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What an 8 year old girl wants, an 8 year old girl gets. And when she wants more attention from her daddy, she's learned a few tricks from her 15 year old sister on how to get it.
Warning: This sex story contains explicit sexual content with an 8 year old girl and her adult father. If the thought of this bothers you, Do Not Read further and click 'Back' now. Thank you.


Emily’s Turn

----- 2 --

Emily woke up for good at about eleven o’clock. Having to use the bathroom badly, she jumped up out of bed to immediately fall to her knees on the floor. Something was inside her butt. It was poking her in very undesirable ways. Thinking back, it must have been a crayon. Her stupid sister must have pushed one all the way in.

The little eight year old flexed her pelvic muscles as strongly as she could without peeing all over her bedroom floor but the crayon was lodged at an angle. It wasn’t going to come out. As carefully as she could, she stumbled to her feet and painfully hobbled to her father’s room. He was in the shower. Staggering into the master bathroom, she leaned her weight onto the glass door to the oversized shower.

“Daddy, I need your help.”

“Is this something your sister could help you with?”

“She’s the one that made the problem.”

“Can it wait until I’m done taking a shower?”

“No, I need you now. It hurts.”

“Alright. You want me out there or did you want to come in here.”

“I’m allowed in there?” she cooed.

“I’ve never said you weren’t.”

“I’ll go in there then since I need a shower too.”

Carefully, she disrobed her nightgown and opened the shower door. Stepping in slowly, she breathed hard breaths to accommodate the pressure. David leered at his eight year old daughter’s buck naked body as it slowly began glistening in the steam.

“Daddy, Kimberly put a crayon in my butt.”


“I can feel it. It hurts and I can’t push it out. I don’t know what to do.”

“Are you sure Kimberly did it, and that it is a crayon and not something more natural?”

“She told me she was playing with crayons down here,” she pushed her finger into the baby fat of her vagina, “when I was asleep.” Emily’s eyes struggled not to stare longingly at the rapidly growing erection of her father. She gulped as it twitched in her direction.

“Well,” he said turning the shower water off, “get down on your hands and knees and we’ll see if I can’t work it out.”

Emily embarrassingly complied, turning and softly kneeling down onto all fours. She looked back to watch her father repeat her just behind. Her daddy was now staring directly into her bare bottom, her spread butt cheeks, her tiniest butt hole, and her shimmering child vaginal bulge.

“Is the butt the only one with this crayon in it? Do I need to check any other holes first to stay hygienic?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Just to be safe. I don’t want any melting in me.”

“Okay than, I’ll check your vagina first.”

“Okay,” Emily squinted in pure discomfit.

That was then accompanied by amazing satisfaction as she felt her father’s massive finger press into her littlest virgin hole. It pushed further and further in forcing her vaginal walls out in accommodation. One inch in, two inches, three. Emily’s body quivered and she unwillingly moaned.

Pushing in as far as the springiness of her bulge would allow, David found the tip of his finger smooshing into his eight year old daughter’s cervix. She grunted lightly and her elbows quickly replaced her hands in holding her body up. He had never had his finger in something so hot and tight.

“I can’t hold my pee in anymore daddy,” she cried with utter shame.

David’s hand was soon engulfed in a hot stream of his child’s urine as she contracted her bladder. He spent twenty seconds watching and feeling the line of liquid pour from the slit of his daughter’s private part as he forced his still intruding hand up and out of the way of the stream. The liquid splashed into the shower floor, ultimately stopping too soon for the father’s enjoyment and too late for the child’s horror.

“I’m soo sorry daddy. I’m so sorry.” Emily was on the brink of tears.

“Shhhh, shhh. Just let me finish checking in here first. We all go pee, that’s just nature.”

His fingertip pressed a few more times involuntarily at the cervix of his daughter before he forced his finger down into a scoop, and as slowly as he could, rotated back and forth while pulling out of the suction from the little girl’s premature reproductive organ. It was the most unnecessary motion possible in a hole that stretched so much just for the width of a single finger, but David simply could not pass up such a once in ten lifetimes opportunity.

Slurping out, his eyes stared at the resealing crack as his finger quickly pressed into his lips and sucked the juices from it. There actually was a hint of crayon. Retreating from his mouth, he finished off with a good smell. He pulled that away just in time as his daughter looked back to him.

