Joe's love for Susan is true, but everything is so complicated with his neighbors.
Important Notice:
Let me say thank you for everyone's expressed interest in this story. It was a three part story when I first wrote it, but because so many people encouraged me to keep going, I have stretched it out. There are only tiny fabrics of truth strung through it at this point, but I drag it on.
I wanted to tell everyone that I will be out of commission for a while, but hope to return with a great deal of this story worked out in my head. Unfortunately, I don't know how long it will be before I can write again. I will not even be able to get to a computer! Please be patient, this is something I have no control over and would avoid it, if there was anyway possible. If you pray, pray I'll be back quick and in one piece.
Now, because I wanted to say that, I rushed this story to market before I left. I did not have nearly enough time to proof it or develop it. It's short, but full of hints towards what is coming next. Forgive the mistakes and length, and try to enjoy it.

Teen Male/Pre-Teen Female

My Neighbor's Incest Part IX

Jasmin's lips whispered in my ear as I fumbled in my locker for my books. "Forty Seven days until Christmas vacation starts."

I turned around to face her in her school jersey. I love no school uniform day. Jasmin's long shirt hugged her round tits and hips. It looked like a short dress on her. Nothing but sexy, tan legs sticking out the bottom. My dick reacted with a thump, while my mind wished she was ugly. If she just had bad breath, pimples all over her face, or something that I could dislike about her. I just couldn't help being attracted to her.

Jasmin took me by my shoulders and switched places with me. She stood with her back to my locker and pulled me close by my ass. "Joe, I need you to help me with Stacy. I can't explain everything now, and I don't know when, but Stacy needs a good lay. A stiff dick. She thinks she's in love with me, and as much as I love doing her, I don't want a girlfriend. You have to help me."

Jasmin gripped my ass with both hands and pulled my groin into hers. She put her open mouth over mine, and let her tongue dive inside my mouth. My dick stiffened as my hands slipped under her shirt. I searched under her jersey for some material, but found only glorious flesh. Not even a thong. "My, oh my, you didn't!" I was stunned that she had the nerve to pull something like that.

Jasmin broke the kiss and moved her face back. I said, "You bad girl!" My face spelled out my utter amazement for the girls seductive nature. She had power over me. She knew it, and I hated it.

Her face read of a girl proud of her ability to break me like cheap china. I wanted to hate her, but I was crazy about her. She melted me with a look or a touch, and she always left me amazed at how special she could be. That is, if she wasn't crazy!

"Remember, you have to help me." As Jasmin walked away, she lifted the back of her shirt just far enough so I could see the round bottom of her ass peeking out.

There aren't words to describe the impact of that sexual creature on a teenage boy's mind. Of course, the impact on my cock could easily be measured. I limped off to class hoping nobody would notice. I want to hate her.

I was so horny the rest of the day, I would have beat off at school, if it wasn't for "Whack'in Willy." Poor guy got caught two years ago, and even though most of us don't know him, we all still talk about it.

I wondered why Jasmin didn't use the time at the Halloween party to work something out with Stacy and me? The party was a huge disappointment for me. I guess my excitement and expectations were so high, that I was doomed to be let down. But, I never expected to have been abandoned by Stacy and Jasmin the whole time. I sat on the couch, mostly by myself realizing that I was still just a freshman. Although, I did have a great time trick or treating with the girls, especially Jasmin. I feel like I know her a little bit better now.

After school that day, I was getting the mail and I heard Susan. "Joe, come here." Susan sounded excited as she headed towards me. We met halfway between my house and hers. We spontaneously held hands and almost kissed, before we awkwardly separated. It was so frustrating having to deny our natural tendencies. There is nothing more influential than the power of a first love. The undeniable desire to touch, hold hands and kiss lasts for weeks. I always made fun of my friend because he never let go of his girlfriend's hand. They acted like they needed to cling to each other, or somehow they would lose each other. Now I knew how that felt, except I could almost never hold her openly.

"My mother took Buster to have his nuts cut off!" Susan's words caused me to cross my legs and almost wince. I felt sorry for Buster and Jasmin.

