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A drunk get's on the bus and goes to the back of the bus. The driver goes down the street and a girl enters the bus and the driver says, "Tickle your cunt with a feather."
The girl says, "What did you say?"
The bus driver says, "Typical country weather." He does this about four more times when the drunk gets up and goes to the driver and says, "What do you keep asking these young girls?"
The driver says, "When a girls gets on my bus I ask if she tickles her cunt with a feather. If she says, 'What did you say?' I say, 'Typical country weather.' If she says, 'Yes,' I take her home that night."
So the drunks asks if he can try. When the next girl enters the bus the drunk says, "Scratch your box with a stick."
The girl replies, "What did you say?"
The drunk says, "Looks like rain."
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