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Cum-Bob's fantasy adventure continues in a wild orgy event that'll leave you wondering what else he could possibly experience.
Chapter Ten

We all stumbled into the office letting our towels fall away from our bodies. My semi-soft cock brushed up against Vicki’s soft thigh and she reached down and gave it a good grab.

“What’s up Mark?” She said.

“Not much. I guess you guys are having fun.” He replied.

“You can bet on that,” she said as she began stroking my now thickening penis. I had lost all inhibitions—not caring who saw me nude or watched me get hard, cum, stroke myself, whatever. I noticed Marcie was behind the counter, her fabulous breasts still glistening from the pool. She had her hand over Mark’s crotch and was gently squeezing his package.

“We’re gonna get cleaned up, then get ready to party tonight,” she said.

“Great, I’m in!” Said Mark.

Vicki, still lightly rubbing my dick between her fingers, said, “why don’t you and me go get showered in your room?”

“Fine with me.” I turned to Mark and said, “by the way, I’m the new guy, Bob.”

“We call him cum-boy,” said Norma. “He’s the guy who came just looking at my tits on the beach earlier.”

“Hey,” Vicki said, “Why don’t we call him ‘cum-Bob’?” Everyone laughed, including me.

“Yeah, cum-Bob Spare Pants” I said mimicking the children’s TV show “Sponge-Bob Square Pants.” That drew even more laughs.

“Oh, I heard about you, cum-Bob.” Said Mark. Leaving me to wonder just how word had traveled so quickly.

But it was a small motel and he and Marcie obviously got along well. She had bent over behind the counter to get something a moment earlier and now I noticed the top of her head moving up and down in front of Mark’s crotch. I could see he was starting to fade into ecstasy—trying hard not to lose touch with our conversation, but it was a losing battle.

Norma said, “Let’s get going. I’m excited to get the night started!”

So the three of us, Vicki, Norma and I, went out the side door toward my room. I didn’t know Norma as coming with us, but the last thing I would do is complain. Ramon picked up his towel, his dick swinging back and forth between his knees, and headed back out toward the pool. I assumed he had a room, or maintenance office or something on that side of the building. The way he’d run for the two beach chairs and umbrella, I assumed he was the hotel’s super.

As we walked along the path to my room around back, we could hear the sounds of sex coming from inside one of the side rooms. We all paused and Vicki returned to stroking my rubbery dick as we looked for the source of the pleasure groans. Through the open blinds on one of the ground floor rooms we could see the six people from the pool, the two Speedo-dudes, drunk-guy and the three porn stars. We moved closer to the window. The blonde with the biggest tits was sucking on drunk-guy’s dick with a vengeance. He needed it. His cock was about seven inches long, but seemed reluctant to get completely hard. On the other hand, the two Speedo guys’ hard-ons from the pool were fully engorged and buried inside the vagina of the porn star with the little brown nipples on the EEE tits. They were sitting on a footstool facing each other, their legs crossed over each other pressing their dicks together, which were pointing straight-up and gliding in-and-out of the porn star who was doing knee-bends, letting their cocks nearly slide out of her pussy before settling back down on them. She was moaning with pleasure and kept reaching down and grabbing the two cocks with one hand and stroking them when she would stand-up. They were pretty good-sized cocks, too, and I was somewhat surprised at how easily she slid them into her pussy, which was dripping wet. The third porn star was lying on the bed on her stomach watching the show while pushing a big pink dildo into what I think was her ass. I couldn’t tell from my angle through the window.

“Wow, that’s hot.” Said Vicki as she continued to stroke me without taking her eyes off of the action inside the room.

“Jes, it is. Too hot.” Said Norma, who was parting her pussy lips with her right hand and fiddling with her clit with the left. Her nipples were hard as pebbles. She was close to cumming, I could tell.

“Oh, that feels good,” I moaned and reached for Vicki’s slick slit.

“Don’t do that.” She said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because, first I have to do this.” She said pushing me down below the window so I was sitting with my back to the wall. She straddled me as I stroked myself and I thought she was going to lower her bald pussy down onto my mouth for a good tongue-lashing. Instead she stayed standing and let-out a powerful stream of hot urine. The piss splashed onto my chest sending spray into my face. Before I realized what was happening, I opened my mouth and started drinking in the drops of pee. Vicki grabbed her pussy and pulled upward, guiding the hot stream straight into my mouth where it hit the back of my throat and filled it to overflowing with the salty liquid. This was crazy! I was literally gargling this woman’s piss! Wow, what a feeling!

“Ougggghhhhh,” I moaned.

“You like that, don’t you?” She purred. And at that instant, as the stream started to die-down, Norma who’d been watching, shuddered and fell back against the wall in a powerful orgasm. As the hot piss ran down my chest, over my stomach and around my balls, I shot a huge load of cum straight up. The first pulse of jizz was so powerful, it splashed onto Vicki’s still hovering, still-dripping-with-pee, cunt. The second blast went even higher hitting above her clit and she began to rub the sperm and urine around on her hot spot. As my spasms turned to dribbles, she let out a moan and came as she slowly settled her hot pussy over my still-hard dick. The three of us were now all below the windowsill and as we calmed down the sounds from inside the room got louder.

