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He distracts Mom from the television.
They kicked off their shoes as they walked back into the house, and Jim admired his mother's butt as it swayed in front of him. He thought she looked sexy in her tight white shorts, and was surprised to find himself getting turned on by watching her. The evening was still ahead, and he wondered what it would hold in store for him.

Julia plopped down on the couch and flipped on the TV, scrolling through the channels until she settled on a music station. Then she muted the sound, another of her quirks. Most people he knew were either addicted to the sound and picture of TV or were incessant channel flippers. His mother preferred to just watch when she wanted, and only turn on the sound if it was something she really wanted to watch. That way, she claimed, she wasn't annoyed so much by the constant barrage of commercials.

Life with his mother was a constant lesson in her individualistic way of life. Jim had long ago resigned himself to her sometimes eccentric habits, but now he was seeing her in a whole new light. He looked at her legs, tucked under her but parted slightly, and at the gentle curve of her hips, and the sleek outline of her slim upper body, her breasts high and firm looking on her chest. One of the straps of her top had fallen off her shoulder, and it allowed him to peek at the top of her lacy bra.

She returned his gaze and patted the sofa next to her. "Come on, sit beside me honey."

Jim sat down and his mother turned toward him. Her top came loose a little more and he caught a brief glimpse at the outline of one bra covered breast. It made his heart beat faster and his mouth turn dry. He took another sip of his soft drink. She smiled at him and ruffled her hands through her hair, fluffing it out around her face. The more he looked at her, the sexier she became in his eyes.

"You're really pretty, Mom. You know that?" he said.

"Why, thank you honey. It's nice to hear you say so. But, if it's a date, you shouldn't call me Mom. You can use my name, just like any date would."

"Okay, I'll try. Thank you for the lovely date, uh, Julia." It sounded strange coming from his mouth, but somehow it was a release also, a freedom from the constraints of the normal mother-son relationship. He swirled her name around on his tongue as he repeated it, and listened to it reverberate in his mind.

She smiled at him, her teeth showing white inside her soft red lips, her head flung back and her long white throat stretched upward. She shook her head once to settle her hair back around her face and took a sip of her drink, looking at her son over the rim of her glass. He looked back at her, but didn't know what to say or do.

Julia touched her son's leg and looked down at him. Then she leaned close to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "You're a sweetheart," she said, breathing the words into his ear. "One of the nicest dates I've ever had."

Jim's pulse was racing and he wanted to take his mother into his arms and kiss her deeply and to push his manhood inside her. He struggled with his feelings and felt his dick getting hard in his pants.

One of his mother's legs brushed his as she recrossed them, and he instinctively touched it. A thrill shot through him at the feel of the soft flesh under his fingers. A slight sweat started on his forehead and under his arms.

"Feeling frisky?" she said, and Jim noticed that both straps of her top had slid down. Now he could see the top of her bra clearly, could see her breasts rising and falling with her breath. She looked down again. "Looks like you're feeling something."

Jim knew she was seeing his hard-on, and he felt his face redden. "Gee, I'm sorry Mom, uh, er, Julia. I can't help it. You just look so wonderful, so, uh, sexy. Is that all right to say?"

"Sure honey. I like to hear it from you. You're my sweetest heart. A woman likes to hear compliments from her date. From her man. It makes her feel good."

She lowered her lids and then looked up again deep into his eyes. It was like a sign of pure submission, and Jim's heart melted. He put his arms around her and hugged her, feeling her little breasts poking against his chest. His heart was pounding like a drum and he could feel it in his ears. He barely heard her when she whispered in his ear.

"It's all right baby. I like it when you hold me." She kissed his neck softly, her lips clinging to him tenderly.

Gasping for breath, Jim looked his mother in the eyes. He saw them half lidded and hazy, saw her lips red, soft and slightly parted, and felt her lying comfortably in his arms. He kissed her and she responded warmly, kissing him full on the lips, sighing into his mouth. He experimentally flicked his tongue out and touched her lips, and felt them part at his touch, then an electric shock quivered through him as her tongue joined his.

His control was all but gone and Jim mashed himself against his mother's mouth, frantically searching for her tongue and probing the inside of her mouth. She kissed him back, her tongue wrestling with his and snaking in and out of his mouth. Both of them were sobbing and panting when they broke the kiss.

"I was wondering when you were going to make a move," she said, and rubbed his leg. "I knew you wanted to. I want it too."

