Turns out better then expected.
Oh where to begin. I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Brian. You could say that I'm your average 14 year old boy, I like video games, football, baseball, and just having fun. I'm not one of those shy guys, but I don't go out of my way to impress the girls. I'm 6' flat and 160 lbs with -1% body fat.. impossible I know, but if I had an ounce of fat in my body, I'm not aware of it. I'm not a large guy but I'm built solid, like an athlete. One weekend, just like all the rest, I called up my cousins to see what they wanted to do:

"Hello?" my Aunt Shara had answered the phone. There seems to be a ton of people talking in the background, and a whole lot of giggling.

"Hey Aunt Sara is Billy there?" I asked casually.

"Oh hold on a second" I hear the phone placed down on the counter but I could still hear her call out "Billy!, Billy, Brian's on the phone" the laughter in the background I could now tell where it was coming from, I had remembered that Billy's sister Samantha had her birthday sleepover this weekend, so no doubt there's a ton of 14-15 year old girls running around screaming their heads off. "He'll be down in a moment" she assured me.

Now Samantha was my cousin, so I try not to think of her in a sexual way, but as far as freshmen go, she is among the best. She hangs out with only the most popular people in the school. Her, Brittany, Katie, Krystal, and Tabitha make up the Bitch Squad. Any of those girls you remember from school that look down on everyone else you can just copy and paste their features here. Jocks flock around them like seagulls trying to get at your food.

On the weekends I usually go sleep over my cousins house or they come and sleep over at mine. "Hello?" Billy had picked up the phone.

"Hey Bill, what's going on?" I asked, knowing I was in for a treat.

"Hold on let me get out of the kitchen" I could hear the voices of the girls drone away as Billy walked up to his room. "You know the squad?"

"Yeah." I let out dieing of anticipation.

"Well they are all over at the house, for the whooole night"

"AAAAHH, MAN. You know what? I think we should hang at your house for the weekend."

"Ya think!? Well anyway get your ass over here A.S.A.P, the squads been talking about the pool"

"You don't have to tell me twice! See ya ina sec!"

Fumbling around my room putting to gather my best outfit and making sure my hair was nice, lasted all about 2 minutes before I ran down to the garage and hopped on my bike.

I pulled up the driveway and headed around back where I found Bill and Todd, Bill’s younger brother of 12 throwing the football around. Bill’s pass was overthrown, but I ran up and caught it. This is when I heard them “Ya Brian!” Samantha yelled out. I turned around, I was unaware that they where out back already. Sitting by the pool and floating in tubes was my own personal bikini wearing cheering section. Me Bill and Todd went over to sit by the fire pit.

“So Todd, think you’re going to get lucky tonight?” I said jokingly

“Shut up” Todd punched me in the arm

“Hey Brian, you see those cups they’re all holding?” Bill exclaimed


“One of the girls brought a little something ‘extra’ to the party” Bill made a motion of drinking from a bottle.

“Eh, explains why they’re so giggly. Think we can grab some?”

“Samantha said she would kill me if we took any, anyway we don’t need any, right?” Said Bill, pretending he had a noose around his neck

“God it’s getting hot, I wish they weren’t swimming so we could” Todd said.

Me and Bill started laughing as we both punched his arms and started to walk in to get changed. Me and Bill met in the kitchen waiting for Todd to finish up.

“Boy if I knew Katie was going to be here I would have had my hair cut” said Bill looking out the back window, running his hand threw his hair.

“It looks fine man, don’t worry about it. By the way I don’t think she’ll be looking at your hair.” I told him.

“Good thing we chose to hit the gym last year, I hated being skinny” Bill said flexing in the mirror behind the fine china.

“I think we both did, too bad about Todd” I said.

“Too bad about Todd, what?” Todd walked in. His trunks looked two sizes too big and all scrunched around his waist.

“Oh nothing” I said trying not to break out laughing.

We opened the sliding door to walk out to the pool area, and Bill ran right in and did a cannon ball right next to Samantha and Brittney.

“ Brian!” Samantha screamed as she lunged to land a punch but tipped out of her tube instead, now fully soaked she got up. I thought she was going to be in a fit of rage, but she just started laughing uncontrollably.

Todd chose to dive in and start talking to Tabitha, the youngest member of the squad, she had just turned 13 a month ago.

I took off my shirt and threw it on one of the chairs, and I swear out of the corner of my eye I saw Krystal mouth to Katie “Oh-my-gawd.” I instantly had a half a chubby, so I decided to jump strait in the pool doing a front flip into a dive.. I did not know what came over me, I just wanted to show off for the first time in my life. Knowing that Krystal was attracted to me started my veins pumping pure adrenaline.