"Why is she doing that?" I tried not to let my face give any indication of my true feeling for Buster's lose.

Susan smiled a silly smile, which told much of the story before she even opened her mouth. "I heard her say, 'Damn it, what is wrong with this dog? Every time I layout, he is shoving his nose in my crotch.' I just laughed picturing Jasmin and Buster."

"She has to pick him up tomorrow after school. Can you come over?" Susan shuffled her feet like a nervous twelve year old, while her face painted a picture of a plotting bad girl.

I answered quickly, "Na, I have some homework I'd better do." Susan whacked me and told me to be there at four thirty.

"Hey, what about your dad, where has he been?" I'd rather get caught by Mrs. Davis than Mr. Davis. I realized as I asked, that I hadn't seen him for a while.

Susan seemed to be blowing off my question as she said something over her shoulder while running off. Oh well, as long as he doesn't show up tomorrow afternoon.

Susan answered the door in a skort that looked like her school uniform. But, I knew it was too short for that. Her shirt hung out, so I couldn't tell for sure, but I was pretty sure she had rolled it up at the top to make it look shorter. It looked hot, but I exercised self-control and didn't grab her ass and try and fuck her right in the doorway. Make love to her, not fuck.

When Susan told me to sit on the couch, it suddenly felt strange being alone with Susan in her house. I looked at the carpet and pictured my face smashed into her mother's pussy. I was sitting right where her mother spread her legs for me and told me to cum on her. "Let's get a drink." I got up and headed for the kitchen, trying to shake off the memories.

Susan stretched up on her tippy toes as she reached inside the refrigerator for a can of soda. Her ass was hiding behind a tiny little bit of material. I stood behind her and gentle ran my finger tips up the inside of her thighs. She sighed and pushed her ass out, arching her back.

As my hands reached the bottom edge of her skort, I turned my palms upward, ready to take two cheeks captive in my grip. "Oh, jeez, this is a skirt. Oh, you bad little girl!" My dick sky rocketed as my hands found a naked butt. I fondled her sexy ass, ready to fuck her right there facing into the opened refrigerator.

"Slow down, Joe. We have plenty of time." She closed the door without a drink.

I forced her against the door in a kiss that was already past foreplay kissing. I wanted to calm down and take it slow, but the young girl's stimulating nature drove me crazy. This girl presented so much, in such a tiny package, it was almost impossible for me to accept she was only twelve. Her passion, her love and her maturity surpassed all the girls I knew who were my age.

Susan broke off our lip embrace and opened the freezer. She looked in and then looked back at me, catching me eyeballing her ass. "You like orange or cherry? Never mind." Susan grabbed the cherry ice pop and removed the paper as she closed the freezer door.

I pulled a chair away from the table and sat Susan's ass on the edge of the table. Her short skirt covered nothing. I sat on the chair and gazed at her sexy little butt cheeks on the table. Her pussy mound was covered in a thin pubic hair. It wasn't peach fuzz anymore, but still not thick pubic hair. It was wonderful. She had matured so much since that first time I touched her in my attic. It had only been a few months, but so much had happened, and changed.

Susan opened her legs and placed her feet on my shoulders. She worked her mouth over the cherry pop, and I watched as her lips turned red. Such a seductive pair of lips.

My lips worked their way down the inside her thigh. I forced myself to go slow and let the excitement build for my love. I wanted to force my face as far inside her body as possible, taste her sweet juices and feel her body jerk in orgasm. But, I teased every inch of her flesh between her knees and her ass cheeks. Never touching her two perfectly smooth pussy lips. They were just slightly parted from Susan's leg position. I wanted her to beg me to eat her.

A groan escaped Susan's throat as she tentatively touched her cherry icicle to the top of her pussy channel. A line of red juice slowly trickled down her tender flesh. My tongue savored the sweet juice, while parting the two puffy mounds of flesh.

I took the ice dildo away from Susan and touched it to her exposed bud. The girl's hands tried to come to the rescue, but I got my tongue in there first to warm her chilled nub. While sucking and licking the swelling bud, I slid the tip of ice probe up the length of her opened flesh. Then, my tongue tasted the cherry juice and pussy juice mixture. Susan's natural zest easily over powered the artificial flavor.

