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An erotic warcraft fan fiction.
Part One

The evening was peaceful, quiet, with the sea gently brushing the sandy beach on which sat a young girl of lavender skin and graceful long ears. Magwin liked to draw in the sand, it was fun to race against the tide to complete her marking before the water crept up and washed it away. Truth be told it was a rather boring way to spend the day, but it did pass the time.

Magwin peaked over her shoulder and saw her mother and father sitting in front of their cottage up on the grass. They had their heads together and were smiling. And kissing. Magwin watched them curiously, and with just a hint of resentment.

Her father's name was Cowlen, and her mother was Thalrisa. They lived out here on the edge of Azuremyst Isle in their cottage and rarely saw another soul. With her parents more focused on each other, Magwin slipped into the water, her drawing finished. She swam, heading for the little hidden cove down the beach. The cove was full of old relics of a particular nature; Magwin blushed in anticipation, a little thrill running through her body. She was ever so glad her parents had never discovered her secret cove.

Spotting the little dip in the rocks that marked the entrance to her cove, Magwin dove and paddled through the narrow opening, then up to break the surface in a long, low cavern with a small opening towards the sea at the far end.

Her feet found the smooth marble steps she knew were there. She climbed out of the water slowly, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the near-complete darkness. Out of the gloom, shapes began to emerge, and a thrill of heat shot down Magwin's spine into her loins. Immediately to her left, was a simple stone table. Behind it stood a large stone column with rows of phallic protrusions carved in perfect detail to resemble erect penises, though Magwin couldn't be sure of that, never having seen the real thing. Next to the column was a life sized statue of a naked elven man laying on his back, his raging cock immortalized in smooth stone; Magwin could see the bloodstain from her first visit when she'd opened herself on that cock. Farther back, flanking a larger stone table with raised half-rings at each corner, were two more life size statues standing at attention, their stone cocks thrust outward.

Pulling her dress over her head, which was the only thing she wore, and draping it over the small table, Magwin stepped shyly toward her favorite edifice, her naked skin glistening from her swim. She sat carefully on the slippery stone chest of the laying man, wondering idly for the thousandth time what real flesh would feel like.

She slid backwards slowly until the stone cock was pushed into her buttcrack. Leaning forward, Magwin draped her naked body over the slick stone and rested her head on her hands. Slowly, languidly, she slid her body up and down the laying man, her nipples dragging over the slick stone, her ass pointing up into the air at the bottom of each stroke as her increasingly wanton pussy rode the curve of the stone cock where it joined with the rest of the laying man.

Magwin sighed with pleasure.

Soon she stopped her sliding and settled her pussy against the base of the hard stone cock. Slowly at first, and then with increasing fervor, Magwin bucked her hips, sliding her loins up and down the front of the immobile shaft. She ached to be filled, and finally lifted herself upright, sliding her pussy all the way up to the stone cock's head.

The stone shaft slid between her pussylips as she moved her hips around, teasing herself with the head of the slick stone cock. Finally, unable to take the anticipation any longer, she lowered herself in one smooth motion, her pussy split and filled by smooth stone. She gasped quite loudly as she bottomed out, her body trembling. She took a ragged breath and slid her hands roughly up her body and around her breasts.

Pulling at her nipples, Magwin began to ride the immovable cock. Heat rushed through her body as she felt the slick stone stirring her insides. A moan escaped her between ragged breaths as the smooth shaft filled her again and again, relentlessly splitting the dripping fleshy walls of her pussy. Burning heat spread from her loins, sending tremors through her limbs and body as the muscles in her pussy began to knot and throb, begging for release.

Crying out in pleasure, Magwin thrust herself down on the thick cock one final time, the hard stone shaft splitting her flesh wide, and her loins convulsed, her whole body shaking as the orgasm tore through her, her spasming pussy rippling and gripping the unyielding stone within her.

Magwin's eyes rolled up and her mouth hung open in a silent scream as she held her arms around herself. With a gasp her breath returned to her and she fell forward onto her hands. Her cum dripped from her loins, running down to pool on the flat base-stone of the laying man.

Magwin sat still as she caught her breath. She didn't want to move, but the hard stone was beginning to hurt a little bit so, reluctantly, she lifted herself off the laying man. More wetness spilled from her pussy as the smooth stone slid from her fleshy confines.

Leaning against the small table she'd hung her dress on, Magwin let out a shaky sigh of satisfaction as her cum dripped down her legs. She wiped her short white hair out of her face. Her skin glistened with sweat and what seawater had yet to evaporate. As her body calmed down she began to feel a chill.

Fortunately there was a water spout in front of the larger table with the half-rings that always sprayed hot water. It had taken Magwin a while to find the lever that opened the spout, but it was no complex thing once discovered. She found the lever and moved it, and a thin stream of hot water arced from the spout to land in the middle of the large table. She hopped up onto the table and slid herself over the smooth stone made slick and warm by the water. She caught the stream in her hands and poured it over herself.

Sitting on the table with the hot water splashing down on the stone between her legs she realized something for the first time. A flush ran through her. The table, the four half-rings were in exactly the right place to set her wrists and ankles into, and in that position the stream of water would land right on her pussy.

Magwin grinned to herself and felt a thrill in her loins. She rested her ankles in the rings first, sliding her butt over the polished stone, then lay back, putting her arms out and resting her wrists in the remaining rings. She gasped as the water hit her right on her clit, but her excitement was short-lived, for at that moment there was a sound of moving stone, and suddenly Magwin couldn't move her arms or legs; the half-rings of stone had somehow become complete, encircling her wrists and ankles and holding her inescapably.

Magwin began to panic but the stream of hot water was still hitting her clit with just the right temperature and intensity, and her struggling soon became writhing with pleasure. She couldn't even move herself out of the stream as it carried her helplessly to orgasm. She arched her neck, closing her eyes and moaning.
Something pressed on her flesh between her legs and her eyes snapped open and she looked down. This time she saw the stone moving. The table must have been enchanted!

Two stone penises grew from the table between her legs, her eyes widened as she watched them extend towards her loins. They were smooth, made extra slick by the water, and they felt warm as their tips began to push into her flesh.

The first one slowly buried itself in her pussy, splitting her soaked lips and burrowing into her flesh. She gasped in pleasure. Then she felt the second stone cock pressing on her flesh, on her anus. Her eyes went wide as she struggled uselessly against her bonds. The enchanted phallus of stone began to push, and with agonizing slowness it squeezed its way into her hole.

