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Chapter 6

“So Jen and Sharon are in your class now?” Pornacopia asked his half-sister as he leaned back in his chair behind the makeshift desk of his detective agency. He reached over to Sally and traced the bulge of her belly down to the wet spot between her jeans where her pussy had soaked through her jeans as Lynn told them the most recent gossip.

“That’s right,” Lynn said with a relieved sigh as she unhooked the top of her maternity pants and released her pregnant belly. At seven months along Lynn’s belly looked huge but she didn’t seem to mind, in fact she seemed to take great pleasure stroking her swollen belly and milk filled tits. “Both Jen and her step-daughter joined the preggy class today. Sharon is apparently two months along but since you never did fuck her I’d have to guess that it’s her father’s baby, and Jen’s baby is about six weeks along which means that it can’t be yours either since you fucked her over eight weeks ago.”

“Oh well,” Pornacopia sighed, slipping his hand into Sally’s waistband and fingering her pussy through her sopping panties, “at least I still have you, mom, Sally, and her mom.”
“Did I tell you that my mom is actually disappointed that you knocked her up so quick?” Sally purred as Pornacopea’s fingers made her pussy and belly quiver with pleasure. “She wanted to keep fucking you even longer before she had to start worrying about morning sickness and a growing belly.”

“I know,” Pornacopia said with a sheepish grin, “but she seems to be pretty happy with her pregnancy, and it’s not like I’m going to stop fucking her just because I succeeded it knocking her up so quick. In fact, I don’t plan to stop fucking any of you no matter how big you get before your babies arrive.”

“That’s good,” Lynn told her half-brother, “because your babies make us so horny that we could drain your balls dry without even trying.”

“I guess you’re glad my sisters have my dad and brothers to keep them happy and pregnant,” Sally chuckled.

“Are you serious?” Pornacopia asked, so surprised “are Cindy and Jane actually pregnant?”
“Oh yeah,” Sally said, giving her belly bulge an affectionate pat. “Cindy swears that dad knocked her up and Jane is sure that Paul is the father of her baby, but then she’s always had a crush on our brother. The one I feel sorry for is Danny, old enough to enjoy fucking but not old enough to cum and knock up his own sister.”

“Not yet anyway,” Lynn chuckled, “but as soon as he’s old enough I see a lot of babies in his future.”

“I think you’re right,” Sally agreed, “in fact once he’s old enough he’ll probably give you a run for your money Pornacopia.”

“In that case I better take advantage of my head start and get as many babies started as I can before he’s in the competition.”

“I’ll help out as much as I can little brother,” Lynn promised, “that is if you don’t mind Sally.”
“I don’t mind,” Sally said with a shrug. “After all I’ll be fucking my dad and letting him knock me up, it’s nice to know that Pornacopia has someone to fill in while I’m occupied.”

“We have a customer,” Pornacopia hissed before Lynn could respond to Sally’s comment.
Lynn’s mouth snapped shut as all three of them turned to see the teenage girl who hesitantly entered the garage and approached the makeshift office.

“Are you the kid detective I’ve heard so much about?” She asked, placing her hand on a stomach that was even larger than Lynn’s.

“Yes it is,” Pornacopia said, reluctantly taking his hand away from Sally’s wet cunt so she could adjust her clothes and hide her belly bulge as they client walked toward them. The girl looked like she was the same age as Lynn but the blouse that strained across her swollen belly and tits was part of a uniform from one of the private schools in Idaville.

“How may we help you?” Leroy asked as the brown haired girl stopped to push her shoulder length hair out of her face and catch her breath before she sat down in the offered chair with a sigh of relief. The pregnant brunette walked her chair closer to the desk and slapped a quarter down on the old dented gas can and leaned back before she spoke.

“My names Brenda Trent and I want you to find out who did this to me,” Brenda said, giving her swollen belly an affectionate pat.

“Don’t you know who knocked you up?” Lynn asked, “I may not tell anyone who knocked me up, but I do know who it was.” Pornacopia did his best not to blush at his half-sister’s words.
“Let me start again at the beginning,” Brenda said with a slight blush of her own. “My dad is the CEO of Trent International, maybe you’ve heard of it?”

