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Janet's descent into interracial sex continues...
Janet Continues Her Exploration Part V

I realized my wife found what she’d been searching for and our relationship changed forever that night. We’d asked for it when we began looking for other men to have sex with Janet. After Roger introduced Janet to his huge penis it would have been na? for me to think she wouldn’t want more after their first night together. We’d stopped at Cool River, a nightclub, near our home and had run into him there. Although it was already after twelve in the morning, Janet invited him over to our house and he followed us home.

We’d met Roger at Sans Souci several years earlier when we we’d been regular members and had gone to the clubs every Friday and Saturday night. He’d been involved with Fran, a fourth grade teacher who was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys, and a close friend of Janet’s. Fran was Italian and she had dark hair and brown eyes and a pair of tits that wouldn’t stop. They seemed like they were always falling out of her cocktail dresses. No wonder she was a cheerleader for the Cowboys. We didn’t know much about Roger at the time but he was attractive and seemed to be into Fran. We didn’t follow them that closely and we were unaware that they had broken up because Roger had wanted to share her with some of his black friends.

Physically, Roger’s powerfully built, he’d played fullback in college. He’s my height, but he weighs about two hundred pounds. He has spent a lot of time in the weight room and his body shows it. He has a massive chest, a narrow waist and seventeen-inch arms. I’ve worked out all my life and while I’m muscular and have a lot of definition, I struggle to weigh a hundred and sixty pounds. I don’t have any hair on my chest, back or shoulders and my physique’s almost lean compared to Roger’s heavily muscled body that’s like a coiled spring. His physique isn’t the only one area where he’s superior to me. His penis is enormous compared to my seven and a half inches, which my sweet wife Janet thought was ‘perfect’ when we first married. His uncircumcised penis is ten and a half inches long and seven and a half inches around.

My sexy wife Janet is 5’6” tall and she has long brownish blond hair. Her measurements are 34D/25/37 and she’s very athletic; she runs every night and spends a lot of time at the gym and it shows. She weighs a hundred and twenty pounds and she doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her body. She fills out her cups and she has silver dollar sized aureoles with long thick nipples. She loves for them to be sucked, by either a man or a woman, as they are extremely sensitive and guys are always drooling over them since she never wears a bra. She only dated a couple of guys on a serious level growing up, but since we we’d married and joined two off premise swinger’s clubs she’s been involved with a number of guys. Most of her adventures have amounted to an adult form of spin the bottle, oral sex and heavy petting, but three other guys have gotten to her. When she was in high school she masturbated every night in the bathtub even on those nights when her boyfriend ate her sweet tasting pussy out and she’s sucked cock since she was in the eighth grade. She told me once she’d rather suck cock than eat and she’s always been a ‘swallower’. She had dermabrasion treatments several years ago because she grew tired of shaving her pussy and today it’s as smooth as a cat’s ass. Her face is open and inviting and her lips are full, almost pouting, which gives her a very sensuous look. She has green eyes, straight white teeth and she always has a flirtascious smile on her face.

I was downstairs in the kitchen making everyone a drink while she took him on a tour of our house. They were upstairs in out master bedroom when he took her into his arms and kissed her. Janet loves to kiss and complains that I don’t kiss her enough. She was taken by surprise when Roger had kissed her, but she smiled at him and put her arms around his neck and returned his kiss. They kissed once more and this time his tongue entered her open mouth and their kisses became passionate. When I came upstairs with their drinks Janet’s tongue was in Roger’s mouth and he was sucking on it. My wife was turned on as she rubbed her body against him. I sat their drinks down and quietly sat down in a chair near the bottom of our bed. They made out for some time completely oblivious to my presence. Finally, Janet had undressed Roger and then he undressed her. Actually, all he did was help her out of her black cocktail dress and she was naked. They continued kissing but now my wife was on top of him straddling him as his hands squeezed her firm ass and his fingers wondered closer and closer to her dew covered lips. His huge penis was in her hands as she stroked it and fondled his golf ball sized testicles before she took him into her mouth. He turned her around on top of him and began to lick her pussy while she sucked his oversized dick. I have to hand it to Roger; he’s got fantastic control or stamina because my wife is a fantastic cocksucker, but she couldn’t make him come. His hands were on her ass and he pulled it apart as his tongue licked her anus before he began teasing her clit.

