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Young girl finds out it's not nice to tease a man
She teased me one to many times ..

This story is fiction . None of the people are real . Please forgive any spelling erors .

It started with simple bending over in front of me with very short skirts and bikinis .
One day I was sitting on the back deck of the house when Sherry came out of the house with a thong style bikini on she is a beautiful young girl . She’s 16 years old with the body of a 25 year old perfect 26 c breasts and a ass you could bounce a quarter off of , perfect 10 in every way , just like her mother , who I happened to be engaged to . Let me describe myself , I’m 31 years old 6 ft tall and around 180 lbs . blond hair and blue eyes with a six pack stomach . I work out at the gym 4 times a week and run every day , I drive a truck for a locale store delivering furniture to peoples houses so I get a work out then to . Sherry is going to be my step daughter when me and Alisa get married that’s her mom and identical twin I guess you could say . They are so much alike in physical features it’s scary , both have jet black hair and beautifully shaped ass’s , Alisa’s tits are a little larger 34 d but fit her body very well .

Sherry came out of the house and came over to me and said hi daddy and bent over and kissed me on the lips , a playful kiss , ok it was a tease kind of kiss . Then she said she was gonna go for a swim and asked if I wanted to join her . I said I didn’t think it was a good idea for me to go into the pool with her in that skimpy bathing suit , she replied oh well your loss and dove into the pool . I watched the whole time as she walked over to the pools edge and dove in , my god I was thinking that girl is gonna be the death of me . Sherry swam around for a while then climbed out and came back over to me and sat on my lap . She was soaking wet and just giggled and wiggled her almost naked ass on my crotch giving me an instant erection . I knew she felt it do to the fact it’s almost 11 inches long and 4 inches wide , she just giggled and said I guess you like my new bikini .

I said to her please get off my lap before you end up , then stopped myself from saying what I wanted , she immediately snapped back and said , and what am I gonna be ? What are you gonna do to me if I keep grinding your hardon ? Are you gonna spank me or fuck me ?
I just sighed and said go in the house you little tease. She just smiled and went inside , I thaught my god if she keeps this up I’m not gonna be responsible for my actions . About an hour later I was watching the news when Sherry walked into the living room with a very short skirt on and no panties , she walked right in front of me and bent over to get something off the coffee table , thas when I saw she didn’t have any panties on underneath her skirt . My god I said , what the fuck are you trying to prove ? That you’re a slut or something or a bitch in heat ? She just smiled and said I know you want to fuck me , but you cant because my mom would kill you , then she stood up and started to walk away when I grabbed her arm and pulled on top of my lap and forced my hand between her legs and started to finger fuck the shit out of her , she immediately began to moan and grind her hips to my protruding fingers . She laid back against my chest and I slid my free hand up under her tank top and wasn’t surprised to see she didn’t have a bra on either .

Sherry was moaning loudly now and I was getting a major hard on as well if I didn’t stop now I was gonna fuck the shit out of this little tease for all the teasing she did , Sherry started to say something then her first orgasm hit her and she shook and tensed up and closed her legs around my hand tightly .
I tried not to do it but couldn’t help myself I laid her on the couch and spread her legs , her pussy was so wet and pink I couldn’t stop if I wanted to , which I didn’t . I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor
And my massive erection sprang straight out at her , I positioned the tip of my cock at her entrance and started to push , I said this is what you wanted and now your gonna get it and pushed in all the way to the hilt , Sherry screamed out from the sudden intrusion , I stopped for a second and then proceeded to fuck her relentlessly her cries of pain changed to cries of pleasure within no time , she began screaming fuck me daddy , fuck your naughty little tease of a step daughter . Strangely that turned me on even more , so I started to fuck even faster into her tight little hole , my god it felt so good like a velvet glove smooth wet and very hot , I almost blew my load right then and there . I pulled out for a second to recompose myself and she grabbed hold of my cock and said put that beautiful cock back in me now and fuck me , what could I do ? So I shoved it all the way in to the hilt balls deep if you will and began a punishing fuck that she would never forget . I fucked her for around 20 minuets or so and then rolled her over to take her from behind when I noticed her tight little butt hole winking at me and a thought came to me , I would deffinatly teach this little tease a lesson by fucking her in the ass , and just laughed at the thought .