With the second cock in her ass, the one in her pussy began to pull out. It stopped halfway out and then slowly pushed back in as the one in her ass retracted. Magwin gasped, her chest heaving as the enchanted stone double fucked her with the water still massaging her clit. Then the stream split in mid-air. Most of it still landed on her clit but two smaller streams arced farther and hit her nipples.

In only moments she came, the orgasm shaking her body, but the enchanted stone continued fucking her unabated, and before she could struggle another orgasm began to build.

She came, again and again, helpless to stop the relentless machination. It all began to blur as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body and her grasp on consciousness faded into one long stupor of ecstasy, overriding her growing fear that she was trapped with no one to save her.

Part Two

Cowlen woke to the warm, lavender-blue skin of his wife spooned against him. They must have dozed off after they'd made love. Thalrisa was idly playing with his free hand, held in hers. Cowlen ran his hand up her skin under the sheet, sliding over her breast, to gently touch his wife's face.

"Did I wake you?" she asked.

"No," Cowlen smiled.

Thalrisa wiggled herself tighter into his embrace. Cowlen felt his cock stir as Thalrisa's butt inadvertently massaged his loins. He saw the edge of a grin as she did it again, this time intentionally. Cowlen kissed her neck as his free hand slid to her breasts and found a nipple. Thalrisa closed her eyes and moaned lightly in anticipation, lifting a leg so Cowlen could enter her.

Cowlen reached down, his fingers sliding over her ass and onto her moist lips. A finger found its way in, dipping gently into her tunnel then dragging through her lips and over her clit.

She moaned again as her body tremored in response. Cowlen pushed the head of his shaft up to her dripping opening, and pushed his hips forward. A silent gasp escaped him as he felt her hot, wet confines sheathe his cock completely.

"Oh... yes," she sighed into her pillow as Cowlen's lips found her neck again and he slowly and ever so gently began to thrust into her.

His hand slid back up to one of Thalrisa's breasts, found a nipple and began to roll it between his fingers. She moaned and began gyrating her ass against his crotch, his cock stirring her insides as they moved.
She grabbed his wrist as though to keep his hand pinned to her breast, and slid her other hand down between her legs to play with her clit. Cowlen moved with her gyrations, holding her tightly, savoring the warmth of her body fitted against his. His lips settled on her neck again, muffling a sigh of pleasure as their bodies undulated as one.

Heat flooded through them, wrapping their bodies in a binding warmth. Thalrisa moaned into her pillow, her body trembling with each thrust. Cowlen took a shaky breath, clutching her tightly as the tension in his loins neared the breaking-point. With increasing intensity if not increasing speed, Thalrisa thrusted her butt into Cowlen's crotch as he thrusted forward, his cock splitting her hot, wet pussy again and again with deep, full strokes.

Thalrisa's hand went back to her clit and Cowlen felt her body shake against his as she gasped in pleasure, the walls of her pussy pulsating and gripping his cock. It was all he could take, with one last powerful thrust he buried his full length in her and crushed her to his chest. His cock spasmed violently, exploding his seed into her body. They froze, pressed together, breathless until the waves of pleasure subsided and their bodies relaxed with a deep breath of satisfaction.

"I love you, Thalrisa," Cowlen whispered.

And then an unnatural thunder split the sky.

Cowlen bolted upright, and Thalrisa was not far behind him. A deep rumbling followed the crack and it seemed the world shook with it.

"Something is very wrong," Thalrisa yelled over the rumbling. "This is no natural storm."

"Magwin!" Cowlen exclaimed. "Where's Magwin?!"

Horror crossed Thalrisa's face. She threw the sheet off, exposing her naked, sweat-slicked skin to the wavering unnatural light ripping across the night sky, and leaped to her feet. Cowlen was right behind her, his softening cock still dripping her juices as he vaulted out the window to land crouched on the grass outside.

The sky was torn open. Next to him, Thalrisa took his hand as they stared upwards. The bright peaceful stars of the sky they knew were split by a glowing and crackling and snapping rip through which twisting energy spilled from a raging purple storm. Glowing meteors struck the ground sporadically. They looked almost like crystals.

"I'll go get our clothes," Thalrisa murmured.

Cowlen nodded and ran down the beach, calling Magwin's name. He glanced over his shoulder and saw the naked shape of his wife disappearing into the cottage. He turned back to the ocean. "Magwin!!"

Then a roaring filled the air. A crystal meteor, this one close, it appeared in the sky and grew menacingly. The world seemed to go silent as Cowlen saw where the massive crystal was about to strike.

"Thalrisa!!" he screamed.

It was too late. The crystal struck the ground, and the cottage, the cottage exploded. Cowlen was hit with the force of the shockwave and had a brief glimpse of the ocean spinning by far below before everything went black.

Magwin also caught a glimpse of something that night even delirious as she was, being fucked silly by enchanted stone. The great rip in the sky was much closer to her cove than to the cottage. Somewhere in the back of her mind where the last traces of lucidity took refuge, she saw the stone celling above her ripped away into the sky.

A great sparkling mass roared overhead, shrouded in crackling energy, and in its wake, she felt a powerful pulling wind. She spun in weightlessness, still bound to the table, and that small part of her still able to think noted the ground getting farther and farther away, and then, vanishing entirely.

Part Three

Pain. A dull ache in her bones and a throbbing in her head. Zaelia Shadebreaker groaned as it all came flooding back. The battle, the final desperate act, and the roaring storm as the Exodar broke off from the rest of Tempest Keep.

Her whole body feeling as through it were throughly bruised, Zaelia reluctantly opened her eyes and took stock of herself. She was laying face-down in grass; she rolled onto her back, naked but for the few scorched tatters of her former leathers still clinging to her. Light knew how she still lived.

The first thing Zaelia noticed was the sky, a deep, soft, star-speckled blue; it was freakishly still, compared with what she was used to. She sat up in the grass, shifting to free her tail from beneath her. She ran a hand through her pale green hair and looked around. Wreckage was visible through the trees, mostly to her left. She steadied herself with a deep breath and got to her feet, heading towards the closest smoke-plume.

The alien air was chilly on her bare skin, raising bumps on her skin and perking her exposed nipples, and she wondered irately why nothing of her garments had survived the crash. Zaelia curved her tail between her legs and up against her belly, covering her loins in a mockery of modesty. At least this grass was tame and afforded good traction for her hooves.