We just had to peek over the top and see what was happening now. Talk about orgy. Wow. The blonde had finally gotten drunk-guy good and hard. She had turned around and was leaning with her forearms on the bed kissing the porn star with the dildo deeply on the mouth as she continued to work the tool into her backside. Drunk-guy reached over to the bureau and pumped a container of lube. He slathered it on his now stiff seven-inch penis and pushed it straight into the blonde’s ass. She moaned and reached under herself to stroke her clit as she continued kissing the woman on the bed.

Meantime the “Speedo-guy show” was in full swing on the other side of the room. The brown haired porn star had taken two elastic rubber cockrings and wrapped them around both guy’s dicks. The rubber rings bound their cocks together as one and she was now blowing them two-at-once as they moaned and groaned. She stopped for a second and went to the bureau, pumped some lube, and grabbed another rubber ring. Stretching it with her hands. She walked back to the two guys who were now rubbing their own dicks in a sort of two-at-once jack-off session. She knelt down between them and using her slippery hands, began to massage and pull on their ball-sacks. Once she got them well-oiled, she slipped the ring over their nuts, so both scrotums were firmly constricted in the single ring just below the bases of their cocks. The two stole some lube off of their nuts and continued stroking their tied-together cocks in a well-timed pump-session. I thought these two guys looked at bit too ‘friendly’ with each other as they jerked themselves off and rubbed each other’s nipples. The brown-haired porn star’s boobs were splattered with lube as she started to massage them and ran a hand down to her still-wet pussy lips. She laid her head down on the footstool and started licking their balls.

Drunk-guy’s thrusts were getting deeper and faster and I could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer as he pumped the blonde’s tight ass. The porn star on the bed lost it and started cumming in waves working the vibrator fiercely into her back-end. That was enough for drunk-guy, who when he saw that, pulled out and shot load after load of yellowish, thick cum all over the back of the blonde.

With the cum still dripping out of her ass and off of her back, the blonde quickly moved over to the Speedo guys and straddled them. They stopped their stroke-fest as she lowered her pussy onto the tips of their dicks. She kept trying to work their swollen cocks into her slit, but they were too big, as she was a very petit woman to have breasts so large. The brown-haired beauty stopped licking their balls long enough to slip the cockrings off of their shafts, leaving their balls constricted in the lower rubber ring. The blonde grabbed a quick pump of lube and slathered it over her pussy and into her ass, which didn’t really need it, then squatted over the two cocks, pried them apart enough to work one into her asshole and the other into her tight, red-hot vagina. The two guys moaned even louder as she began to do deep knee bends, sliding up and down their dicks. Her rhythm increased to the point where her boobs were hitting her in the face and making smacking noises as they flopped on her chest, which could be heard above the moaning. When the blonde’s bobbing reached a peak, the brown-haired woman slipped her fingers under the rubber cockring, and slid it off of the guys’ nuts. They both yelled out and started cumming into the blonde’s cunt and ass. At the same time, the blonde’s pussy let out a stream of shiny fluid as she orgasmed and sat down fully on both cocks. The three were perfectly still for a few moments before the blonde lifted herself up and the two cocks flopped out of her, glistening with cum, sperm and lube. The three of them fell down to the floor and lay down with the brown-haired woman. Drunk-guy looked passed-out lying next to the woman on the bed who was casually watching—still working the dildo slowly in and out of her rear.

We looked at each other and decided to get going before they noticed us watching. Turning away from the window, I heard one of the girls inside say “Nice show, huh?”

We all laughed and the three of us moved to the pathway to go my room and shower.

Chapter Eleven

The three of us piled weak-kneed into my room and flopped on the king-size bed. The air conditioning felt great. Outside, I could hear the waves gently crashing on the beach. I looked over at Norma; her perfect boobs were standing up on her chest as she laid there, eyes closed, relaxing. I turned the other way and looked at Vicki, her sensuous curves outlined by the window behind her, as she lay facing me on her side. Her large, soft breasts were squeezed together as they had been on the beach, her skin a dark shade of pinkish red from perhaps a bit too much sun. Of course, there were no tan lines. We locked eyes for a moment, and then shared a romantic kiss, too spent to do anything else.

“You want a drink?” I asked.

“Sure, make it strong.” She said.

“Me too,” murmured Norma.

I got up and headed out the door to the ice machine, nude. The hot air from outside hit me and I drank-in the view from the balcony walkway outside my room. The palms stretching to the waves sliding up and down the beach. How did this happen? I asked myself. I was off to get ice and make drinks for two of the most gorgeous, sexy women I had ever encountered—and I’d already had every kind of sex I could imagine with them and others. I’d seen sex I had only imagined by watching a steady diet of Internet porn and letting my imagination run wild. I wondered what was next. I thought to myself, there’s no way I can experience anything new. I was wrong.

Chapter Twelve

By the time I got back from getting ice, the shower was running and the girls were in it. I quickly made three gin and tonics, and carrying them in a triangle, entered the bathroom. Through the semi-transparent shower curtain I could see the outlines of the two of them. The taller, thinner, firm-breasted outline of Norma’s darker skin and the shorter, fuller, large-breasted outline of Vicki, a shade lighter. They heard me and said in unison, “C’mon in, the water’s fine,” and giggled.
Vicki pushed back the curtain and seeing the drinks, grabbed two from me and handed one to Norma.