I took my clothes off and began stoking my own seven and a half inch penis while I watched Roger make my wife climax eight times in the next fifteen minutes on his big thick tongue. He had her on the ropes and then I remembered what I’d heard about black cock power, ‘there was no cure, only relief’. Janet finally broke loose and turned around to face Roger as she lowered her breasts to his cock and placed it between them as her hands pushed them together. She titty fucked him while sucking the head of his penis into her mouth and I wondered where she’d learned to do that. Finally he pulled her up on top of him and the head of his monstrous black cock found her dripping slit on its own and he began to enter tight pussy. In a few minutes he was buried balls deep inside her and she was going crazy as he squeezed her ass and pulled her tightly against his coarse pubic hair. Janet exploded almost immediately as she experienced her first orgasm on a big black cock. He made her climax all night long on his oversized penis and I had jacked off five times watching them.

It was later we learned that Roger was an angry black man who’d grown up believing that he was entitled to special considerations. He felt he’d been the victim of the white man and that he’d suffered racial injustices and inequities. He didn’t like white people although he’d refused to discuss this openly and he was determined to have his revenge. He had decided that he wanted to own a young married couple. He wanted to humiliate and humble the husband making him watch him while he fucked his wife and turned her into a slut for black cock. He wanted to teach my wife, Janet, to crave big black cock as he corrupted her until she became his black cock whore. He told me that he would corrupt and degrade her as he shared her with his friends, associates and even total strangers.

After that evening there was no going back. Roger had satisfied Janet in ways that I will never be able to and we both knew it. I walked Roger to his car and invited him back and the rest is history. My wife and I surrendered our sexual identities, relationship, everything to Roger within several weeks. Roger’s attitude toward me is what it is. He ignores me except when he’s humiliating and denigrating me in front of my wife. He acts as if I am not even there and he talks to me as if I were a child. His interest in Janet is physical and psychological; he enjoys abusing her sexually while telling her that she was born to pleasure black men and she will only be truly happy when she does. Now, she becomes turned on when he treats her in this manner. He acknowledges my presence when he wants to humiliate me and what’s crazy about that is I enjoy it when he makes me look like a fool in front of my wife.

Janet grew up in a home that was lower middle class and her father was a bigot. He always made jokes about black men and when we married she was very prejudiced. Her response to this cultural taboo has been enthralling. She began to show an interest in black men following her encounter with Kevin and she became more and more interested in black guys whenever she had the opportunity. She’d flirted with several black men at Sans Souci and several black guys danced with her and they’d made out with her while dancing with her. I don’t think she was aware that I’d seen her dancing with three different black men and that everyone of them finger fucked her while they danced together.

She talked to several couples we’d been with and found out a number of them had invited a black ‘friend’ into their bedroom for a threesome. This black into white lifestyle, thanks to the ever-widening exposure of white wives to black studs, has become one of the fastest-growing dominance and submission lifestyles in America. This has evolved over the last twenty years, perhaps longer, and Janet learned that black men into white women involved three basic principles:

(1) A married white woman,
(2) A black man or men who fuck her on a regular basis,
(3) The white woman’s husband who serves the black man or men along with his wife.

Regarding number one, many white women prefer a bigger penis once they’ve been exposed to one compared to their husband’s smaller organ. They love their husband, but most white women aren’t aware of these physical differences when they marry. They learn through discussions with other couples, adult videos and white women who’ve had affairs with black men. As a result, many of these women have come to prefer black guys and they’ve become ‘addicted’ for lack of a better term. Not to mention the fact, their husbands push them into these encounters because the husband thinks it’s erotic to watch a black man dominate his wife.

Regarding number two, black men know white women are attracted to them from the time that they enter high school. Particularly black students who attend inner city schools and schools that have a high percentage of black to white students. First, black males are naturally gifted athletes and great dancers. They don’t take sexual matters for granted like most white guys. In addition, many white are taught by their bigoted parents not to associate with black males or have anything to do with them. This makes their daughters curious about black boys and some of them fantasize about them when they masturbate. Soon, they begin to crave them sexually because it’s taboo; you know stolen fruit is sweet. On the other hand, black guys talk and exchange stories with their brothers about the sexual adventures they’ve enjoyed with white girls and women. This makes other black males want to fuck a white girl, too.