"Thank the Light!" Zaelia breathed when she reached the clearing and saw a scattering of her fellows, alive and moving around the wreckage. She covered her breasts with one arm and waved with the other, as a exarch she recognized looked up and saw her. "Proenitus!"

"Zaelia?" he called, "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I was lucky," Zaelia replied, stopping before him. "Though, you wouldn't have a spare robe or something, would you?"

Proenitus' eyes swept down her exposed form before quickly refocusing on her face. "Um, yeah, I think so. I saw a trunk of leathers around somewhere."

Zaelia followed him through the wreckage, smirking at the bulge Proenitus was trying to hide. They'd known each other for a while, working on the Exodar before the crash; they'd even almost fucked once. She felt her loins moisten, remembering the way his chintacles had wound around her breasts, moving downward just as they were interrupted. It had been a few months since then.

"Ah, there." Proenitus pointed at a battered but mostly intact footlocker. He kicked it open and pulled out a vest, turning around to hand it to Zaelia.

She caught his hand, taking the vest and setting it aside. "We have unfinished business, you and I," she said, grinning wryly.

"Uh, wha--" he tried to ask but then Zaelia's mouth was on his. She bore him to the ground, undoing the clasps on his mail. With his chest bare, she turned around to work on his pants, sliding her bared sex towards Proenitus' face.

As she freed his manhood, lightly licking the length of the hard shaft, Zaelia felt his mouth on her netherlips. She moaned onto his cock, heat flooding her body as she leaked juices onto Proenitus' face. His arms wrapped around her hips as his tongue wiggled into her sensitive flesh. Chintacles joined the tongue, probing at her, the writhing tendrils finding their way inside her. A loud moan escaped her, muffled by his cock in her mouth.

Zaelia gasped, sitting up. "Oh Light, fuck me now."

Proenitus nodded, breathing heavily. Zaelia got up on her knees and Proenitus got up behind her, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her to him. His raging cock split her lips as he pulled her ass up against his crotch, filling her dripping hole. He fucked her eagerly, leaning down as his hands slid up her ribs onto her breasts. Zaelia folded her tail back on itself and toyed with her ass as Proenitus fucked her, his hands kneading her soft breasts.

Zaelia's hand found her clit and went to work. Proenitus' cock slammed into her again and again and it wasn't long before she felt him shudder as his cock spasmed in her pussy, bathing her innards with cum. Zaelia cried out in pleasure, her pussy convulsing around the pulsing cock inside her.

They collapsed in a sweaty heap, panting. "Oh I really needed that," Zaelia sighed.

Proenitus chuckled. "Best. Catastrophe. Ever"

Zaelia rolled her eyes, but she was smiling.

Magwin woke slowly, in a daze. The first thing she noticed was the stillness. And the emptiness, oh goddess her pussy felt so empty. She reached down and slid two fingers inside, and realized with a start that she could reach down; the table had released her. Magwin sat up and tried to shake off the dizziness. That's when she opened her eyes.

"Elune's mercy," she whispered.

The sky was a rolling mass of black and purple with a river of violet energy cutting it in two, and the land was broken and rocky, torn by flashes of lightning. And she was being watched. Magwin yelped and tried vainly to cover herself from the... the... "What are you?" she blurted fearfully.

The strange glowing entity didn't answer right away. "My name is Asarnan," he said at last, his voice otherworldly. "My kind are known as Ethereals. Are you hurt, my dear?"

All Magwin could manage was a whimpered, "I don't think so."

Asarnan took her hand and helped her to her feet. His touch was strange, warm and cold at the same time, a tingling on her bare skin. Some bronze-colored device appeared in his other hand, edged with violet bolts of energy. There was a flash of energy as he touched its side, and suddenly they were somewhere else.

"Welcome to Stormspire," Asarnan intoned.

Magwin was lead inside. Someone put a blanket over her shoulders but she didn't notice who. Suddenly there was a bed in front of her, and Asarnan's incorporeal hands were helping her onto it. She was suddenly very tired, despite having just come to. Still naked but for the blanket covering her shoulders and back, and still dripping wetness from her gaping pussy, Magwin closed her eyes and shivered, squeezing her legs together, aching to be filled.

Part Four

Magwin woke thirsty but warm. Someone had covered her with a larger blanket. Before she even opened her eyes, here hand slid between her legs. She couldn't help it. Her loins begged for release. Magwin's pussy was dripping wet and her fingers slid in almost without resistance, but they weren't enough. Moaning anxiously into her pillow, Magwin shifted her leg, going back over her supple ass to reach her glistening lips.

Arching her back to give herself a better angle, Magwin shoved her whole fist into her pussy, her wrist disappearing into her soaked flesh. She let out a shaky breath of satisfaction. Working her hand inside her fleshy tunnel, it only took a few seconds before her loins spasmed and she gasped, her other hand raking across her breasts.

She lay under the blanket for a while, just enjoying the fullness of having her whole fist inside her. Amazingly she felt her self newly aroused several times, and each time the orgasm came easily, her pulsing pussy crushing her fist again and again.

She was catching her breath after her fourth orgasm when she heard a noise behind her. Peaking over the edge of the blanket she saw Asarnan standing in the doorway with a flagon of water. Magwin felt her cheeks darken as she did her best to pull her hand out of her pussy nonchalantly and sit up. She couldn't hide that she was sweating.

Asarnan sat next to her, offering the flagon. "Thirsty?"

"Yes, very," Magwin tried to say steadily. "Thank you."

"So, you know who and what I am," he mused. "I wouldn't mind a returning of the courtesy."

Magwin shifted in her blankets, her loins already crying for attention again. "Oh, um, my name is Magwin. I'm a Night Elf." She took the flagon in her dry hand and drank long and deep, while covertly trying to wipe her other hand dry inside the blankets. "I'm... I'm lost."

"I thought you might be," Asarnan said with a smile in his voice. "Tell you what, you help me out, and I'll see what I can do about getting you back to where you came from."

"You're kind to offer but I don't know what use I'd be to you," Magwin replied nervously. Her netherlips moistened anew as sexual meanings for what he'd said ran through her mind, almost hopefully.

"Oh don't worry about that. First thing's first, though," he said, his voice grinning.

