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Returning to campus and looking around at all the pretty girls, many of them freshman and virginal, I thought about how I could really get used to this playboy lifestyle. I still didn't know what it was about me that attracted these kind of women, but I wasn't about to question my charmed life. I could just kick back, date around, and get laid as often as possible.

That whole attitude got spun on its head when I walked into the Bio building to start my second year. I was one of the first to arrive back on campus for the fall session. There were still a few summer schoolers around, and the new freshman for their Orientation week, but the academic area was fairly deserted. Bored, I decided to go for a walk.

I was cruising by the Biochem lab when a familiar face flashed in the corner of my eye. I stopped dead in my tracks two steps past the door, my jaw on the floor. It couldn't be.

I took two steps backwards, not even bothering to turn around, then peeked through the doorway. "So here's to you, Mrs. Robinson..." I hummed automatically.

My old High School teacher, the woman of my boyhood fantasies, was standing not twenty-feet away from me. Her dark hair was pulled into a neat bun, delicate and impossibly stylish lab glasses perched on her dainty nose, and a short skirt underneath the white lab coat. I was in total shock.

She didn't see me, but instead was concentrating on some complicated experiment that focused on a series of beakers filled with a strange translucent liquid. She would mix up some complicated chemical cocktail, then add a few droplets to the liquid to see if anything would happen.

She had a lab assistant always hovering nearby, a skinny girl with light brown hair in a ponytail who seemed perfectly at home amidst all the lab equipment.

"Gabrielle, would you please set samples 1 through 4 over on the next table?"

"Sure thing Doctor Robinson."

I must have been standing there for five minutes just watching them work, apparently without any positive results. Gabrielle was very efficient, and would glow whenever Mrs. Robinson would praise her. Even I could see the signs of idol worship.

At first I was just very curious, but then as my mind reasserted itself, it fell back on old habits. A few years had gone by, but Mrs. Robinson was still as gorgeous as ever. And she was apparently one of the new teachers at my school.

I was staring at her legs, silky smooth and naked beneath the short skirt. Her lab coat opened up a bit more, and I could definitely see the round curves of her breasts through her blouse. My hormones kicked up again as memories of that illicit kiss in her office came back to me. I remembered her perfect naked tits, the smell of her sweat and arousal, and the taste of her nipples.

I was hard within moments and was staring lasers of heat right at her.

Her head twitched as if she felt my stare, and when she glanced around to look, I automatically ducked myself around the corner of the open door, hiding myself so that I could still see through but she didn't have much of a chance of seeing me. It was strange, a few days ago I was a confident young man hitting on perfect strangers and bedding more than my fair share of them. Now, I was the scared socially-left-behind high school geek once again. So I hid and kept staring at her intently.

Her hands trembling, she put her notes down onto the table, and ran her palms over her body, part drying them and part caressing herself. I felt a surge of hormones kick up in me watching her hands gliding over her breasts, and she gasped at the same time. Maybe I really was having some weird effect on her.

Then something else caught my attention. The liquid in the beakers, ALL of them, were starting to bubble, as if they were boiling over.

Mrs. Robinson and Gabrielle, both, stopped still and were looking at the beakers in shock. Most of them hadn't been touched.

Then I noticed that Gabrielle was sweating, her white skin flushed, a few locks of hair coming loose from her ponytail and falling over her cheeks to frame her face. She was panting, and then her attention moved away from the beakers and over to Mrs. Robinson. I focused in on the assistant, watching her glance at Mrs. Robinson then turn away, clearly waging a war inside of her mind that she seemed to be losing. At last, her eyes sharpened and she started moving with a purpose, right at Mrs. Robinson.

The gorgeous teacher was fighting desperately to keep her composure, oblivious to her lab assistant. But then Gabrielle strode forward, putting her hands on Mrs. Robinson's face, turning her and then planting a fat kiss on her lips.

Whoa, maybe I had idol worship mixed up with an infatuation.

Mrs. Robinson kissed back with full force before backing away, shaking her head. "What's going on? I haven't felt this way since... since that boy in High School."

She grabbed her own head, as if she could mentally squeeze it out of her. "I feel so hot!"

"Me, too," Gabrielle moaned. "I'm so horny..." So when Gabrielle leaned in again and kissed her again, the heat of arousal in both of them took over and then they were Frenching madly.

Mrs. Robinson still had enough sense left in her to realize they were in a very public place. She took Gabrielle by the hand and led her through the lab and into one of the adjoining classrooms. Once they went through I stepped into the lab and followed them to the doorway.

The classroom was in complete darkness, with no windows or light except for the light coming from the lab. I realized that I was silhouetted against the light and it would be impossible for me to escape detection this time, but it turned out that neither of them were even looking in my direction.

Mrs. Robinson was flat on her back across the big island countertop in front of the whiteboards, her head actually falling back into the sink as she stared at the ceiling. Usually there would be some experiment done on the island where anyone in the classroom could see. But now there was just a hot Sapphic encounter there for me to see.