“No crayon in there.” His heart than skyrocketed as he just realized that he had paid no regard to the fact that his daughter was indeed eight. He had given no attention to the fact that he should have easily broken her hymen.

But he didn’t. With a scoop like that, there was no way a hymen could have survived. It must have been gymnastics he reasoned. He thought he might have remembered Kimberly telling him that Emily broke her hymen before. No way was she sexually active and he wasn’t about to put images of his eight year old pushing large dildo-like objects into her inside his head. His member was already an accidental rub away from shooting a line of cum up his body and onto his little girl’s rear end.

If Emily’s muscles weren’t shivering enough from the pressure inside her rectum and the anxiety of the situation, they were on the verge of collapsing after feeling the most massive, satisfying object of her life, reach into her reproductive organ and scoop her rapidly accumulating juices out. And she would never forget that feeling of intense pressure she felt pressing at the cap of her girlhood while her daddy was all the way inside her.

“Now are you sure you don’t have any other bathroom business that you need to do before I check this next hole. I don’t want to trigger anything else.”

“Daadddyyy…” Emily whined embarrassedly.

“Just making sure. Now you’re going to have to try and relax as much as possible.” He reached over for a bottle of conditioner. Popping the lid open, he poured a few globs onto the top of his daughter’s butt crack. Slowly, much of it made its way down to the tiniest hole where he then used his index finger to massage a ring around it.

Emily tried her hardest not to moan at the feeling. Slowly, she could feel his spiral motion decrease in size until he was just barely moving directly on top of her butt hole. Then she felt him pressing in. She quickly lost the battle to moaning as her daddy squeezed his first finger joint into her anus. It stopped momentarily, then sleuthed in further to the second joint.

Emily couldn’t decide if it wasn’t long enough or too long that it took for the entire finger to enter her body. And then she felt him swimming around inside her like a fish.

“Uuuuuh,” she cried as she felt the crayon inside her move.

“Yep, you definitely have something in here.


David was rotating the crayon around her bowels trying to hold some sort of grip on it with a single finger.

“UUUUUGH!” Emily sparked. Her daddy was forcing a second finger inside her. Her body naturally tried pushing both out but through sheer power, they completely disregarded what it had to say.

With two fingers inside his eight year old daughter’s rectum, David latched onto the crayon and slowly began his withdrawal.


For ten seconds he pulled gently out of his child, and with almost a little wet pop, he was out.

Emily remained motionless for several seconds while gathering her breath. David stared hopelessly at the child’s sphincter as it slowly pulsed back into a relaxing dot. Her little puffy vaginal lips glistened underneath from the oozing conditioner. And whether or not real, in his imagination, there was a little unknown liquid leaking just from the little crack between them.

“Lavender,” he said regaining focus in his eyes. “Well, I guess you can put this back in your crayon box if you want. Or we can buy you some new crayons with Kimberly’s allowance.”

“I like the second idea,” Emily said with a small pant.

“Just be happy that you stopped using the giant crayons a few years ago. I’m going to have a talk with your sister about this.”

“Please do. But I think we both need a shower right now.”

“Agreed,” David said as he struggled to get back up on his feet. Watching his daughter do the same, he turned the shower water back on.

“Thank you so much daddy,” Emily said as she reached up for a hug from him. David complied with her outstretched arms and bent forward to hug her.

Emily latched onto his necked and painfully jumped up. To keep from falling forward, her father had to reluctantly pull back up, bringing her with him.

“It feels so much better now. Really weird though,” she said to his face.

David really wasn’t comfortable with the position he was in. His rock hard, ready to inseminate cock was inches below his eight year old’s vagina. With Emily wrapping her legs around his torso, the hole between her legs had never been so inviting.

Emily gave a peck on her father’s lips and using the shower water as a lubricant, slid down his chest.

“Honey, no,” he struggled to get out just before Emily felt her private part make contact with the head of her father’s. Her eyes immediately bugged out and stared to her daddy’s. “Honey,” he breathed heavily trying to hold onto control, “I think it’s time to stop hugging daddy.”

Emily slid down a tiny bit further. Both of them were involuntarily moving their hips to correctly align each other.

“Sweetie,” he pleaded. David’s arms had no strength left in them. Emily’s did though.