I put the tip of my cock at the entrance to her fuck hole and asked her if she wanted it , she moaned and just shook her head yes , so I rammed my cock balls deep once again in this little girls tight little pussy and pounded it for all I was worth , she started to moan and cry out , oh yes daddy fuck me , fuck me harder , so I did . She was Cumming in no time flat one orgasm after another I reached around and started squeezing her nipples and she came even harder , her pussy was gripping my cock like a vice and then I started to feel that tingling in my balls and soon I could feel my cum racing up the length of my shaft and explode inside the depths of her young body squirt after squirt I pumped inside her fuck hole , after what seemed like an eternity I fell back on the couch breathing heavy and said now tease me again you little bitch . Sherry just laid there breathing heavy and panting from the pounding she had just received and having the most incredible orgasm of her young life , when she said thank you daddy I needed that and you bet your ass I’m gonna tease the hell out of you every chance I get just so you will fuck me again like that .

Alisa came home around 6:30 and asked what we wanted for diner , I said it didn’t matter anything was fine with me , she noticed Sherry was sleeping on the sofa next to me with her head on my lap and just shook her head and asked what is that all about ? I just shrugged my shoulders and said she must have had a good work out at the school or something , she came home and laid down and fell asleep . Alisa just looked stunned and said it’s good to see her acting this way with you , I just said yah it is , everything should be fine from here on out . Alisa asked if I would mind ordering some Chinese take out for dinner while she went and took a shower , I said not at all and did just that . After her shower Alisa put on a t-shirt and nothing else because she knew it always turned me on knowing she didn’t have anything on underneath , we sat and ate dinner Sherry even woke up and joined us and didn’t say much , her mom asked her if she was ok and she said better than ever , and smiled a little grin towards me .

Sherry went to bed after dinner and slept through the night , in bed alias asked what was up with her and I just shrugged and said dunno , I rolled over and kissed her full out on the lips with a passion like a man who was just released from prison after 30 years . I reached down and slid my hand between her legs and started to finger her to get her ready for a night of raunchy wild sex , if she only knew why I was so worked up and wanting raunchy meaningless sex , a good fuck and then some sleep I thought to myself . When her pussy was nice and wet I rolled on top of her and started to thrust my cock into her waiting and willing hole she sighed when I first entered her and then started to moan I was pumping away with all the strength I had left in my body , our bodies were slapping together rapidly with a rhythm of a well tuned machine . I stopped and pulled out and rolled over and pulled her on top , she grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy and slowly lowered herself onto it and started a good motion going up down back and forth , really grinding her clit against my pubic bone , she started to moan and scream yes fuck , fuck yes and started to shake and then stiffened when her orgasm hit her , she squirted her woman juices all over the place , that was the first time she had ever squirted like that , always a squirter but nothing like that .

She started to come down from her orgasm when I rolled her over and then got her onto her hands and knees I looked at her asshole and thought fuck yes and shoved it in her ass , she started to scream from the pain but I didn’t care I just kept ramming her with all my might in and out of her ass , then she started to moan so I knew she was starting to enjoy the ass fucking she was getting . After about 20 minuets of fucking her in the ass I started to get that tingling in my balls so I knew I was close to cumming and started saying I’m gonna fill your hot little ass full of my cum any second , I started to groan and moan and the with one last hard push shoved my cock as deep into her asshole as I could go and released shot after shot of my hot sticky cum into her asshole . It seemed like I came for an eternity and when I was done cumming I rolled off to the side and was breathing really heavy said thanks baby I needed that , and gave her a kiss and fell asleep with her still on her hands and knees .

The End …

This is my first story so give me a brake , let me know what you think , and thanks for any good comments in advance ..

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2015-04-22 06:10:38
I've only read the comments and that's enough to stop me reading your story,


2015-04-04 15:42:59
You guys actually got the the 11 inch cock part? I stopped reading after 26C. I know it's a typo but god damn.

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-01 08:42:49
The teasing started and I was very interested UNTIL 11 inches? 4 inches in girth? And you just slipped it into a young pussy. I think not, I'm going to find something at least semi- believable. Stick with the subtle teasing, that's fun.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-10-13 22:10:23
When you don't know the difference between to and too in the title, I won't even read it.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-08-08 00:14:21
Quotation marks. Need them. Badly. Please.

Other than that, good story.

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