Magwin gasped as Asarnan's incorporeal hand passed through her blanket like it wasn't there and settled on one of her breasts, smooth and tingling. He took her nipple between two fingers and pulled gently. She could feel her juices running down to pool in the crack of her ass.

"Oh goddess I need it so bad," she whispered, letting the blanket fall.

"I know," Asarnan murmured, removing his simple coverings, revealing a massive cock standing up from his crotch, as ethereal as the rest of him. "I was watching you before. I can see through a material as simple as cloth."

Magwin was too horny for preliminaries or concerns. She swung her leg around to sit on Asarnan's lap, her dripping wet netherlips finding the head of his incorporeal cock. He was bigger than her fist, but she sheathed the glowing see-through shaft in her sopping flesh, crying out in pleasure as the tingling energy-cock filled her pussy.

Asarnan slid his arms around her, stroking her back as she bucked her hips, grinding her loins on her fleshless lover. She realized with a start that this was technically her first time, but that thought was swept away as she rode his tingling shaft, splitting her wet flesh wide.

She clung to him, gasping silently. Asarnan's hand slid down her belly and found her clit, and then his hand went through her skin and she felt something incredible as his incorporeal fingers closed around the shaft of her clit. It seemed impossible but he was doing it. Asarnan stroked it gently, his hand moving ghostlike through the rest of her flesh. She felt on fire.

"Oh!! Oh goddess!!" Magwin screamed as an incredible orgasm tore through her loins and shook her whole body. Waves of molten pleasure radiating through every inch of her. Her wetness leaked from around Asarnan's ethereal cock, almost pouring down his thighs.

Asarnan waited for her to catch her breath, then stood up, taking her ass in his hands as she clung to his neck, and began to fuck her fast and hard. She moaned, then cried out, cumming again, and then again, her rippling pussy gripping the incorporeal shaft as it relentlessly split her flesh open.

Magwin could feel his orgasm building as his thrusts became shaky. She didn't have time to wonder what an Ethereal orgasm was before she found out. Asarnan gasped, the air crackling with energy, and his body, especially his cock, pulsed with energy like an electric shock running through her flesh.

The pulses drove the breath from her as she came yet again, her lithe, violet body bucking and writhing against Asarnan's. The Ethereal fell backwards onto the bed with Magwin on top of him. She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed, catching her breath.

Magwin giggled. "Is this what you meant by me helping you out?"

"Oh partly, to be sure," Asarnan replied, a smile in his voice. "Here," he said, gently sliding out from beneath her. She rolled onto her side and watched him. He handed her folded clothes. "I had these brought for you."
It was a short skirt and vest, white silk. Simple. She put it on. The vest covered her breasts with thin strings connecting the front to the back which wasn't much more than a string itself, only wide enough to cover her spine and no more. The skirt was comfortable and it fit, but if she bent over or lifted a leg she'd bare herself for all to see. Somehow it didn't bother her though.

"Thanks," she said.

Asarnan bowed. "Now, lets talk about getting you home."

Part Five

The music thrummed through her universe like a heartbeat, moving dozens of heated bodies with its rhythm. Zaelia's lithe frame flowed through it, her form bending to its will. Colored lights played off the crystals overhead, bathing the chamber in a broken, surreal illumination. Draenei and Night Elf and Human, and even the occasional Gnome or Dwarf, danced to the deep beat played out by the musicians at one end of the chamber.

Warm breath on the back of her neck announced the presence of another dancer shadowing her motions. A Night Elf by the size of him. Pretending not to notice him, Zaelia let her dance grow slightly more provocative. She could feel the heat of him on her skin as he came within inches of her undulating body, never touching.

At last she felt hands land on her hips. Grinning inwardly at the victory, Zaelia looked over her shoulder, smiling as seductively as she knew how to. Still flowing with the music, she let parts of her blue-white body ripple into contact with the Night Elf, as though on accident.

She felt his hands slid up her flanks, homing in on her breasts. Before they could reach their target, Zaelia deftly turned in the Night Elf's arms, putting them front to front and smiling innocently as though she hadn't known what he was doing. She could feel his bulge with each beat of the music. She slid her hands along his arms, keeping his hands pressed where they were in the small of her back as she moved her body tantalizingly against his.

His face was next to hers, and she heard him whisper, "What's your name, darling?"

"Your's first," she whispered back.

"After," was his reply.

Suddenly his face was right in front of hers, his silver-amber eye glowing strangely. Only one. The other was dark; covered. His short, deep green hair flew back from his head. She could feel his breath on her face and then his lips were touching hers.

And then the song ended. Zaelia stepped back, breathing heavily.

"How about a drink, lovely?" he intoned.

"Sure," Zaelia grinned.

He led her through the floor by the hand to the opposite end of the chamber. She slid onto a barstool next to him. The Night Elf tossed some silver on the counter and turned to her. Behind them the music started up again, muted at this distance.

"Call me Fiore," he said.

"Zaelia." A drink appeared by her hand. She took a sip. "I'm curious. Most of you Elves only go for your own kind, even in venues such as this."

Fiore smirked. "I liked your moves," he said simply.

"Thanks." Zaelia smiled. "There have been few Azerothian natives that can get passed us Draenei having different body parts. I suppose we are quite alien."

He leered. "You've got the parts that count, babe. Or so the rumors go, though I was hopin' to find out first-hand."

Zaelia snorted into her drink. "My we're brazen."

"Simple truth," he retorted.

Zaelia looked at him. "Quite."

A few moments passed while they sipped their drinks. His fingers caressed the bare skin of her shoulder and arm and he said, "So, you wanna get outta here or what?"

Zaelia was slammed to the wall, Fiore's hard body crushing against her. His tongue eagerly explored her mouth as his hands shoved forcefully up her skirt, enfolding her supple ass. She locked a leg around him, gyrating her hips against the hard bulge protruding from his pants, her bare pussy wetting the cloth.

Fiore dragged his lips down her neck, and with a sudden violent tearing sound, Zaelia's breasts were exposed. One of his hands left her ass and found a nipple while his mouth found the other. Leaning back, Fiore lifted her against him, stumbled backwards, and fell onto the large featherbed with Zaelia on top of him.

Wasting no time, Zaelia slid backwards, yanking down the Night Elf's pants and freeing his raging cock. Meanwhile, Fiore had thrown his shirt off revealing intricate black tattoos half-covering his chest. Zaelia hardly noticed as her mouth zeroed in on the throbbing purple head of his impressive shaft. She swallowed it eagerly, her tongue worming around it as she sucked rhythmically.