Mrs. Robinson's skirt was hiked up, and her panties were on the floor. Her hands were trying, unsuccessfully, to open her blouse, rubbing at herself in a frenzy. Gabrielle had her face and one hand in Mrs. Robinson's crotch where she was eating her out like there would never be a tomorrow.

"Fuckin' A!" Mrs. Robinson cried out. "I'm not even a lesbian!" Gabrielle didn't bother responding, but just kept licking and sucking until she produced a shrieking, hip-twitching orgasm from the pussy in front of her.

The climax seemed to restore some semblance of sanity to Mrs. Robinson, who blinked her eyes several times as if the reality of what just happened was starting to sink in. Her clothes were scattered. Most of the blouse buttons had been opened and her bra cups shoved to the side. But there was a new alertness to her that worried me.

Gabrielle had just moved around the countertop to where she could get a good handgrip on Mrs. Robinson's perfect tits when they both finally saw me.

Gabrielle gasped and half ducked behind the countertop. But I saw the recognition in Mrs. Robinson's eyes as she looked at me. "Ohmigod, it IS you."

Gabrielle just freaked out, horny or not. Once she realized that Mrs. Robinson wasn't going anywhere, she grabbed her clothes and ran past me, into the lab.

Once Gabrielle was gone, Mrs. Robinson got off the island and walked straight to me. I had to work not to watch her breasts bouncing around. She stopped a foot away from me, her gaze penetrating. I could see her mind whirling behind her eyes as she processed what was going on.

"Mrs. Robinson..." I almost whistled.

"Actually, the 'Mrs.' was just for High School. I'm not married, so it's 'Miss Robinson' or 'Doctor Robinson' around the college. But you..." she stepped forwards, bringing her half naked body right up to me, then put her hands on my chest. "You can call me Fiona."

With that, Fiona leaned forwards and stuck her tongue into the back of my throat. We kissed as if no time had passed since that day in High School. It was wet, it was sloppy... it was the best kiss of my life.

Her hands fumbled at my jeans until my erection sprang up. The hormones inside of me were rapidly rising up again after their brief cooldown, and I could feel the electricity crackling in the air all around us. We finally broke for air after I'd gotten my jeans and shoes off, and then I ripped my shirt over my head.

"I think I like 'Mrs. Robinson' better," I chuckled.

She just smiled at me, then got a firm grip on my shaft. Tugging me by it, she led me to shuffle back towards the island. "I've been dreaming about you for years. And I'm not going to waste anymore time before I get to fuck you."

She turned around, and dropped her lab coat to the floor before starting to finish unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled her hair out the bun, then shook her head to let the dark tresses cascade around her pretty face. She smiled at me, taking her time looking up and down my naked body, then she finally turned around and stuck her ass at me. Mrs. Robinson leaned forwards, bracing her hands against the countertop, then she craned her head to me. "Now get over here and FUCK me."

I stared at the perfect ass and creamy skin, and especially the inviting pink rose between her legs, very wet. "Yes, Ma'am."

I stepped forwards, my hands on her hips. I paused just a moment when my other head nudged between her legs. I wanted to savor this moment. My oldest fantasies were coming true.

Mrs. Robinson moaned as I pushed forwards, my cock slowly parting fold after fold until at last my hips were flush tight with her asscheeks. I leaned my chest down onto her back, wrapping my arms around her in a warm hug. This was really happening.

We both didn't move for a minute, just enjoying the feeling of being coupled together after such a long time. But then her hips twitched, and my rod twitched inside of her. I pulled back slowly, moving my hands to hold those globes of female flesh I had dreamed about so much.

Even after all the pussy I'd had in the last couple of years, Mrs. Robinson was still the goddess of my dreams.

She pushed her hips back at me as I drilled forward into her again, letting out a groan as our hips clashed together. I pulled back, and pushed forward, back and forth, gradually picking up speed.

Mrs. Robinson was moaning in pleasure with every thrust, music to my ears. Her voice was an intoxicating aphrodisiac, getting me more and more aroused until I was blind with lust and a desperate need to fuck her even harder.

I lifted my torso off her back and moved my hands to her hips. We set into a rhythmic slapping noise as I carved her out, faster and harder until we were truly fucking each other.

I could feel the heat boiling inside of me like pressure cooker, the friction on my rod intense. But the friction on Mrs. Robinson's pussy was even more, and after a few minutes her whole body started shaking even as I continued to drive into her, and she screamed out her latest climax.

Her inner muscles were spasming, squeezing my shaft like a hundred hands and I started grunting with exertion. She must have been able to tell that I was nearing my limit from the grunts, because she cried out. "Oh, cum in me! I want to feel it in me!"

Hearing that just about did it for me, I thrust in as hard as I could, burying myself as deep as I could go. I could actually feel the crown of my cock twitch and then split apart, unleashing the torrent of sperm that had been building up inside of me.

She laughed as the warm fluid splashed against her insides, and her hips were sloshing around and around until I felt like I was cumming inside a washing machine. Her inner muscles squeezed and caressed with expert motions, coaxing every last drop out of me.