“To us!” I said robustly.

“To us!” they said in unison and giggled.

“I’m all cleaned up,” said Norma and stepped over the tub and onto a towel. I handed her another and she began to dry off as I set my drink on the back of the toilet and stepped in and began to rub my hands over Vicki’s soapy body. What a feeling! Without letting it get too far, we managed to clean our bodies and shampoo our hair before getting out. The chill from the a/c was tingling in contrast to the extreme heat of the naked, baking day we had enjoyed.

“Okay, cum-Bob, I want to let you in on a secret and give you something.” Vicki said. “C’mon, out here in the room.” And we walked out of the bathroom and joined Norma.

“This is a very special motel,” she said with a smile. “In case you hadn’t already noticed. And, we all think you fit right in. You’re handsome, easy-going, sexy, and funny.”
“Thanks,” I said, not knowing where this was going.
“So, we want you to join all of our special guests with us tonight. You might see and enjoy some things that you never experienced, or maybe even never thought of, before.” She was a bit more serious, but still smiling as she continued to towel off wet spots on her amazing body.

“Okay,” I said with a bit of reserve.

“Oh, it’s nothing bad, and we would never ask, or make, you do something you didn’t want.” She added.

“I know. I love you guys.” Oh shit! I said it! I didn’t mean to say it. It just slipped out! Vicki continued as if it was the most casual thing in the world to say at that point, and did not need a comment.

“First off, there’s something in the drink mix you’ve been using. We all use it. It’s a little known formula that
makes you horny. So, we put it in all the mixers and soft drinks before you got to your room. Did you like it?”

“Are you kidding me?” I asked. “I loved it.”

“We thought so, but some first-timers reacted differently when it wore-off. Some of them wonder if they were in their right minds when they performed some of the sex-acts while taking it. We don’t condone giving someone something without telling him or her, but thought you’d like it. You see we got a real good reading from you when you walked in the door. Marcie’s good at that.” Vicki continued, “I was waiting for you on the beach and you may have noticed that the only spot big enough to lay down a towel was near me. Anyway, I wanted you from the moment I saw you.”

“Me too,” said Norma.

“The ingredient is all-natural and harmless, but I know you may have taken a bit of a “booster” on your own. We don’t mind that, but it’s probably what earned you the nickname cum-Bob.”

“Yeah, I took a Viagra.” I admitted sheepishly.

“We could tell,” Vicki went on, “Take another and enjoy the evening. Our other secret is The Room,” she said. “It’s the place where dreams come true. Literally, your wildest dreams. So let’s have another drink and get going.”

I was all for that. “Do I need clothes?” I asked, realizing I hadn’t had a thing on since arriving this afternoon. My rumpled suit hanging on a chair would most likely not be moving any time soon.

“No, but wear shoes,” Vicki said.

I wondered why but didn’t ask. We all three headed for the door, me nude, carrying a towel and wearing sneakers. The girls were naked and had flip-flops on their feet. I noticed Norma had put a thin, gold chain around her waist attached to her belly-ring. Very sexy.

Chapter Thirteen

We made our way around the darkening beachside of the motel now in the shade as the sun began to set in the west and over to another wing of the building stopping at a plain door without a number. Vicki knocked and someone inside opened it. “The Room” was large, with one whole side open to the sand, a bar along the opposite wall and larger-than-king-sized bed-type furniture scattered about the room. Music was playing loud, but not too loud. The fresh ocean breeze combined with the darkened atmosphere and the easy laughter and conversation of those already there made for a pleasant, secure feeling. It looked like a cocktail party where only hot women and men were invited and they showed up in shoes and little else. Some of them had towels hung over their shoulders, or were sitting on them along benches lining the sides of The Room.

“This is cool,” I said looking around. Vicki and Norma looked at each and Norma produced three small pills.

“Here, take this.” She said in whisper.

“I already had all that tonic with the special ingredient, and I took the Viagra as recommended,” I replied.

“This will add to it.” Norma insisted.

“Go ahead, you’ll LOVE it.” Vicki added.

Not really caring about much of anything I slipped the pill onto my tongue just as the cutest barmaid in the world handed me a drink. Surprised, since we had not ordered, I took it, downed the pill with a swallow and said hello to her.

“My name’s Aphrodite,” she said.

“Really?” I said. “As in ‘mighty Aphrodite?” I joked.

“Sort of,” she shyly looked down.

I had never seen such ivory-soft looking skin. She was much paler than us, very petite and thin, with long, curly white-blonde hair, pouty lips, perfect teeth, big blue eyes and the most delicate hands I’ve ever seen. I wanted to see her naked, but she was wearing a small bikini bottom with a Brazilian backside in a wild print of art deco colors. Her tits reminded me of porn star Ginger Lynn’s—soft, small and fitting her frame perfectly. Her hips flared nicely aside her flat belly. My dick moved. Twitched, actually. She noticed it and glanced aside. I reddened and tried to make small talk.

“Come here often?” I asked.

She chuckled, “Why yes, how about you?” she smiled, perfect teeth gleaming in the soft light. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Vicki and Norma grinning at each other.

“I’ve got some more drinks to pass out,” she told me.