Me and Bill started to pass around a ball when Krystal and Katie jumped in and wanted to play keep away. Katie was covering Bill, and I had Krystal. After a few throws I threw it too short on purpose, I wanted them to have it. Krystal started getting pretty physical, so I said hell, on one of the rustles for the ball I grabbed her ass under water. Instead of seeing a huge reaction , she started to blush. Katie threw the ball just on my side of the pool and I lunged for it when Krystal tackled me, and we wrestled for a little bit under water when she grabbed my face and kissed me. Swirling under the water with her was like heaven. I started to move my hand toward her breast but she grabbed it. We both emerged and she said “later, cowboy” biting her lower lip, I was about to cum right there. I didn’t know when later would be but I knew tonight was going to be a blast.

We kept up a constant chatter about things, people in school, previous relationships, and the girls made me Todd and Bill do contests in the pool, jumping over things and what not, it was all a load of fun.

After a great time by the pool we went over to the camp fire since the sun was going down. Katie sat by Bill, Tabitha by Todd, and Krystal sat by me. Brittney and Samantha kind of filled in the gaps. And just when we thought we had the night all planned out, here came the half the football team, all of them 16-18, they came to crash the party. One of the boys was my sisters boyfriend Jerry, he was always cool with me when he was over here by himself but I could tell tonight he was going to hold his buddies over me. Each one of them sat down next to one of the girls. Putting their arms around them. This really ticked off me Todd and Billy, but to our surprise the girls didn’t seem to like it either.

“So what about a game of truth or dare?” says Samantha

“Oh, what an i-d-aaa” said Brittney glancing around the campfire.

“Oh come-on, that’s a girls game” Jerry exclaims, all his jock friends readily agreeing, trying to be the center of attention as usual

“Only if you’re a chicken” I said, Jerry throwing me a “hahaha” smirk

“What about you Bill, are you chicken?” Brittney asked

“Not at all” he replied

We started to play truth or dare. “So Billy, truth or dare” Said Brittney giving a large smile at Katie who found her seat conveniently next to Bill.

“Dare me” says bill confidently

“give Katie a kiss” Bill’s ears turned red, and looked down for a second, I was thinking ‘oh no’, then to my surprise he looked right into Katie’s eyes, and Katie took Frank’s arm off her shoulder and scooted closer, and Bill went in for the kill.

The kiss seemed perfect, but Frank pulled Katie back by the arm which she yanked back out of his grip. Frank stormed off taking swigs of his beer as he stomped away to take a piss. “What a creep” whispered Krystal in my ear.

Samantha broke the silence with “Hey guys it’s been a long time, but who wants to play some hide-n-seek!?” Of course the Jocks but Jerry said no, they’d rather sit around the fire joking about each others dicks in a very “manly” way, but everyone else seemed game. Todd was chosen to count, so I took off and hid behind the third pile of firewood, the far side of the fire, well away from any light source. I waited for a bit, and I didn’t see anyone for about 5 minuets, then the bushes in front of me started to shake a little and made a ruffling noise. “Shhh, don’t get too loud” I said, then I heard an “ow!” it was obviously a girl.

“Well hey I guess your not Todd, but stay low.” I said.

“Where you hoping for Todd? Huh Cowboy?” My dick twitched the way she said the word.

“Krystal?” I said in a whisper.

She crawled forward putting her finger to my lips. “Now, now let’s not get too loud.” Pushing my back against the pile of wood she straddled my legs. She began to move her hands under my shirt and leaned forward and seductively whispered in my ear “sooo Brian, truuth or daree.”
“Truth” I gulped out, exploring her perfectly round ass with both my hands under her tight pink shorts.

“Would you ever hurt me?” she let out between nibbling my ear and moaning.

“Only if you asked me too” I said.

She let out a little giggle and said “Perfect” and put bother her arms over her head as I slid off her top. Throwing her shirt off to the side she undid the back of her bikini and pulled up the front and placed the string between the cups in her mouth. Pulling my head forward with her hands I started to lick and suck her perfectly developed breasts. Cupping her breast with my right hand I had to use my left to support my back from the uncomfortable stack of logs jabbing into my back. Flicking her nipple with my tongue really set her off moaning.

“What was that?” I could over hear frank saying by the campfire. I could hear Brittney a short distance away giggling.

