A new promotion and a new assistant
Mr. Anderson walked Phillip down the walnut paneled corridor to the corner office.

“I think you’ll be pleased, Phillip. You’ve worked very hard to get here, and saved the company a lot of money along the way.”

The sign on the door said Phillip Duncan – Senior Vice President, Marketing. Phillip smiled to himself. At age thirty-two, he was the youngest senior vice president in the company. Although many would say he hadn’t paid his dues, no one argued the fact of how hard he worked and how many accounts he was able to land, using less of the budgeted expenses than his predecessor. When Carl White chose to retire, the company searched high and low for a replacement. Logically, they kept coming back to Phillip. He didn’t even have to post for the job. It was an out and out promotion.

Mr. Anderson pointed to the empty desk outside Phillip’s office door and said, “She must have stepped away. This is Ms. Taylor’s desk. She was Carl’s executive administrative assistant, and will stay on with you, unless you would prefer to have someone else assigned.”

“That should be fine, Mr. Anderson. I’m not about to make any department changes until I’ve been here a while and seen if any changes are warranted.”

“Phillip, you’re going to have to call me John, now. We are all on a first name basis at this level.”

Phillip hesitated and said, “Okay, John, but cut me some slack on this, okay? Old habits are hard to break.”

The older executive smiled at his newest direct report. Phillip had been John’s choice from the beginning. This company needed fresh blood, a shot in the arm, and young Mr. Duncan was just the man to give it.

John opened the office door and handed Phillip the key. Phillip couldn’t believe his eyes. The walnut paneled walls continued into his office. The carpeting was burgundy with gold fleur-de-lis print and there were gold draperies across the expansive corner windows. A regal mahogany desk took up a great deal of space, but there was still plenty of room for his leather desk chair, burgundy and gold plaid sofa with two visitor chairs, a couple of end tables, a credenza and a coffee table.

John watched as Phillip slowly walked around the office. Yes, he was young, but he looked as if he belonged here. The tall, young, dark-haired man was perfectly attired in a steel gray suit with a blue shirt and tie. Christ, he thought, the kid looked like he could have stepped out of GQ. Once again, Anderson noticed his resemblance to John F. Kennedy, Jr.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t here when you arrived,” the velvety female voice said from the doorway.

Phillip’s heart went straight to his throat, and his cock stiffened as the woman walked towards him, with her hand extended in greeting.

“Mr. Duncan, I’m Nora Taylor.”

Approaching him was a combination of Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham and a young Raquel Welch. She was the ideal of many men’s wet dreams.

Ms. Nora Taylor stood about five feet, seven inches, maybe one hundred thirty-five pounds and built like a brick shithouse. A white v-necked silk blouse hugged her ample breasts. Her black above-the-knee length pencil skirt cinched tight at her tiny waist, and showed off her rounded hips and ass that swayed as she walked in her three inch stilettos.

She had skin that looked like alabaster, auburn hair with bangs, pulled back in a knot at the base of her long neck, full sensuous lips and the most amazing doe-like sapphire blue eyes.

Phillip tried to compose himself and concentrate on looking at her eyes as he shook her hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ms. Taylor,” Phillip said praying his voice would not crack.

He studied her face, maybe thirty-seven, if that. Christ, she was stunning.

“I’ll leave you gentlemen. Mr. Duncan, I’ve scheduled an hour at nine o’ clock, for us to meet to discuss your calendar, your requirements of me and mine of you.”

Both men’s eyes were on Ms. Taylor’s ass, as she left them. It was John who finally spoke.

“Jesus, they never looked like that twenty years ago.”

His face turned red when he realized he had actually said those words out loud.

Phillip chuckled, “What’s said in here stays in here, John.”

The two men finished up as a facilities worker showed up with cartons from Phillip’s old office. Ms. Taylor came in and immediately took charge, calling IT to have his computer set up.

“No, you don’t understand,” Phillip overheard her say on the phone. “This is a senior vice president. You will have this completed no later than ten o’clock. I don’t want to have to call back.”

