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My early sexual encounters
My Polish Neighbour

Chapter 2

To my relief I got home before my parents. I went and had a shower to remove any traces of my time with Maria. I need not have worried except that my pants were stained with semen from my first cum with her. In the shower I soaped myself and remembered the effect of the lubricant on my prick and how sensitive it was compared with my dry hand. I decided I had to get some but how to hide it from Mum was uppermost in my mind.
I heard the door and dried myself and went out to find Mum had got back before Dad. She looked exhausted from the day, but still asked my how was my day. I was stuck and then said,
“Oh Phillip and I bumped into Miss Komiski out the back and she showed us her new kittens.”
“They were lovely, very tiny and cuddly.”
“And how was Miss Komiski with you Ian?” She looked ever so slightly cautious.
“Very kind. She invited to her flat to see the kittens.”
“I see. We don’t know her at all Ian.”
Mum looked flustered but did not reply to my question. I left it. She went into their bedroom leaving the door slightly ajar. I went to the bathroom next door and passed her door and glanced to see her undoing her stocking with her leg on a stool, catching a glimpse of her full thigh. In the bathroom I went to pee and watched my prick slightly swell despite the distractions today. I peed and decided not to continue with the hardening as I could wait till bedtime.
Mum changed into a soft woolly dress and did not appear to be wearing a bra. Going into the kitchen she went to get the washing machine ready and I had an instant fear that she would see my wet pants. My fear was fully realised when she came in the living room and confronted me.
“What have you done to your pants Ian they’re soaking?”
What could I say? I was totally embarrassed. Suddenly she lifted them to her nose and took a whiff and at that moment realised what she had done. She had smelled my semen and recognised it instantly. Her face reddened as she became embarrassed too.
“We need to talk Ian. I know your Father won’t say anything so I will have to. I am fed up dealing with your soiled sheets. I change them once a week and they are very stained. What are you going to do about it? Alright, I know what you get up to, though I would not have expected you to so soon. And its time you shut your door, I tell you I can hear everything. I can’t make up my mind but I think you are just dirty minded like most other boys. Why do you do it? Why can’t you find more things to do with your young life, instead of going round to old ladies flats to let them flaunt themselves in front of you?”
I was hit by the sheer outburst from her.
“She’s not old Mum, she’s about your age and you aren’t old.”
“So she did flaunt herself in front of you then?”
“No we went to see the kittens that’s all.”
“I’ve a good mind to ask her, I don’t trust you. Where did all that spunk come from then?
She suddenly went white in the face and turned and slammed the door leaving me in the living room alone. I was astonished at her using the word spunk. The whole incident overwhelmed me and I felt guilty, ashamed yet oddly aroused by her outburst. What could she have against Maria (good job I didn’t refer to her first name with Mum)? She hardly knew her but I sensed she was in some way envious of her. I could not believe she would be hostile to her Polish origins. In my bones I vaguely got a feeling of resentment at Maria possibly flaunting (her word) herself with me. How right she was but she did not know that.
Dad came home and I was called into the kitchen to have supper. No comment was made and Dad completely missed the tension between Mum and me.
I excused myself after supper and said I was going to bed. I was careful not to wank and decided to read instead. I had closed the door to. About an hour later I heard Dad go to bed, but not Mum. A knock on the door and Mum came in still in her dress. She sat on the edge of my bed and looking very uncomfortable gave me a box of tissues.
“I’m sorry I shouted at you Ian, it was just that I am very tired these days and just lost it. I have not told Dad what happened, I just couldn’t he wouldn’t understand.” I wondered about that but said nothing. “I brought you the tissues in case you need them, you know.”
Suddenly she moved forward. I had not spoken. She clung to me and hugged me and said, “please forgive me Ian, I just feel old these days.”
I could feel the pressure of her braless breasts against my chest. I had been lying almost flat in the bed with just my head propped up and her fullness pressed hard into me.
“You’re not old Mum, you’re lovely and pretty.” I dared not tell her that I was very excited feeling her breasts against me but I wanted to.
“Are you sure Ian? Thank you I don’t feel it these days. I feel like a frump.”
“No Mum you are very attractive and I love you for it.”
She kissed my lightly on my mouth very motherly but warm and rose to go. “You will use the tissues Ian, won’t you?”
I responded to her smile very shyly and murmured yes.
When she left, I pulled my prick out and spat on my hand and wanked to the combination of Maria and Mum, wanting them both and christening my first tissue. It was a bit more clinical than just wanking on my tummy and cuming on the sheet as I drifted off to sleep.