“Sure,” Pornacopia said, “Trent is the largest manufacturing and holding company in the state, and it’s headquarters are right here in Idaville.”

“That’s right,” Brenda said with a quick nod, “well, I’ve been going to boarding schools since the first grade, but I’ve been kicked out of three schools in the last three years because I keep getting caught fucking boys in my room. That’s right I said boys plural, not boyfriend, the last school I got kicked out of I was caught with one cock in my ass and one in my pussy at the same time. Along with each expulsion I went away from the school with a pregnancy. My parents payed for an abortion all three times, but when I started school this year at Holy Cross they told me that it was time for me to take responsibility for my actions. They said that if I got pregnant again they weren’t going to get me an abortion and I’d have to carry the baby to term.”
“I take it that something happened,” Pornacopia said, trying not to laugh as he looked at Brenda’s belly.

“Oh yeah,” Beth said, stroking her belly again. “I didn’t give up fucking after my parents gave me their ultimatum, but I did make sure that all my partners wore condoms.”

“All but one,” Lynn said with a snicker.

“You’re half right,” Brenda said with a weak smile. “I have a good idea when and where things went wrong, but I’m not sure which one of the boys fucked me without a condom, but it was a real gang bang with a dozen boys. I think they were some kind of gang because they were all dressed pretty much the same, and they certainly knew each other.”

“Can you describe any of the boys?” Pornacopia asked with a thoughtful frown, “or tell me how they were dressed?”

“The only one I really remember seemed to be the leader because all the other boys did what he told them, and they were all dressed like him,” Brenda said.
“Describe the leader,” Pornacopia said, “because if it’s who I think it is than I have a good idea who knocked you up.”

Pornacopia listened as Brenda described the gang leader and how he was dressed, by the time she was finished he was sure that Sally knew who they were looking for just like he was. “You know who it is, don’t you?” Brenda said when she saw the look shared by Pornacopia and Sally.

“We have our suspicions,” Pornacopia hedged.

“Who is it?” Brenda demanded, “if I know who it is I can force a confession out of him and my parents will . . .”

“It’s a bit late to get an abortion this time,” Pornacopia said, eyeing Brenda’s swollen belly and tits, “but if we get a confession for you than your parents will know that he was responsible and not you.”

“Yes,” Brenda sighed, “at least I’ll have that. So who is he?”

“He’s Bugs Meany,” Pornacopia said after a confirming nod from Sally. “Back in Elementary school he was the biggest bully in Idaville. I always managed to think my way around him, but there was always a chance that he’d find a chance to beat me to a pulp anyway, up until I teamed up with Sally that is. One day Bugs was enjoying his favorite sport, beating and extorting a boy two years younger than him when Sally stepped in and knocked him flat with one punch. Since then she’s managed to beat him every time they got into a fight, and Bugs would like nothing better than another chance to take her on.”

“When Bugs was in Junior High he started gang called the Tigers, boys who enjoyed stealing, bullying, and vandalizing as much as he did. A couple years ago Bugs decided that his old gang activities were too tame for him and he started a new gang he called the Preggers, to join the gang you had to knock up a girl. The new gang was involved in a lot of the same activities as the old gang, but in addition they usually enjoy a good gang bang or two every week of so. But in spite of the fact that each and every one of them would enjoy nothing better than knocking up every girl they fucked they’d never go against Bugs if he agreed to wear a condom while fucking a girl. At least not until Bugs did it himself.”

“So you’re saying that after the whole gang fucked me once, Bugs fucked me a second time, but without using a condom?” Brenda asked.

“Exactly,” Sally said. That’s exactly the way Bugs would think. The problem is getting Bugs to admit it, especially since he’s in jail right now.”

“I’m afraid not,” Pornacopia said with a sheepish grin.

“But I remember how ecstatic your dad was when he managed to arrest Bugs for the first time as an adult,” Sally said with a frown. “How could he be out already?”
“You already said how,” Pornacopia pointed out. “It was the first time dad managed to arrest Bugs as an adult, that means his juvenile records were sealed and the judge had to sentence him as a first time offender. Bugs managed to walk out of the courtroom with two years of parole thanks to the fact that he was arrested for a relatively minor, non-violent crime, plus the fact that the prisons are already overcrowded.”