Fiore groaned, and Zaelia suddenly felt his cock pulse without warning, filling her throat with a spurt of his hot cum. She pulled back, gasping for air, with a grin on her lips. Fiore's hands were behind his head and his eyes were closed.

Zaelia smirked, knee-walking up to his chest and sitting on his collarbone. Her tail flicked over Fiore's muscled stomach, tickling him as she pulled her skirt off over her head.

Fiore sat up unexpectedly and Zaelia tumbled backwards. He caught her thighs and pushed his face into her dripping pussy as her head hit the soft bedding between his legs. Zaelia stared at the celling, writhing as the Elf violently ate her out.

Zaelia felt Fiore's spit-soaked cock begin to press into her back, rehardening. Her tail found it and he gasped in surprise as her tail wound around him. Soon he was hard as a rock again. Zaelia folded forward, pressing him back as she slid her loins down his chest and came front to front with him. She pushed against his chest with her hands as she found the head of his cock pressing into her crotch.

Zaelia wiggled her dripping pussy until she felt his hot shaft pierce her, and slammed down on him, driving her flesh like a sheath over his throbbing cock. He thrusted up to meet her as she bounced, their flesh slapping together loudly and wetly. His hands dug into her breasts, massaging them roughly. Her hands flew up to join his, urging him on as she rode him hard and fast.

Fiore stopped her, lifting her off and pushing her down on her face, her ass up in the air. Zaelia moaned in anticipation, her hand snaking back to her loins and kneading her pussy. Then Fiore's cock plowed into her wet flash again. He grabbed her ass, his hands sliding around her hips to pull her against him as he fucked her for all she was worth.

Her body bucked as the Night Elf pounded her, her hand rubbing her clit with everything she had.

"Oh, oh Light!" Zaelia moaned. Fiore gripped her tighter, slamming into her with all the force he could bring to bear. "Oh Light!" Aahh!!"

Zaelia's whole body convulsed, spasming out of control. She forgot how to inhale as Fiore's thick shaft continued to plow into her convulsing pussy. Biting the bedding for lack of air to scream, Zaelia's head swam as her body throbbed in orgasmic bliss.

She felt rather than heard Fiore's groan as he slammed into her the last time, his cock pulsating powerfully within her walls, filling her with his hot seed.

Zaelia gasped, finally remembering how to breathe again. Fiore fell back, his legs kicking out. Zaelia turned around and flopped down next to him.

"I think you've given me a taste for Elves," she breathed.

"Have I now," he panted back.

Part Six

"It seems your ship has come in at last, Magwin. Literally," Asarnan smiled.

"I'll miss you," Magwin whispered into Asarnan's chest, his now-familiar incorporeal arms encircling her slender form.

"And I, you, young one," he whispered back, smiling kindly.

Magwin turned to look at her ride home. It was the smallest of the Ethereal's Netherships, angular bronze metal glinting in the light of the purple arcs of energy holding it together. Bidding Asarnan a last farewell, Magwin stepped into the controlled storm. A platform met her feet and drew her safely inside the Nethership. She was naked, of course. Any cloth taken inside the craft would catch fire from electrical discharge, Asarnan had told her.

Asarnan waved, and the Nethership rose gracefully away from the Stormspire, up through the field of the ecodome, and arced away to the south.

Magwin held herself, half covering, half fondling her breasts. Ever since she'd woken up after coming to this place, she found her self constantly aroused, her body always aching for stimulation, never satisfied.

As she idly caressed herself, Magwin watched ground and sky whip passed at blinding speed. Soon the dark turbulent sky gave way to empty white serenity. There was no wind or landmarks of any kind to indicate motion, yet Magwin had no doubt the Nethership was still racing fast as ever.

The bound lightning that made up the Nethership ran over her naked body, but she was immersed in it and therefore in no danger of harm from it. Suddenly there was a dark shape in the distance, strikingly clear against the blank whiteness. Magwin squinted but she couldn't see what it was.

In the next second, the Nethership dropped hard and the sky came back, dark pale blue. Before her was a mind-boggling alien landscape of deep blue terrain and towering mushrooms. There was a sudden terrible noise and the wind tore into the Nethership, hitting Magwin like a wall and knocking her silly.


Magwin felt the platform leave her feet as the purple storm died. The bronze frame of the Nethership drifted apart, no more than an inert collection of metal shapes, falling with her to the distant fungal forest below. A shadow passed over her, and she caught a glimpse of whatever it was she'd seen from afar, but in the whipping wind she couldn't see clearly enough, and besides, she had bigger problems. The mushroom forest was getting closer.

And closer.


When Magwin woke, her first thought was genuine surprise that she was alive. She lurched upward, her naked body meeting an elastic resistance that immediately yanked her flat again, slamming her face down on the spongy floor of the cave. She lay stunned for a second, blinking in the darkness. It was quiet, a faint unidentifiable something in the distance the only sound Magwin could hear besides herself.

Magwin's legs and arms were pulled taught by something she couldn't see, thought it felt as though her hands and feet were encased in some sort of solid matter. She could pull against it but it would only stretch until she had to relax and be pulled flat again. Magwin struggled anyway, managing to get up on her hands and knees twice before the ache in her muscles forced her to relent and lay prone. She lay with the side of her face pressed to the soft, warm ground, panting for air.

As she caught her breath, another problem presented itself, as a trickle of wetness dripped from her pussy. She was aroused and couldn't reach to relieve herself. Magwin squirmed helplessly, her loins in desperate need of stimulation they couldn't get.

Magwin forced herself to lay still and focus on breathing. There was an odd scent, she noticed. How she hadn't noticed it sooner with her face pressed to the ground, Magwin couldn't guess, but the scent was somehow familiar. It reminded her of sex, that was it. Now that she'd noticed it, it seemed to permeate everything, and with each breath, Magwin could feel her body defying her by heating, her skin becoming more sensitive, her nipples hard, and her pussy dripping, begging for stimulation it couldn't find.

After what seemed like forever, she finally heard movement behind her. Rather than fear she felt relief. She didn't care what it was so long as it touched her. "Help me," she begged. It didn't answer.