Jim was in heaven now and he peeled her top off her chest to reveal her bra. He loved the look of the satiny cups and the twin mounds they covered. He touched them and felt the soft smoothness through the silky bra. It felt wonderful and a surge of pure joy shot through him. He had no idea how to unfasten the bra, but felt around on her back until he located some kind of fastener.

He struggled with it until she put her fingers over his and expertly undid the clasp. The bra was still held in place by the pyramids of her breasts, but he brushed it aside and stared at her beautiful tits. They weren't too large, but creamy and firm looking, high on her chest. The nipples were a dark reddish color and when he touched them they sprang to life. She shivered with the sensation.

"Oh, that feels good honey."

He touched them again, squeezing them in his strong fingers, tweaking the nipples until she squealed in delight and pain. "Not too hard, baby," she cooed.

Jim put his head down and she smothered him between her breasts. He smelled their enthralling animal smell and nipped at the succulent flesh. He slipped one nipple into his mouth and sucked on it, and Julia moaned with pleasure. He suckled on that breast, then switched to the other one, bringing both nipples into full arousal.

He was so excited now he could hardly control himself. He hadn't been with that many girls, but his mother was a full sexual creature, mature, experienced, and, as he was just beginning to discover, extremely sexy. She lifted his shirt over his head and ran her cool fingers over his chest and down to his hard stomach. She unsnapped his shorts and Jim felt his hard-on aching for release.

When her fingers touched it, he thought he was going to cum instantly, even though he still had his underwear on, and his shorts were still in place. Just the opening was undone, laying bare his throbbing male member. His mother traced the length of it and watched as it swayed to her touch. She pressed a sharp fingernail into the soft underside of his cock, and Jim practically rose up off the couch.

"Did that hurt honey?" she asked in mock surprise.

"Yeah, sort of."

"Let Momma make it better for you. I'll kiss it and make it better."

Before he could answer, Julia had peeled her son's underwear away and was massaging his bulging hard-on. She wrapped her fingers around his bare flesh and squeezed it in her hand, watching as a few drops of pre-cum oozed out the slit. She licked her lips and then lowered her head and licked up the moisture from her son's cockhead.

Jim thought he was going to faint as his mother's lips found his cock. It was the most incredible feeling he had ever had in all his young life, the feeling of his mother kissing the head of his cock and sucking it into her mouth. Slowly, she took more and more of him inside her, slurping wetly at his bulging rod. The wet sucking sounds were so erotic, and the sight of his mother making them so stimulating that once again Jim teetered on the edge of instant cumming.

Julia seemed to realize this and pulled off him, licking her tongue up the length of his shaft as she withdrew her hungry mouth.

"Ummm, tastes good," she said, wiping the corners of her mouth and shifting her gaze to her son's face.

"It's fantastic, Mom," he said. "It feels better than anything I've ever felt."

"So you like the way your old mom sucks cock?"

The erotic words and the lascivious look on her face set Jim on fire. Her fingers were now around his cock, moving it slowly up and down. He was pulsing in her hand and knew he was going to blow his load at any second. Sweat was beading on his forehead and his breath was coming in ragged little gasps.

"Oh, you're gonna make me, oh I'm gonna," he said, struggling to find words, struggling to say them as his mouth dried up in the heat of his passion.

She felt him growing even bigger in her hand and realized what was happening, realized he was about to cum. She plunged her head back to her son's lap and engulfed his hard prick in her greedy mouth. Just as she got the head fully into her, he shot his first load. The creamy hot jism flooded into her, filling her mouth with his urgency. His hips bucked and he poured wave after wave of his steaming cum into her belly.

Julia licked at his cock, sucked the juice from it like it was a milk shake. She guzzled contentedly as he blew his hot cream into his mother's sexy mouth, and he watched as she gulped it all down and stayed there searching for more. Gradually he started to grow limp, and she nibbled at the shrinking member with little love bites before finally withdrawing from him.

She looked into his eyes and he could see the glazed, far-away expression. He wanted to kiss her more than anything, wanted to feel her tongue wrapping around his just like it had wrapped around his pounding cock. Through the haze of her lust-clouded vision, she opened her lips in a half smile.

"Mmmmm, my first taste of you. And you came in my mouth. You're so sweet. Oh baby, I just want to eat you up again and again."