“I guess I missed that part of the story,” Sally sighed. “And here I thought we’d have at least one Bugs free summer.”

“You should know better than that, Sally,” Lynn said with a soft chuckle. “From what Pornacopia tells me Bugs always manages to wriggle out of any serious punishment for his crimes.”

“Yes he does,” Sally admitted. The young teen noticed the crestfallen look on Brenda’s face and tried to put a cheerful tone in her voice as she continued, “of course getting him to acknowledge your baby and pay for it would still be a small punishment compared to some of the things he’s paid for in the past.”

“Oh good,” Brenda said with a weak smile, “does this mean that you have a plan.”

“I do,” Pornacopia said with a sly smile, “but it would be better if you didn’t know our methods.”

“Leroy, can we talk?” Sally asked, giving her partner and fiancee a look that would kill if he wasn’t careful.

“I was afraid you’d ask,” Pornacopia said as he got up from the desk. Before he followed Sally into the house he turned back to his half-sister for a minute. “Lynn, could you keep Brenda company? If my plan works we shouldn’t be gone long, and considering how advanced her pregnancy is right now I don’t think it would be a good idea to leave her alone.”

“Ok,” Lynn said with a quick nod. Even before her brother left the garage she’d turned to the other girl, “If you don’t mind me asking, just how far along are you?”

“My due date was yesterday,” Brenda said with a grin, “so your brother’s probably right that I should have someone with me. My mom would have a cow if she knew I was driving myself around, and if I do go into labor it would be a good idea to have someone else around to drive me to the hospital. You are old enough to drive, right?”

“I am,” Lynn said as the door shut behind Pornacopia and cut off the rest of the conversation.

“What’s up Pornacopia,” Sally asked, “from the look on your face I’m guessing that you have a plan, and I’m also guessing that I won’t like it.”

“You could be right,” Pornacopia said, leaning back from Sally as she leaned into him, “but it’s the best plan I have, and you could like it once you hear it.”

“Ok, I’m listening,” crossing her arms between her small breasts and belly bulge and glaring at Pornacopia.

“Ok,” Pornacopia said, licking his lips nervously before he started. “I know how much Bugs use to dream about beating you up after the first time you knocked him down, but he never managed to do it. Well, since he got old enough to have other ideas about girls I suspect that he’d much rather fuck you instead of hit you.”

“You’re probably right about that,” Sally admitted, “so your idea is to use my pregnant pussy as bait?”

“Close,” Pornacopia said, he took a calming breath before he continued. “Admittedly I’ve only fucked four pussies so far, but even I can tell that you have as much muscle in your cunt as you do in your right arm.”

“I can see where this is going,” Sally said with a frown, “your idea is to let Bugs fuck me and then I trap his cock in my pussy until we get a confession from him, is that it?”

“Yeah,” Pornacopia admitted with a sigh. “I don’t like the idea myself, but if you let Bugs stick his cock in your pussy it would catch him off guard.”

“It sure would,” Sally said with a grin, “and I would like to see the look on his face when he realizes just how strong my cunt muscles are. Besides, it might be interesting to see how his cock feels in my pussy, especially when I know he can’t get me pregnant no matter how hard he tries. I think I like this idea.”

“Now I’m sorry I came up with it,” Pornacopia said with a frown, “but I guess it’s too late to back out of it now. I have a pretty good idea where we’ll find Bugs, let’s go.”
Fifteen minutes later Sally and Pornacopia were parking their bikes outside the shed that the Preggers used for their headquarters. Through one of the grimy windows the two of them could see someone moving around in the small building but they couldn’t make out who it was.

“Are you sure that’s Bugs?” Sally asked.

“No,” Pornacopia admitted, “but he’s the only gang member who isn’t working or in juvie so I’m guessing that’s him.”

“Until we’re sure you better hold back,” Sally said, “and if it is Bugs, wait until I give the signal or we’ll never get him in the position we want.”

