My fantasy finally came true today, over 20 years later.
When I was just dating my now wife "Beth" back in the 80's I had fantasies of seeing my mother in-law naked.
My fantasy finally came true today, over 20 years later.

Lets start from the beginning. When I was like 21 dating Beth we would watch tv on the sofa. My father in-law was never home or already in bed. My mother in law would come out to the living room after her shower in a thin over size shirt that barely covered her big fat round ass. I could see her huge tits right threw the shirt.
I couldn't help myself but look, she was HOT. She's a Big lady, not fat. She's 6' maybe 165lbs nice long legs ,Big saggy tits and what a ASS. I look at her and just want to FUCK the shit out of her .
Today I had to help her move from her double wide to our house, because my father in law died a couple months ago.
Beth didn't want her to be alone, so she's moving into our kids old bedroom since he moved out.
She wore a low cut t-shirt and tight jeans. When she bent over I either got a good view of her big round ass or
cleavage. I was getting very Horne, Like most married men .
My wife and I only have sex once a month. I need it a lot more than that, but Beth always has a excuse.
I told my Mother in law, I hope Beth is as hot as you when she's your age. She said Oh that's nice,
come here putting her arms out, she gave me a big hug pressing her huge tits ageist my chest. I got a instant hard on.
She looked me deep in the eyes and said, I'm sure she will. You guys probably do it all the time since Bobby (my son)
moved out. I said "No" We do it like once a month if I'm Lucky. She said "Oh that's not fair" She told me your a real
tiger in bed. I said "I try" Then she said come here let me see. She started kissing me hard on the lips darting her
tongue in my mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening. I wanted her so bad, I grabbed her tits, then ripped her
shirt off and sucked those huge tits. I was panting with desperation. I pulled her to the couch and pulled her pants
off and started eating her hairy pussy, her juices were dripping down my chin. She said, I want you inside me now.
I took all my cloths off, I put my dick at the entrance of her love nest and pushed it in. She was wet and tight.
I held her by each ass cheek and slammed my cock deep into her pussy. She told me "Shoot your load inside me, I want to
feel it." Before the words left her mouth I shot my wad deep into her. I couldn't believe I just fucked my mother in law.
I told her, I can't wait till you move in with us, we have to keep this as our little secret. She said "I don't think
Beth will mind" I said "Are you kidding me" She said "Beth told me and I quote "Since dad died you can have sex with
Christopher, he has a high sex drive and I don't want him having sex with someone else he may leave me for"
I was jumping for joy.

Sex with MIL again

Since my first sexual experiance with my mother in law(see first story) I wanted to make sure my wife was cool with it because she was moving
in with us . So one night before we went to sleep , I asked her. SHe said , Hun after 20 years of marrage I'm really getting tired
of you begging/ asking for sex. You want it all the time. I do not. When I want it you'll get it so don't ask. Now you can bug my
mom when she moves in. I can't believe you find her attractive. Your sick. I said she reminds me of a older version of you
She said OK I'll take that as a complement now go to sleep. I said, So it's OK if I fool around with your mom? She said , Yes
but don't let anyone know esspecially our family members find out. It's just sex.If anyone gets wind ITS OVER.
Last month my MIL moved into my sons old room. The first night she got out of the shower like back in the day, thin oversize
shirt (no bra) barly covering her big ass. She plopped down on the couch and crossed her long legs. My mouth was watering.
Her nipples poking out. I waNTED TO DO HER RIGHT THERE. But, we just watched TV. We watched CSI and my wife said, I'm falling asleep
on the couch, I'm going to bed. Good Night. As soon as she got to her room my MIL looked at me and hiked up her shirt to show me her
pantiless pussy. She started fingering herself. I couldn't help myself, I dove right into her pussy and licked her from her clit to
asshole. She was scratching the back of my head, she loved it, I felt her juices running down my chin. I worked my way to her tits and
started sucking away. She grabbed my rock hard cock and said "Oh what a big boy" she turned around and sucked my cock with her ass burried in
my face in a 69 possition. I couldn't hold out anymore and I shot my load all over the place. She never stoped sucking and licking
my shaft. I said " I can get another one. She said "I'm done too, lets just go to bed, we'll do it again soon don't worry.

Third time we did it :

Wife didn't want to have Sex so I woke up my MIL:
I had no intention on fucking my MIL . Last week was hot. We all went to bed and I could not fall asleep because it was too hot. We never had Air Conditioning , fans always seem to work. Another reason I could not fall asleep I had a raging hard on. So I was rubbing on my wife’s sweet ass, she quickly told me NO. Go to sleep. I said , I can’t I want you . She said, forget it it’s too hot and I’m not in the mood. Go downstairs and play with your self or something. So I got out of bed with my cock sticking out of my boxers. I passed my MIL room and opened the door to see if she was up reading or something. She was dead asleep on her belly, no covers on butt naked. Just like the picture in my photo stream. I knew she was sleeping because she snores like a train. I went to the bathroom and oiled up my cock . I went to her room to jerk off while looking at her sweet ass. I bent over smelled her feet, that’s when I lost control. I just got on the bed , slipped my cock in-between her big thighs into her cunt. I grabbed both her tits and started fucking her like a dog. That’s when she woke up. OH Chris she said you startled me. Oh that feels good, send it home son. I flipped her over and fucked her while I sucked her toes, her tits bouncing back and forth. She was loving it, Cum for mommy Chris. That’s when I lost it I pulled out and came all over her chubby belly. I just fell on her and held her sweaty cum covered body ageist mine. That’s when my cock started getting hard again because she kept stoking it. She said it doesn’t look like he’s done. She got on all fours and started sucking cum off my cock. Oh it felt so good, She got on top of me and road me like a bucking bronco. Then she turned around with her ass facing me and told me to spank her fat ass while she plowed me. Oh God that was Hot watching my cock going in and out. She turned around again , I grabbed both cheeks of her fat ass , as she road me faster and faster. It felt like 10 min but it was a lot longer, I shot my second load deep in her pussy. That’s when she fell on top of me breathing so hard I was afraid she was going to have a heart attack. Her sweaty tits against my hairy chest. After about a half hour of heavy breathing she said, we better get some sleep. So I got up said good night and went back to bed to my snoring sound asleep wife.

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My mother in law walked in on me jerkin off and was amazed of how big my dick was and told me on several occasions she has watched me through the window so I busted a move she declined but I forced fucked her and when I was done she squirted for the first time now when I want it she gives it

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