“Okay Aphrodite, will I see you again, soon, I hope?” I sort of begged. The effects of that pill seemed to be setting-in quickly. I was tingling from head-to-foot and every breath of wind, sound of laughter and idle caress seemed amplified in my brain.

“Sure.” She said as she turned and walked away showing me her firm butt and shapely legs, highlighted by her high-heeled sandals. She was as hot as they come.

Vicki, Norma and I danced and swayed to the music for a while letting the effects of the pill take us to another state of relaxed passion, then walked out toward the water on the beach sand, kissed a lot, fondled each other, and basically had a great time with a couple more drinks. But my hardness, and their wetness were starting to override the attempt to avoid having all-out sex.

We went back inside and others had apparently succumbed to their desires, as bodies writhed in piles on the beds, asses in the air pumping, boobs bouncing, heads bobbing on dicks, men with their faces buried in crotches, and just about every position possible was being demonstrated in all areas of the room. The three of us settled on the side of a bed occupied by two people locked in feverish 69. It was so dark; I couldn’t tell if it was two women or a man and a woman. I quickly got my face down in between Vicki’s legs where I could begin to taste her sweet cum once again. Norma lay on her back and slid her head under my now-steel dick and began sucking me like Popsicle. I was thrusting into her mouth as Vicki thrust her hips up and down increasing the speed of my tongue across her vagina and clit. We were in perfect rhythm. The music was pounding and we could feel the vibrations of each other’s ecstasy.

“Fuck my ass!” Shouted Vicki.

I lifted my face from her pussy and then bobbed down again to give her butthole a good licking, putting as much spit into it as I could. Then, she turned over and got on all fours as I pulled my now throbbing cock out of Norma’s mouth and knee-shuffled up behind Vicki and gently placed the head of my penis against her rectum. As I pushed my dick downward she thrust up and it slid in to the hilt, nearly causing me to cum immediately. Norma shuffled up on her back until her face was directly under Vicki’s cunt and began licking her clit and my balls, alternating back and forth with my thrusts. We kept this up for a long time, moaning in unison. I reached back behind me and stuck a finger in Norma’s dripping bush. Then, I felt something…another finger. I turned slightly and noticed Aphrodite shyly putting her index finger into Norma’s cunt alongside my own. I pulled it out and locked eyes with her. Vicki burst into a screaming orgasm as I continued to thrust into her ass and Norma worked her tongue over her clit. We didn’t stop until Vicki pushed us away, unable to stand any more of the intense pleasure as her orgasm ended. My cock popped out of Vicki’s ass as she moved forward to lie down and rest.

Springing up and down from the sudden pullout, my dick ended-up pointing to the sky, the veins standing-out along the sides, the head purpling and swelling as it continued to throb. I stuck it in Norma’s mouth as she sucked it in a sloppy spit-filled blowjob. I had to push down on the shaft near my stomach to get it pointed downward in order to slide it in and out of her mouth. I was looking over my shoulder at Aphrodite who was now working on Norma’s clit with her mouth, sucking it, licking it and working her fingers into the opening. Aphrodite was so small that eventually I saw her entire hand disappear into Norma’s vagina! Pushing her hand in wrist-deep, she kept thrusting until Norma screamed in delight. I had to have Aphrodite.

Chapter Fourteen

I crawled on all fours over to Aphrodite and got a close-up look at her hand stuffed in Norma’s pussy. It was amazing. I felt around the edges of Norma’s hot spot and slowly helped Aphrodite slide it gently out. Fluid spilled out behind it as she then reached out and put her hand on the head of my swollen penis and clenched it in her tiny fist and started a rotating stroking motion that made me shudder in delight. I pulled her top down and started making love to those perfect perky tits, flicking a nipple with my tongue while stroking and gently pinching the other with my hand, moving from one side to the other dragging my tongue across the soft skin between her boobs. Her circular, swirling action on my dickhead was bringing me closer to orgasm faster than I desired, so I gently nudged her hand away as went into a deep mouth-to-mouth kiss. From there, I licked my way down to her bellybutton and spent some time flicking her bellyring between my teeth, all the while keeping my rock-hard dick on the sheets below my stomach and out of the reach of her soft, talented hands. I was stroking her rear with my right hand, head on her belly, when I worked my right thumb past her butthole, which I gently massaged in a circle before moving above it and sliding it into her tight, little snatch.

I kept working my thumb against the top of her vagina, looking for the g-spot when I noticed a sizeable lump about two inches from my face, growing in her thong bikini bottom. I gently pulled the fabric further to the side with my right hand but the lump stayed stuck in the front of her suit. Then, I reached down with my left hand, turning my whole body into a 69-type position, and reached under the tight fabric. My left hand closed around a small, cylinder-shaped object. It was a tiny penis! I couldn’t believe it. My right index and middle fingers were sliding gently in and out of her tight—almost too tight—pussy, but my left hand was holding a dick! She was a hermaphrodite! I had to make sure, so I slid my fingers out of her sopping-wet pussy and lowered them. Sure enough, there was her butthole. Moving back up between her legs, I put a finger in her ass, one in her pussy and stroked the little cock with my left hand. It was strange seeing a cock sticking up from the top of a pussy. There were no balls, just a shaft coming straight out of the top of her cunt. He/she was moaning fiercely at my movements and sucked my cock into her mouth with a flourish. Her lips were stretched to the max around my own pumped-up penis as I slowly worked my hips, sliding it in, and down her throat. I continued to stare at what was inches from my eyes. The little penis had me mesmerized. I was stroking it up and down, feeling inside her pussy, massaging her g-spot and with my pinky, doing little ticklish circles around her teeny-weenie backdoor.