Sooner or later, the wife gives in and says ‘OK” in order shut her husband up. She agrees to have a one off with a well-endowed black stud. When it finally does happen she’s blown away when she discovers the black man is a conscientious and considerate lover. He pays more attention to foreplay than white boys and men she’s had sex with. When the black man takes the young wife she’s curious about his huge penis and she goes out of her mind when this black stud fucks her and makes her his. By the time that she realizes she’s become a black man’s whore she no longer cares if this means that she or even her husband is humiliated. One of man’s basic needs is sex and once a white girl or woman has been with a black stud she wants more of that big black cock. Their white husband make things worse by wanting to watch her fucking another black stud. On the other side of the same coin, most black men derive a peculiar sense of satisfaction in a young husband watching his wife being fucked. They like the husband to see how turned on he can make his little wife when he ‘blacks’ her. This humiliates and intimidates the husband while it excites his wife and her black friend. Once the wife enjoys this ‘forbidden sex’, she often gives into her feelings and becomes submissive to her black lover. This is equally true with many white husbands, I know. I remember our, I mean, Janet’s first night with Roger; I was so submissive that I’d asked him, “If it would be all right with him if I sat quietly and watched him fuck Janet?”

I understood why so many husbands take pictures and videos of their wives and her black lovers. They even post their pictures on different sites on the Internet like ‘I Love Interracial’ and ‘Domywife’ along with many others. The wife looses all sense of self-esteem and doesn’t mind it when her ebony lover dominates her, which he will. All the young wife wants is more of his oversized penis. Her husband gets off watching his wife impaled on that huge black dick and he makes arrangements for her to be blacked again just as I’d done with Roger. The second time the husband arranges for his spouse to be with a black man she doesn’t protest like she did the first time. Her husband is so excited that he doesn’t notice her craving. His wife can’t stop thinking about how unbelievable that massive black penis felt slamming into her cervix and making her come all night long. Her husband had never made her feel that good. Of course, she doesn’t want to hurt her husband’s feelings, but she’s not interested in having sex with him if she can have a well-endowed black man, instead. How could she find as much excitement with him as she’d found with her black lover? And she needs sex more than she’s ever needed it in her life. In addition, her black lover had dominated and humiliated her husband and her husband hadn’t done a thing but grovel in front of her and she’s begun to lose respect for him. In time, she’ll come to dominate her husband and humiliate him, too. She’s never heard of cuckoldry but that’s what it’s all about.

Now, she begins to understand why she sees attractive white women clinging to black men everywhere that she goes. These white women, like my sweet and increasingly capricious wife, are married to white boys like myself. I was responsible for taking my innocent young wife to a swinger’s club so that she could dance with other men because it turned me on. Well, that’s where Kevin met Janet. I’ve learned that night that it doesn’t matter if a white woman is wearing a wedding ring when a black man meets her. A wedding ring makes a white woman more desirable as a sexual partner for black men. Kevin sized Janet up while dancing with her and he didn’t miss the ring that she had on the third finger of her left hand. As they danced his erection pressed against her soft stomach and he knew that she’d become excited. She made no effort to stop him or resist his hands that wandered all over her scantily clad body. When she felt his huge penis press against her soft stomach and she’d danced even closer to him, as he’d ground his huge penis into her. Janet had been drawn to him like a moth to a flame as feelings of rebellion and wickedness coursed throughout her body. He’d taken her small white hand, the one with her wedding ring on it, and placed it on his oversized penis. She’d kept it there and soon she began to softly rub his penis through his slacks. Sexual fires burning deep inside her had ignited primeval desires in her body and she’d become aroused and she’d responded to him even before she realized her pussy was gushing.