A faint purplish light came up then, and Magwin twisted her neck to get a look at whatever it was. She gasped as she beheld the towering creature. Three great long legs and a huge eye. The great white fungal creature lowered itself to examine her. Magwin was to desperate to be afraid. She arched her back, straining against her bonds to push her pussy towards the towering tripod and moaning desperately.

The creature wrapped one of several smaller tentacles around her waist, the flat, hand-like pad at the end pressing on her belly experimentally. The tripod's flesh was warm and spongy. A second tentacle followed the first, feeling her breasts. It was driving Magwin crazy. She bucked helplessly, trying to get her pussy to touch something. Anything!

"Damn you!" Magwin screamed at the creature.

The creature only prodded at her for several more agonizing minutes, feeling her belly and poking at her breasts. Magwin strained against the bonds that held her arms, her face pressed into the spongy cave floor.

"Please," she begged, wiggling her ass in the air, but nothing touched her wanton pussy but tepid air.

The tripod finished whatever it was doing and let go of her, the elastic bonds pulling her flat on her belly again. Rising the creature towered over her and disappeared into the gloom, visible only as a disembodied light. Magwin closed her eyes and whimpered, her drenched, engorged pussy demanding the touch that just wasn't there.

Out of the gloom, Magwin heard something that was unmistakably another voice moan faintly. Her head snapped up, looking in the direction the sound had come from. In the pool of light cast by the great white tripod, Magwin saw what was unmistakably another humanoid female, bound as she was to the cave floor. Though it was hard to tell in the half-light given off by the tripod, Magwin thought the other captive looked like an orc.

"Hey!" Magwin called weakly, but the orc didn't respond. She seemed to be unconscious. The tripod was busy feeling at the orc's belly and breasts just as it had with Magwin. The orc moaned weakly but never seemed to come to.

After a only a few moments, the tripod released the orc and moved on, taking its tiny pool of light with it. Magwin could have sworn it took longer with her than with the orc, but guessed that it had only seemed that way.

The great white tripod stopped again this time far enough away--how massive was this chamber?--that Magwin could barely make out a second orc female, picked up and examined by the tripod, its white tentacles slithering around the orc's taught greenish flesh.

This time, however, the tripod did something to the bonds that Magwin couldn't see, and the orc was suddenly free of them. The tripod's tentacles snaked around the orc's naked body, wrapping her arms to her body and her legs together like a cocoon of living rope. The tripod rose up with the encased orc, and strode away, suddenly dropping out of view.

Magwin lay helpless, her pussy juices soaking into the ground beneath her.

Magwin was there for a long time. Or at least what seemed like a long time when every second was an agony of unfulfilled arousal. The tripod seemed to come through the chamber frequently, feeling her belly and breasts each time, then moving on to the other captives, sometimes taking one seemingly at random to some unknown fate.

The fifth time the tripod examined Magwin, she felt something surprising and marvelous. Her hands and feet suddenly became free. She cried out, reaching wildly for her throbbing pussy, but only managed to graze it with her fingers before the tripod's tentacles forced her legs together with an audible squelch and the tendrils of white fungal flesh closed over her.

She felt movement as the tripod carried her. Light spilled through the encasing limbs, though she couldn't get more than a glimpse at generic cave wall.

Then she heard voices, strange sounding, but almost intelligible. Suddenly the tentacles unwound and Magwin found herself kneeling in a smaller, better lit chamber, held in place with her hands behind her back by the tripod, juices dripping down her thighs. The first thing she notices were the speakers. Almost humanoid creatures, her height and very thin, with three eyes instead of two but with otherwise humanoid features. Magwin thought one looked male and the other female, even.

The chamber was lined with some sort of odd devices, that reminded Magwin of machinery but were also somehow organic. In the center of the room was a body-sized upside-down "Y" formation, that looked to be made of the same material as the cave itself, and leaned backwards slightly.

While the male looked up at the tripod, gargantuan in the confined space, and made some strange warbling sounds, the female knelt before Magwin and put a hand on her belly. "She's in the proper phase," she said, then looked directly at Magwin, who felt like she should try to speak but couldn't form anything resembling words at the moment, and said in a low tone, "Don't struggle, mammal creature. We are servants of the Old Goddess, and your body belongs to Her now."

Magwin whimpered, a sound of fear, but truly the only thing she cared about was the gaping emptiness of her engorged vagina.

"She's properly affected by the ambient pheromones," muttered the male, who then turned to the tripod and warbled some more.

The tripod lifted Magwin and pushed her front against the "Y" formation. The spongy material made the pressure unpainful. The divide in the "Y" lined up with Magwin's solar plexus, leaving her belly and all below it exposed while her breasts stuck out on either side of the stem. Her arms were pulled over her head and she was bound to the "Y," a ring of fungal material encircling her neck, her wrists, and her thighs.

Magwin squirmed, her pussy gaping open and dripping juices onto the cave floor. The tripod silently vanished, back to its rounds.

"Begin the growth process," the male said to the female.

The female walked up to one of the organic devices and touched it. In response, a scaly white sphere at its center began to glow. She nodded to the male, and the two fungal humanoids strode from the chamber. As they left, Magwin heard the female say, "The mammalian females are always tougher, unlike the males that usually become dependent rather quickly."

"Yes, once the males' production rates adjust, they have no other way to find release unless..." the male's voice faded out and Magwin was left alone once again.

She hung from the "Y" for, again what seemed to be, a very long time, as juices dripped to the cave floor from her crotch and her throbbing pussy begged for stimulation. Magwin whimpered, tears spilling from her eyes in frustration.

Somehow, miraculously, she began to doze off, her eyes closing as she escaped into blissful unconsciousness.

Magwin woke to a faint crashing noise in the distance. She whimpered in dismay, her pussy burning with need. She'd dreamed that she was fucking Asarnan again, his glorious ethereal cock filling her. She had been about to cum when she'd been woken.

In the distance she heard uneven footsteps and a deep, frightened panting. She twisted in her bonds to look over her shoulder and into the adjoining tunnel, but she couldn't see to far into it, curved as it was. The panting and footsteps grew louder over the course of several minutes.

At long last, a sweating, bulky, naked green orc stumbled into view, grasping his impressive member in one hand. He was jerking it haphazardly, every few strokes several drops of white cum would spurt onto the ground. There was a feral gleam in his eye as he looked around wildly, clearly already exhausted from running.