Something told Phillip, IT didn’t want her to have to call back, either.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Duncan. I’ll have these boxes unpacked by noon. If you don’t mind, I’ll leave the office door open so that IT can come in and install your computer. If we can begin our meeting now, we have a lot to cover. I took the liberty of setting up an agenda with an outline, so that we can be sure nothing is overlooked. I have allowed fifteen minutes at the end of our meeting, for additional questions, comments and next steps.”

Phillip just stared for a moment and thought, just whom is working for whom?

The two sat in the visitors' chairs and flew through Ms. Taylor’s agenda. Phillip hadn’t seen efficiency like this before. Thank God she was so thorough and kept the conversation on track, because Phillip found himself staring at her crossed legs. Between her legs, her breasts, and her eyes, this was going to be a lesson in self-discipline. Nora wore reading glasses low on her nose, and looked over the top of them when she spoke to him. Even that screamed sexy, to him.

"There is one thing, Ms. Taylor,” Phillip added. “I would appreciate it if you would call me Phillip. You’ll find at our department meeting this afternoon, I will make the same request of each staff member.”

“Very well, Phillip,” she answered. “And you will call me Nora.”

Phillip left for his senior staff meeting at ten o’clock and when he returned to his office at noon, he was greeted by the view of Nora’s ass, as she was moving a floor plant to a different spot. It was all he could do to stop himself from running his hands over the rounded beauty. He noticed that Nora had taken off her shoes and was standing in her stocking feet. She stood up putting her hands on her hips, and assessed the work she had done setting up his office. She was surprised but not embarrassed to see him standing in the doorway, watching her.

“I told you, noon and it’s done.”

“Nora, something tells me that I am going to be just fine in your very capable hands,” Phillip said, and then thought, I wonder how they would feel on my cock. Bad Phillip, stop it!

The transition in leadership seemed to be seamless. Nora became invaluable to Phillip. She became his eyes and ears, picking up on rumors or grumblings from the staff. She was loyal and made sure he was never blind-sided, and was in control at all times.

And Phillip trusted her. He knew he could tell her anything and it would go no further. Nora was not afraid to offer suggestions and advice. They became a cohesive team.

As the months went by, he got to know more about her, too. She was divorced, owned a loft apartment, and was forty-two years old. She had a two year degree in business and had worked her way up the administrative ladder. He still found her sexy as hell, but he respected her intelligence and common sense, too. When he looked at her, ninety-five percent of the time it was as a colleague. The other five percent? Well, she was the inspiration for several episodes involving his right hand.

It was late on a Friday afternoon when she lightly knocked on his door, let herself in and closed the door behind her. Phillip glanced up, taking in the beauty before him.

“Phillip, I think we have a problem.”

She slowly walked over and settled into a chair, crossing one leg over the other, causing the hem of her dress to rise half way up her thigh. She had no idea what that did to him, he thought, as he adjusted himself under his desk.

She continued, “I told you before that there had been some rumors flying around about Edwards.”

Ken Edwards was Phillip’s next in command. He was a real go-getter, but there was something a little smarmy about him. He was just one of those guys who always seemed to have a secret, always seemed a little insincere.

“I just got wind of a little presentation he’s been working on for Monday’s meeting with Lobene and Meyer,” she said.

“What?” Phillip’s mouth dropped. “We’ve had that set for months. What do you mean another presentation?”

“It seems he thinks he has a better idea and can deliver the goods for less. He’s planning on springing it Monday, after you’ve finished presenting yours,” Nora said seriously.

“That son of a bitch! Get the bastard on the phone, and .…”

“Phillip!” Nora leaned forward and laid her hand on his arm. “Take a breath.”

He stopped and did as he was told.

“I was able to secure a copy of his plan.”

Phillip shouldn’t have been surprised, but he was. “How?”

“Don’t ask. Someone owed me, big time, and thought this was a way to repay me. I printed it off, sent it to my personal email address, and deleted everything here,” she said, pushing a binder toward Phillip. “Phillip, it’s good. It’s damn good. And if you want to come out on top Monday, you’re going to have to beat his bottom line.”

Phillip started flipping through the pages. His eyes got wide and his temple started to throb. Nora was right, and Phillip felt fucked.

Frustrated, he said, “There is no way I can redo everything for Monday. Not without working all Saturday and Sunday, and even then, that doesn’t give me enough time to get it to the printers and back to change out the presentation binders.”