She’d looked for me when Kevin left her to go to the bathroom as I excitedly walked over to her. She told me that the guy who she’d been dancing with was ‘Kevin’ and he’d be back in a minute. When he came back, “She wanted to go to his car with him so she could suck his black dick and make him feel good,” because he’d made her so hot. I secretly followed them to his car and watched him open the back door of his Continental for her and they got in the back seat. I was peeping in his backdoor window while I played with myself, masturbating furiously. Kevin positioned my sweet little wife in the middle of his spacious backseat, but instead of Janet sucking Kevin’s dick, he immediately slipped her skimpy top and then her skirt off and now my ‘innocent’ wife, naked as the day she was born, was squirming all over his backseat. He positioned her ankles over his shoulders and she squeezed his neck with her thighs when his thick tongue began to lick and then chew her lips before it entered her pussy and began to tease and suck her clit. I was surprised when I saw my wife unashamedly place her hands on either side of her lips and pull them apart so Kevin’s thick tongue would have better access to her swollen clit. Her hips began to rise off the seat as she began fucking his face while her small hands squeezed her luscious breasts and her fingers twisted and pinched her long thick nipples. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she struggled to breathe and she placed her right hand behind Kevin’s head to hold his mouth against her pussy. I watched Kevin as he continued to dominate my wife and then he removed his clothing, too. Janet knew what he was doing and she made no effort to stop him. She wanted his naked body against hers and she helped him remove his underwear. When he moved between her widely spread thighs her small hands pulled her lips widely apart and I saw her wedding ring reflected in the parking light as she rubbed her swollen clit when Kevin began to bury his huge uncircumcised penis inside her tight pussy. Her pussy lips were stretched like a rubber band as they encircled his oversized cock. He bottomed out inside her hungry little pussy and his black balls slapped against her defenseless asshole. He was touching places inside her that had never been touched before! I looked at Janet’s face and her eyes were tightly shut and her mouth open as her small hands cupped Kevin’s ass almost as if she wanted more of his cock.

For the first time, Janet had experienced the feelings that a white woman feels when a huge black cock is buried in her vagina. I realized that I’d never met a guy who’d not been spellbound watching his wife respond to the almost primeval pleasure of a black cock. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think a husband’s irresistible craving to give his wife to big black cock is normal for some men. Thinking back to my conversation with Janet at the club, I realized she’d not been totally candid with me. She didn’t want to go with Kevin to his car so that she could suck his dick; she wanted him to fuck her. I knew at the time that she’d need more of this. One or two black dudes would never be enough for her after her introduction to Roger’s big black cock.

Janet talked to Roger and explained to him that she wanted him to take charge of our marriage. She wanted him to add direction or structure to our marriage, although in retrospect this would not be healthy for us. Our relationship with Roger would satisfy needs Janet didn’t realize were even there until that first night with Roger. He’d satisfied needs that I had, too. Roger let us to reflect upon the different things that we wanted and we planned to get together within the next few days. He had asked Janet to put me on the telephone when she was talking to him one afternoon. He left me (and I told Janet after I got off the telephone) regarding the rule that I’d follow from that time forward. Roger admonished me, “Not to even think about approaching Janet. While we were man and wife, I was her husband in name only.” My wife no longer belonged to me and I no longer belonged to her, we’d belonged to Roger. He’d told me, “He had no interest in marrying Janet because she was a slut and no man would marry a slut. But, we belonged to him, his friends and others and our purpose in life was to satisfy his sexual wishes and requirements”.

I’d watched my innocent and na? young wife as she’d been with other men. She had been involved in oral sex with different guys and that had only made her want more. She had been thinking and she realized that she wanted other men, not me, to use her and do things to her that we’d never done together. She admitted this excited her and she said she’d surrendered to her desires and wallowed in her own lusts until and finally, she shared her feelings with me. She wanted to act like a slut, maybe even become a whore because, “She needed more than I could give her.” When I’d asked Janet to indulge my idiosyncrasy and fuck other men, I’d been sincere. But, I wanted to be able to say, “Stop,” when I tired of my little game. I couldn’t do that once Roger entered our lives.

Roger met us at Cool River after work several days later. He had us sit at separate tables and he asked us separately what we wanted and we told him. Janet told Roger she wanted a man who would dominate her, discipline her and, of course, fuck her. She wanted him to be smutty, lewd and manipulative and, of course, have a huge penis like he did. She wanted him to share her with his friends, strangers, everyone but me, her husband. She wanted Roger to control my dick and make me suck his oversized black penis along with other men’s cocks while she watched me. Then Roger came over and asked me what I wanted. I told him that I wanted to see Janet ravaged and fucked repeatedly by black men with big dicks. I wanted to watch them make her come and come until she was in ecstasy. I didn’t tell him she’d never come on my dick, though. I told him that I wanted to be dominated, told what to do and disciplined when I didn’t live up to his demands. I wanted to learn how to satisfy and please other men and ‘get them ready’ to fuck my lovely wife.