A week passed to next Saturday when I hoped I would get a chance to see Maria.

On Saturday morning Mum and Dad left early for work after Mum gave me breakfast in bed, glancing whilst she gave me my toast at a squished tissue lying on the floor.
“You will deal with that Ian wont you?” I had forgotten about my wank in the night, but curiously did not blush as I would have done a few days ago, having had the talk with her yesterday.
Leaving me I realised the day it was and no school and the possibility of meeting Maria again. Another hot day given it was midsummer; I decided to wear shorts without pants underneath. Out of my bedroom window I saw Maria looking, I was sure hopefully, up at the window. Going forward I acknowledged her and smiled and she signed to me to come round soon as she been to the bins with her rubbish. She too had shorts on that tucked into the tops of her thighs giving me a lovely view as she bent over the bin to drop the rubbish revealing her tight arse cheeks. She didn’t look back but I noticed she was wearing a tight T-shirt. I didn’t catch her front view but noted a lack of bra strap. A horny beginning to the day!

After ten minutes I was knocking on her flat door.
“Come in Ian its lovely to see you again. Do you want something to drink? I’ve got some cold homemade lemonade I made especially for you.”
“Wonderful Maria, I’m really thirsty.”
We sat on high chairs in her kitchen drinking the lemonade. Her shorts were tight and stuck closely to her. She noticed my focused eyes on her shorts at the crotch. “You’re wearing shorts too Ian. I feel very hot in mine though.”
Slowly Maria opened her thighs as if to cool off a little. She placed her feet in either side of the high chair on the platform rests. This had the effect of widening her legs so open I could see each side of crotch of her shorts. Stiffening started in my pants as I stared at what I knew was pussy hair.
“You love me teasing you Ian don’t you? You’re getting very excited. I can see your shorts are getting a bit tight on you too. Would you like me to excite you some more? You know I’ve been looking forward to this all week.”
“Oh Maria it’s been a long week and I’ve been thinking of you every night.”
“Wanking too Ian?”
“Yes, yes.”
“Would you like me to wank you Ian?”
“God yes Maria.”
“Take off those shorts first Ian, I want to see your lovely prick.”
As I got off the chair Maria went to her bedroom and came back with the lubricant. Squeezing a little in her hand she surrounded my prick with the lovely stuff bringing it as hard as possible. It did not require any real effort on her part. In fact I had to say stop, to prevent my cuming immediately.
“Ian, don’t worry about coming quickly – I know you’ll be up again very soon.”
Maria delicately stroked my shaft up and down, lingering at the top of my prick for a moment and gently moistening my lips with her tongue. As she did this I erupted on her T-shirt and shorts in total adoration of what she was doing to me.
Suddenly there was a knock at her front door. “Oh God I forgot I was having my hairdresser this morning, it must be her. Ian put those shorts on quickly and wait here. It’s too late to leave.”
Maria quickly wiped her T-shirt and shorts with her hand and went to the door. Just before she opened it I saw her wipe her hands in her mouth to get rid of my remaining spunk. Pulling up my shorts I sat back on the chair trying to look as casual as possible.
My embarrassment was compounded by the person I saw coming through the door. I recognised her immediately. Teresa was obviously Maria’s hairdresser as well as Mum’s and she recognised me instantly. We had previous history.
Teresa was also in her 40s, divorced and a bit of a forward lady who had the measure of me without ever saying anything. Attractive herself about my height and comely with quite large breasts that she captured in well constructed bras – they had to be. They did look very comfortable, though I did wonder how they fell without her bra on. She was also a stocking enthusiast, like Mum. It was Teresa who first caught me looking up Mum’s skirt when she was having her hair done by Teresa at home. She never let me down and also never referred to my interest explicitly. I realised it was my first ever collusion with an adult and another source of my wanking after she had been round to tend to Mum. She would just smile at me out of Mum’s view and encourage me by getting Mum to lean back her head into the hand basin in the bathroom when washing her hair.
I forgot to mention that Teresa’s hair was a lustrous and long, full and naturally curly.
I recalled the time she washed my hair in the same basin when I could feel her thighs hard against my bum and getting hard with it. But that was as far as she took it. She did not see me until she entered the kitchen and looked very surprised at my being at Maria’s.