“But if we both work on it,” Nora suggested, “we should be able to get it done by noon on Sunday. I've already contacted our document services department. They work 24/7 and have been put on notice to expect a priority project that must be complete by Sunday evening. You and I will have more than enough to assemble the new presentation binders and have them ready for the meeting.”

“Nora, that’s really great of you to offer, but I can’t ask you to do that.”

“Phillip, you’re not asking, and I’m telling you this is what we have to do. I am not about to let my boss go down in flames, just because one of your staff has chosen to go behind your back and sabotage all the work you’ve done. If Edwards can find a way to cut costs, so can we.”

Phillip looked deep into Nora’s eyes. “What would I do without you?”

“You’re never going to find out. Now, do you have plans for the weekend? If you do, cancel them,” she said, grabbing one of his business cards and writing on the back. “Here’s my address and home phone number. You bring the coffee, I’ll order the Chinese. We’ll start at seven, okay?”

She got up and walked out, leaving Phillip to wonder how he got so lucky.

When Nora answered the door that night, Phillip almost thought he had the wrong place. She was wearing low-rise black jeans and a v-necked lavender cashmere sweater. Her hair was down, and it looked soft as it lay on her shoulders. Without her stilettos she looked downright petite, even though she was not. A simple silver lariat necklace hung down between her breasts. Phillip handed Nora a bag of fresh ground coffee.

“Perfect,” she said as she showed him into her home.

Her loft was amazing. It had exposed brick and pipes, original wood floors that had been refinished, and all modern appliances. It was industrial, but at the same time, comfortable, with her soft overstuffed sofa.

Nora’s desk was set up with her laptop, and Phillip’s and Ken’s presentation materials in piles.

“If you’ll help me move the drop-leaf table over here, we’ll have more room to lay things out,” she suggested.

By the time the pair was finished, the desk, table and floor were methodically laid out so that proper comparisons could be done. After a few hours, having consumed the Chinese food and almost two pots of coffee, Phillip looked at Nora.

“The thing is, my solution is better. It meets the needs of the client and will last the test of time. Ken’s is good, but in the long run, it won’t hold up.”

“Bottom line though, in the client’s eyes, Ken’s is less money out of his pocket,” she said, playing devil’s advocate. “What can you do to bring yours in at a lower cost?”

Nora leaned over to point to the figures. Phillip glanced at her and was invited to view down the front of her sweater. Her breasts were pale and looked soft, held in the cups of her pink bra. He tried, unsuccessfully, to turn away.

Nora straightened up and stretched her arms over her head, raising her sweater to reveal her flat stomach. Phillip wanted to be kissing that stomach. He had to get out of there.

“You know, it’s getting late. We’ve worked all day and now it’s after ten-thirty. What do you say we pick this up in the morning?” he asked, standing up.

“I guess you’re right,” she said, yawning. “We’ll take a fresh look at it tomorrow.”

She looked like she could fall asleep standing up. Phillip wanted to scoop her up in his arms and carry her to bed, but not to sleep. He hastily excused himself and went home, to give himself relief.

After a fitful sleep filled with blue-eyed women with auburn tresses, Phillip woke early, picked up some quiche, croissants and juice from the deli, and got to Nora’s place at 7:30. It was several minutes before the door opened.

What a vision! Sleepy-eyed, tousled-haired, and in a short turquoise robe was the most beautiful woman Phillip had ever seen. God, he wanted to wake up next to her.

“What? Oh, Phillip, what time is it?”

Phillip couldn’t resist and brushed the hair out of her eyes.

“Wake up, sleepyhead,” he whispered. “It’s seven-thirty and I’ve got breakfast. You go, get dressed, and I’ll get it ready”

He watched her ass sway as she mumbled something and walked towards the bathroom. He wondered if she needed help washing any of those hard to reach areas. He mentally kicked his own ass and went to the kitchen.

When Nora appeared, she looked like she had just stepped off a college campus. She was in black exercise shorts, a pink t-shirt, black hoodie, socks and sneakers. With her hair swinging from a pony tail and minimal makeup, she looked young and fresh.