I quickly and forcefully circled her clit until I could tell she was approaching a climax. As soon as her fingers gripped the edge of the table and her legs started thrashing, I shoved the ice pop inside her quivering hole. Her legs slammed shut on my head and forced the pop out. I quickly forced my open mouth over her frost bitten hole and shoved my tongue as deep as it would go. I forced it around the tunnel walls trying to get all the flavor.

Oh the wonderful pain of Susan's hands pulling my hair. She forced my head against her gushing hole, while pulling my hair and crushing my head with her legs. Her feet started kicking against my back as she screamed. Finally, she pushed my head back, and I watched as her quivering lips spilled clear fluid down her ass cheeks. Her excessive orgasm pooled around her butt on the table.

I kissed Susan and watched her face as she seemed to enjoy her own taste a little more than what seemed normal. We shared the rest of the cherry pop while kissing. Our frozen tongues defrosted while passionately fondling, and then we would freeze them again and start over.

I dropped my zipper and was ready to finally shove my extremely ready cock inside Susan's body. She said, "Wait, not here. I want to use my bed." Wow, we haven't used a bed since that first time, when we only half did it.

Susan threw the leftover stick in the trash under the sink. I grabbed her ass under her skirt, and she said, "See, I told you. You would never stop touching me!" Susan smiled knowing she'd love the attention of my hands constantly touching her.

As I turned around, she pulled me back against her. She was leaning against the cabinet, and she reached around me and took my cock in her hand. "Is this how you do it?" Susan was working her hand up and down my throbbing shaft.

"I want to jerk it off. It feels so cool in my hand. Standing like this, it's like it's mine." In a sexy little girl's giggle she added, "It is mine, isn't it?"

I answered with a moan as her dry hand grounded over my sensitive flesh. "It doesn't work exactly like that. It needs something slippery, like the inside of your body!"

My balls jumped with surprise as the girl's tiny fingers covered with hand lotion from the sink, slipped down over my purple head. "Oh, shit, that's better."

My excitement seemed to get Susan's hand working even faster. It was so strange looking down and seeing someone else's hand doing what mine was so accustom to. I looked on, fighting the urge to take over, as the little hand beat the length of my cock with almost perfect rhythm. My ass rocked back into her body and thrust forward to meet her downward strokes.

"Oh, fuck! It's coming!" Susan's left arm was tightly wrapped around my stomach holding me against her body, while her right hand rocketed up and down my shaft. My semen blasted across the kitchen while my hand franticly tried to figure out what to do. It was so unnatural to not hold my own spraying dick. Susan held her finger over the opening and deflected the second powerful jet of my fluid. "Wow, that feels so cool!" Susan was thrilled with the power she had over me as my dick continued to mess up Mrs. Davis' perfectly clean kitchen floor.

"That's just great! Shoot your load on the kitchen floor without letting me watch." Susan and I almost shit ourselves as Jasmin burst into the room. I did some stupid dance that must have looked like someone getting electrocuted. Susan quickly recovered from her shock by breaking into a fit of laughter from the sight of my cock bouncing around as I did my jig.

"You two are seriously luck it's me and not mom!" Jasmin's voice clearly indicated she was enjoying this way more than necessary.

Susan seemed to absorb the scary truth of her sister's statement. "What are you doing here! Isn't mom picking you up at school, after she gets Buster?"

Jasmin ignored the question. "In the kitchen! Oh shit, did you do that where mom eats dinner? Oh, my nasty little sister. Even I'd never do that." Jasmin seemed okay with cumming on the floor, but pussy juice on the table was not okay somehow?

"Jasmin, do I need to remind you of, hum, let's see where should I start?" Susan seemed frustrated that her sister had wrecked a very exciting moment for her. "Why are you home?"

Jasmin licked her lips, "You are so lucky I got Stacy to drop me off early, or you would have been busted by mom. She's going to be here soon, because she doesn't have to pick me up."