Roger wanted us from the beginning so I wondered why he’d asked us these questions. I think he wanted us to say these things out loud, to admit that we wanted these things to ourselves. Roger told us he would train Janet to be his slut. She’d soon learn that her body no longer belonged to her, but to Roger. She would learn to dress indecently wearing revealing clothes, see-thru blouses, halter-tops and tube tops. She’d apply her make up in a manner that made her look cheap, trashy and desirable. She’d never wear a bra or panties again and Roger told me to throw them all away. Roger told Janet that he would have her nipples pierced and small barbells would be inserted in each of them. Then, the barbell would be attached to metal cones, which would surround her nipples and they’d be stretched all of the time. Roger commented that, “My wife, like all women, needed to be reminded that her sexual parts are the property of their owner and as such are subject to whatever abuse or pleasure he deems appropriate for her.” Roger told her that he would do things to her body that she might not understand but that in the long run it would maximize her pleasure and the man that she was servicing at a given time. He told her, “That women were like children and needed to be disciplined and, on occasion, that meant they needed a good ass whipping, but that he was certain that would help her in her development to become a more responsive and well behaved slut.”

He explained to me that from then on when we were at home I was to be naked in front of Janet at all times. This would let her see my state of sexual arousal, give her the opportunity to humiliate me, and reinforce in her mind my inability to do anything to alleviate my ‘condition’ or satisfy hers. My wife would see my hard dick at half-mast most of the time and since we weren’t permitted to have sex my constant erection would serve to remind her what she needed along with the fact that I was useless. She’d be thinking of her sexual needs and her fulfillment. Roger told us I was forbidden to have sex with my hot little wife for the next three months and I’d have to get his permission to masturbate. He warned me that if I did not and masturbated without his permission and he found out, I’d be disciplined severely. My purpose was to be a source of amusement for Roger and his friends in their enjoyment of my wife. I’d become an expert at performing oral sex on both women and men. Further, I’d perform oral sex upon my wife almost every night and especially on those evenings when she’d provided pleasure to other men or groups of men. Roger told me that my wife would do what I’d always wanted her to do and a lot more. I’d watch my wife while other men used her and filled all her holes. Roger told me if I was obedient and helpful he might permit me to fuck Janet in eleven weeks rather than three months, but only after she’d been satisfied by other men. Further, I would not be allowed to come inside of her. When I was ready to come, I’d pull out of her and come in my hand and eat it. If I was given permission to masturbate, I’d come in my hand so that I could swallow my cum. He again was very specific about Janet and warned me not to touch her, telling me, “She belonged to him and was off limits to me”.

Janet and I now belonged to him, we were his slaves and this act of submission was irrevocable by either Janet or me. She would respond at all times to the names ‘whore, slut, bitch, cunt’ or any other term or combination thereof, which Roger determined to be appropriate. There were a number of rules he addressed, most of which applied to Janet. For example, she’d actively and enthusiastically engage in sexual intercourse, without the use of condoms, and receive other men’s sperm into her womb, which I’d eat out of her, and she’d engage in oral sex with other men and receive their ejaculate in her mouth or on her face, which she’d swallow or share with me and when she received semen on her face; I’d lick it off. Janet would eagerly and enthusiastically engage in anal sex with other men and receive their ejaculate up her ass, although she was still an anal virgin at that point in time. I would engage in oral sex with other men, as well, and receive their ejaculate in my mouth or on my face. Roger had a silver medallion on a chain that he placed around my neck with the inscription, ‘Roger’s Cum Slut’. Both Janet and I would perform cunnilingus upon any female or females Roger directed.

Roger told Janet since she was a slut she’d dress like the slut she was in public from that moment on. Roger planned on taking her to places where she’d run into friends and acquaintances and he looked forward to humiliating her, publicly. He gave her a silver chain with a heart to wear, which was engraved with the words ‘Roger’s Black Cock Whore’. She’d wear his sign of ownership when she went shopping, to the mall, the grocery store, the neighborhood pool, gym, anywhere. Roger told her, “This would establish my wife’s sexual identity and broadcast this fact to other people.”