With what little strength she had, she pushed herself slowly ever downwards. They had reached perfect alignment and there was plenty enough of her girl liquid, her father’s precum, shower water, and wandering conditioner to almost effortless guide the mammoth organ into the tiniest one under the weight of a naked, wet, eight year old girl.

“Honey, noh,” was all David had in him. He wanted to protect her more than he wanted to have sex with her, but only enough more that he could only weakly tell her to stop.

“I love you this much daddy,” she squinted at the halfway point. Though for her the halfway point was when the ballooning head of his penis began forcing the child cervix of hers, deeper into her body. The child had never felt so stretched out in her life. Every littlest square millimeter in her pelvis was crammed with either her own mashed together tissues or her daddy’s super duper tightly squeezed in penis. She felt everything of him. It really did almost hurt in how full she felt. It was very much possibly too snug of a fit.

“I can’t hold it anymore sweetie. I’m so sorry.”

“Mmmmmh,” The little girl could feel the increase in size and heat in the pipe impaling her just before eruption. She groaned hard as she felt a hot liquid break at her cervical wall, filling her insides completely. More and more pumped into her body. “Daddy,” she cried, “I love you so much. Thank you so much daddy.”

David’s face fell to his child’s scalp. His eyes glazed over and shut as he inhaled her extra prepubescent smell. So much of his seed poured into her body.

What was happening to him? He was inseminating his eight year old daughter, and it felt so far beyond the simple word, ‘amazing.’ He wanted it to never stop. To cum forever inside her body. To never have to come out of the high that made it too easy to feel so good in what he was doing.

But as always, his sperm slowed and eventually became a slow pulse, just barely adding more liquid to the shot glass amount that was contained inside the second grader’s vaginal canal.

Moments after he stopped filling her, he could feel the undeniably warm glue leaking back out of her and over his balls. He had yet to even begin shrinking.

“Daddy, I’ll never tell anybody. Don’t worry. Thank you so much daddy.”

Emily was slowly lifted off of her impaler. She eagerly looked down to see the milky white fluid pouring back out of her onto her daddy’s penis. Her father was trembling as he pulled her from his body and set her onto the ground. She immediately tugged her chest into his twitching penis and hugged him as hard as she could.

“I love you so much daddy. So so much.”

David dropped to his knees to look his daughter in the face.

“Honey, I’m so sorry.”

“Daddy, I liked it. I want it more. I know it makes you feel good too. That’s how much I love you, but even more.”

“Sweetie, we’ll talk about this later, okay. Just for now, let’s forget about it. Let’s not tell anyone what happened.”

“I won’t. I promise. Not even Kimberly.”

“Okay sweetie?” he asked for assurance with tears in his eyes.

“I promise daddy,” she gave her most serious expression.

“I do love you sweetie,” he said taking her forehead into his lips.

“I love you too daddy.” Emily wondered if daddy was like this after Kimberly’s first time. She remembered him being kind of like this once before after he got really mad and accidentally hit her really hard. It did hurt a lot, but she was more surprised than in pain because it had never happened before. Things returned to normal that time quickly enough though once she proved that she had forgiven him, even though she never blamed him.

Both of them returned to taking a shower in silence. Emily said all she had to say and decided the rest of what she could do to help him was to show him that she was happier than ever through how she acted. She frequently played with the cum that still oozed from her reclosing vagina both while her father was watching and while he wasn’t. By the end of the shower, she had watched his penis regain half its stature after shrinking but it was clear there was something preventing it from growing any more.


Emily hobbled into the living room and sat down by her older sister wearing a giant smile.

“Why’re you so happy, and walking funny?” Kimberly asked.

Then their father walked into view holding out a crayon.

“Uh oh,” she muttered.

“I just removed this from your little sister’s butt,” their father said in a not so happy tone of voice.

“I didn’t mean for it to go all the way in,” Kimberly defended.

“Did you expect her not to notice it was in there?”

“I didn’t know, it’s a small crayon.”

“She’s a very small girl,” he said seriously.

“And daddy’s fingers are very big,” Emily squinted. Kimberly looked to her putting the story together and guessed what the limp was for.

“I thought it would just pass with time,” she said in more defense.

“It got lodged inside her at an angle.”

“Daddy had to check my other place to make sure you didn’t leave anything in there either,” Emily bragged. Now Kimberly was almost certain as to why her little sister looked like she just lost her virginity.