“I’ll try,” Pornacopia said in a taught voice, “but if I think you’re in trouble expect an angry jealous boyfriend to come running.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Sally said, leaning over to give Pornacopia a quick peck on the cheek before she squared her shoulders and headed for the shed’s only door.
Bugs Meany was surprised to hear the knock on the door of the shed and even more surprised to hear himself calling for the person to come in. But he was really shocked when he recognized the girl standing in the light of the door. “Sally Kimball?” he said before he could stop himself, then his voice turned hard as he continued, “What do you want?”

“I want you Bugs,” Sally said, giving her hip an inviting wiggle.

“Right,” Bugs said suspiciously, “I know what you and your boyfriend are up to. But it won’t work this time, I haven’t done anything so you can’t trick me into an admission since I haven’t done anything.”

“Now Bugs,” Sally said as she swayed toward him, “I’m not trying to trick you into anything. Don’t you think it’s possible for a girl to get tired of waiting for her boyfriend to make a move? Encyclopedia is so thick he has no idea what I want from him, but I hear you know what a girl wants. So what about it? Feel like showing me your moves?”

“Maybe,” Bugs said hesitantly as he tried to hide his cock’s reaction to Sally’s words, “but first you’ll have to convince me that this isn’t some kind of trick.”

“If that’s what you want,” Sally said with a smile before she closed the shed door and reached for the hem of her tee shirt in the dim light of the room. Bugs watched as the thirteen year old blond girl pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor of the shed. As she hooked her thumbs in the top of her pants Bugs felt his cock spring to full life in his pants and he tried to hold himself in his chair instead of leaping across the space between them so he could rip off the rest of her clothes and fuck her right there on the floor.

“Why are you holding back Bugs?” the horny blond girl asked as she kicked her jeans off and reached for her panties. When Sally turned slightly Bugs thought he noticed something out of place, but he quickly dismissed it when he realized that a cut little virgin like Sally Kimball couldn’t be pregnant. With a wiggle of her hips Sally dropped her panties to the floor to join her pants and then whipped her bra off over her head with a quick flourish that left Bugs speechless.
“I hope you don’t mind if I leave my shoes on,” Sally said as she walked across the trash strewn floor with a hip wiggle that made Bugs groan in anticipation, “but I think this floor could be dangerous for bare feet.”

“Whatever you say,” Bugs said breathlessly as his former nemesis stopped in front of him and reached down to grip his zipper. With one quick motion Sally opened his fly and reached in to pull out his four and a half inch prick. Bugs knew his cock wasn’t that big compared to the other guys in his gang, but he was still physically bigger than they were and between his size and the fake prison tats on his arm they were too scared to tease him about it. Besides, he’d already proven that his small prick was still better than theirs when it came to knocking up girls. With three pregnancies to his name he was still ahead of everyone else in the club, even Steve Vincent who couldn’t even prove that the second pregnancy was really his.

“Nice and hard,” Sally said, stroking his cock with more experience than Bugs would have expected from a virgin. “And so big too. Do you think you can fit in my tight little pussy?”

“Of course I can,” Bugs said with a grin. He grabbed Sally by her shoulders and pulled her up into his lap as he anticipated the look of Leroy Brown’s face when his old antagonist discovered that he was the one to pop little Sally’s cherry and knock her up for the first time. “Come on, let me show you how easy it is to fit my cock in that tight little slit of yours.”

Bugs placed the head of his cock against Sally’s wet slit and held it steady as the thirteen year old eased herself down until her bare ass rested on his thighs and his shaft was buried as deep as it could go in her belly. Just as Bugs let out a sigh pleasure his whole prick was suddenly seized by the iron grip of Sally’s cunt muscles. Bugs let out a whimper of pain and stared at the blond in his lap with bulging eyes as his tormenter turned her head and called out, “You can come in now Pornacopia, I think Bugs is ready to answer all our questions.”

When Pornacopia entered the shed at Sally’s call he found his old nemesis sitting on the only sturdy chair in the shed with Sally’s bare ass resting on his thighs and his cock buried deep in her thirteen year old cunt. Bugs let out a low whimper as Pornacopia walked across the shed and grabbed the nearest stool that looked like it would support his weight for a few minutes. “Hi Bugs,” Pornacopia said, giving the older boy a quick smile before he let his eyes drift down to where Bugs’ cock was swallowed by Sally’s slit.

