A Brother Retruns Home To Visit Brother, and Family
The last time Harry had seen his bother Jess was about twelve years ago before he left for Saudi Arabia. Harry worked for a major oil company and had gone there because the money was good and he needed a change in his life. Upon his arrival back in the U.S. Harry contacted his brother just to let him know he was home. During their conversation, Jess asked Harry if he would mind taking care of their house, and watching over their two daughters Catlin and Tammy. The last time Harry had seen the girls, they were eight and ten. Since he wouldn't be going back to work for the oil company for at least a couple of months, Harry agreed to house sit for his brother.

Harry arrived the following week, eager to see his brother and his family. When Jess opened the door Harry could hardly believe his eyes. His brother looked great, and his wife Melissa looked as beautiful as she had twelve years ago. Harry was truly amazed at how his brothers girls had grown, and how beautiful they were. They were both beautiful blondes with trim athletic bodies, long sex legs, and sexy blue eyes. Harry had to remember that they were his nieces, although he could feel his cock starting to tingle.

Everyone sat around reminiscing, Jess and Melissa catching Harry up on all the family business. It seems that Jess and Melissa were nudists now, but had kept their clothes on so as not to shock Harry. They warned him that they girls though were another matter. They loved their nudity, and warned him not to be shocked if the girls ran around the house naked, they were not ashamed of their bodies. In fact, they encouraged Harry to give the life style a try, once he got used to it, he would never go back.

Harry laughed nervously, saying he'd have to think about it, but he'd be alright with the girls doing what they felt comfortable with. The next morning Jess and Melissa left for Hawaii telling Harry to have a good time and to take it easy on the girls. They were impetuous, but they were good girls. Harry bid them farewell, and told them not to worry about a thing. After they left, Harry settled down for a nice cup of coffee, while reading the newspaper. Just as he was getting into it, he heard a voice behind him say,

"Good morning Uncle Harry."

When Harry turned around his eyes nearly popped out of his head. There was Catlin and Tammy standing behind him totally naked. Their bodies were beyond beautiful, their breasts so damn firm, their pink nipples so damn hard and erect, and they pussies, two perfectly trimmed blonde bushes, staring him in the face. His cock was as hard as stone the second he laid eyes on them.

"What's the matter Uncle Harry, is something wrong."

"Ah no sorry, I'm just not used to see such beautiful young girls, totally naked right in front of me."

"Well, maybe you should get naked too, then we'd all be the same."

"Yes," Tammy chimed in, "You should get naked too, from the looks of that bulge between your legs, you must really be uncomfortable."

Harry could feel his face turning crimson as the girls giggled. Not knowing quite how to react to their boldness Harry laughed it off saying,

"Well thanks, but I'm just not quite ready for that yet, but I'll keep it in mind."

"OK suit yourself, you'll give in soon enough."

The girls turned and went upstairs to their room, leaving Harry to sit back and try to regain his composure. He tried to concentrate on the paper, but his cock was too busy throbbing, reminding him how long it had been since he'd been with a woman. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and went up to his bedroom where he closed the door and laid down on the bed. He took off his shorts and started stroking his cock. He tried not to visualize his Nieces, but he couldn't help it, the image of their supple nude bodies had forever been burned into his memory.

As he jacked off, he felt like he was being watched somehow, but he figured it was his imagination playing tricks on him. After several minutes he shout a huge load of cum into the air, a large dollop landing on his chest, the rest oozing down over his clenched fist. Afterward, Harry cleaned up and showered and returned down stairs. The girls came down a few minutes later saying they were going over to some friends house and they'd be home around ten. They both had a funny smirk on their faces like they'd seen something, but then that was impossible.

Since Harry had the house to himself with the girls being gone all day he though he'd try lounging around the house naked all day, sort of getting used to the idea. Later that morning Harry decided to go out and clean the patio. As he was working, enjoying his nudity, he heard a voice behind him. He turned to see a sultry looking red head, with a dynamite body, and naked as well.

"Hi I'm Lila, I live next door."

"I see you're into nudism as well."

"Hello I'm Harry...Jess's brother, and I was giving the nudity thing a shot."

"Well you look fine to me Harry."

Harry couldn't help staring at this red haired beauty. She had nice tits, and a thick fiery red bush. She walked forward staring down at Harry's now rigid cock saying,

"You know...I have some time before I have to leave for work, what do you say we get to know one another better?"