Jim could hardly believe any of this was true, that he had just had sex with his mother, that she had sucked him completely off and swallowed his cum deep into her belly. Just looking at her and hearing her sexy talk was practically giving him another hard-on already. No one would ever believe this, and besides, who could he tell?

She licked her lips and wiped a finger across her chin to gather any stray drops of her son's cum. She relished every drop and sucked in a mouthful of air and then blew it out slowly through pursed lips. "So good," she said, her voice barely a whisper. "Such a sweet boy. So good to your Mom."

Slowly, she slithered up his body, her sweaty breasts leaving trails up his belly and chest. He could feel her hot breath tickling against his skin and blowing across his ear. She kissed his neck softly, then held her head back with her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted. Jim kissed her on her full, luscious lips and her tongue swirled inside his mouth, gripping his passionately.

He could taste the musky remnants of his own cum mixed with her sexy kiss, but it tasted good coming from her. And her tits rubbing against him were getting him excited again. Running his hands down her bare back, Jim felt the separation of her butt cheeks and ran a finger up there, then cupped her ass, gripped it in his strong fingers and pulled her against him.

She pulled away from the kiss breathlessly. "Ready for some more?" she asked, and he felt her fingers between them, felt them slide under his balls and around the base of his cock. He started to get hard again and she massaged the beginnings of his hard-on.

Julia toyed with her son's cock, tickling his balls gently and stroking his hardening cock up and down. She teasingly ran a finger up the crack of his ass, which sent a shiver racing through his young body. He grew hard in her hand and she started jacking him off, expertly sensing how it felt best to him.

"You like that, don't you baby? Like the way your mother jacks you off, gets you off?"

Jim was sweating again as his hard-on returned to full fervor. "It feels fantastic Mom. You really know how to make it feel good."

"Are you ready to fuck me now?"

"Yes, yes, yes. I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you more than anything in the world."

Julia smiled at her son and spread her legs to straddle him. She put her legs on either side of his as she raised her hips to poise herself over her son's quivering dick. As she lowered herself, he watched the tiny patch of soft hair and the outer lips of her pussy descend toward his waiting pole.

He went inside her slowly as she settled down on him a little at a time. When the head of his dick was in her, she wriggled her hips back and forth and then up and down. He groaned with pleasure and dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her hips as she plunged farther downward on his aching shaft.

Finally she was all the way down on him, he was completely inside his mother. She started up a little rhythm, moving slowly and seductively up and down, her tits jiggling enticingly in front of him. He reached up and grabbed one in each hand, kneading them and tweaking the nipples into erection. She sighed and moaned deep inside her throat as she lovingly fucked her son, taking her time and savoring the sweet sensations.

She fucked her son in slow loving movements, letting his shaft sink completely inside her, then moving around a little from side to side and letting its hardness fill her and explore all her inner crevices. She ran her fingers through her hair and shuddered with the lustful sensations cascading through her body. Jim reached up and massaged her soft tits, feeling the nipple grow hard in his hands, then moving to her waist and grabbing handfuls of her succulent flesh as his dick speared up into her pliant cunt.

Julia rocked her hips and touched Jim's chest with her fingernails, leaving red trails down his chest and across his shoulders. She controlled the rhythm, slowing down and holding it when he was on the verge of cumming, then speeding back up to brink him to the brink again. He was at a fever pitch, his nerves stretched taut as his dick was constantly aroused almost to the point of release, then gradually eased back down.

Leaning forward so her breasts dragged across his chest, Julia wrapped her arms around her loving son and stuck her tongue into his ear, probing in and out like she was sucking on his dick, sending chills racing up and down his spine. Jim started shivering with anticipation, and she blew hot breath across the wet canal.

"Fuck me baby," she whispered. "Fuck your mother."

Jim's dick did a midnight dance and he thrust his hips violently upward to bury his cock meat in his mother's pussy. He grabbed big handfuls of her hips and butt and rammed her as hard as he could from his position under her.

"That's it baby," she cooed. "Give it to me. Cum in my pussy."

Her words set a fire inside him and Jim began spurting almost immediately. His hot cum splashed against the inner walls of his mother's cunt and rocketed her to her own orgasm. She screamed and dug her fingernails into his back as she came along with her son, her cum mixing with his and flooding out over his pumping cock and swollen balls.

They jerked together, moaning and thrashing in the throes of their passion for each other. Julia locked her lips on Jim's and their tongues dashed in and out of each other's mouths in a frenzy of pure orgasmic delight. Her body was shaking as the intensity of feelings rocked through her, wracking her sexy frame into quivering contortions as she slithered up and down and around on her son's cock that was locked inside her grasping pussy.