Phillip handed her a mug of coffee and waited for her to speak. She downed more than half of the black brew.

“You’re a god-send, Phillip. I’m sorry. I never thought to set my alarm.”

“You have no reason to apologize. I was the one here at the butt-crack of dawn. Let’s eat, then haul ass.”

The entire day was spent tearing though each spreadsheet and matrix, revisiting quotes and estimates, and reading every communication on the project. It was Nora who spotted the one factor that had been overlooked. As she waved her find, Phillip jumped up and spun her around.

“You’re an angel! You probably just saved my job!”

“Our jobs, Phillip. Besides, one of us was bound to have caught this.”

They worked diligently, checking and rechecking and finally sticking a fork in it and calling it done. They were able to undercut Ken substantially, and Phillip’s PowerPoint was a work of art.

The pair lounged, exhausted, on the sofa. It was after eight o’clock and they hadn’t taken a break all day.

“Let me take you to dinner to celebrate,” Phillip said to Nora.

“Oh please, not tonight. I’m just too tired to make myself presentable. But, I do have some wine and cheese. How about a celebratory drink and a little sustenance? We can really celebrate after Monday’s meeting.”

Nora returned with the cheese, grapes, and a bottle of Shiraz. Phillip opened the wine, poured two glasses, and then raised his.

“To a winning team – Nora, I’m so glad I have you in my corner.”

It was the first time he had seen her blush. She’s really very lovely, he thought. They clinked glasses and sipped the wine. It felt warm going down, and the slightly sharp cheese was a nice complement. The two got very quiet as the stress of the last day and a half left them.

Tomorrow, the two would assemble the presentation binders, after they got back from the print department. Nora promised to have them ready and in the board room before the meeting started. Until then, they would stay under lock and key, in Phillip’s office.

It’s comfortable here Phillip thought, resting his head on the back of the sofa. Comfortable – like Nora. Yeah, he thought, looking at her lying there with her head back, too. This is just about perfect.

Phillip stretched as he began to wake the next morning. There was something unfamiliar, something warm and soft wrapped around him. As he moved, so did the sleeping figure next to him. He forced his eyes open and, at first, was confused. Where the hell was he? The last thing he remembered was finishing the bottle of wine and feeling so relaxed.

Oh shit! He was lying on Nora’s sofa with her curled up in his arms! A quick scan confirmed they were fully clothed, but still….

She moved and her leg went between his legs, pressing against his morning wood. Nora’s arm snaked around his neck, forcing her breasts tighter against him. She moaned in her sleep.

Almost involuntarily, Phillip stroked her long hair. It was so soft. His hand continued down her back, over her hip. She moved and ground herself against him. He automatically cupped her firm ass. God, he though, if he didn’t get her off of him he wasn’t going to be able to stop.

A small sigh escaped Nora’s lips, as she tilted her face up toward his. She looked like an angel, sleeping in his arms. He pulled her closer and kissed her lips softly. She moved slightly and he kissed her again. This time it was longer, not as soft, as if waiting for a response.

There’s nothing like being awakened by a beautiful kiss, and Nora responded to Phillip’s. Although she wasn’t quite awake yet, she began kissing him back.

It was all so natural. Their mouths sought out each other. It was Nora who pushed her tongue into Phillip’s mouth and moved her hand from his neck, down his chest, and over his abs. A hunger was ignited.

Without releasing his mouth, Nora got on her knees and began fidgeting with Phillip’s belt. His hands were sliding the hoodie off her shoulders. They broke apart long enough to take off their shirts. Phillip pulled Nora onto his lap, and her legs straddled him as she sat on his hard cock.

He cupped her breasts, burying his face between the wondrous globes. He slowly reached behind her and unclasped her bra, releasing her bounty. They were at least 38DD, and extremely perky for a woman her age, hardly sagging at all. Her nipples were pink, puffy and hard. He sucked one into his mouth as he rolled the other nipple between his thumb and finger. Nora’s hands went to his hair, running through it and pulling him closer. She ground herself into his cock.

Phillip devoured her breasts, licking, sucking, and gnawing at them.

“Harder, suck me harder,” Nora demanded.

Phillip complied with her wishes, becoming a little rougher, nibbling a little harder and pulling on her nipples a little more.