“Ian good to see you too. How come you know Maria?” Maria butted in quickly.
“Kittens Teresa. Ian adores my kittens and he just popped round to see them this morning.”
“But where are they Maria? I don’t see them here.”
“I put them in my bedroom as I know you are allergic Teresa to them.”
That just about dealt with that potential embarrassment. However Teresa then glanced at the damp spots on Maria’s T-shirt and I must have blushed which Teresa instantly but silently clocked. She didn’t refer to it however much to my relief.
“I had better go Maria.”
Maria hesitated and Teresa immediately interrupted, bless her, with: “Don’t go cos of me Ian, I don’t mind in the least. Maria, Ian is often at home when I do his Mum’s hair and she doesn’t mind.”
“That’s settled then I would love Ian to stay. He’s been such a good friend since I moved in awhile ago. Ian will you make us some coffee. Instant is all I’ve got Teresa I’m afraid.”
Teresa was fine with the coffee and I went to the back of the kitchen to the hob to put on the kettle. I returned my look back to them and suddenly noticed the bottle of lubricant on the kitchen top. There was absolutely nothing I could do about it without drawing attention, so I left it hoping Maria had forgotten about it and Teresa had not noticed it. Daft, as she moved to allow Maria to put her head under the two way tap Teresa saw it, stared and lifted her eyes to me briefly and away again. I was thoroughly exposed as was Maria but she did not realise the exposure. Once again as with Mum, Teresa said nothing but lifted the bottle out of the way smiling to herself. Teresa and I had our coffee whilst Maria bent over the basin having her hair washed. A glorious sight. Her shorts were up round the top of her thighs giving me a good sight of her creases where her thighs met her arse proper. Teresa noticed my arousal and smiled silently at my crotch and then to me directly. Her shorts creased slightly between her buttocks giving me an even better view. I sat on the high kitchen chair with my own shorts tight against my prick. The sudden and acknowledged intimacy with Teresa was itself erotic and we shared our intimacy in that moment.
Teresa used the hair drier to Maria’s hair in the living room with Maria leaning forward as much for me as herself I thought as she offered her breasts an uninterrupted view as they dropped into her T-shirt with her nipples flopping about inside.
A little later Maria was lying back on her armchair adjusted so that Teresa had complete access to her hair whilst I had an open view of her cunt hairs again. Teresa had finished doing Maria’s hair. It looked pretty good
“Maria, I think Ian has taken a fancy to you.”
“Oh really Teresa you’ll embarrass Ian. But what makes you think that?”
“Just look at those shorts Maria, they look very stiff and something’s sticking out beautifully.”
Maria smiled as she contemplated me and I blushed but responded in the same way. Teresa then went to the kitchen top and picked up the lubricant. “So what’s this for my dears?”
She obviously knew what it was for but was teasing us mercilessly. She squeezed a little on her fingers and rubbed it between them.
“Lovely stuff Maria. Shall we try it on Ian? Go on Maria don’t be shy, I guessed when I saw what it was for and that you’d been using it.” She gave it to Maria who looked at me: “Would you like that Ian?”
I just gleamed and said why not?
We went into the living room and to the sofa where they sat me between them. Maria undid my zip and gently pulled my shorts down and my trainers off so I was naked apart from my shirt. I was totally stiff in anticipation. Maria poured some on her hand and leaning on my shoulder, kissed my neck and started stroking my prick from the base up to my tip. I swooned with sheer overwhelming lust at these two women giving me their undivided attention. Maria took the tube again as well as Teresa’s hand and poured some on her hand. They both stroked me and quickly acted as a duo taking turns on my stem as well as the bloated head of my prick.
Teresa urged: “Cum for us Ian, it’s what you want isn’t it? You’ve been ogling Maria all morning. She’s a lush isn’t she? One day you’ll fuck her Ian, I’m sure she’ll love that. And one day I’ll let you see my tits too but let’s concentrate on you two today. Bring him on Maria, he’s more than ready. I had hardly spoken I was so staggered by what was happening.