“That looks painful,” Pornacopia said when he noticed how red Bugs’ prick and balls were. As he watched Sally gave Bugs another squeeze with her cunt muscles and he let out a low moan of pain. “Tell you what Bugs, you answer our questions truthfully and Sally will stop squeezing your cock, and if we’re satisfied with your answers than I’ll have Sally release your cock and we’ll leave you here to recover, no one else will ever know what happened here.”

“You’ll never get away with this Brown,” Bugs hissed. “I never did anything, this little slut wanted me to fuck her, she even begged for it.”

“Even if that’s true, Bugs,” Pornacopia said slowly, as if he was explaining something to a small child, “since Sally is only thirteen that means she isn’t responsible for what she says or does in a situation like this. She’s considered too young to give her consent to fuck. You, on the other hand, are considered an adult at eighteen, which means that if anyone finds out about this you can be charged with statutory rape. Do you have any idea what prisoners to do men who fuck little girls?”

“I’ll talk,” Bugs said, his face turning pale as he considered Pornacopia’s words. “But there’s something I want to know. You’re not a virgin, are you?”

“Hell no,” Sally said with a laugh, she caught one of Bugs’ hands and placed it on her belly so he could feel the belly bulge he couldn’t see in the dim light of the shed.

“You’re pregnant,” Bugs said in surprise as he ran his hands over Sally’s belly and up to her tits where he could feel how big they actually were. “Who . . .”

“Surprise,” Pornacopia said. “Not only that, Sally and I are engaged. Not officially, we’re too young for that, but we’re already making some of the plans for the wedding.”

“Now I’ve got you,” Bugs said with a grin, “if you tell anyone about me I’ll tell them about you.”
“It won’t work,” Pornacopia said with a shake of his head. “Since Sally and I are both minors it doesn’t qualify as rape for me, that is if anyone bothered to listen to you. Now, shall we start with our questions?”

“Go ahead,” Bugs growled.

“About nine months ago you and eleven other members of your club gang banged a girl named Brenda Trent, about this tall, brown hair, horny as hell, in fact she asked you guys to bang her and even supplied the condoms. Do you remember her?”

“Why?” Bugs asked, “is she underage too?”

“No,” Sally said before Pornacopia could answer, “she’s eighteen just like you, but she’s also nine months pregnant and her parents have cut her off because they think she’s responsible for the baby.”

“Well it wasn’t us,” Bugs said haughtily, “you said that she gave us condoms.

“She did,” Sally said, giving Bugs’ cock a quick hard squeeze that left him gasping for breath before she continued. “She handed out a dozen condoms, but she was fucked thirteen times. That means someone fucked her twice, and the second time he didn’t use a condom.”

“Was that you Bugs?” Pornacopia asked. “If it wasn’t then I’m sure you know who it was, but I don’t think you’d let another boy do something unless you did it first. Now before you answer I want to remind you, if Sally doesn’t like your answer she’s going to squeeze your cock so hard the other boys in your gang are going to start calling you stumpy. So tell me, what happened?”

“Yeah it was me,” Bugs admitted as Sally glared at him coldly. “I hate fucking with a condom, it’s not natural to shoot your load into a rubber balloon instead of a girl’s ripe hot pussy. After all of us had a go with the slut I decided I deserved another round with her cunt, and she deserved a nice hot load of my baby juice. So yeah, I fucked her a second time without a condom. Can you blame me? The girl is one hot horny slut, and she deserved a hot load of cum after the way she made us all wear condoms for the gang bang.”

“I’d tell you to give him another squeeze if I thought it would do any good,” Pornacopia told Sally with a frown, “but I think Bugs is too stupid for the lesson to do any good.”

“Well we do have his confession,” Sally pointed out, “that should satisfy Brenda’s parents.”

“You’re right,” Pornacopia said with a sigh, “lets hope that’s enough. Let him go and lets get out of here before we have to chase Brenda all the way to the maternity ward.”

“Thanks for the workout Bugs,” Sally said, sliding off the older boys cock and pulling her pants back up before she rearranged her shirt for the ride back to Pornacopia’s garage.

“By the way Pornacopia,” Sally said as they turned to leave the shed and Bugs grasped his groin with a relieved sigh, “you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to size, Bugs is strictly junior league compared to you.”

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