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A quick story inspired by the awesomest game of all time: Portal.
"Here's how this is going to work," Gracy told him, her breath tickling his neck.

Nicolas nodded, trying not to let his nervousness show, and trying really hard not to let the feeling of Gracy's voluminous chest pressed against his back, or her hands sneaking up under his shirt, distract him too much. He was a skinny young man, not even twenty yet and awkward in general, with lightly freckled pale skin, sandy hair and eerie green eyes.

Gracy on the other hand, was voluptuous in her mid-thirties with a deep tan and wavy black hair. She also happened to be quite the seductress, and had a taste for younger men. Technically speaking, Nicolas worked for her, and he knew that technically speaking, what she was doing was sexual harassment, but sexually neglected as he was, Nicolas wasn't complaining.

It had all started about a month ago when she'd let him catch her half-naked in her office, ostensibly while she was changing out of the Aperture Science test-course protective suit and back into her normal work clothes. The sight of her in her skimpy red underwear had given Nicolas a boner right on the spot. Gracy had thrown him out and he'd spent the next twenty-four hours in a panic that he was going to to be fired. Of course it had all been Gracy just messing with his head. The next day she'd cornered him alone in a supply room, shoved him down on a Companion Cube, ripped his pants off, and fucked him silly. They'd only had sex a handful more times since then, but Gracy liked to tease and grope him on a daily basis.

Gracy picked up the first item on the table before them, one hand still sneaking across Nicolas' concave belly. "This pair of underwear is made out of a special material, one that will hold a portal on its surface even when it moves," she purred.

The part of Nicolas' mind that wasn't beffuddled by Gracy's sexiness noted that with fascination. "I thought that was only theoretical."

Gracy chuckled softly. "Oh it's quite functional. See, the orange portal is placed inside," she said, "and the blue opens here."

She pointed to a leather-covered half-cylinder that was roughly the size of a man's stomach, pelvis, and hips. Gracy reached around it and did something Nicolas couldn't see, opening the portals she had just described. To demonstrate, she stuck her hand through the inside of the underwear, and it emerged vertically from the seat. She waved.

Releasing him, Gracy stepped back and ordered, "Strip. Get your clothes off. Now."

"Yes Ma'am," Nicolas acknowledged, tossing his shirt to the floor then pulling down and stepping out of his pants. Exposed to the air and to Gracy's gaze, his semi-hard cock quickly swelled to attention.

She handed him the Portal Panties. "Put these on."

Nicolas complied, pulling on the strangely thick garment, guiding his erect cock through the portal as he pulled it into place. He saw his manhood appear out of the blue portal on the seat, sticking up like an extremely life-like dildo. Having gravity pull on his cock in a different direction than on the rest of his body felt extremely weird too.

Nicolas looked down at himself. From the outside it looked like his cock had dissapeared along with his balls. The edges of the garment bit into his thighs a little bit, but it wasn't so wide that he couldn't walk normally if he needed to, but he did worry for a moment why the portal was large enough to expose his butt too.

"Put your clothes back on," Gracy ordered.

Nicolas dressed. With his clothes on it was impossible to tell that anything was out of the ordinary. Then Gracy flicked the head of his cock. Nicolas jumped slighlty, instinctivly reaching for his crotch to shield himself. Of course there was nothing he could do.

"Your cock is mine, boy," Gracy purred, caressing the head with her fingers. "I can do anything I want with it, any time I want."

She leaned over the table slightly and kept her eyes on him while she slowly licked up the underside of his shaft. His cock jumped, a droplet of precum appearing on the tip, which Gracy's tongue immediatly collected.

"I understand, Ma'am," Nicolas said shakily.

"Good," Gracy purred. "Now go on, get out of here. Go about your day."

She escorted him to the door, grabbing his ass as she pushed him out.

Nicolas made his way back to his cubicle. It wasn't far, but it felt like miles. Gracy was doing things to him and he couldn't even be completely sure what. He felt her lips and tongue on him again, and then a soft but cool hole that was probably the fleshlight she'd had on the table. She was merciless with it and Nicolas nearly stumbled and fell down a flight of stairs when she made him cum.

Concentrating on his steps, Nicolas felt gravity shift around his cock until it was completely upside down, hanging up. He felt what he thought was Gracy's mouth envelop his semi-hardon and coax it back to life and another orgasm. Nicolas stumbled again and grabbed the railing to keep from falling.

"Are you alright there?" a soft, feminine voice asked.

Nicolas froze. Oh god no. He knew that voice. Hannah Faye. The intern he'd had a crush on before Gracy had claimed him. He gulped and felt a heat rise to his face that only partly came from the sensations assaulting his cock. Trying desperately to appear nonchalant, Nicolas turned to answer her. She stood on the landing, eyes full of concern. She was a petite girl, with kindly brown eyes and ash-colored hair framing a nearly cherubic face.

"Y-yeaah, I'm f-fine, it's just, uh.... H-hi Hannah," Nicolas stuttered, forcing a relaxed smile onto his face. He probably wasn't very convincing.

Gravity on his cock shifted back to what meant his cock was pointing up back in Gracy's private lab. Her sultry heat broke over the tip of Nicolas' once-more rigid cock, sliding down his shaft until her netherlips pressed against his skin.