I had to do it. For the third time today and first time in my life, I would have to go “homo” out of sheer desire. I lifted my head off her belly slid down a few inches and lowered my spit-filled mouth—which was watering at the thought of this—over her little dick. It was about four inches long and as big around as a hotdog. It easily slid all the way into my mouth as I closed around it, sucking in my cheeks and massaging the head with my tongue. Aphrodite was in a state of pure joy beneath me, the insides of his/her legs began to quiver as I speeded up all three of my actions: hips thrusting my cock into his/her throat, fingers massaging his/her vagina and my mouth blowing his/her penis, sucking and licking—and I was actually humming loudly (but not loud enough to be heard above the music) creating a vibrating effect that seemed to be just what he/she wanted. Aphrodite’s shaking turned to quaking as he/she arched his/her back and dug his/her toes into the soft mattress. I continued to bob my head up-and-down on his/her penis and work his/her vagina as deftly as possible. On one hand-thrust I started sliding my pinky finger into her ass and that did it. He/she exploded in muffled screams as thick juicy fluid ran from his/her twat and a hot load of sperm pumped into my mouth, which I quickly and eagerly swallowed. This tiny man/woman under me was cumming so hard; I thought the whole room would feel it. His/her screams of pleasure were muffled by the loads of hot cum I was shooting into her throat. I could not hold back any longer and even as I gave the tiny Aphrodite room under me by lifting my hips, the sperm kept coming, dousing his/her pretty face with a hot sticky, white plastering of man-sauce. He/she was licking as much of it into his/her mouth as possible and I was guzzling his/her little load down my own throat as I rolled onto my back to rest. My eyes were closed and thought that was the most incredible orgasm ever, when I heard the sound of applause above the music. I slowly opened my eyes to see the faces of at least a dozen people surrounding the large bed clapping and smiling at Aphrodite and me. I guess we put on a good show. Her little penis was already withering up into an inch-long softy as I sat up, only to have Vicki plant a big lip-locking, tongue searching kiss on my mouth. My head was spinning in ecstasy.

Chapter Fifteen

I staggered to the bar with Vicki’s help, who was holding me up on my rubbery legs.

“Wow, that was your first time with a person like that, wasn’t it?” Asked Vicki.

“Yeah,” I scoffed. “Everything’s a first time around here. That was insane! I had no idea she was a hermaphrodite when I met her, or even when I started making out with her.”

“Yeah, we figured.” Vicki said, “She’s pretty discreet about her sexual power and extra equipment.”
I chuckled, “Took me by surprise.”

“There’ll be more,” she replied.

We took our drinks from the bar and headed back to one of the beds in the corner near the sand. The breeze coming in from the sea felt and smelled great as we sat down and took a few sips. I was enchanted with Vicki’s beauty. I reached out and fondled her breast as she took another swig from her drink and her eyes went behind me and brightened when she obviously spotted a friend.

“Jaquie, come over here and meet my new friend!” She shouted over the music. A beautiful, tall, thin black woman wearing a tight thong that showed off her unbelievably taught ass muscles strode over and sat down next to me and Vicki.

“Hi baby,” she said. Her voice was such that she did not have to shout to be heard above the din of the music. It had a deep quality with a very soft undertone. Very sexy. “How are you? And is this our new friend?”

“Yes, this is cum-Bob!” Vicki laughed, “Or just Bob if you want, he’s a little sensitive about his new nickname.”

“Why?” asked Jaquie, “I like that name.”

“Oh, well it was a kind of embarrassing moment on the beach earlier today…” I started to explain.

“Oh, I heard baby, no need to get into it now.” Jaquie said. “So are you two doing the ‘alone thing’ over here, or can I join you?”

“No, we’re just catching our breath and having a drink. ‘Want one?” Vicki asked. As I continued to stroke Vicki’s soft breast and tweak her pink nipple, I reached over and put a hand on Jaquie’s thigh. It was firm, toned and silky smooth. Jaquie put a hand on my soft dick and started to squeeze and play with it, provoking a quick response. Jaquie started kissing me on the mouth as Vicki bent over and took my now stiffening cock into her soft, pleasurable mouth and began another session of unbelievable head. Soon, Jaquie knelt down in front of me and the two of them were taking turns sucking and licking my balls. I was reaching down and playing with their tits, two at a time, one from each woman. Their hands were all over me and each other as they continued to take turns giving me head. Suddenly, Jaquie stood up, her tall frame towering over me.

“I want to be buttfucked.” She stated.

