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This is a story that happened when I was 18 years old. Its about me coming back home from college for the thanksgiving break and catching up with an old female friend. For safety reasons her name will be changed and I will use my first name initial to represent me. Depending on what ya think of the story will determine whether I write another story…Please comment!!
It was Saturday night and I was at school in my dorm room getting ready to come home tomorrow for the thanksgiving break. All of a sudden I received a call from my mom saying to wear some nice clothes when you’re coming back home because we’re going to church after picking you up. I was like ok and hung up the phone. The next day I got on the plane and was back in my home city where my mother and sister welcomed me. After getting my luggage and getting in the car we were off to church.

During the church service, I was falling asleep due to waking up so early to catch my flight. So I decided to go to the bathroom and splash some water in my face to stay awake. When I got out the bathroom I heard a voice that called my name that sounded very familiar. When I turn around I saw my old female friend Tiffany. When I saw her my mind couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Tiffany was looking so damn sexy. I was thinking this can’t be the same Tiffany I knew back then when we were going to Sunday school.

I must pause the story and tell you about why I was so shock to see how Tiffany has developed since the last time I seen her. Back during Sunday school, Tiffany was a cool person; however, she wasn’t very attractive. Most of the time when I see her she would be wearing clothes that look like she got from the Salvation Army. Her face wasn’t that much to look at because it was covered with bumps, she had nappy hair and wore braces. Now I’m looking at her and I was saying in my mind “Dammmmn!!”. Now she didn’t have braces no more, her hair was braided all the way down her back and her face was clean and bump free. At the church ,she had on a black blouse with some blues jeans which showed her round booty off very nicely.

Anyway back to the story

“ Hey J, long time no see. How you doing?” she said. “ Tif..Tiffany?? …wazup…I’m…..I’m doing good.” I said. As soon as I finished my statement, she gave me a hug and I was going absolutely crazy in my mind. Her body felt so soft and wonderful. It was like hugging a fresh new pillow. The perfume she had own had such a delightful smell that it started to get me hard. I didn’t want her to notice me getting hard down there so I let go of the hug and step back from her a little. She then ask “ So…how long you been down in the city?” I replied “ I just got in town this morning. I’m going to be in town until next Sunday.” “ Well that real good because I’m going to be down here until next Sunday too. Give me a call and lets hang out.” She said. So I said “ I’ll most defiantly call you.” Then she headed out the church. and I went back in to listen to the rest of the service. The irony was that the church service was about never judging a book by its cover. Boy did I learn that lesson that day.

The next day I wasn’t doing that much. I was just playing my PS3 all day while thinking about Tiffany and about the way she was looking. Later that night I received a text message from Tiffany asking me if I was free. I was looking at the time and it was 11:30 PM and said “yeah I’m free”. About 10 minutes later, she sent me a text message saying she was coming over to my house. When I got that message a big smile came on my face, but then it came to me. My parents were already sleep and are very strict about me going out without their permission. Just when I was about to text her back saying lets hang out another time, I said to myself “Fuck it. I might as well go have some fun”. So I put on some nice clothes, sprayed a little cologne on and waited outside for her to come. I was lucky to not wake my parents up because the front door makes a squeaking sound when it opens. At 11:50, Tiffany drove up in her car and I got in. “Hey J….What you want to do?” she said. So I said “Well there is no place really open at this time. So it doesn’t matter. What you want to do?” When I look back at her she lick her lips very sexy while looking down at my crotch. Then she said “ Well how bout you show me around your side of the neighborhood since I don’t know anything about it.” So I said okay and I gave her a tour around my part of town. While she was driving around we were catching up on good times. After driving for about 20 minutes, I told her to stop over here at this dark alley and lets just chill. So she pulled over and we talked some more.

While catching up and listening to some music she said she was getting tense. So being the gentlemen I said “Why don’t you lay back in the seat and I’ll give you a massage?” So she laid her seat all the way back and laid on her stomach. I started massaging her shoulders and was working my way down her back. I felt she was beginning to relax so I decided to stick my hands under her shirt and massage her body even more. When my hands were rubbing on her sides I notice she was breathing a little heavily. She was really into the massage so I took it to the next level. I slowly got on top of her while my hands were caressing her body and I started kissing and sucking slowly all over her neck. She began to moan and said “ Oh……J!! That feels so good. Don’t stop.” So I kept it up and then all of a sudden she turned around and started kissing me on my lips. “ I want you so bad J….Play with my pussy. I want you inside me!!” So I started taking her pants down and to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties and she was a little wet. Just as I was bout to stick my tongue into her vagina a bright light came out of nowhere. I was thinking it was a cop car wondering why their was a car over here? So Tiffany put her pants back on and I got back into my seat. Lucky for us, it wasn’t the cops. It was just some guy looking at us from a distance doing our thing. Tiffany then started the car and we left. Then she said “Well….that got me out of the mood. I’m going home.” “We don’t have to. I’m sure we can go somewhere else.” I said. “ Naw..that’s ok. It’s not your fault and besides its getting late. Lets hang out another time if that’s alright?” I couldn’t changed her mind so I said okay. So she drop me of at my house and I was able to sneak back in the house without waking my folks up.