"Wow, you don't waste much time do you."

"Harry, when I see a cock as nice as yours, why waste time socializing....let's fuck shall we?"

Before Harry could answer, Lila had his cock in her hand as she knelt down and started sucking him, swirling her tongue around the thick head, while she held his balls in her hand. It didn't take long for Harry to shoot a load down Lila's throat.

"Sorry, it's been a while since I've been with a woman."

"They have different rules in Saudi Arabia, so getting laid isn't very easy."

"Poor man, let me help you then."

Harry and Lila laid down on a lounge chair, where Lila lowered her pussy onto Harry's face. Although her bush was nice and thick, she had shaved around her labia making access to her charms much easier. Her lips were wet and swollen just begging to be sucked. Harry licked and sucked Lila's pussy and clit, making her cum numerous times while she tugged at her nipples. Lila leaned forward, her tits in Harry's face, as she backed down allowing Harry's half erect cock, rubbing her pussy up and down his thickening cock. Once he was hard again, Lila reached down and eased his cock into her pussy. Lila started humping Harry as he sucked her nipples, and squeezed her breasts.

Harry was beside himself with lust, it had been so long since he'd had his cock in a tight pussy, or any pussy for that matter. One thing was for sure, he didn't need any Viagra or anything else for that matter. After a few minutes, Harry had Lila move over to the patio table where he had Lila lean over the table, his hands on her hips, and began slamming his cock into her pussy. Lila was moaning, encouraging Harry to give her all he had. Harry's balls were slapping her cheeks as he continued fucking her hot pussy. Harry felt his balls tighten, and that burning sensation just before he came. LIla told Harry to pull out and cum on her ass. Harry waited until the last possible second, then pulled out and shot his load, all over her ass.

Afterward Lila thanked Harry, saying she had to leave for work, but looked forward to seeing him soon. Harry agreed and telling her it was he that needed to thank her. Lila kissed him and then left for work. Harry piddled around the house cleaning and so on for the better part of the afternoon. He went to bed around ten sleeping like a log, happy and relaxed after his great fuck session with Lila. The next morning Harry awoke and found a note from the girls saying they were going to the beach with friends and not to wait up. Harry spent the day lazing around, not doing much of anything. He was a little disappointed that Lila wasn't around, but he'd find something to do.

After raiding the fridge it was nearing seven in the evening. He decided to go out by the pool and have a beer, then go skinny dipping. As he relaxed in the lounge chair enjoying his beer, Harry nodded off. Harry woke when he felt something tickling his cock. He opened his eyes to see Catlin running her fingers up and down his stiff cock, and Tammy with her fingers between her legs. Harry freaked out, yelling at the girls, asking them what they were doing. Both girls teared up, and Tammy started to cry. Now Harry felt like shit, telling Catlin and especially Tammy he was sorry. Catlin looked at Harry's still hard cock saying they'd had a terrible day at the beach, and that they were really horny and needed a cock, and since his was so nice and hard.....

"But I'm you Uncle girls."

"So, don't you find us attractive?"

"Of course, but I'm your Uncle...don't you get it."

"Ya, you don't want us."

"No of course I do....I mean....oh know what I mean...don't you?"

"Come on Uncle Harry, we're women, and we like to fuck."

"I'm sure you probably need it, so what's the problem?"

As Harry tried to answer, Catlin knelt down taking his cock and sliding it into her mouth. Before Harry could react, Tammy crossed her leg over him, resting on his chest. Harry tried to stop them, but the feeling of the warm mouth on his cock, and Tammy's neatly trimmed bush, and swollen pussy lips were too much for Harry to resist. As Catlin started deep throating him, Tammy scooted up, pushing her pussy against his lips. Harry muttered,

"Oh what the fuck, I can't help it."

While Catlin ran her tongue up and down her Uncle's cock like it was a lollipop, Tammy was leaning back while Harry ran his tongue up and down her wet slip, sliding his tongue between her lips, and tongue fucking her. Tammy was moaning so loud that Harry was afraid someone might hear, but he couldn't stop. In the meantime, Catlin had taken Harry to the limit, stopping just in time before he shot his load down her throat. Catlin moved onto the lounge chair, lowering her pussy down onto her Uncle's cock, while Tammy turned around, and leaned forward, her pussy and ass in her Uncle's face.