"Are you sure? You look like you're in pain," Hannah said, reaching for his shoulder.

It felt like Gracy was riding him now. Vigorously. After two orgasms already he was lasting for now, but Gracy's undulating pussy still made him want to whimper with pleasure.

"Yea-ah, its just, uh, a stomach ache," Nicolas lied. "I'll be f-fine. Thanks for the concern!"

Nicolas' voice broke a little as he hurried away, not looking back. Minutes later as he slipped into his cubicle, he felt Gracy's movements become slightly erratic as her pussy pulsated, clamping down on his cock with orgasmic ripples. Nicolas collapsed into his chair and took some deep breaths as Gracy started riding him again, more softly this time, so his well-used cock wouldn't escape her cunt while it was still soft.

It only took a few minutes for his cock to recover once more and begin to grow inside Gracy's tight tunnel. Nicolas' breath caught when his cock was suddenly exposed to the cool air again. What was she doing?

Gracy felt the cock growing hard inside her and grinned to herself. She stood up and unlatched the portal plate from the seat and carried it over to another machine. It was a simple pole on a guide rail, with one end attached to a drive-wheel and the other end fitted with a mount for the portal plate. Gracy attached the portal to the end of the pole so Nicolas' cock stuck out of it upsidedown.

The machine had a five-inch thrust range, and Gracy manually turned the wheel so the cock was as far forward as it would go. Then, on her hands and knees, she backed up until she could place the cock in her needy hole, then pushed her ass back, scooting her knees, until the cock was burried as deep as it would go: Nicolas' full six-and-a-half inch length.

Gracy lifted the padded restraining bar to its locked position pressing into her waist and thighs. It would keep her from accidently moving forward at all and letting the cock slip out of her. The control knob was on the floor by her hand and she turned it a little, starting slow.

The machine began to move, sliding the cock almost all the way out and then back in again at a sensual pace. Once Gracy was sure Nicolas was fully hard, she twisted the knob again and the machine began to accelerate, slamming Nicolas' cock into her faster and faster. The machine could thrust many times faster than a human ever could. Even at high speed the angle was good, so with a sultry moan, Gracy twisted the knob to full.

Nicolas felt gravity around his cock shift all over the place and finally settle to upsidedown again. A moment later he felt Gracy's hot cunt engulf him again. He wasn't sure what happened next. It felt almost like his cock was moving, and not Gracy as his cock was sheathed in her gooey confines over and over.

Gasping and doing his best not to hyperventilate, Nicolas gripped the edges of his seat with white-knuckled intensity as his cock plowed into Gracy's flesh with impossible speed. And then it got even faster, his cock literally pistoning into Gracy's sopping cunt so fast it almost hurt, all completely invisible to him.

Nicolas reflexivly hunched, trying to lessen the onslaught on his tender flesh but of course he couldn't escape it. He felt pressure building in his loins, reaching insane levels. As the impossibly fast fucking ripped an orgasm the likes of which he'd never experienced before from him, Nicolas fell off his chair and began thrashing on the floor, barely able to stop himself from screaming.

His cock was engulfed twice in the time it took for his cock to pulse just once, and it drove him to a level of overwhelming orgasmic ecstacy that he couldn't have imagined existed. As the thrusting continued through his orgasm, Nicolas had to bite his fist to keep quiet as he thrashed around on the floor of his cubicle.

Nicolas lay on his back, dazed, the orgasm subsiding. He wasn't sure if he had passed out or not, but he felt the g-forces on his loins stop as his spent cock fell out of Gracy's well-used hole. He felt gravity around his cock shift again until it was pulling away from his body, and his limp cock was immersed in what felt like warm water.

Gracy must be done with him for the moment. Nicolas, pushed himself up on shakey legs, barely able to make it to his chair. He wiped his brow and focused on breathing for a moment. He felt his cock removed from the water and then turned upside down again. What felt like a soft towel dried him, and then what he thought were Gracy's full lips placing a gentle kiss on the head.

Nicolas could do no more than sit in his chair and try to catch his breath.

Gracy had had her own multiple orgasm to match Nicolas', her needy cunt fucked raw, and she couldn't stop smiling as she cleaned up her newest toy. His hot cum trickled down her thigh as she toweled him off and gave the shiny flesh a tender kiss, murmuring, "That's my boy."

A big smile still stretching her face, Gracy went into her office and picked up the phone. She dialed and it rang a few times before a voice said, "You've reached the desk of Hannah Faye, what can I do for you?"

"It's Gracy. I'd like to see you in my private lab immediatly," Gracy replied. "There is something I want to share with you."

"Right away, Ma'am!" the young intern squeeked, hanging up.

Gracy smiled even wider, almost giddy to begin her next game. First, cooerce Hannah into using Nicolas' cock, then once she was adjusted to the idea and enjoying herself, arrange it so Nicolas will walk in on her. Oh the look on Nicolas' face when he realizes that he's already having sex with his little crush, just imagining it was making Gracy giggle uncontrollably to herself.

And the look on the girl's face at the same moment, when she realizes she has a real cock inside her and not a life-like toy. How delightfully wicked. Gracy just couldn't stop grinning. She was going to have so much fun with this.

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Janitor: "'am? Everything alright in there?"

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