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I moved ahead, my hands rubbing at the cute girl's asscheeks while I aimed myself forwards. Mrs. Robinson came right up to whisper in my ear. "And I mean FUCK her. I want you to split her in half so that she'll never forget it."

I could not disappoint my goddess. So the moment I got my other head firmly situated, I rammed in with all the force my hips could generate.

Gabrielle screamed in pain as her supertight tunnel was instantly stretched farther than it had ever gone before, and I didn't give her a moment to recover as I backed out quickly and slammed myself in once again. She had barely stopped her first scream when my second thrust forced a new scream out of her throat.

We were in a room across the hallway from the main lab, which was organized like a doctor's office. A double-sized hospital bed dominated the space, an array of test equipment nearby. Gabrielle was on all fours while I knelt behind her, slamming into her pussy over and again.

Even with the near empty campus and the closed lab, I was still amazed no one had heard the screams yet. The room wasn't designed to be soundproof. So I kept fucking, and Gabrielle's screaming finally died down into a constant whimpering as I was banging in and out as hard as I could and she was being assaulted by more feelings than she'd ever imagined.

Only a minute into our fucking, Gabrielle's whimpers slipped into a shriek as she came, her legs quaking as the climax rippled across her body. But I wasn't about to let up on her. I fucked her hard through the middle of her orgasm, and then she was shrieking again as she came again.

Backed up by previous empirical data, we were proving that my "effect" not only instilled a heightened state of arousal in the subjects, but also magnified their sexual pleasure, resulting in highly positive encounters with impressive satisfaction levels.

In other words, sex with me was fantastic.

Gabrielle was now subject B in the experiment. I'd run through many such experiments with subject A, so much until Mrs. Robinson was starting to walk a little funny. Gabrielle had been a loyal assistant, running the experiments while watching me fuck Mrs. Robinson's lights out. Our initial round of testing complete, she was a logical (and very eager) choice for a second test subject.

Gabrielle was a pleasing subject. She was a little on the skinny side, and didn't take care to do perfect trimming down there, but she had a nice rack hidden in her baggy clothes. The only issue was that she was a virgin, and despite the massive arousal I produced in her, she had still been very nervous. My effect can instill arousal, but a person's decision-making can still override the inclination.

None of that mattered anymore as I tore through her hymen and thus I had deflowered her.

Mrs. Robinson was then next to us, one hand reaching down to rub at Gabrielle's clit while her other hand rubbed a firm breast, still perfectly formed in youth. And when Mrs. Robinson moved to plant a juicy kiss on Gabrielle's lips, Gabrielle's pussy went nova and a bigger climax poured out through our juncture. Oh, my effect was also an inhibition-reducer, where the subject became open to lesbianism, anal sex, exhibition, etc. Mrs. Robinson and I had already tried just about everything.

Orgasmic fluids were coursing down Gabrielle's legs, and I had a mind to add my own special blend to the mix. But Mrs. Robinson had a more intelligent solution given that it was Gabrielle's first time and we had no protection. Condoms were a variable we didn't want to add just yet.

"She has to swallow your cum."

My hips were already speeding up towards explosion, and I pulled out and started jerking my own shaft.

It took Gabrielle a moment to recover from my pounding of her pussy, and finally she turned around and sank to her knees. All she could manage was to open her mouth, so I moved forward until she sucked the head in as best she could.

I was still jerking myself when the rush came. Mrs. Robinson warned "Here it comes", and then my first load ejaculated into Gabrielle's mouth.

Her eyes flew open as it hit the back of her throat, and then she was desperately swallowing as jet after jet poured out of me.

After the third jet, her timing was off and she gagged, but Mrs. Robinson held her head tight around my rod as every spurt filled up her mouth and started to dribble out between her lips.

Gabrielle finally backed away and my final shot splattered against her cheek. She sat back on her heels, sighing with contentment, a happy grin on her face. She was covered in sweat and my fluids, and waited patiently as Mrs. Robinson moved around removing various electrodes and sensors from her naked body. Not the typical way of losing one's virginity, but Gabrielle didn't seem to mind.

Once complete, she slipped on a robe and we all huddled around the monitors to look at our test results.


So there was something weird about me. Not supernatural, just biologically odd. Everyone gives out pheromones. Humans don't even have to be in heat; our bodies are screaming out all the time. I just happened to have an exceptionally powerful set.

Even then, mine didn't quite work the same. Pheromones were usually detected by smell, drifting on the wind. Whatever freakish effect I had, it was a lot more powerful than that, working almost instantaneously on any female nearby. I could also focus it somewhat, zero in on a particular woman.

Mrs. Robinson wanted to turn me into a lab rat, run tests, the whole nine yards. Studying me could lead to the kind of scientific breakthrough that would define her career. If I got horny, I could turn her into a sex starved nympho. But any other moment she was clear-headed and a driven scientist whose academic ambition really outweighed her attachment to me.

Still, I put up with it. To me, Mrs. Robinson was still the most gorgeous woman alive. I had wanted her for so long that I was willing to be with her and keep making love to her in whatever way I was allowed. Once the school year had started, I joined her staff as a lab assistant so I could at least get course credit. Besides, in a moment's notice I could be screwing her lights out right here in the lab, for experiment purposes or even just to satisfy my own libido. We never went on dates, or did romantic things. The heat of our attraction was intense, and the sex was fantastic. But I was still alone, just a lonely single guy.

Strangely enough, after a few weeks of constant sex, my effect on Mrs. Robinson started to wear off. I was still thoroughly aroused by the sight of her naked body, or the husky seduction in her voice. But even when I focused my arousal on her, she was becoming less and less affected by me. In the meantime, I could still make any other female cream her panties whenever I got horny myself, so there was nothing wrong with me.

Mrs. Robinson theorized that her body was adapting to me, learning how to become immune to my effect. We just weren't sure how to prove it, or know the exact cause itself. After a few chemical tests and practical experiments, we finally found our answer.

Mrs. Robinson blew me to the brink of orgasm, then jerked me off into a glass. Then, with practiced scientific detachment, she added several droplets of my spunk to a group of the beakers filled with her female synthetic. The next time I got horny, we measured the chemical reaction. The group that had my sperm added reacted slightly less.

Several blowjobs later, with Gabrielle's help as well, we found that my sperm had a cumulative effect that was proportional to the reduction in arousal. Basically, the more spunk I put into a girl in a short period of time, the less she would be affected by me.

We even ran a control test on poor Gabrielle. She was able to spend a lot of time around me, but for two weeks was unable to have any physical contact with me. She was going nuts by the end of the two weeks, and her arousal showed no sign of abating. Finally, our brief test complete, I fucked her silly until she eventually passed out from pleasure overload.

Proximity alone did not lead to lessened desire. That required a fluid transfer. The sperm antidote also seemed to wear off after a while. Mrs. Robinson and I went more than a month without me cumming in her body, and when we finally returned she was just as overwhelmed by my effect as ever. But the more I kept banging Mrs. Robinson and Gabrielle in short periods of time, the less valuable the data would become.

So for further testing, we needed more subjects.


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