“May I ask what provoked such actions?”

Kimberly looked to her sister. It didn’t seem she had released the information about the pictures.

“It was just a joke. I just wanted to see her reaction when she woke up. But when I was putting a second crayon into, that, area, the first went mostly in and so I pulled the other out to get a better grip on the first, but it got sucked in while I was pulling the other out. Then I got scared so I stopped the joke and left.”

Both girls couldn’t help but notice the growing bulge in their father’s pants. Two young sisters whose practical jokes involved putting objects up the other’s privates was definitely something for the imagination.

“Well, your allowance is buying her a new box of crayons. And do not put anything else into your sister’s body without her conscious permission.”

“Daaad, it’s not like I liked it,” Kimberly fought.

“Daddy, can we go out for seafood for dinner?” Emily asked.

“Alright, and Kimberly’s allowance can pay for your meal as well.”


“Did you seriously think that what you did was worth a four dollar box of crayons?” he said firmly.

“No,” Kimberly’s voice trailed.

David threw the crayon onto Kimberly’s lap and left the room.

“Ew,” she jumped, flicking it to her little sister.

“You should do that more often,” Emily smiled.

“Bet it hurt when he reached in your butt,” Kimberly whispered back patronizingly.

“A little. There were other feelings as well.”

“Well, it’s going to be ten times worse when he goes inside your vagina with his penis.”

“I doubt it. His finger went inside pretty easily. It got easier the wetter I got. That wetness really helps. Plus he scooped his finger in me stretching me even more than three of my fingers, maybe four, and it felt amazing, not painful.”

“Yeah, you just wait until something three or four times that size goes in and is moving really fast. Going slow is easy. Going fast sometimes even wears me down and I’m fifteen.”


Eating out, Emily made sure to get enough food, mainly lobster and onion rings, to bring home another meal for herself later and as with the ride there, got to sit in the front seat on the way home. Kimberly though put this seating arrangement to her advantage.

Sitting directly behind her sister, she lifted her skirt up and casually removed her panties while on the highway. The summer sky was darkening, but still had plenty enough light to let her father get a perfect view of what was going on in the readjusted rear view mirror. Pulling a thick permanent marker from her purse, she pistoned it slowly in and out of her body. David had a very hard time keeping his eyes on the road.

Emily wasn’t as stupid as the stereotypical eight year old. She saw her father’s eyes looking back to her sister and just satisfied herself with getting a nice long look at his hard on, imagining herself hugging him with her crotch grinding his. From the overeating, her eyelids waned and waxed through half asleep fantasies of similar daydreams.

At home, Emily was eventually sent to bed at her bedtime but she forced herself to stay awake until she later climbed into her father’s bed after he had situated himself.

“Honey,” he groaned.

“You promised.”

“Alright. But we’re just going to sleep.”


It didn’t take much time at all for Emily to fall unconscious. It was a restless sleep though. After what had happened that afternoon, sleeping in the same bed as her daddy just wasn’t the same. She woke up in the dead of night sweating.

She was facing her sleeping father. Delicately, she removed the panties from her legs and uncovered her body from her nightdress. Both of them fell to the floor by the bed. She was chilly and burning up all at once. Buck naked under the same covers as her sleeping father. Her frame longed for contact with him. She needed to feel her skin on his.

But she couldn’t wake him up. Slowly her hands traveled down to his boxers. Her fingers poked inside the front hole. His organ was soft, limp, and lifeless. It was a fascinating toy to her touch. It was something she recently started doing on occasion whenever she could win sleeping time with him. So slowly, it grew bigger and bigger. Within minutes, it was hard. Not as hard as before that day, but it was hard. Her daddy shifted.

The little girl quickly flipped her body around facing the other way and pretended to be sleeping. After a momentary silence, he shifted again, this time taking her in his grip and pulling her snugly into a spooning position. His hips wriggled around until Emily could feel his member slide up the length of her slit. She exhaled as silently as she could and waited. This was definitely a first.

It seemed that the half-sleep that her father had woken up into had faded back into full sleep. Tediously, she could feel the shaft of the penis that was pulling up into her girl crack, softening. Her fingers quickly fell down her body to stop it before her mind even debated what to do.