“Okay!” I shouted back over the music. Jaquie turned to a small bar table nearby and pumped out some lube, which I had not noticed was there and turned around with her back to me, Vicki still buried between my knees. She bent far over, and keeping her knees together, slid the thong down her long legs and shoved a well-lubed finger into her butt. Vicki continued sucking me but was watching out of the corner of her mouth. Once the lube was oozing out of her backdoor pleasure hole, she backed up over my legs and Vicki help my cock straight up as Jaquie lowered that muscle-bound ass down, down, down, the tip resting on her sphincter, then lower, the head going in, then an inch at a time until the entire shaft was inserted and her ass cheeks were resting on my thighs. Man she was tight. I reached around and began a two-handed massage on her hard boobs aggressively pinching the nipples as she started to move up and down on my steel rod.

Jaquie’s hopping on my dick increased in intensity as I looked around for Vicki, who had disappeared. As Jaquie jumped my rod, I felt something hitting my balls. I thought it was Vicki’s chin as she was eating out Jaquie’s pussy, but Vicki was now coming around Jaquie, onto the bed to kiss me. The banging on my nuts increased as Jaquie continued to pound my beef-stick into her ass. Vicki was massaging my chest and pinching my nipples when Jaquie stood up, letting my hard-on flop down on my chest. Vicki jumped on, throwing a leg over me as I lay completely back on the bed. She started riding me cowgirl, her hot, wet, soft pussy so tight around my cock that it made it swell to even larger proportions. I could feel the edges of the head rubbing the walls of Vicki’s tight hot-house. I felt Jaquie’s finger in my ass. I knew it. She was down between my legs, which were hanging over the side of the bed with my feet flat on the floor, and had her head between my knees alternately licking Vicki’s ass and my balls and shaft as Vicki and I fucked our brains out.

I needed more control. Fucking Vicki is such a pleasure that I wanted it to last as long as possible, and with her riding me like a bull at the rodeo, I was about to burst. So, I put a foot down on the floor and gently rolled Vicki and me over and up onto the bed. I felt Jaquie following us with her tongue hitting and brushing my balls, Vicki’s vagina and finally once I was on top and thrusting, she pushed her tongue all the way up my ass. Her tongue was so long and swirling around in my butthole like a snake. I was thrusting into Vicki as she rocked her hips back and forth moaning and begging me not to stop. I felt Jaquie’s tongue slip out of my butt crack and in a moment it was replaced with a more sizable, blunt-tipped object. What? Did she have a strap-on?

“Hey, what’s that?” I called out over the music, half turning my head to see Jaquie’s smiling face inches from the back of my head, her muscular arms on both sides of me and Vicki. “Is it a strap-on?”

“Oh no, cum-Bob, it’s real. Very real.” Jacquie said in the sultry voice that penetrated the din in what seemed like a whisper.

“Relax, Bob,” said Vicki. “I’m about to cum!”

Jacquie slid her seven-and-a-half inch penis into my stretched out butthole in one, lubed thrust. I felt it hit the back of my rectum as this transsexual started to work it in and out. Vicki’s already tight cunt was gripping my cock like a wet velvet glove. As Jacquie thrust into me, I would be pushed into Vicki until there was no more room in either of us, and Jacquie would withdraw and start over. I knew something was up with those muscles! Now, here we go again, I thought. I have a tranny jamming his dick up my ass while I experience the fuck of my life with this gorgeous woman who’s kissing my face and pulling on my butt cheeks, stretching them open even further for Jaquie, who began to grunt in rhythm with her thrusts. It was pretty clear none of us was going to last much longer. Vicki gave in first, letting out a long, loud moan that turned into an, “OOOOohhhhhh YYYEEESSSS!”

Jacquie punched me in the back of the head rather hard, which caused my ass to constrict around his penis and he started shooting a load of hot cum into my aching hole as my own balls let loose with huge, sloppy shots of white cum, filling Vicki’s cunt to over flowing. Jacquie pulled out and shot the last of his load on my shoulders, leaving it to drip down onto Vicki below me.

“Sorry about the punch, Bob.” Said Jacquie, “but I had to get a nut.” Sounding now more like a man than before.

“What was that?” I asked kind angrily.

“Donkey Punch, my man.” Jacquie replied. “It makes your ass constrict and the penis in it comes faster. Like I said, sorry. But, it has to be a surprise or it won’t work.” He was cleaning his cock off with a towel left on the bed and with his hard tits jutting out from his chest, got up to leave, gently running a hand over my back and squeezing one of Vicki’s tits as he walked away.

“See you girls around.” Jacquie said.

I looked at Vicki in shock. “That wasn’t very nice,” I said. “Donkey Punch me? What the fuck?”

“I know dear, but you did cum and so did I, and it was all part of a new experience.” She said as she hugged me and buried my head between her soft tits. I didn’t know what to think. Things were suddenly not as fun as they used to be. I felt like the fun had gone a bit too far, and Jacquie’s surprise gift was inappropriate. But I snuggled into those boobs and tried to relax as my cum spilled in a river out of Vicki onto the bed and my ass dripped hot splotches of semen down my ass crack.

Chapter Sixteen

I was starting to get over the “Donkey Punch” incident with Jaquie, partly because of the sheer ecstasy of the evening and, I’m sure, partly because of the powerful drugs, which kept me horny and my mind wandering from one visual treat to the next

On the bed beside us, two women and a man were going at it. The women were locked in a 69 and the guy was fucking first one woman on one side, then standing up on the bed, his thin, nine-inch penis waving around in the air as he half-ran half-walked to the other side of the 69 knelt down and plunged it in the other woman’s pussy. I don’t think they were paying much attention to him. He was like a dog, back and forth between the two pussies, fucking for a few strokes, pulling out and going to the other side. He finally pulled-out and jacked himself off over the back of the woman on top. Neither said anything as he wiped himself off with a towel and wandered toward the bar.