Holding my head to her chest, Krystal looked over her should and said “come join us.” And emerging from the same bush was Brittney, her shorts and bikini already off. “Oh damn, Brian, look, we need to catch up” she said and we both stood up and tore off the rest of our cloths. Both girls laid down next to me, I couldn’t tell whose tongue was whose. Brittney lowered herself down and started playing with my prick as Krystal moved up and straddled my face. The smell of her moist juices was so inviting I dove strait in and begun to tongue fucked her. Flicking her clit with my tongue made her shove her pussy strait down, forcing me to hit my head on a few twigs, but at this point I could care less.

I could hear Brittney over Krystals moaning, “Oh, you need to see this.” Krystal moved off to the side to slide down by Brittney. “Oh my God” Krystal gasped, sliding my member right into her mouth. Licking my shaft from balls to tip, she was a bit rough. “Bigger then the banana we practiced on, huh?” giggled Brittney. Krystal looked up still sucking with a quick nodding motion. It was all too much, right when she pulled off my dick I shot my cum right on her face, I felt like apologizing, but she sucked all the remaining shots right down her throat.

Brittney looked down and said “are you a virgin?”

“Ah, no I’ve done it plenty of..” my voice trailed off as I looked at the revelation that came over their faces. “I mean I’ve never really tried to..”

“That’s great Brian!” said Brittney, “So is Krystal!”

“Shhh!” Krystal looked as though she was going to hit Brittney in the face.

“Is it true?” I said looking directly into Krystal’s eyes.

She forced a smile, and nodded.

I sat up and helped Krystal lay on her back. I slowly moved forward and pressed my lips to hers. Her hips buckled up, asking me to pleasure her like no one else before me. I broke the kiss, “Hold on, I don’t want to take you if your..”

“If I’m what?” said Krystal.

“Drunk?” Brittney included. “We’ve been drinking water all night, it’s a game we were playing on you guys.”

“You sure you’re ok with this?” I asked Krystal. She nodded. I begun to rub her slit with the tip of my prick, each pass pressing harder and harder. After teasing her for a bit I begun to penetrate her slowly, her face started to squinch. I could feel the tip of my prick rubbing against her needy wall. She let out a “hold on” looked up and said “just do it.” With that I went almost balls deep. Her nails dug into my back as I felt the warm and incredibly smooth insides of the girl I’ve been lusting after for the past two years. After a little bit I got the nod to continue, and slowly rocked in and out of her. I continued to fuck her faster and faster, rubbing her clit with my right thumb.

At this point the people around the fire had begun talking about the sounds coming out, and Frank and Ted (my uncle) where coming to investigate.

“Shit, you guy’s have fun, I’ll go distract them.” Brittney said sliding her shorts back on.

Here I was, a 14 year old boy fucking the shit out of the girl of my dreams and about to be caught; I was in complete ecstasy.

Krystal’s moaning grew more and more high pitched with each sensuous thrust. “Ohhh, *gasp* Brian.. *gasp* I’m.. *gasp* cummming!” Krystal bellowed out with quick gasps.

“Ahhh, so.. *thrust* am..*thrust* I!..” With a deep sensuous kiss I unloaded a load of cum into the belly of Krystal who held me tight up against her. I could feel our juices mixing between us.

We laid there for a while, until Brittney got the jocks and Sam’s dad to follow her into the house. We got up, and dressed and began to walk back to the house; my arm around her shoulder. “So how was it?” I asked.

“It kinda hurt for a little, but, well, you know the rest.” She looked up unto my eyes and kissed me as we walked up to the fire. Todd, Tabitha, Brian, Katie, where waiting for us, But we saw Sam and Jerry walking up as well.

“What a game” Todd said, looking into the fire, we all started laughing. I looked down at Krystal’s leg and saw a little stream of liquid flowing from her tiny pink shorts. Krystal put her hand on mine, looked into my eyes and bit her lower lip. “Yeah, it was” she whispered into my ear.

This summer was going to be amazing. I guess the squad is going to be needing a new name.

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2009-09-17 23:32:22
Larry it did say it is much bigger than that banana we practiced on.


2009-08-21 02:52:41
This story had great potential, but unfortunately failed to life up to itr. Insufficient detail, lacked good descriptions of feelings, and actually was unbelievable since the girl was supposed to be a virgin, but there was no explanation as to what happened to her hymen. The boy penetrated too easily, especially for his first time.Overall, the story sorely lacked heat which is the ultimate purpose of erotica.

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Ooh man all of my birthday parties were known for this. We ALWAYS played hide'n'seek and EVERYONE knew what it entailed. :D Good times.

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good story! please check it's good


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Great story, I might play hide n seek pretty soon

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