As the sensations subsided, she let out a long sigh and collapsed into his arms, his dick still trapped within her oozing cunt. Juices were leaking out around the junction of their sex organs, making squishing sounds when they moved against one another.

"That was wonderful baby," Julia said. "You fucked your mother good. Good and sweet."

"Umm, yeah it felt great to me, too. You're super sexy Mom, er, Julia. I loved fucking you."

"Oh my darling boy. I'd like to give you something else. Have you ever eaten pussy?"

"No, not yet."

"I see. Well, I'm too exhausted to go through another orgasm right now, too tired to teach you the finer points, but why don't you get a little taste of me down there?"

Jim eased his softened cock out of his mother and she rolled over to lay on her back beside him. Her legs were spread and her knees up in the air, inviting him inside. He lowered his head to the junction of her thighs and smelled the hot musky smell of her pussy juice, mingled with the smell of his own cum, which he could see dribbling out of her.

The smell was intoxicating and he ran his tongue up her slit, gathering in droplets and inhaling her wonderful woman aroma. Julia sighed again, this time a low growl that started inside her chest. His tongue lapped at her juices and then snuck inside her pussy channel. He gulped at the abundance there and rammed his nose into her, rubbing it against her sensitized clit.

Julia cried out, "Oh, easy baby. Take it easy. Just get a taste. Here, come up here and give me a taste."

She pulled him up her body and planted a wet kiss on his lips, forcing her tongue inside his mouth to gather the cum taste from him.

"Um, you taste sweet. Sweet and sexy. Like the two of us together," she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Jim kissed her back and felt a thrill at her words almost as much as powerful as the physical sensations that were rippling through him.

"You're really something Julia. You really turn me on. It's so unbelievable. You have to be the greatest Mom in the world, and the greatest date too."

"So, you think your Mom's sexy?" she asked as they bathed in the afterglow of their mutual orgasms.

"To the max," he said. "I think you're super, Julia. Super sexy."

"And do you ever jack off thinking about me?"

"Well, yeah, sometimes."

"Oh, that sounds hot. Next time, though, you won't have to jack off alone. You can get me to help you."

"Yeah, that sounds great. I love jacking off. It feels so good."

"Uh-huh. And do you ever do it with anyone else? Like that buddy of yours, for example? You two seem very close."

"Well, yeah we're close. And sometimes we do jack off together."

"Do you jack each other off?" she asked, her eyes sparkling.

"Uh, well, yeah," he said, and just thinking about it caused a little stir in his depleted dick.

"That sounded like maybe you do a little something more together too."

"Gee Mom, uh, Julia, you seem to know an awful lot about it."

"Mothers know these things. So, what do you do? Do you suck each other?" Her eyes were glistening with anticipation and Jim could tell she was really getting off on imagining the two of them together.

"Uh-huh. It's something we just started, not long ago."

"Oh ho. I thought so. My son goes both ways. Oh, my you're such a hot little number baby. Well, you have to promise me to bring him over here. Does that sound like a good idea? Think he'd like it?"

"I'm sure he'd love it."

"Umm, it's making me hot just thinking about it. My little son the cocksucker."

"You make it sound good, Mom."

"Yes, of course it's good. It's wonderful as a matter of fact. Oh, I love you so much baby." She leaned over and kissed him on the lips and they drifted back into the euphoria of sexual release.


2010-05-23 05:07:59
Great Story!! I am a 62 year old grandma and I taught my 18 yr old grandson how to fuck a waman and to eat out a pussy. I still get a thrill when he comes arounf me. I fingered myself thru 3 orgasms in this story.

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2010-05-13 15:39:35
Good story. Get your mom pregnant before you introduce her to your buddy. Once pregnant it won't make much difference if he fucks her. Just make sure that each time she gets pregnant it is by you and not by anyone else. Have a great time together.

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2009-08-23 00:50:57
Pregnancy is the next step. Keep fucking your mam and get her pregnant with the first of many basbies. I fucked my mom and gave her 4 babies. It was great and neither of us ever regreted a single moment.

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2009-08-07 00:46:18
Good story. Keep fucking mom, don't let her talk you into letting your buddy fuck her. Keep her to yourself and give her many babies.


2009-08-06 01:35:09
hey it is part three and there is lots more chapters to come

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