She stroked it up and down slowly. It was so soft and warm. Shifting her body up some, she pulled at the head of his penis and pushed it into the crack of her vagina. She couldn’t believe what she was doing but for some reason, she couldn’t force herself to stop. Always, she just wanted to see what happened a little bit further along.

Humping back and forth, she gently forced the spongy mushroom into the entrance of her canal. Her heart was pounding wildly. It barely fit where it was. He seemed so much bigger now, or her so much smaller.

She tried pushing her weight onto him but he wouldn’t enter her past a single inch. She didn’t know how to make him go deeper. She so badly wanted to have what she did in the shower earlier. But it still felt so good the way it was. She had to settle, and was beyond grateful for what she was getting then.

Her pelvis gyrated onto the tip of his member as the ends of her fingers gently caressed the shaft. The feeling was amazing. It was like she was sticking half her knuckles into the lips of her child vagina and grinding them around; except this was a smooth as silk, boiling hot penis that belonged to her very own daddy.

Soon her fingers moved to neglect her father and worked out their restlessness on the outreaching, tiniest button north of what she sat on. Not long after that piercing pleasure, her gyrations doubled in speed. She could feel the head of her daddy poking just a tiny bit further in. Her pelvis was radiating massive amounts of heat and she could feel her wetness reach the side of her bottom leg.

It continued for one minute, two minutes, five minutes, almost ten straight minutes. Her muscles were becoming sore but the sensations running through her nervous system had never been so erratic. She had never been able to feel like she was just then at any time by herself.

Sporadically, the tips of her fingers on her clitoris tensed outward with involuntary force and the eight year old resorted to palming herself. Her father’s sex now reached over one inch inside her body. The entire surface of her skin was perspiring the liquid scent of child eroticism; the aroma leaking from under the blanket out over the faces of the two occupants of the bed was of daddy/daughter intercourse. Emily didn’t know what it was in the air but it was nevertheless purely intoxicating.

The little girl had reached the ten minute mark. Never in her life had she masturbated for so long with such intensity. Her body had to stop soon from muscle exhaustion but she could feel a balloon inside her getting bigger and bigger. It was always getting larger and she needed to find out how large it would go. But it was almost too big and she was becoming scared of what might happen soon. She had never gone this far.

Her silent pants quickly enough broke into audible ones. The pocket between her and her father’s legs had to have been creating wavelike mirages from the scorching, humid temperatures.

The child probably could have forced herself another two inches onto the impregnating pipe she ground, her body was so beyond ready, but that was outside of her mind. The movements she performed on the very organ that was used to create her own life were monotonous and numbing in their speed and angst. It was something that created so much background pleasure to what her fingers and palm did to her foreground senses, and only stopping and relaxing her aching, moaning muscles would reveal how much she so desperately needed it.

Emily’s frame began tensing tighter and tighter as the balloon inside her belly grew bigger and bigger. She wanted to cry, it was exerting so much pressure. So much washed over her mind. So many numb emotions and ideas.

And then, as if turning the hot bath water on, something in her body burst. The balloon popped. A long and quite audible groan poured from the little girl’s mouth as her pelvis twitched and jerked on her father’s penis. She had never felt like this before. She didn’t quite know what was happening. Was this what her sister meant for what big kids feel at the end of masturbating? Did this mean she was a big kid now?

It was the most amazing orgasm of sensations she had ever experienced. Ecstasy in its purest form. Her eight year old vaginal canal shaking in contractions around the head of her father’s sex. A thick milky liquid almost pumped from her convulsions, teaspoons of it came from the graduated second grader and washed onto her daddy’s penis, smeared down and dripped to her leg. Some was forced into the hole at the tip of his organ from the insane pressure her littlest child ductwork exerted outward.

The palm of Emily’s hand was pressing so hard into herself that she could actually feel the top of her father’s penis inside her body with it. Everything felt beyond euphoric. Was this sex? She didn’t know; she didn’t care. She loved being a big kid!

By the time she realized her father was squeezing her chest with incredibly tense strength, her body had already began falling limp with exhaustion. It was futile to protest that she hadn’t woken her father up with the show.

Not knowing what else to do, Emily drew her body up, slurping her glazed vaginal lips from their hugging grip around her daddy. She shivered at the feeling of herself slowing closing back in on herself.