“Yessss,” she hissed, as she put her arms under his and began to grab at his ass.

He broke away from her nipples, cupped her face, and French kissed her, passionately. Nora brought her hands around and began tearing at his belt, again. Phillip put his hands on her hips and slid her off his lap, and onto the sofa. He got up, hooked his fingers on the waist of her shorts and pulled them off, panties and all. Within seconds, he had kicked his own pants off and stood over her, his seven inch cock hard and dripping with precum. He saw she had natural auburn hair.

Nora’s eyes locked on his face and she smiled at him with the look of a devil-woman. She bent her legs and spread them wide. She took her middle and ring fingers of her right hand and sucked them into her mouth, wetting them. Phillip swallowed hard as he watched her take those fingers and plunge them into her. As she did that, she reached for his cock and stroked him.

“Now, Phillip, I need you,” she whispered hoarsely.

Phillip got down between Nora’s legs and pulled her fingers away. Nora stuck them in her mouth, again, to clean them. Phillip growled as he spread her legs further apart, revealing her glistening hole. As he moved his cock toward the source of her heat, she reached out to guide him in. With one thrust, he filled her. Her legs wrapped around him, her hands clawed at his back, and she met him thrust for thrust.

This was not love-making. It was pure fucking sex. Phillip was a machine, pistoning in and out of Nora. They were both seeking relief from the tension of the last few days. The smell of sweat mixed with the scent of her perfume and their morning breath. Her eyes locked on his, and his eyes narrowed as he pummeled her with his weapon.

Grinding, twisting, pounding sex, on and on, Phillip’s body rubbed against Nora’s pubic bone and clit. Nora felt his body start to tighten and she held on waiting for him to explode. He rose up, to give himself more leverage, and pushed into her as deeply as he could. The action rubbed Nora’s clit harder, and set off her orgasm. When she began to cum, her back arched and her legs gripped him like a vise, as he released his hot, sticky cum into her. Pushing, pushing, pushing, Nora felt his cock pulse and spurt, until the pair collapsed, exhausted.

Phillip rolled off Nora and moved to the end of the sofa. He looked at the floor, not sure of what to say.

The words Nora spoke shocked him. “Well, I certainly feel better.”

She pulled a throw off the back of the sofa and covered herself. When Phillip looked at her, she smiled and said, “I’ve wanted that for some time now.”

“You did? But..., I mean what with work…, and well, you’re my assistant…, and well…,” Phillip stumbled over his words.

“I’m a living, breathing, flesh and blood woman with needs, Phillip. And you certainly satisfied some of those needs.”

Phillip was surprised and in awe of Nora. Damn, she just wanted the sex – no emotion, no baggage. Just feel good, take what I need and give in return sex.

“Nora,” he said slowly, “I still can’t help but think this was not a good idea. You work for me, hell, we work together. I’ve never had such a strong team player, and I don’t want to screw that up.”

“And why does our having sex mean it’ll screw things up at work? Phillip, I don’t want anything from you. I am well past the white picket fence and babies stage. I love my life. I love my job and I’m damn good at it. Don’t read more into what just happened than is there. You’re my boss, and I respect you, but you also have one hell of a cock that you use quite well. This can be a win/win situation, if you let it.”

With that, Nora stood, letting the throw fall to the floor, and stepped in front of Phillip. She bent at the waist, her large breasts hanging in front of him, put her hands on his knees, opened his legs and knelt between them. She reached for his flaccid cock and started to gently stroke it.

“Now Phillip," she purred. "If you want me to stop I will, but you better be real sure about this. Offers like this one only come around once.”

Nora bent her head and took his rapidly hardening cock in her mouth. She loved the taste of cock after it had been inside her. She used her hand and mouth to bring him back to life. When it was just about fully hard, she changed her tactics and began licking up and down the smooth shaft. Phillip knew the underside was sensitive, but when she brought her tongue to the top side, he couldn’t believe how it felt. He threw his head back against the sofa. God, she was good.

Over and over she covered the hot, steel rod. Phillip kept himself shaved, so when she dropped down to his balls, it was an absolute joy. She carefully tugged at his sack with her teeth, sending chills up Phillip’s spine. She sucked on them and rolled them around her mouth with her tongue. She soon had Phillip gripping the sofa cushion.