Then he spotted Magwin and froze still as a statue, but for his pulsating cock, which lobbed another globule of cum through the air to land on Magwin's thigh. The orc's eyes locked on Magwin's gaping pussy, and Magwin's wide eyes stared back at the escaped orc's massive cock.

A strange gurgling sound escaped the orc's throat, and the crazed orc bounded across the room, grabbed Magwin's hips in his meaty hands and in one motion slammed his massive cock up into Magwin's desperate pussy, crushing her ass against his crotch, splitting Magwin's burning flesh in two.

Magwin screamed, "Yes!!"

Her whole body convulsed violently, blissful orgasmic spasms radiating throughout her being as the orc's cock exploded into her womb, pulsing wildly inside her spasming pussy. Cum poured onto the ground from their crotches.

But the crazed, escaped orc only started thrusting, ramming his cock into her pussy with as much force and speed as he could bring to bear, and in seconds, she felt him explode again, filling her insides with hot cum. His erection didn't waver for a second and he didn't even pause. The orc just kept slamming his massive cock into her gooey pussy with no thought for anything else, filling her again and again with hot cum, that sprayed out of her pussy each time the orc rammed his cock home.

Magwin closed her eyes and pressed her head against her arms, her mouth hanging open. The crazed orc fucked her so hard it almost hurt, but the bonds held fast, leaving Magwin helpless to resist, not that she would have in her present state. Even the pain of the orc's wild fucking was pure relief.

As the massive cock kept splitting her open and filling her insides with cum, she moaned continually. It was ecstasy after the long drought. Orgasm after orgasm tore through her, and her only thought was the wish that it never stop.

It did, though, after what might have been eternity or mere seconds, the orc's hot flesh and throbbing cock were torn from her.

"No!" she cried.

Sweat coated her body like she'd just come from a swim and she was breathing hard and ragged. A residual spasm squelched a globule of the orc's cum out to join the copious pool on the ground. Magwin twisted against her bonds, struggling to see what had happened.

Behind her, the Servants had come back with a tripod. The tripod had pulled the orc off Magwin and restrained him on the floor where he struggled mindlessly.

"Lets get him back where he belongs, and bring the female as well," the female Servant said as she went back to that organic device and lifted something out of its glowing center, but Magwin didn't see what, because the tripod had already released her and gathered her up in its limbs. She was to spent to fight, so the tripod merely carried her.

Magwin sighed with deep relief that she was now at least somewhat satisfied. No longer overcome with unrequited sexual desire, she could begin to think again, though that did her little good. She had no idea what to make of anything that had happened since the Nethership crash.

When the tripod deposited her on the floor of a new chamber, what she saw defied sense. It took several moments for what Magwin was seeing to sink in.

The chamber was a great hallway, with thousands of yellowish tentacles dangling from a dark celling. All along one wall, hundreds of humanoid females were suspended face-down in the air among uncountable tiny tentacles--except for their feet which were embedded in the wall--while six larger tentacles worked them. Three with phallic heads were buried deep in each female's pussy, ass and mouth, wiggling rhythmically. The remaining three had sucker-heads, with one attached to each female's clit, and the final two latched onto their nipples. The breast-suckers were a lighter color than the rest; Magwin could see milk from the captive's engorged breasts traveling up into the dark cluster above.

Along the other wall, hundreds of male humanoids were suspended upside-down in the air, their legs spread wide and their upper bodies limp with hands embedded in the floor. One phallic tentacle wiggled rhythmically in each male's ass while an extra large sucker tentacle enclosed each cock, sucking at the same rhythm. Magwin could see the cocks through the semi-transparent tentacle-flesh, and watch as male cum flowed up those tentacles.

While Magwin was still recovering from the shock of the sight, the female Servant had snuck up on her. She was holding something small and wiggly in her hand.

"This is a symbiote. It will process the waste from your body as well as trick it into producing milk," she said, offhand.

The Servant placed the wriggling creature at the opening to Magwin's pussy, and Magwin gasped in surprise when the little creature slithered inside her. She felt it worming its way up her pussy and into her womb. Magwin yelped when it squeezed through her cervix.

Across the room, Magwin could see the nameless struggling orc being strung up. The tendrils wound around his limbs and body, and hoisted him into the air. A large sucker tentacle descended and swallowed the orc's cock. Despite himself, the orc ejaculated immediately. Lastly the phallic tentacle descended and wriggled its way into the orc's ass.

Fascinated watching this, Magwin was suddenly brought back to herself when she felt those tendrils winding around her too. She yelped in fright and struggled, but there was really nothing to struggle against. Magwin was lifted up and held in an almost natural position, as if she were floating in water. The tendrils pushed her feet against the wall, which she felt very slowly begin to grow over her.

Meanwhile, the little thing they'd put into her was beginning to do its job. Her breasts felt swollen and sensitive, and just begged to be suckled, so much so it was almost a relief when the two suckers attached themselves to her nipples. Up close the tentacles were all very warm and slippery, almost slimy but not.

Magwin was trying to resist, yelling weakly and clawing at the air, but the tentacle's touch, like anything that touched her, felt, well, really good. Thick, phallic tentacles pierced her pussy and ass, driving a gasp from her lips, then the final tentacle filled her mouth and cut off her voice.

The tendrils and tentacles worked her, wiggling around inside her pussy and ass and mouth, sucking on her nipples and clit. She couldn't take it. The orgasm ripped through her, her body twitching and shivering in the air. She couldn't fight it. Magwin's eyes glazed over as she resigned herself to drown in orgasmic bliss.

Part Seven

The land was dieing. Radiation from the shards of destroyed power crystals was mutating the plant and animal life into horrific abominations. What was once a peaceful forest was now a dark and corrupted land.

Zaelia shivered. It was a miracle that even the handful of Draenei from the Exodar had survived.

Stalking silently through the tall, slightly off-color trees, Zaelia was alert for danger. She held an arrow ready to fire from her springsteel bow and tried to quiet her breathing.

Of course, she'd had to get lost.

She increased her pace when she spotted open sky through the trees. "Finally," she sighed with relief.
The trees thinned enough for her to see. A beach stretched down to tranquil water. It would take a while, but following the coast was a surefire way to make it back to the city without getting lost again.

Zaelia lowered her bow and laughed at what could have been a much more serious predicament.