David remained motionless, quivering and pulling off every mental defense to not cum right then and there. Had he woken up even twenty seconds before he did, his elementary school child would right now be oozing out a pocket of his sperm that latched on for life at the entrance to her womb. Had the little girl not just slurped herself free from his molesting organ, in the most minute movements, he would be getting ready to make up the lost time.

It was more a curse than a blessing for David. Instead of release, he now held his naked eight year old daughter under his arm with nothing but pure and passionate lustful sex on his mind. If he couldn’t somehow force himself to sleep as soon as possible, he honestly didn’t know whether or not he would rape his child before the sun rose.

Emily soon fell asleep in her father’s extra tight, vibrating grip. She was just way too worn down to do anything more and since her daddy wasn’t saying anything, she wouldn’t either.


David woke up early in the morning. Feeling his naked daughter still in the touch of his fingers, he rolled from the bed as silently as he could, trying to hold back his muscle spasms. On the floor, he curled up into a ball and nearly cried.

Everything came back to his mind and the more he couldn’t stop thinking about it, the sooner he had to leave the room to keep his little girl safe. Crawling out the door, he stumbled to his feet and made for Kimberly’s bedroom.

She wasn’t there. He almost dashed downstairs. Frantically he searched for his daughter. He needed her. He needed something. Before he knew it, in the empty house, his unconscious mind had brought him back to his bedroom. It seemed he had no control over his body, barely as if he could recognize time. By the point he regained power, he was already pulling the covers off his naked eight year old.

Walking around the bed, he stared at her tiny, fragile body. Never in his life had he been so sexually excited. He needed to cum but for some reason in his mind at that time, masturbating with his hand was blasphemous. He sat down on the mattress and scanned from her cutest little face, down her flattest chest, smallest tummy, and lingered on her most childlike sex toy, tucked between her two littlest closed legs.

He wanted to lick her, suck her, kiss her, put his mouth on every square inch of her cutest little body and then repeat the process with his cock. Before he came out of thought, he had already unconsciously pushed the child onto her back. The view was greater than looking down from a mountain range into a prairie after an early morning rain; rainbows and pollen filling the glowing air as herbivores wake up and begin grazing on the temperate grasses. The female body was the very last thing God crafted, after seven days of throwing the universe together, he spent countless more mulling over the fine details of his greatest creation. The one that even his own Angels fell victim to the beauty of.

David’s shirt was off before he realized it. Before he could make the impossible decision, his boxers were off as well and he was half curled up next to his child. Her smell was a drug to his nose. He wanted to put his mouth on her so bad and suck the dried sweat from her pores.

In all his deliberations, he eliminated all of the most innocent things he could do to her. Simple touching, kissing, or even as depraved as licking, all lead to a higher probability of waking her up. If she woke up, he wouldn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what she would do. All he thought about was keeping her asleep. And the easiest way to do that was to maintain minimal contact. Unfortunately, that was also the most defiling way.

He couldn’t understand how he had come to find himself now hovering his naked body over his daughter’s. Why was he spreading her little legs open? Why was the tip of his penis distorting the perfect shapes of the lips between those legs?

“Sweetie,” he whispered almost in a cry, “I’m just going to do the same thing you did last night. That’s all.”

The only good thing David could see in how sexually tense he felt was that this would probably last no more than thirty seconds and then he could run away from his defiling thoughts. Thirty seconds of rubbing wouldn’t wake her up. He could cum all over her body too, then wipe her off with some tissues. She would never know. It was that easy. It was too easy. How often could he do it in the future?

David flexed his body in disgust. He would just do this and get it over with. Nothing more. Never again. Ever!

The head of his organ was being guided up and down the crack of his eight year old. He watched her lips bubble outward in a wave as he moved. His stomach pumped in rhythmically to the feeling. Thirty seconds turned into a minute. That turned into two minutes as he began feeling his child moisten. He frequently had to dramatically slow down or stop completely, sometimes pull off, and take deep breaths to keep from cumming. If he was only going to do this once, he wanted it to last forever.

Pushing his organ down to the base of her slit, he forced in as lightly as he had the will to. His eyes almost glazed over. He was penetrating his child. It was less than an inch, but oh how he was still that far inside of her. He was in control too.

How many father’s had dreamed of being even this far inside when their little girls were bouncing on their laps. Her naked body below his was a sight he tried imprinting into his memory forever. It was infinitely better than the pictures she had given him a year ago. She was aging so incredibly well.