He took us to Sans Souci, the club where we’d met him, the following Friday evening. My lovely wife had dressed like a young schoolgirl, a variation of age play. Her hair was in pigtails with white bows in her hair and she wore a white headband. She was wearing a tie around her neck and a white silk blouse that ended two inches below her full breasts. She looked like a young girl except her full breasts were visible that under through the fabric of her sheer white blouse. Her aureoles and long thick nipples cried out for attention. Her pleaded plaid skirt began several inches below her navel on her hips that and ended six inches below her ass. She wore long white socks that ended just below her knees and she was wearing a pair of saddle oxfords. Over all, her appearance was arresting and her little girl look was exactly what Roger had wanted.

I was embarrassed watching Roger kissing and fondling my wife like that in front of people that we’d known, some intimately, the way she was dressed, especially when he played with her breasts and his hand was between her thighs under her short skirt. We knew a lot of the people there and they watched Roger fondle Janet while I tried to pretend that nothing was going on. As I watched, I tried to ignore my penis, which throbbed under the silk panty hose that Roger had brought with him for me to wear. I couldn’t see very well but his arm was around her waist and his hand disappeared under her blouse as it played with her nipples squeezing and pinching them roughly as he cupped each of her full breasts. She was bouncing around on her saddle oxfords and when she leaned against him she displayed her beautiful ass to everyone. Roger leaned over to me and whispered, “Your wife is such a slut, Charlie. Her tight little asshole is just begging me to fuck it.”

I was sporting a huge hardon when we walked outside to the parking lot and several people turned and stared at Janet. Roger had parked at the far end of the parking lot and when we got to his automobile he had Janet sit on the trunk. Sitting on the trunk caused her little skirt to ride up to her waist and he made me lick her pussy, which made my aching penis pulsate even more. Her baby smooth pussy was sopping wet as my tongue entered her pussy and began to tease her clit. She was so excited that she climaxed in less than a minute. Roger unzipped his pants and stuck his oversized ebony penis in my face and I sucked it deeply into my mouth until jutted out from his loins and pointed at Janet. Then, he placed his hands on her knees and his black dick entered my wife’s horny pussy. She looked like a slut with her legs up in the air while he fucked her on the back of his Cadillac. “Mmmpphh! Mmffh! Mmmmm! Nnnnnn! Nnnggghhh! Roger, you dick is so hard. You’re hurting my pussy, ohh you’re hurting her so good,” and then she came in the middle of the parking lot of Sans Souci. What a cunt, I thought to myself and then Roger made me suck his cum and my wife’s juices off of his erect black penis. He immediately told me to get my honky ass between my wife’s legs and eat his cum out of her. My tongue move over her erect clitoris and into her sloppy pussy. I eagerly slurped his thick semen out of her vagina and in the process I rimmed her cute little rosebud. It wasn’t any secret to me why Roger wanted to fuck her there, too. Roger’s cum tasted good and I eagerly licked and sucked every bit of it that I could get into my mouth and swallowed it. I made my slutty wife come three more times eating her swollen pussy. Then, Master had us get in his car and he drove us back to our house.

The following day was Saturday and on Saturday morning when I woke up Janet had already had a bath and she was nearly dressed. Her hair was done to perfection, but her make up was overdone and almost sluttish looking. She was wearing a red lipstick that was heavily, but tastefully applied. She’d slipped on a very tight black leather mini skirt that she used to wear when we went to Sans Souci. She was wearing a black see-thru black blouse without a bra, of course, since Roger had her throw her bras and panties away. Her creamy breasts looked delicious and her long thick nipples were plainly visible and as hard as rocks. She was wearing black seemed nylons and a sexy black garter belt and a pair of four inch ‘fuck me’ heels and as she watched me salivate at her appearance, she told me, “Roger is coming to pick me up and we’re going to the mall,” as she walked over to me. She said, “I don’t have much time and we’re going to a party at his house tonight, Sweetheart.” She pulled her short skirt up and said, “You have two minutes to make me orgasm, Baby.” I immediately began licking and sucking her damp pussy, licking her and lapping her clitoris into my mouth. She held my head to her pussy and her legs trembled as she began to spasm when she climaxed. Only moments after that the doorbell rang and Janet hurried to answer the door. I heard Roger’s booming voice and Janet returned hand in hand with Roger who said, “Janet will be joining me today. I’m having a party at my house tonight and she’s going to be my hostess. The party starts at eight and you can come over at seven thirty to see your slut wife again.” As he turned to leave with Janet following him like a puppy dog, she turned to face me and said sweetly, “Darling, you need to cut the yard today. After that, I want you to wash the dishes, pick up my cleaning, wash my bathroom and then wash and wax my car for me.” The polite way that she spoke to me elevated my spirits. I love her very much and I don’t want to loose her…I’d be lost. It was obvious she was under Roger’s spell and he was our Master. While I wanted things to be like they used to be between us, I felt my best course of action was to go with the flow. I’d go along with things as they currently were in the hopes that she’d grow tired of Roger or maybe he’d grow tired of her.