It wasn’t until Thanksgiving Eve, two days after our first outing, when I got a message from Tiffany saying “ So….you want to try it again?” I text her back with the quickness saying “Yes…pick me up in a hour. I know a better place where we can be alone.” So she started heading over to my house and I told my folks that I was going out with my friend so I didn’t have to sneak out. My parents said it was cool and they went to bed. It wasn’t until about 11:30 PM when she came into her car and I got in. She was wearing a white halter top that was showing her 32C tits with some black shorts and sandals. She notice me noticing her and said “ Do you like?” All I could say was “Daammn”. She laughed and said “ Well…I guess I’ll take that as a yes. So where is this place where we will be alone?” “ We’re going to the park” I said. She look at me asking me if I was sure? I said “Yes I’m sure. Nobody is at the park and it is pitch dark where no one will see us or bother us.” “Okay” she said and we were off to the park.

When we got to the park we got out the car and started heading to the playground. When we got to the playground she started climbing up the stairs and I was watching her booty as she went up there. It was hypnotic. When we got inside the playground we headed for the part of playground that had the best view of the neighborhood and the most room. When we got to the area Tiffany went to go view the area. Then I went over to her, hugging her from behind, also taking in the sights. “This is so amazing” she said. “Yes it truly is” I said. While looking we saw another couple who were walking around the park. My guess was they were here this late for the same reason we were here; however, when the couple saw us they got back in their car and left. Tiffany and I laughed and continued having fun. She looked at the time and it was midnight and said “I’m glad I came out with you. This was a great night.” I said “ Who said this night is over? It is just beginning.” Then I turn her around and we started kissing. Our tongues were wrestling and it felt awesome. While kissing we were slowly getting on the ground and I notice that she had a tongue ring. Before I could say anything about it, Tiffany started kissing me on my neck while taking my shirt off and threw it down the slide. Then she slowly unbuckled my pants, took them off and threw them down the slide too. Now I was laid out on the floor only in my boxers while Tiffany took out my penis. She said “ Wow….all this for me?” “ Its all for you girl.” I said. She started kissing all over my shaft and started working her way up. When she finally put my dick in her mouth and started sucking, my eyes rolled to the back of my head. She was circling her tongue around my penis which made me pre-cum in her mouth a little. Then she look me into with her eyes and said “ Its your turn. Like I told you last time…play with my pussy.” So I laid her down on the floor, took off her halter top and started kissing all over her body. I was gently squeezing her tits and gently bit the tip of her left tit. I started shaking her left tit with my teeth and she had a big kool-aid smile on her face. Then she pulled my head slowly down her body and said giggling “ Stop teasing me and eat my pussy.” So I took her shorts off, took her panties off with my teeth and began fingering her pussy. Her pussy was getting extremely wet so I started licking all around her clitoris and she was screaming “ Oh my fucking god….That feels so good.” “Your pussy taste so good” I said surprising myself. “ Let me taste it” she said. So I kiss her while her tongue was all in my mouth tasting some of her juices mix with my saliva. “ Mmmm…that’s real good” Tiffany said. So I stand up and said “ That’s nothing I’m bout to make you feel real good” So I pick her up, being very creative, took her over to the monkey bars. When we got there I told her to hang on the bars. When she hang on to the bars I quickly put on a condom, stand on the second rail from the bottom, brought her legs over to me, wrapping them around me and slowly putting my penis into her wet dripping pussy. She started rocking her hips, slowly at first, increasing the tempo until she was riding the full length of my cock, moaning with each stroke while hanging on to the bars. After fucking her that way for 15 minutes she said “ I can’t believe I’m doing this. I want to suck your dick.” So I began to help her off the monkey bars and she got on her knees, remove the condom on me to suck my dick raw. She even let me teabag her. The sensation was so great that I cum all over her mouth both inside and on the side. Finally, she lick off the rest of my cum on her and on my dick and we just set on the slide looking at the stars.

After chilling outside naked for a while we put our clothes on and got in the car and she took me back home. Before I got out the car , we shared a passionate kiss and she said “ I had a blast. Lets do this again.” I smiled and said “ Most defiantly. Oh…and Happy Thanksgiving.” Then I got out the car , went into my house and went to bed thinking about what I did at the park.

Ever since that glorious night, Whenever Tiffany and I are back in the city together, we always hook up and have sex at different places within the city. An when its Thanksgiving Eve, we always go to the park as far as our anniversary to make out.


2009-08-05 17:24:47
nice story...i can't wait to hear another one of your stories

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2009-08-04 19:55:31
That was a nice story.....I look forward to your sequel or new to the guy who wrote my dick wet....Don't you mean hard??

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2009-08-04 19:48:16
Story got my dick wet

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2009-08-04 19:47:27
That was a great story. I too also had an experience with a girl at the park.

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