She laid her hands on his hips and held him, as she began to bob, sucking him hard and fast. She took him all the way into her throat and out again. If he had been in control, he would have been fucking her mouth, but he wasn’t in control – Nora was, and she was fucking his cock – getting ready to drain him.

She could tell he was getting close, because his breathing changed drastically. His legs began to tremble and his abs began to spasm. She reached for his balls and began massaging them. That did it. Phillip groaned, thrust his hips forward in an attempt to get deeper into her throat, and exploded. Nora kept up with his rapid spurts, swallowing every drop and leaving his whole body spent.

When Nora released his cock from her mouth, it made a popping noise as it slid out. She looked up at her exhausted boss. Yes, she thought, it was going to be a good partnership. She stood up and turned to walk towards the bathroom.

She looked over her shoulder and said, “When you’ve recovered, start the coffee. We need to take this to the printers in order to get it back here in time to assemble the binders.”

Nora would have given anything to have been a fly on the wall at the meeting with Lobene and Meyer that afternoon. When Ken walked into the boardroom behind Phillip, she could see him smurking behind Phillip’s back. Later that day, when the room emptied out, Ken sort of slunk down the hall to his office.

Phillip was on the receiving end of handshakes and pats on the back. He seemed to strut down the hallway to his office.

“Nora, may I see you in my office, please? And bring your pad.”

Nora grabbed her pad, straightened the skirt of her black dress, walked into Phillip’s office, and closed the door. Phillip grabbed her, lifted her off the ground, and spun her around like a madman.

“It was perfect! Oh, my God Nora, you should have seen Ken’s face. It was priceless! And when I asked if there were any questions or comments a couple of the managers looked at him, and he just looked down. Jesus, it was great!” he exclaimed, as he finally set her down.

“So, does this mean we get to celebrate?” she asked, with a sly smile on her face.

“I told you, the best dinner in town, for you tonight.”

Nora walked towards him, put her hand on his belt, and said, “Not exactly what I had in mind.”

With that, she had his belt loosened, zipper down, and her hand on his cock in less that a minute. She led him to his desk by pulling on his cock. Nora walked around to his side of the desk, cleared the workspace area of it, lifted her dress to her waist, and bent over. Phillip gazed at her white, round ass and her black thong. He felt his cock jump, as the memory of yesterday morning came rushing back. When he moved the thong aside, he could see she was wet and ready for him.

Nora lay across his desk, her hands gripped the far edge, and her pussy was poised to receive him. He didn’t make her wait. He eased his cock in and let himself enjoy the feeling of her warm moistness. He began to slowly slide in and out of her. Nora pushed her hips back against him as he moved forward. He was taking his time to enjoy this.

“Don’t toy with me,” she said, slightly annoyed at his slowness.

“What? You want this?” he questioned as he chuckled, gripped her hips tightly, and pushed in hard.

Their fucking was animalistic. He sawed in and out of her, as if he were trying to cut her in half. He looked down to watch his wet cock as he moved faster and faster, holding her hips tightly in place. It was so fucking erotic to see this beautiful woman lying across his mahogany desk.

Her body reacted immediately to his rapid moves and started to shake as her cunt muscles convulsed, and began to squeeze his cock. The milking process began and it wasn’t long before he fed his cream to her pussy.

When he straightened up and pulled out of her. Nora turned around, dropped to her knees, and cleaned him with her mouth, and then tucked his cock back inside his pants.

She stood up and grinned, saying, “Don’t think that got you out of dinner.”

He kissed her sweet mouth, tasting their combined sex on her lips, and then asked, “You ready to leave now?”

“Let me forward the phones to voicemail, and I’m ready,” Nora said as she smoothed her skirt and double checked her chignon.

As the two walked down the paneled corridor to the elevator, Phillip felt like he was the luckiest man in the world. He couldn’t put a price tag on the loyalty Nora had shown him. And after dinner, he was going to dine on her, like a special desert.

Nora felt lucky too. Her good-looking, hot, young boss should be around for a long time. She felt something else, too.

Phillip’s cum starting to seep out of her hole.


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