This decision had a calming effect on me and I spent the rest of the day running the errands my wife wanted, cutting the grass and cleaning her bathroom as though it was a normal Saturday routine. This gave me something to do and concentrate on rather than thinking about my current situation or what Roger was doing with Janet. I knew that I’d lost my wife’s affection to a younger, stronger and unbelievably well endowed male and that she belonged to him now and so did I.

I took a shower and washed my hair and put on a pair of slacks and a sports shirt. I knew things had been crazy with us, but perhaps I could talk with Janet this evening. The evening’s subsequent activities proved that I was not thinking clearly.

I rang the bell and Janet opened the door. She was wearing the same outfit that she’d had on earlier. I was excited to see her and I’ll admit I got a hardon seeing her wearing such a slutty looking dress. A dress in which anyone could plainly see her luscious breasts and hard erect nipples through the sheer material of her black blouse. Her black leather mini skirt ended six inches below her ass and I knew she wasn’t wearing panties. She showed me in and acted as if nothing had changed in our relationship since this morning and for a few seconds I thought that I’d have a chance to speak with her. But then Roger walked by and I could see by the way that she looked at him that she was his completely; it hit me that she was not only Roger’s slave, she was also his lover. As soon as Roger saw me he told me, “He’d invited some friends over to his house this evening and that he wanted us to entertain them and insure that they had an enjoyable evening.” I shook my head up and down even as I heard my voice responding, “Yes Sir.” He went on to say expansively, “That he might even let me fuck my wife tonight.” Upon hearing his comment my dick lurched in my pants. I was heartened about the possibility that he might actually let me have sex with Janet.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang and Janet went to answer it. The huge black man at the door greeted Janet by her name. Evidently this was not his first party with her and it was apparent that they’d met each other before. She took on a very submissive tone both in her voice and in her manner as she replied, “Good evening, Sir.” Soon four other guests arrived, all were large, very muscular black men, and Janet greeted each of them in the same submissive manner in which she’d showed the first gentleman.

A few minutes later she was serving drinks to all of Roger’s guests as I sat quietly in the corner of the room. Janet gave maximum attention to the needs of the men bringing each of them drinks and snacks and coming back to chat with them as if I wasn’t there. After a while Roger asked me to join them as they played poker. The large gentleman who’d previously met Janet had gone to the bathroom. I was thankful to join them in their game because it gave me time to think of something else other than the strange hold that Roger had over my wife. I thought that the man who had left had gone to the bathroom, but I was surprised that over a half hour went by before he returned to our table. When he came back he was sweating and looked spent. Janet was missing too, but I assumed she was in the kitchen. I still hadn’t picked up on what was going on until the second man stood up and excused him self by saying, “I guess it’s my turn to fuck the little white slut.” It dawned upon me what was happening. They were taking turns with Janet in one of Roger’s bedrooms. I started to stand up, but Roger put a heavy hand on my shoulder and told me that it was in my own best interest not to make a scene. I knew he was right. I knew that the better part of valor required me to sit back down and act as if nothing was wrong in spite of what was happening in the bedroom.

This went on for a couple of hours until each one of the men had their turn with Janet and then Roger had his, too. About that time the game broke up and the men moved into the living room. Janet came in from the bedroom. Her hair was tousled and she was naked except for her garter belt, black hose and heels. Cum was running down her thighs and was splattered on her tits and buttocks and in her hair. There were hickeys and red marks all over her tits and thighs and her ass was beet red. She stood in the center of the room and placed her hands behind her neck and slowly turned around. As she did I could see cum running down her ass, too. She turned and looked directly at me, “Charlie, you have to understand that I am now Roger’s sex slave. I fucked all these men tonight and they made me come more times than you ever have our entire marriage. After each of them fucked me I sucked his dicks and then each of them fucked my ass and filled it with their cum. I loved them fucking me, Sweetheart.”