Maria heightened her pace on my prick and brought me to orgasm and just then she opened her mouth to take my spunk direct to her tongue.
“Oh God Maria oh fuck oh Jesus, yesssss, yesssss don’t stop, don’t stop yes, oh shit yes stop, stop stop it’s too much.”
Maria stopped at my sudden behest as it became too excruciating to continue. She smiled and kept her mouth open to show me my spunk, then closing she swallowed and opened her mouth. It had gone.
We all collapsed back in the sofa and cuddled each other. I felt very calm and indulged in.
They both got up and went to the kitchen to make some coffee and returned looking slightly conspiratorial. I had remained just in my T-shirt. They passed the time with comments about Maria’s hair then Teresa commented: “I think Maria that you need some attention too. Would you like your usual extra service Maria that you like so much? I’m sure Ian would like to watch.”
I couldn’t guess what she meant but Maria just nodded and smiled at me saying: “I’m sure you won’t mind Ian.”
Without saying any more, Teresa came round between Maria’s legs and pulled down Maria’s shorts. We both had a full view of her gorgeous cunt. Teresa reached for the lubricant and gave it to me. “This is for you Ian to do yourself. Go stand near Maria’s face and wank. I want to see you get another hardon. Now that I know for certain that Maria so enjoys it. Who would believe that you came over Maria just before I arrived. I knew that Maria and you were intimate as soon as I walked through the door. It was written all over your face Ian. A young man with your fascination with older women should be able to manage a third cum, I’m sure.”
Teresa started stroking Maria’s clit and moistened it from her cunt hole so it glistened in the light.
“Oh Teresa you are so naughty I would not have dreamed of doing this in front of my dear Ian. Oh that’s good, more please more I just love you stroking my clit. And the thought of Ian watching is so exciting. Do you like it Ian, do you?”
“God yes Maria I could not have even have dreamed of this, it’s fantastic.”
“Kiss me Teresa, show Ian how you do it please.”
Teresa knelt down in front of Maria who grasped her head to close in on her cunt. She went slowly inside her thighs kissing as she went and then gradually lifted her mouth to her clit and drew her tongue gently and lovingly over Maria’s now stiff clit.
With the lubricant I was again soon in a high state and close to coming but much more able to control myself given my earlier cums. I stroked Maria’s lips with my hardened prick and she opened her mouth to accept me. This was a first with anyone. Earlier she had just opened her mouth to accept my cum. Teresa motioned to me to hold back from cuming, so I withdrew just to her lips. Maria moaned in sheer delight at the combined sexual assault on her body. I saw that Maria was getting more and more tense and taut as Teresa put more pressure on her clit with Teresa’s fingers invading her cunt at the same time. Teresa sensed Maria beginning to cum and suddenly shouted: “Yes Teresa yes, oh I’m cuming yes, oh yesssss. Oh God and Ian too, yesssss, oh fuck yes yes.
At the height of her cum, I wanked harder and pulled off a cum that was actually tortuous as well as wonderful. I shouted:”Fuck Maria I’m cuming on your face, shit, sorry, fucking great.”
I was totally confused from wanting to spunk over her face and not having her agree to it first. But she just smiled up at me and beamed at Teresa who rose up fresh from her cunt and kissed her full on her spunked lips as they sought each other’s tongues. Maria lifted her arm to my head to pull me toward her and she drew me into the messy kiss with them both.
We all smelled of Maria’s cunt juices from Teresa’s face and mouth and my cum on Maria’s face, albeit not so much as previously and kissed and licked each other till we needed to rest.

I sensed that I shouldn’t overstay my welcome and hugged them both leaving them alone with each other. I could only imagine after I left. In the afternoon when I went out I wondered if I had acted prematurely in leaving then.

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