her orgasm rip through her body. Finally, both of them finished their orgasms and came back to reality. As her father withdrew his cock from her throat, both were amazed to see that his cock had grown another two inches and it had also gotten thicker. Victoria got horny again, just looking at the improved cock, but knew that they wouldn’t be able to get a fuck in before her mother got back down. So she commanded that her father collect his pants and to go into the laundry room, before anyone saw him.

Her father left the room without question and Victoria put her shirt back on, just before her Mom came back in. She had brought one of her bras with her, because she knew Victoria wouldn’t fit into anything else, and a pair of her Dad’s sweats. They got all of their stuff together and headed for the door,

“Oh, wait! Victoria, did you eat anything?”

“Oh, yeah, Mom. I had a huge breakfast, I’m completely stuffed!” Victoria answered.

She was very careful not to let any smile cross her face, but inside she was dying with laughter. Her Mom sensed something was up, but didn’t pursue it right now. They got in the car and made their way to the mall, on the way they talked about school and boys, the usual things. However, nothing about this situation was normal; in the past week, Victoria had changed her gender, had sex with a monster, was impregnated by that same monster, and had let her father—who was now under her control—fuck her throat. Of course, all of this was unbeknownst to her mother, who was also unaware that her daughter was eying her cleavage every chance she got; or that her daughter was hatching a plan to take control of her and fuck her too.

When they got out of the car and headed into the mall, Victoria hadn’t finalized her plan, but knew it was going to happen one way or another. Immediately out of the car, Victoria was turning heads, because, even with her severely pregnant belly, she was still a knock out. Her tits were spilling over the top of the bra her Mom had given her, and the t-shirt clung to her big belly and tits. That, coupled with her gorgeous face, made her hard to resist staring at for any guy. She even noticed a lot of girls watching her walk by, either amazed that she was so pregnant or jealous that she was turning so many heads. Victoria and her Mom went to several stores and picked up multiple sets of maternity clothes, all of which looked very good on Victoria. By this point, Victoria had gotten pretty sick of walking around in her father’s sweatpants and asked,

“Mom, can we go into a bathroom so I can change?”

“Sure thing, sweetie.” She answered, “There is a bathroom right up there, we’ll go in there, okay?”

Victoria nodded her agreement and they made their way down the long hallway to the bathroom. Once in a stall, Victoria started to change and was down to her thong and bra, when she felt something squirm in her belly. Whatever it was, it seemed to do a flip and then settle back down. However, that was more than enough to get Victoria’s juices really flowing and, with all the lust coursing through her now, she would need a release soon. But how? She thought about picking up a random dude or two, but that would be too complicated with her Mom around. Her Mom, of course! The monster told her that she could have a cock when she wanted to. Now it was just a matter of trying to get her cock to appear. Victoria plopped down on the toilet and closed her eyes. She imagined a cock growing out from just above her pussy, growing and growing. When Victoria opened her eyes, she was astonished to see that her cock had, in fact, reappeared. It was also several inches bigger than it had been before.

Immediately, Victoria hatched a plan to get into her Mom. She willed the cock away and got as close to the door as she could and asked her Mom to come into the stall. When her Mom entered, Victoria closed, locked and blocked the door. Her Mom realizing what Victoria just did, also took notice that Victoria was only in her thong and bra, and began to try and get out. But Victoria quickly grabbed her Mom’s hand and licked the palm. She watched, astonished, as the skin immediately absorbed the saliva. Like before, Victoria watched her Mom’s eyes glaze and her defense melt away. This time, Victoria knew what she could do.

“Sit down and take your shirt off!”

Her Mom did as she was told and sat on the toilet and promptly removed her shirt. Her tits still looked amazing at 42 years old and there was no hint of any flabbiness on her stomach. She looked as tight as an 18 year old. Victoria pulled her thong off to the side and willed her cock to return. If her Mom weren’t under her control than she would’ve been amazed as a 10-inch cock grew from her daughter’s clit. However, she was under Victoria’s control and her only reaction was to become insanely aroused. Her nipples became stiff, her pussy was wet, her breathing ragged, and her body temperature had soared. When Victoria saw her Mom lick her lips, her arousal soared even higher. Victoria pushed her cock up against her Mother’s mouth and traced the outline of her luscious, thick lips. After doing a couple of laps around her lips, Victoria pushed forward and plunged the first 3 inches into her Mom’s waiting mouth. It felt unbelievable; the heat mixed with wetness and the feel of her Mother’s tongue on her cock was mind blowing for Victoria. She pulled out an inch or two and then pushed another 3 inches in. This kept going for a while, Victoria had only put six inches into her Mom’s mouth and every time she thought she was going to cum, but something was holding her back. Reluctantly, Victoria pulled her cock out of her Mom’s mouth.

“Stand up and bend over the toilet!” Victoria ordered her Mom.

Her Mom assumed the position and stuck her ass out nicely. Victoria pulled her Mother’s pants down just past her ass and marveled at the beauty of this fine ass. It still looked as firm as her tits and both her pussy and ass were completely shaven clean. Surprisingly, after having 5 kids (only two still at home) her pussy still looked incredibly tight. Victoria dropped to her knees and took a long lick from her Mom’s clit all the way up to her asshole. She tasted amazing, almost as good as Victoria did. Victoria stood back up and positioned her cock towards her Mom’s pussy. She stroked up and down a few times, making sure it got really wet, and while doing so her Mom tried desperately to get her Daughter’s cock inside of her. After a few more moments of teasing Victoria obliged and slowly pushed into her Mom’s hot, wet pussy.