On the other side of us, there was a larger group spread out on one of the beds. It was several men surrounding a pretty woman lying on her back. It was one of the women in the bathing suit from the pool earlier, the one with the thick black hair and stupendous boobs who had been wearing the white bikini with a hint of a dark triangle in the crotch. She was totally naked now and the seven or eight guys were kneeling around her in a circle, but not touching her. As she worked a large vibrator into her pussy, I could see that indeed, she had a thick mound of perfectly trimmed, black pubic hair—most of it glistening-wet with cum as she stroked herself and pinched her nipples. The guys stroked themselves and watched intently. Their cocks were a symposium of selection: One long—about ten inches—very thick and brown, another very white, veiny and short, another guy’s dick had this major hook-curve and he was stroking it back-handed, which looked like the only way to pleasure himself, still another had a big, soft and heavy piece of meat, which he kept stroking, then letting go and smacking it back and forth with his open palms. The woman just kept going at it to herself making eye contact with one guy after the other for a few seconds each time. I couldn’t believe they were resisting the urge to touch her. At least grab one of those D-size breasts and squeeze. Weird scene.

I turned on the bed enough to see another nearby group engaged in a daisy chain of fucking, masturbation and fingering. Part of the group included the porn stars from the afternoon orgy. They had their tits out, now I noticed two of them had piercing bars in both nipples, which gave the guys and girls playing with them something to grab onto since their jugs were so big it would take two hands to wrap around them. I could see Ramon in the middle, getting a lot of attention as no less than three different women were working his massive meat. One had his cockhead in her mouth, which was stretched to the limits; the other two were stroking his shaft and playing with his balls. He was lying back sucking another guy’s dick. Typical Ramon. Horn dog extraordinaire. The dude was little, but had a big, dark-skinned penis with an enormous head, which he was sliding over Ramon’s pouty lips and dipping it into his mouth. Another guy was behind the little one. He had a long, thin, pale dick with bluish-purple veins and was gliding it in and out of the little dude’s ass as Ramon switched from sucking the little dude’s dick and licking the other guy’s balls as he buttfucked him.

I glanced back at the circle of guys around the dark-haired woman. She was now using a butterfly vibrator
strapped around her waist vibrating her clit and had a huge silver dildo she was sliding into her vagina and rectum, alternating between the two. I could tell she was close to cumming. The guys’ stroking was increasing in time with her moaning and I wondered how they were all connected mentally? She arched her back and started to scream-out “Ooooooohhhhhhh, shhhiiiiitttttttt!” As she came, every single guy, eight I counted in all, shot their loads at her at the same time! I had never seen such a show. It was like they all knew exactly when to cum. The guys were all pumping their sperm all over her as she continued to shudder in orgasm after orgasm. The hot, sticky jizz covered her from waist to face and into her thick, black mane of hair as the guys all simultaneously shot-off. I vaguely wondered how she’d ever get that much sperm out of her hair.

My ass had quit hurting and now my little friend was awake, again! How many times would he be able to come around before my sack would be free of any available sperm and my dick would simply be worn-out? I was caressing Vicki’s ample, soft boobs when someone took my cock into their mouth. I looked down to see Marcie with her lips wrapped around my shaft staring into my eyes with those beautiful green eyes of hers. Mark was right behind her, lying with his face close to hers, kissing her cheek. Alternately, she would stop sucking my cock to turn and kiss Mark, and then suddenly, Mark dropped his head down on my dick and took the whole thing in his mouth. Vicki threw her leg over me and stuck her steaming slit in Marcie’s face as Mark continued his up-and-down on my now rock-hard dick. What was it with me getting blown by guys all of a sudden? I rolled my head to the side and watched some of the action from the porn stars’ platform.

Ramon had taken his huge penis out of the women’s hands and mouths and was jacking it off with both hands as the little dude forced his cock into Ramon’s butthole. I thought it was about time, considering the reaming he’d given me at the beach earlier. He was in heaven. The guy with the little, pale, whitish penis moved around behind the little dude and continued his rabbit-like thrusting in his ass. The porn stars were going down on each other and two more guys, each with washboard stomachs and nine-inch, thick rods, were fucking them from behind as they 69’d their way to heaven. The tall, thin brown-haired woman from the pool who had been wearing the black string-bikini was now nude, and using her legs to support a guy with a rather small dick above her as he fucked her. He was a small guy, too, short and thin. His dick was just five inches long and about as big around as a thumb, so she as able to lower him in-and-out of her pussy using her muscular thighs. He was just lying on the backs of her legs with her ankles by his ears, sort of suspended in the air above her. When she would lower him, his little penis would slide right into her cunt, then she’d push upward with her legs and it would slide out and wiggle. The porn star with the little brown, pencil-eraser nipples was watching, and moved into position and lowered her pussy to the slim, brown haired girl’s face, which started to throw-off her timing on raising and lowering the little guy, but she didn’t seem to mind and went to work on the porn stars bald, pierced crotch.

