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This is one of a series I am writing. Let me know what you think.
It's Friday night. The football game is over. Everyone is racing to their cars. Ryan has got other plans. He walks down the bleachers, first checking up with Kolby, his close friend that is a cheerleader.

"You headed to the barn?"
"Sure am."

Ryan heads over to the huddle of football players, not before watching some of the freshmen cheerleaders play around, flicking their skirts around, revealing their bloomers underneath.

"Hank, are you heading to the barn?"
"Yea, as soon as i'm done getting bitched at for losing by 3 points."
"Alright i'll see ya there."

Now Ryan is off to his truck, wondering what tonight is gonna bring.


"Hurry up Diana!" Meghann yelled from outside of the shower. She was in a hurry to get to the barn. Finally Diana stepped out of the shower in the girls changing room still soaking wet. For the first time Meghann saw Diana's body completely naked. Her fit curves ran all the way down her body to her amazing ass. Her breasts were large but perfectly placed, with small round tits. Meghann realized that she was actually getting turned on by watching her best friend now drying off. She quickly threw the thought out of her mind and grabbed her cheer bag and headed out of the room with Diana right behind. They jumped in Meghann's car and were on their way.


"About time!" Dylan snapped as Ryan walked up the stairs of the barn. Ryan noticed Dylan was frantically throwing things around trying to get ready for everyone to get here.

"What's the rush?"
"Dude, Diana is coming tonight with Meghann, and i'm gonna try to get with her."
"Wait," Ryan hesitated, "Meghann is coming?"
"Yea she is."

Dylan and Ryan had been close friends for a while. They grew up together and were always chasing the girls around. But these two girls were a little different. Diana and Meghann were both sophomore cheerleaders, a year younger than Dylan and Ryan. Now Diana and Ryan had a past. They dated for three months a couple years back, but had only made out, nothing else. Dylan had recently been trying to get with Diana for a while. She would occasionally flirt back with him, but didn't seem all that interested. Meghann and Ryan also had a past; one that was pretty rough. They had talked on and off for several months until finally Ryan tried to make the move. A simple kiss turned into a make out session until Ryan took it too far. He made the mistake of slipping a hand up her shirt and she got pissed. They hadn't talked since that day.


After every home football game, Dylan and Ryan would throw a huge party at Dylan's barn. Unlike a regular barn, this barn had an upstairs fully equipped with a pool table, ping pong table, and two couches. The party had become tradition since their freshmen year. It was about 11 now, usually when people would start showing up. First to arrive was Hank and the other football jocks, already halfway drunk. Next was Craft, Sean, and a few other baseball players. Then the girls finally arrived. First, Danny, Cassie, and Lauren, the more popular girls in the junior class showed up. Then the cheerleaders came. Kolby came in first, followed by the girls, including Meghann and Diana.


The night went as usual, beer pong until most everyone was drunk. (except Dylan and Ryan, they never got drunk at their own party. and Meghann because she was dd'n) Then a round of strip poker, Ryan vs Danny. Ryan quickly got Danny down to just her underwear and Ryan still had all of his clothes except his shirt. Ryan sunk the 8 ball and off came Danny's bra to reveal her perky breast. As tradition, she had to run across the lawn in just her thong and jump in the pool. Everyone jumped in afterwards, ripping off their clothes, most of the girls going topless. Ryan noticed Meghann taking off her shirt, already out of her pants. Her long legs looked perfect, all the way up to the black thong, showing her tone ass. Just looking at it made Ryan stiffen in his boxers. Knowing everyone would see his tent soon, he decided to jump in. So he decided to take a risk. He ran to Meghann, lifted her in his arms and jumped in with her. While everyone swam around Meghann was being extra flirtatious with Ryan. Although he was tempted to ask her why she left her bra on, he decided not to push it.


The party ended around 2 like normal. Dylan had succeeded with getting Diana drunk enough to go back upstairs with him while everyone was leaving. Realizing that she was driving Diana home, Meghann sat outside on the swing waiting. Ryan, as usual, would stay the night in the barn, but knew better than to interrupt Dylan and his one chance. So Ryan sat down next to Meghann on the swings.


In the barn Dylan was soaking wet, in nothing but his boxers, watching Diana dry off in nothing but a pink thong and pink bra. His cock was already hard, but it only get harder when Diana turned to him and slipped off her bra. Her boobs bounced out playfully, her nipples already hard from the swim still. She walked over and sat on Dylan's lap, actually more his dick, facing him. She leaned in and kissed him. Their lips met and quickly their tongues did too. Dylan began to move his hand up across her stomach to grab her left breast. He held it in his hand and began to rub it, feeling her hard nipple in his palm. He then reached over and kissed the other nipple, sucking on it and licking it. By this time her hand had slid down to his cock. She pulled it out of his boxers and gripped it tightly in her hand. She began stroking up and down slowly, while he continued to suck on her nipple. She began moaning and grinding against his dick, with the thong still in between them. Dylan reached down and began to rub her mound through the thin piece of fabric. It was soaking wet from the pool but Dylan knew that wasn't the only thing making it wet. Finally she stood up and pulled the thong down. He quickly stood up and ripped his boxers down. Diana got on her knees and grabbed his cock with both hands. Dylan moaned as he felt the heat of the inside of her mouth around the head of his cock. She began to bob back and forth while rolling her tongue around it.

"I want to fuck you." was all he could say inbetween breaths.

So Diana stood up and and walked over to the couch. Surprisingly she got on all fours with her ass sticking in the air.