It was very slow going, her Mom was still impressively tight, but eventually Victoria got the first couple of inches in. She withdrew until only the tip was in and then pushed back in, slowly getting another two inches in. At this point Victoria’s Mom was in heaven, but Victoria was only about halfway done. Victoria pulled out and plunged in a couple more times. Finally, with one final thrust she got the final two inches in and, subsequently, pushed her mother over the edge. The grip on Victoria’s cock was almost unpleasantly tight, but the sight of her Mother’s climax spasms was more than enough to override any pressure from the vice-like grip. When her Mom finally came down from her orgasm, Victoria went to work. She started slow, but quickly picked up the pace, until her cock was almost a blur going in and out of her Mom’s snatch. Victoria took one hand off her Mom’s hips and pushed a finger into her Mom’s anus, which was enough to send her Mother over the edge again. Which, in turn, put Victoria over the edge. She slammed deep into her Mom’s pussy one last time before unleashing a flood of cum inside of her. Her Mother could feel the hot cum splashing off of her cervix’ walls and it was enough to give her a third orgasm. When the flow of jizz finally stopped Victoria withdrew her cock, now even bigger than it was before, and made it disappear. Amazingly, there was no mess when the cock disappeared and her Mom’s pussy was shut tight so no cum was leaking out.

“Get dressed!” Victoria ordered, doing her best not to look at her Mom, in case she get hot again. Her Mom fished through one of the bags and pulled out a skimpy little sundress and pulled it over her body. She didn’t bother to put any underwear or a bra back on and that was fine by Victoria. Who had put on a maternity dress and hadn’t bothered with underwear either. Victoria opened the stall door and followed her Mom out of the bathroom and out of the mall, all the while turning almost every head. Victoria decided to drive home, out of fear that her Mother might not be fit to drive anymore.

When Victoria pulled into the driveway she saw her little sister in the driveway, looking severely pissed off.

“You guys went to the mall and didn’t invite me!! How could you?” She shrieked over and over.

“Listen, Crystal, it was an emergency. Look how big Victoria has gotten, she needed new clothes and she needed them immediately.” Despite being under Victoria’s command, her Mom handled the situation as if she was her normal self.

Regardless, Crystal didn’t find the excuse good enough and stomped away. Victoria just shrugged it off and went inside. She found that her Father had carried on with his normal Saturday chores as if nothing had changed. Victoria was very pleased that she wouldn’t have to be directing everybody all the time, that if she just left them alone they’d do what they were supposed to do. Speaking of duties, Victoria remembered that she had a daily duty; she had to feed her offspring. She waited until Crystal was out of earshot.

“Daddy, go up to my room and get naked!” She ordered.

He put his socket wrench down on the counter and went the opposite direction, towards Victoria’s room. Victoria was already get wet thinking about her Dad’s long pole sliding in and out of her pussy and she followed him a few moments later. On the way, however, she literally bumped into her sister and knocked her flat on her ass.

“Oh, sorry, Crystal. I didn’t see you.” Victoria said, genuinely sorry.

“It’s fine, Victoria.” Crystal responded, pulling herself up into a sitting position. “O-oh my gosh, Victoria you’ve got fluid running down your legs! Did your water break?”

Victoria knew what it was but she played along anyway.

“Really? I can’t tell, could you get closer and tell me?”

“What? Are you serious? You know where that is coming from right?”

“Of course I know where it is coming from. But I can’t see it, now can I? Can you just help me out Crystal? Maybe put a little of it on your fingers and show it to me?”

Crystal made a disgusted noise, but knew that she had to help out; she wouldn’t want Victoria to have this to hold over her head for the rest of her life. She scooped a little off Victoria’s thigh and brought it up for Victoria to see. As soon as Crystal was to her feet, Victoria could see had already changed and checked just to be certain.

“Crystal, lick my wetness of your fingers!” Victoria ordered and watched as Crystal licked her sex juices off of her fingers.

“Good work, Crystal. Now follow me into my room.”


2014-09-04 21:36:34
"Victoria's (nee Victor) Secret 2:" - Victoria (nee Victor), Unnamed Mom and Unnamed Dad and Crystal - (Seventeen Year Old Female [nee Male], Forty-two Year Old Mother and Forties-something Father and Younger Teen Sister).

What a load of thrills, spills, orgasms galore and ton's of Victoria's displays of foreplay, including consummating pregnancy with her forty-two year old mother, bidding her father to fuck her mouth/throat with his nine-inch cock (in which his cock grows another two-inches during her blowjob of him) while he's pumping large loads of cum into her very pregnant belly!! And, now just as this chapter ends, Victoria has taken her younger teen sister Crystal under her total sexual control and bidding!!! Awesome! Fantastic! Exotic! Stupendous and Marvelous!!!


2014-03-16 14:48:10
"Victoria's Secret 2: Seduction" - Victoria, nee Victor

So far, so good. Victor's transition to Victoria is successful so far, as she has fucked her mother dropping a huge cum load in her 42 year old cunt (my hope is that Victoria, with her new "dual-operation equipment" for both male and female genetalia) has gotten her mother pregnant!!

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