Then, she turned to Roger’s guests and continued “Roger invited my husband Charlie to his party in order for me to prove my submission to him. He wanted him to witness my submission at this party. I will do ANYTHING Roger asks me to do. She turned to me and said, “Charlie, over the last three months I’ve fucked you only after Roger has given me permission. In the future you will have to ask him yourself.” Then she walked over to Roger and said, “I’m ready for whatever you want me to do, Master.” I can’t tell you how shame-faced I felt for my wife to tell me this in front of all these strange men that I’d just met, but I knew there was nothing that I could do about it. If your husband behaves himself and doesn’t say a word I’ll let him suck some big black cock while your being fucked.” Roger glanced in my direction and said, “Your wife belongs to me now and so do you. You made it plain to her years ago that you enjoy watching other men have their way with her and I’ve taken control of her sexually and you are a cum slut.” Roger looked at me and told me, “I said I might let you fuck your wife today, but I’ve decide against it. I don’t want to leave you hanging so you can take your dick out and play with yourself.”

Janet turned and watched me stroking my seven-inch cock that she’d once thought was so great. It had been two weeks since we had sex and I had to get some relief or I thought that I would die. Roger called Janet over to him and pushed her down to her knees as he took his eleven inch black cock out of his pants and stuck it in front of Janet’s face. Roger told me, “You can watch your slut wife if you’d like.” Janet took his huge penis in her small hands and caressed it lovingly as she looked up at him and said in a loud voice for my benefit, “Roger, I love it when you allow my mouth to worship your beautiful penis and the pleasure of swallowing your cum!” I was turned on as I stroked my penis and watched my wife stroke Roger’s heavily veined penis lovingly as she licked the head and then its entire length before she opened her mouth wide and began to suck and swallow and gag on his monstrous cock. It was hard for me to conceive that this attractive female with tousled hair and smeared lipstick and covered in semen was just a few months back my devoted wife. Janet paused a moment and looked in my direction as I continued jacking off, “That’s right honey, show Roger and his friends what a wimpy jack off you are.” Normally, her cruel words would have reduced me to tears, but I was too far gone pleasuring myself. In spite of the fact that she was my wife, her wanton display of sucking Roger’s oversized penis and licking his huge balls was too much. My seven-inch penis jutted from my loins and cried for relief. As I whipped my dick it felt so good that nothing mattered to me but coming. I was too far gone to care very much about anything. I was on my way to a shattering climax. I was jacking off in front of my Roger and his five black friends who’d all fucked my wife, I didn’t care. I groaned and my hot cum filled my hand. I put my hand to my mouth and licked my cum off of the palm of my hand and my fingers while I watched Roger holding the back of my wife’s head on his cock. Janet was choking and gagging as she struggled to swallow his entire black cock and then he roared and shot string after string of his thick rope like cum down her throat. She turned and looked at me smilingly. Her eyes were watering and cum was dripping from her chin onto her breasts.

The men laughed at me and my condition as they began to thank Roger for an enjoyable evening. Then they began to filter out of his house as they excused themselves. When all of them had left Roger told my wife to take a shower and get cleaned up because, “We’re going out, little one. The night is young and you will be sucking and fucking a lot more men before I’m through with you tonight. Roger looked at me and said that I could come too.” I sat down in a chair and waited for Janet to get cleaned up. Thirty minutes later my wife came back into the living room. She had taken a shower and put on fresh make up. Her make up was heavier than I’d ever seen her wear it. She was wearing a dress that was so sexy that I had difficulty believing it. It was a black dress that had holes the size of softballs all the way up the sides. It was made of a loose woven fabric that stretched tightly across her breasts and ass. I’d never seen this dress before and it immediately turned me on. The weave was loose enough that you could see her the aureoles of her nipples, which poked holes in the fabric. You could tell at a glance that this dress was all that she was wearing. Roger walked into the room and Janet said, “I’m ready for what ever you want, Master.”

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Why waste time over a whore. Especially a nigger loving whore. Oh that's right: Charlie is a dick loving pussy.

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Very hot story. His wife is soo desirable and her husband has placed her in a situation where she continues her sexual explorations while he can only watch. Interesting story.


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that's a good story.

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Very nice story! Too bad the ending wasn't where the husband was jacking off and then pulled out a sawed off shotgun and ripped his brains out from the back of his skull that sticking them back would be a waste of stiches. ^^

Good story though.

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