Jasmin's face seemed a little scary as she approached her little sister. Susan stepped back until she was up against me, and I was against the counter. Susan's whole demeanor changed as Jasmin's hand gripped her face. She squeezed Susan's lips out and then placed her mouth over them. She released her grip, but the kiss continued. My face was just inches from the kissing sister's lips. I could hear their erotic tongue slapping as they lapped at each other's faces.

Jasmin's mouth released Susan's and she kissed me over her sister's shoulder. I looked down to see Jasmin's hands go under Susan's skirt. "You are the sexiest little sister I could have! You two were going to fuck, weren't you?" Jasmin's hands seemed thrilled to be working Susan's bare ass.

"I still can't believe you let him fuck you. That's got to be the hottest thing in the world to see. If mom wasn't coming home any minute, I'd watch. Would you let me watch?" Jasmin's tone was somewhere between demanding and questioning.

"Joe, you better go because I'm dead if mom comes in while you're here. I'll get Jasmin to help me clean up your mess!" She smiled knowing she had enjoyed making me cum on the floor more than I enjoyed it.

Susan got on her hands and knees with a paper towel. Her ass was fully exposed, obviously on purpose. Jasmin grabbed my crotch and bit my neck as soon as her sister couldn't see. Then she pushed me towards the door. "You are one lucky bastard to have that tight little thing as your girlfriend!" She admired Susan's exposed butt hole, a little too much for my comfort.

As I headed for the door, I wondered what the two sisters might be doing later tonight. The image of the passionate kiss between the two sisters made my dick hard. But, should I consider that cheating? Surly, what I did was! I guess even if I thought it was, who was I to say so.

Jasmin called out before I got to the door, "I can't wait until Aunt Jane and our cousins come for Thanksgiving. We are going to have so much fun." Jasmin read the question mark on my face, and added, "Didn't Susan ever finish telling you the story?"

I headed out the door and down the walk wondering what that meant. I hadn't even heard of any cousins. My imagination was going wild. Shit, that's Mrs. Davis! I played it cool and timed my walk so it got me to the driveway as soon as she pulled in. I walked to where she stopped the car. Buster was in the backseat looking a little groggy.

I watched as the foxy lady climbed from her car. Her heaving breasts burst into view before anything else. Once again, like on Halloween, I was sure her tits looked even bigger than I remembered. Her huge nipples looked like grapes under her tight shirt, that seemed to be stretched to capacity. My lust for the woman was obvious, but my feelings were anything else. Whenever I saw her an inner turmoil stirred. I liked her as an adult and as the mother of my girlfriend. But, I also lusted for her, and felt like in some ways we were on the same level. There was clearly a sexual tension between us. I just didn't know what to do when I got around her, unless we were alone, and she was seducing me.

"Hi, Mrs. Davis. How is Buster doing?" I had a few other comments I wanted to make, but I thought it best to keep them to myself.

"Joe, I guess you're never going to call me Chris?" She looked disappointed as she opened the back door of the car. I didn't know if I needed to answer, so I paused.

"Joe, were you at the house?" Mrs. Davis asked without a hint of accusation.

"I was going to see what Jasmin was doing, but Susan said I had to come back later." I lied, but it was better than the truth. Yes, I just sprayed your kitchen floor with a load of cum. "She told me about Buster's unfortunate trip to the vet!"

"Joe, did she tell you the other news?" Mrs. Davis looked nervous.

"I don't think so, unless you mean that she's passing math thanks to me." I smiled widely, knowing that unless counting orgasms was good for an A, I hadn't done a thing to help her.

"Well, I think I'll let one of them tell you." She stepped close as she spoke, then ran her soft hand across my cheek. Her loving gesture and smile could have very well been that of a kind woman towards a neighborhood boy. But, it could have also been something else.

"Joe, you be good to Jasmin, she really likes you. She needs someone like you as her boyfriend. Okay, let me help this dazed doggy inside." Buster's tail hung down covering his wound, like he was ashamed of his missing balls.

Not again! Can't I ever go home from their house without this bewilderment?

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