I looked back at the action going on around my crotch. It was beginning to be a haze. Mark was still sucking my dick, but now Marcie was licking my balls as Vicki ate her out. Norma joined the party crawling onto the bed and licking my chest and nipples before planting her crotch firmly over my mouth facing my ankles. I was trapped again below a sea of naked, writhing humanity. I wasn’t going to stay this way much longer. When it happened at the beach this way, Ramon slid his huge greased-up cock into my ass without warning. I started to move around trying to get a position on top of the pile.

Meanwhile the porn star platform was beginning to reach a final climax. The 69ing women were cumming and the guys fucking them were shooting their loads on their backs and faces. The guy buttfucking Ramon came in his ass—never pulling out—Ramon started shooting loads of semen all around him, aiming his 12-inch tool at the guys faces around him. The guy fucking the little dude squirted-out a pathetic load of cum from his pale little tool, which dribbled down his dick with a groan. He was comically blinking a shot of Ramon’s semen out of his left eye.

I had moved up to the top and was now in heaven, fucking Marcie’s tight, pink hot-hole from behind as she sucked Mark’s dick and he entertained Norma who was sitting on his face. Vicki was masturbating and fondling my balls and rubbing Marcie’s clit from below. I was wondering if I could get Marcie to squirt like she had at the beach, but it didn’t seem like she was getting there. I shouted above the music, “Marcie, can I make your squirt?”

“Yes,” she yelled. “But you have to take Mark from behind!” Damn, I knew it.

“What? Why?” I asked.

“Because that gets me off!” She replied and pulled my dick out of her pussy and rolled over on her back pulling Mark with her. He quickly grabbed his dick and put it into her glistening, tight, bald cunt and looked over his shoulder.

“I’m ready!” He yelled, spreading his ass cheeks. Vicki sucked my dick for a few pumps then guided it toward Mark’s pumping ass—as he was already busy fucking Marcie for all he was worth. What in the world, I thought? Vicki placed my cockhead against Mark’s butthole and in it slid. He groaned, and then moaned, as Marcie kept up the pace with her hips gyrating in rhythm. I started to thrust and I could feel the base of Mark’s hard-on rubbing the bottom of my cock. When I pushed in, he entered Marcie. It was like I was fucking her with his cock. Vicki moved up next to me and started hugging and caressing my pumping ass. She then gently inserted a finger in my bunghole and about sent me over the edge. Marcie was getting fucked by Mark, I was fucking Mark in the ass, Vicki was fingering my ass, and now Norma was licking Vicki’s pussy. Oh yeah, this was an orgy!

Ramon appeared at the side of the bed and hopped on, his big dick flapping back and forth, moving up behind Norma and licking his hand and wetting his giant cockhead he moved behind her and slid his substantial man-meat into her tight, little pussy. She yelped with pleasure and continued working Vicki’s puss with delight. I had had enough of buttfucking a guy and pulled out of Mark’s ass.

I said, “I know how to make Marcie squirt. Mark, move under her.” I commanded. He pulled out of her tight, hot, pink hole and she moved to straddle him. I moved up behind, and with my already lubed dick, grabbed both Mark and my own shafts and started rubbing our cock tips against Marcie’s tight lips. Eventually she relaxed and we both slid-in and started to fuck her. Now, there were two dicks in Marcie’s vagina, Vicki with her finger in my ass and another in Mark’s butt, Norma was taking Ramon’s firehose from behind and continued licking Vicki with new-found speed. The two guys who had been fucking the porn stars appeared on the bed with raging hard-ons to help-out. One moved up to Marcie’s face and placed his penis in her waiting mouth, where her lips started working and sucking on his engorged rod. The other straddled my back facing my feet, and put his dick into Vicki’s eager mouth. The little gay guy with the huge cockhead moved in behind Ramon and started to ass-fuck him as he moaned in ecstasy. Finally, with a dick in her mouth and two in her vagina, Marcie began to shake and I knew it was coming…or cumming. She worked her hips into a frenzy, and then slipped herself off our dicks while spitting the strange guys dick out of her mouth and jumped off Mark to the side where she got down on all fours. Rubbing her clit furiously, she laid her shoulders and head down on the bed—and ass-in-the-air—began squirting a line of cum ten feet out of her pussy, showering all of us. At that point we all started cumming in different places. Ramon pulled out of Norma’s ass and shot long streams of semen on her back as Vicki smashed Norma’s face deeper into her crotch and started convulsing in cumwaves, simultaneously jerking the guy who was in her mouth until he shot his load in her hair and eyes. I grabbed Mark’s and my cocks in one hand and stroked us three times until we both started shooting gobs of cum, which landed on his stomach, chest and face as the guy standing above his head shot his load over all of us. We were all soaked, especially by Marcie’s squirting, which lasted the entire time the rest of is lost our loads. Spent, we all fell in different directions on the bed in various positions. It looked the end of battle and a field of dead soldiers.

Chapter Seventeen

I didn’t really awaken, more like came-to. I felt like I’d been hit by a truck and put into a coma for days. I looked around the room. Hotel curtains, window air conditioner humming loudly, peeling paint on the door and my rumpled suit hanging from the desk chair. What happened, I thought, as I lay there? My mind was foggy. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and got up. Something was swinging between my knees…

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