"Well come fuck me then."

Dylan walked, nearly ran, to the couch and quickly got on his knees behind her. He reached under and rubbed his hand across her cleanly shaven slit, feeling the wetness instantly. He quickly found her clit and began to rub furiously, until she was moaning, half screaming in pleasure. While his thumb worked away at her clit, he let one finger slip in slowly. He realized it was loose enough for more so he grabbed the head of his cock and held it right in front of her hole. With one thrust the head pushed through and Diana arched her back and let out a loud moan. He began to slowly thrust in and out until his entire shaft was buried into her. Then he began to push faster. She began to push back into his thrusts, making it even faster. As her ass smacked against his stomach, Dylan felt that feeling building in his stomach.

"Oh shit i'm about to come!" he moaned.
"Come in me!" she screamed.

At that Dylan felt the first wave come over him. His first squirt of hot juice set her off. She began to climax, her pussy tightening around his cock, which only made the second wave feel even better. At once they both screamed in orgasm. Then they collapsed on to each other with his dick already beginning to shrink.

"That was amazing." he said. Then he realized the alcohol had kicked in and she was passed out on the couch.


Ryan and Meghann had been talking for a while on the swings, every now and then hearing the distant moan of Dylan and Diana. Finally Dylan walked out in his boxers.

"So is Diana ready to go now?" Meghann asked.
"Um... She kinda fell asleep on the couch."
"Well now what do I do? I can't just leave her here."
"You can stay in the barn with us. I don't mind, as long as ya'll are gone before my dad wakes up."
"Alright i'll call my mom and tell her we are staying at Diana's house."

Meghann went to call her mom and Dylan and Ryan went upstairs. When Meghann came up she saw that Ryan had laid a pillow and a blanket on the other couch across from Dylan and Diana. He was laying on the pool table already. As she laid down, Ryan turned and their eyes met. He smiled and she smiled.

"You can come lay down next to me." she whispered.
"But its a really small couch. I'll stay on the pool table."
"No come lay by me. I promise I don't mind. As long as you lay on the inside."

Ryan got up and walked over to the couch. He slipped in behind her and pulled the blanket over him. His leg bumped against hers and he noticed she had taken off her pants, leaving only her thong on and a t-shirt. They're hands bumped and she grabbed his and pulled it around her stomach. As she lay there in his arms he couldn't help but thinking about what had happened last time.

"I'm sorry about..."
"Don't apologize." she said "It wasn't your fault, I shouldn't have stopped you."
"Well you didn't want to..."
"No I did want to. I just was scared. That's all."

By this time Meghann had pushed as far back as she could on to Ryan. Her ass had been rubbing against his cock, which by now was semi-hard.

"Are you turned on right now?" she asked.
"A little... " he replied embarrased.
"I felt it earlier too, when you picked me up and jumped into the pool."

By now Ryan was bright red. "I'm sorry."
"Well to be honest, I liked it." she said. "I don't mind at all."

With that she rolled over facing Ryan. They kissed. They're lips interlocked long and slow. Her mouth parted and his tongue slipped in and met with hers. A jolt of electricity was sent through his body, hardening his cock completely. They kissed for a while, their tongues teasing one another. Slowly his hand slid up her shirt once again. Then he stopped, unsure whether he should continue.

"Its ok," she said, as he hand grabbed his and pushed it up her shirt to her breast. She had been wearing her shirt with no bra, so his hand felt her warm skin immediately. He rubbed slowly across her nipple, feeling it harden. He then fiddled it between two fingers while they continued to kiss. Then Ryan felt her hand unbuttoning the button of his pants. Once she did that she zipped it down and slid her hand in. She began to rub his cock through his pants. Ryan had now focused his lips on Meghann's neck. His hand slid down to her mound and began rubbing softly through her thong. She grabbed his hand and moved it directly above her clit. Ryan began working at her clit slow at first and then faster until she was moaning in pleasure. By then she had done slid his pants down and had his cock out of his boxers stroking up and down. Ryan then slid a finger inside her thong to find a cleanly shaven slit. He ran his finger down the inside until he reached her hole. His finger slipped in slowly up to the first knuckle. He began to move in and out slowly. She was now breathing harder. Her hand that had been stroking his cock had now stopped, and she started to thrust against his hand, shoving his finger in deeper. Now she was bucking wildly at his hand, trying to keep quiet so she didn't wake up Dylan and Diana. Ryan felt her inside tighten around his finger and knew she was reaching her first orgasm. After she had slowed her thrusts he leaned over to her ear.

"I want you." was all he said.
"I want you too." she replied.

Meghann stood up and Ryan laid in the middle of the couch. She straddled him on her knees and held his dick straight up. Then she slowly slid down. His head slipped in and she slowly sunk halfway down his shaft. She then began to bob up and down until he was completely buried in her and she began to rock back and forth. Slowly the tension built up at his feet and worked its way up until he was about to blow.

"Baby i'm about to come." he moaned.
"It's fine with me, I'm on the pill." she said in between moans.

So Ryan let everything go. He felt his body lift off of the ground, as she arched in orgasm. Her walls tightened around him as he lost all control of his body and began to moan loudly. She began to scream as the first round of his seed shot into her. They bucked wildly in the night, enjoying the uncontrollable ecstasy that washed over them. Finally they collapsed, him on the couch, her on top of him. Ryan pulled his now limp little man out of her and they just lay there. Skin on skin. Body on Body.

And he whispered,"I'll always want you."
She replied, "And I'll always want you ."

And they fell asleep together.


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