By the time he had to stop again to keep from cumming, he gulped to himself seeing that he was now probably two inches inside his daughter. Any false hope for molestation charges went out the window with that. He was now full on raping her. He was raping an eight year old girl, his eight year old girl; but he couldn’t stop.

Silently, he made a pact to stop there. He pulled out to the lips and then reentered. He would have sex with the outer two inches of her. That would be all. His organ penetrated her just that much several more times. His arms getting tired, he reasoned that he should lower his weight to his elbows. He wouldn’t be able to see exactly how far he went in then so he would just have to pay attention to the feelings.

The closer view of his little girl’s face made him want to cry, but he wasn’t in his right mind. She was so innocent, but he could see that even in her sleep, she was feeling the pleasure.

David had to make more and more frequent stops to keep from inseminating his daughter. About the seventh stop in, he realized that in the apparent motionlessness, he was actually pushing deeper into her with incredible patience. Unfortunately, the thing that told him that, was a child’s cervix pushing right back at him.

David wanted to kill himself. He was fully penetrating his daughter. There was no more sexual this could get, this was the definition of sex at its core. That was it for him. No more stopping. He was going to make himself cum as soon as possible. He had crossed the line he originally set five minutes ago. No more stopping.

Slowly, he pulled out, but halted half way out, then pushed back in. He had to be as gentle as possible. Pressing into her capping wall again, he retreated back out. His body tensed harder and harder with each movement as he fought with all his physical strength to hold in his cum. His eyes closed as tightly as they could. His breathing beat hard from his mouth.

David thrust his hips as gently as he could into his daughter over and over and over again. He was surprised at how long he was holding back. He forced his mind on anything but what was happening. He had to savor the moment.

She was so tight, her tissues so milkily wet, so incredibly hot. Again and again he pistoned into her. It was all beyond amazing, yet he wanted to cry so badly. He was having sex with his eight year old daughter.

More, more, more. It was never enough. This was his one and only time. That was all he was allowed to do. He wanted to feel her so bad. With his eyes glued shut, it almost made it more acceptable. But he had to not; he couldn’t touch her.

“Daddy,” Emily cooed sleepily, with a definite hint of euphoria in her voice, “you’re drooling on my forehead.”

That was the end of thinking about anything but having sex with his child. The eruption of cum was boiling over now. The point of no return was coming ever closer.

“Daddyy…” Emily cooed again. In that note, David felt the base of his sex pressing into the hot soaking lips of his little girl. He had effectively pushed her cervix far enough up into her belly where he was now penetrating her with all of his length. “Daddyyyy…”

She was awake and he still raped her. He was doing everything in his power to ignore her quiet voice and just hurry up and cum in her. Just cum and get it over with.

David jerked and jabbed as deeply into her body he could. That was it. Semen shot from his member with a record force that was only comparable to his first time with Kimberly.

The pressure of his fauceting liquid bugged Emily’s eyes into the top of her head. She kept them there and used all of her mind to process the sensations she felt down there. She wanted to picture what was happening.

So much sperm filled the late second grader that just as it had the last time, it overflowed in bubbling globs; though this time, even as more was still being pumped in. It had felt like David was releasing all his libido after months of abstinence.

Slowly, as his faucet was turned down and then off, his pelvis was filled with sensations of thousands of disorganized butterflies and his balls with a not so inviting feeling of heaviness. He could feel the entirety of his shaft coated with his cum and his child’s lubrication, all still melting together inside the hole between her legs.

Emily was awake, there was no denying that. At least he could now touch her. And so he moved his arms in and took a hold of her shoulders.

“Daddy?...” Emily sighed with victory.

“I’m so sorry honey,” David said blindly to her. “Please forgive me.” He slurped in a string of saliva he felt falling from his lips. “Please let’s just keep this between you and me. I promise I’ll never do anything like this again. Please. I’m so sorry honey. Let’s just keep it a secret though.”

“Daddy, I think Kimberly already knows.”

David so reluctantly forced his eyes open where his head was drawn to the object at the doorway in his peripheral vision. Kimberly was staring at the two of them and she didn’t look very happy.




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better than the first one but the sex was dissapointing the crayon up her ass? could have been better. keep them cumming

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