Tammy started licking Catlin's pussy, and her Uncle's cock the minute it appeared from inside Catlin's pussy. Harry in the mean time, began running his tongue over Tammy's ass, her cheeks parted as he moved from her ass to her pussy and back again. He felt Tammy pull his cock from Catlin's pussy and start sucking him, only to stuff it back inside Catlin's pussy again. Harry started rimming Tammy's ass, pushing her over the edge again as she ground her ass into his face. He could hear Catlin cumming as well.

Next, Tammy traded places with Catlin, lowering her pussy onto her Uncle's cock, while Catlin's ass was in his face. Like he had done with Tammy, Harry started running his tongue up and down Catlin's ass, teasing her brown eye, penetrating it, and then licking her pussy. Tammy was Catlin were insatiable, both fucking him like he had never been before. Finally he couldn't take it any longer, telling Tammy he was about to cum.

Tammy and Catlin got down, on their knees, each taking turns sucking his cock until Harry exploded. His cum shot into the air, landing on his chest, the rest oozing from the top of his cock. The girls made quick work of cleaning their Uncle up, lapping up all the residual cum before they retired to their rooms, but not before thanking their Uncle for a great time. Harry thanked them and went in and showered and went to bed. As he laid there, Harry thought he should be feeling remorse or something, yet all he could feel was his cock getting hard again just think about what had transpired. Harry finally dosed off and fell asleep.

Harry woke up the next morning blurry eyed and in need of some coffee. As he walked past Catlin's room he heard something that sounded like moaning. Curious he opened the door and found Catlin and Tammy in a hot 69. He stood there watching as his cock started growing hard as he looked on. After several minutes, both girls started cumming, squealing and moaning as their morning orgasm made both girls shudder. Catlin was the first to see Harry standing in the doorway with a raging hard on.

"Good morning Uncle Harry, come join us, we could use a nice hard cock."

"Oh I don't know girls."

Tammy piped up, "Please, at least let us suck it, you know you want us to."

Tammy was right, Harry was so damn horny watching those two that a nice blow job would feel good. He walked into the room, both girls wanting his cock. Catlin won out, taking Harry's cock down her throat as he got on the bed and leaned back against the headboard. Catlin and Tammy started sharing their Uncle cock, each taking turns sucking him, and licking his cock as they fingered their pussies. Harry leaned back on the bed as the girls continued their oral assault. Harry could feel himself starting to cum, when his cock suddenly spasmed, each girl taking turns swallowing his load and licking up the residue. Harry jumped when Tammy squealed,

"Look at the time Cat, we're going to be late if we don't hurry."

"Hurry for what?" Harry asked.

"Oh we're going to the mountains for the weekend with some friends at their parents cabin."

"And is there going to be an adult around to keep an eye on things?"

"Yup, Billy's parents will be there....see you later Uncle Harry."

Harry went down and made himself some breakfast and waived goodbye as the girls rushed out of the house. Later that day, Harry's brother Jess and his wife Melissa arrived home from Hawaii. Harry was still naked and was about to get up and run when he remembered that Jess and Melissa were nudists.

"Well Harry, I see the girls must have convinced you to give nudity a try."

"Oh ya, the girls are very convincing, and quite adept at making a point."

"Well great, we're glad to see you and the girls had a good time; now Melissa and I can get out of our clothes, and relax."

When Melissa came down after changing, Harry could see where the girls got the sexy bodies from. Melissa was still drop dead gorgeous, and hand a body that was amazing. Harry noticed Melissa staring at his crotch when Jess came into the room. Melissa smiled saying,

"Look Jess, Harry's cock is just as big and fat as yours is, maybe a little bigger."

"Ya well, big cocks run in the family, right Harry."

"Ah ya, I guess so."

Jess told Harry that he and Melissa used to be in the swinging life style, although they toned it down quite a bit. Now they only swing with a select friend or two. Then Melissa smiled and told Harry that if he ever wanted to have a threesome with her and Jess to let them know. Jess piped up,

"Ya bro, it's cool with me, just let us know."

Harry nodded, a little surprised yet nothing could really surprise him after a week with the girls. Harry told his brother and Melissa that he would give the idea some serious thought then asked,

"You know, I really like Lila next door...if she and I were to get together, would you guys consider adding her to the fun?"

Melissa nodded, "Sure...Jess and I really like her, and we've gotten together with her a couple of times in a threesome."

"See where it goes Harry, and let us know."

That night Harry decided he was going to see about getting together with Lila, and who knows where that could lead. Time will tell.

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