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I watched her step out of the front door and walk over to her car. She had on white shorts and a black tank top. Her legs were so tan and long, I felt my heart start pumping a little faster. She leaned over to throw her purse in the back seat, which revealed a black thong peeking out of her shorts. That was enough to make my bulge pump with excitement and I had to unzip my zipper and release it. As she walked around the other side of the car to get in, I slowly started stroking my hard cock. The thought of just one chance with her was nearly enough to make me blow my load on the windowsill.

She was my neighbor, and her name was Hannah. She was a year older than me at 17, and the hottest girl at our school. Every guy dreamed of getting a chance with her, but none ever did. In fact I wasn't even sure if she had ever kissed a guy before. But either way she was fine. She was about 5'11" with c-cup breasts that bulged out of her shirts. She was in amazing shape and her ass was the greatest thing I had ever seen. But the best part about her was her perfect tan. She would sit outside for hours a day tanning. I found myself watching her more and more lately and dreaming about how perfect her tits must be and how amazing she would look naked.

Fortunately I had agreed to fix some things around the house for her dad, which would give me a chance to talk to her sometimes. Every day I was over there she would walk down the stairs and ask if I needed anything. Once she walked down in just a towel by accident. She said she forgot I was there, but I knew that she was teasing me.

Well this day I was supposed to fix the floor liner in the hallway next to her room. Her parents were at work and she had just left so I had the house to myself. I started out working on the other side of the hallway and worked my way down past her room. When i passed by I saw her neat bed and a wet towel laying on the ground. I knew she had just got out of the shower and I had to smell her sweet scent. So I walked in the room and picked up the towel. It smelled absolutely amazing. The scent made me instantly grow hard.

Now that I was turned on I couldn't help but explore the dresser near by until I found the panty drawer. I picked a few up and brought them to my nose. The scent was unbearable. I had to rub my cock. I pumped up and down with my left hand while I held the panties up with my right. It was so amazing that I didn't hear the door open. I suddenly stopped.

"What the hell are you doing?" Hannah asked from the doorway of her room.
"I...I....." was all I could sputter.
"Get out now!" she yelled.

I threw the panties back down in the drawer and ran out, not realizing my dick was still hanging out of my pants. Once I got outside she slammed the door shut. I couldn't decide if I should go home or try to apologize. So I went back to work on the liner hoping she would come outside so I could explain myelf.

After about 10 minutes the door crept open. I looked up and she was standing above me wearing the same clothes she had on earlier. Except I thought I noticed a small wet spot right where her clit was. That thought quickly disappeared when she grabbed me by my arm and dragged me into her room. Once in there she told me to take off my clothes.

"Wait, why I am I taking off my..."
"Just do it or I'll call my dad and tell him what you did."

So I slowly pulled off my shirt and pants. I faced the other way when I took my boxers off, since my cock was already rock hard.

"Turn around." she told me.

When I turned around her eyes lit up. I quickly turned bright red.

"Wow I've never seen one like that," she said. "Now lay down on the bed."

Not sure why, I just did what I was told. Once I was laying down, she started to take off her shirt. Slowly she pulled it over her black bra. Next she started unbuttoning her shorts to reveal the same black thong. Except this time I had a much better view. As her shorts fell to the ground and she kicked them off, my cock started pounding. So I slowly brought my left hand up and began stroking it.

"Don't touch it or I will call my dad!" she yelled.

So I took my hand off of it and just watched. Next she undid her bra and let it slide off revealing the finest breast I had ever seen. As she tugged and squeezed them I wondered how she got that perfect tan with those amazing round nipples. As she rubbed one nipple between her fingers her other hand slipped into her thong and began rubbing frantically.

My bulge wanted to be rubbed so bad that it was hurting. And it only got worse when she dropped her panties to reveal a perfectly clean shaven twat. her thumb was rubbing her clit fast by now and she began to moan. Then she walked over to the edge of the bed and sat on it facing me. By this time one finger had slipped inside her slit and was working in and out. The other hand still squeezing her breast. She started to moan more and right when she was about to reach her climax she stopped.

Then she got on her knees and climbed over to where I was laying. She straddled my stomach and leaned down and gently kissed my lips. We continued to kiss for a while, the whole time her juices dripping down my stomach. Then she grabbed my dick and layed it flat on my stomach. She slowly moved down and wrapped her soaking pussy lips around it. She slowly began to move up and down, rubbing my dick across her clit, but making sure I didn't penetrate.

The action was too much and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer.

"I'm about to come!" I yelled over her screams by now.

She stopped. "I want you to come inside me," she said.

"But are you a virgin?"
"Yea but I already popped my cherry when I was younger."
"What about a condom?"
"I'm on the pill," she replied.

I agreed and she got on her knees straddling my cock. I held it up while she slowly slid it in. She trembled at first with pain. But after a couple of times up and down she loosened up and began to start moaning again. She started moving faster and faster. Finally I felt a tingle at my feet. It started to work its way up my legs. At this time she was screaming wildly, already at orgasm. Her pussy clinched tight around my dick only making the tingle even stronger. All of a sudden the tingle rushed over me, and I felt my first squirt of hot liquids shoot deep down her pussy. Wave after wave I shot my load until nothing was left.

It was the greatest orgasm I had ever had and from the looks of her face it was her best too. She slowly got up and stepped off the bed. She slipped her clothes back on and I did the same. As I got up to leave her room she walked me to her doorway.

She kissed me once more and told me,"Come back tomorrow and I'll have something else for you to fix."

I told her I would and left the house, already wondering what tomorrow will bring.


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2013-01-05 20:20:02
Why did she get dressed to get naked a minute later intentionally


2009-08-02 06:01:21
a good start now follow up with part 2 please

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2009-07-30 11:52:03
Too quick...un-believeable....amateur.....
Thumbs down!


2009-07-30 09:38:44
the overall story was not bad, however the scenario is quite predictable a chance encounter rather than the old worn-out work seen IEI'll work over there that you want to screw me type scenario.
I do not mean this is harsh criticism is constructive suggestions

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2009-07-30 05:15:33

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