My eyeballs rolled back in my head as I threatened to collapse, but I could not dream of moving in any way that would pull my cock out of her wondrous pussy.

Finally, she stood up, a satisfied smirk on her face. "Ah, now I've finally been able to do that. I've been dreaming about feeling your spunk in me for years."

She came up right in front of me, looking up into my face with that smirk. She knew exactly how much of an effect she could have on me. And still staring straight into my eyes, she called out. "Gabrielle, come in here."

Gabrielle was suddenly at the doorway, fully dressed. She'd been watching us the entire time. "Yes, Dr. Robinson." She came into the room.

Mrs. Robinson hopped up onto the countertop, spreading her legs to show the little white globlets of cum oozing out of her nether lips. "Gabrielle, clean all this mess up... with your tongue."

A little smile tugged at the corners of Gabrielle's lips, but she looked at the floor and tried to hide it. "Yes, Dr. Robinson."

I just sat back to enjoy the view.


Ten minutes later, Mrs. Robinson and I were in her office in the Biology building. She'd sent Gabrielle home.

"Ever since that day I got fired from High School, I've been thinking about what happened, in detail. It didn't quite seem possible. I'm a scientist. I look at things rationally. Sure, you were cute, but I'd never even thought about sleeping with you. There was just no way I would risk my career like that. And yet, there we were."

"Yeah..." I mumbled. I was still in awe of her. The object of my fantasies for years, my dream girl, er, woman.

Mrs. Robinson was pacing the floor while I lounged in one of the chairs. She pulled the skirt back on (I knew there were no panties under there) and pulled her blouse closed (but it wasn't buttoned-up and her bra was in my pocket). My mind flashed back to the fateful clinch. I decided to ignore the whole principal- interrupting-us part.

"I was feeling so aroused that whole time we were doing office hours. So aroused I actually couldn't control myself. So after I left the High School, I started doing my own research into the biochemistry of arousal, the hormones that influence your decision making."

"You wanted an aphrodisiac?"

"No, actually. Quite the opposite. I wanted something that would counteract the effects. Like, take a nymphomaniac and help them get control of their lives. Specifically, I wanted something that would have helped me back then."

I was a little skeptical. Not just because of the biology involved. But also, as far as I was concerned, there weren't enough nymphomaniacs in this world. "So what was in those beakers?"

"Well, I actually managed to create a synthetic mixture of fluids that reacts, at least chemically, like your sex-drive does. Unfortunately, they're all female. I haven't been able to figure out the male version yet. But for example, you mix in male pheromones (liquid-version) and the female fluid will react... most of the time. It's not perfect, and there's a broad spectrum of effectiveness. Some women just have a bigger sex drive than others."

"What about the bubbling?"

"Never happened before. Most times the reaction is purely chemical, and not even visible. Hmm, which reminds me: The only outside factor in the entire experiment... was you."

And quite matter of factly, Mrs. Robinson leaned forwards and kissed me, forcefully. Her tongue speared into my mouth and her hands wrapped around my body.

I was suddenly overwhelmed by her sweet spiciness, and the smell of her was intoxicating. She reached one of my hands and moved it up so that I was cupping a very firm breast. And then when her hand snaked down and started rubbing at the outside of my jeans, right over my cock I moaned into our kiss.

Immediately, she backed away and pulled her blouse open, baring her big tits and perky nipples to my gaze. I felt the rush of blood pouring through me, but then a new sight in the corner of my eye caught my attention. Mrs. Robinson saw it too.

She had six beakers on her shelf. ALL of them were bubbling.

I watched her blinking away the arousal filling her head and then she fixed me with a hard gaze, her eyes on fire. "It's YOU."


Duuuude. I'm a pheromone hyper-factory. Explains a lot.

So women get super-horny when I do. Hmm, I could get to like my existence. I was the ultimate playboy.


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I can get girls emotionaly attached to me realy quickly for some reason i mean i have a sort of sad past my parents died but i was in a realy good foster home for a year before i was adopted into a realy nice family nothing that should cause sympathy yet gurls are just instantly emotionaly attached which eventualy leads to fucking but if i say i dont want to get involved with them its like our connection ends its weird but what i wanna know is why i it always biology teachers i mean i fucked and later married my biology teacher when i was in my 8th year, i was getting my doctorate, she was actualy a yer younger than me but still i fucked my biology teacher my friend actulay fucked our senior yer biology teacher then theres tons of stories of guys fucking biology teachers why is that what attracts hot and sect women to the field of science and compeles them to teach instead of research

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dude im like the same as this guy but i make em laugh not fuck me... his is waaaaaay better

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I hope this series will continue. it iso nice to read a good story that has a direction and is not laden with typo's, bad grammar, etc.
Thank you

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Looking forward to seeing where this goes. I doubt you want my opinion but i think it would be very enticing if you threw in a sex scene with his mom, almost like revenge for grounding him for a whole summer, since he can have whoever he wants just by getting turned on.

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