Something cracked unter her hoof. Looking to see what she'd stepped on, Zaelia bent down and pulled a large piece of carved wood from the sand. It looked like it might once have been part of a table or chair. After tossing the scap away, Zaelia strolled along the beach, keeping to the line where sand met grass. She walked for a while, relaxing while her mind wandered into the memories of her many sexual conquests.

By the time she'd gone a hundred yards, her thoughts and the way her tight leather pants were moving against her skin was making her horny. By the time the sun had dropped behind the trees, her arrousal had become unbareable, so Zaelia stopped to relieve herself.

She found a nice wide tree and sat with her back to it, throwing her cloak back to reveal the scant leather encasing her voluptuous body. With a yank, she pulled the pants down to her ankles and slid a hand over her engorged netherlips. Her fingers slid into the folds, releasing a deluge of her juices which dripped down to soak into the ground.

Sighing, she scooched down and plunged her two middle fingers into her tight hole with a satisfying squelch. Rubbing her loins in a slow circle, Zaelia pulled her top down, freeing her lucious fleshy orbs.
"Ahhh," Zaelia sighed.

Her ample wetness spilled down her crack and covered her fingers. She spread the wetness on her nipples, taking her breasts in both hands. Her tail curved back on itself, the tip wiggling into her folds. Adjusting her legs, Zaelia plunged her tail into her throbbing pussy as far as it would go.

"Light that's good!" Zaelia gasped as she fucked her own pussy with her thick tail. The thick appendage wedged her walls apart with each thrust, stretching and filling her.

Zaelia's eyes rolled closed, her sensuous moaning echoing through the quiet forest.

Panting, she slammed her tail into herself again and again while roughly kneeding her plump breasts. Her juices splattered her thighs and the roots of her tree as her body writhed. She could feel the orgasm coming, almost there. Her loins throbbed, beggin release.

A sudden feral roar shattered her cloud of bliss. Eyes snapping open, Zaelia lurched to her feet. An owlbeast with gleaming red eyes raged at her. The creature was twisted, slightly misshapen, and very obviously male, with a cock as big as Zaelia's shin bobbing in the air before him.

The moonkin's foot came down on Zaelia's bow, snapping it with a resounding crack. She turned to run, but her pants were still around her ankles. Zaelia tripped, landing face-first in the sand with her bared ass sticking up like a wanton target for the creature.

He warbled a cry of fury and lust.

The creature's claws bit into Zaelia's legs, shredding her pants and dragging her backwards. Zaelia sputtered, spitting out sand, as the moonkin yanked her legs wide apart, pulling her towards his mighty flesh pole.

Despite her pussy still being completely soaked, the moonkin was so big and so fast that she cried out in pain when his massive member split her hot, throbbing tunnel. He pounded into her thoughtlessly, sheathing his mutant cock in her tight flesh, keeping her helplessly face-down in the sand.

But the pain was fading already.

Zaelia cried out again, this time in pleasure. She'd been seconds away from orgasm when the owlbeast had jumped her, fortunately, or his violent advances would surely have torn her bloody. As it was, his massive member was splitting her tight pussy to its limit, overwhelming her with sensation. She could feel the orgasm building up again.

"Oh holy light please!" Zaelia cried deliriously.

There was a distinct thunk of an arrow burying itself in flesh and the monstercock ripped out of her pussy. Zaelia fell to the sand, released by the moonkin. She moaned, pushing herself up dizzily, loins throbbing on the edge of orgasm.

The owlbeast hooted one last time and crumpled to the ground, revealing Zaelia's rescuer. A pale blue-grey Night Elf man with short, unkempt white hair stood on a hillock further up the beach. He wore only fur pants and boots, his muscled upper body left bare. He held a longbow in his hands, with an arrow drawn.

When the Night Elf saw that the owlbeast was dead, he lowered the bow and returned his second arrow to a quiver at his hip.

Zaelia starred lustily and angrily at her rescuer. Why couldn't he have waited another five seconds to shoot the damn beast? She needed a cock in her, and this Elf was going to give her his whether he likes it or not.

"Are you alright, uh, miss?" The elf called as he jogged towards her.

Zaelia picked herself up and brushed the sand off herself. In full view of the elf, she half-squated and brushed the sand from her nether regions. Strangly, despite the fact that she was extremely aroused and wearing nothing but a leather band around her middrift that was her top, and was practically fingering herself infront of him, he only gave her a cursory glance. His eyes betrayed no surprise or shyness or even lust.

Zaelia's need was to acute for her to care though, so she fixed him a feral grin and growled, "Take off those pants."

The elf blinked. "I'd rather not. What are--what's your name? I'm Cowlen."

Without warning, Zaelia pounced on him, knocking his bow away with one hand and reaching into his waistband with the other. Over his remarkably understated protests, she yanked his pants down and then pushed him backwards onto the sand. Incredibly, his cock was only semi-hard, still.

She landed ontop of him, straddling him. She paused long enough to say, "I'm Zaelia."

The she slid her dripping slit over Cowlen's soft cock. Apparently the sight of her being used and then pleasuring herself wantonly wasn't enough to get him arroused, but after a few moments of being squished around by her sopping pussy, Cowlen's cock stiffened right up and slid into her waiting confines.

If Zaelia hadn't been in such a frenzy, she might have noticed the way Cowlen didn't really fight back, but also didn't really participate. The elf simply lay on his back where Zaelia had thrown him and let his eyes glaze over.

Zaelia bucked her hips wildly, riding Cowlen's long elven cock. She ground her loins against the base of his shaft, his member completely hidden within her folds.

"Oh! Yes! OH!" Zaelia screamed, her body collapsing in a fit of spasms as her loins convulsed around the elfcock.

Despite his reluctant erection, Zaelia's ostentatous orgasm seemed to get through to Cowlen as his eyes refocused for a second before rolling closed. His cock spurted like a gyser, spraying his seed inside Zaelia's tight tunnel.

Cowlen sighed, taking slow and deliberate breaths. Zaelia sat back, Cowlen's cock remaining hard within her. Cowlen stared at her, his expression unfathomable.

"I really needed that," Zaelia murmured. "What? What's wrong?"

Tears were spilling from Cowlen's eyes. He wiped them away hurredly and shook his head.

"Whoa, still hard," Zaelia commented to herself.

Cowlen heard her, and suddenly was alive beneath her. He wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her down ontop of him. His lips found hers and they danced a sweet and sorrowful dance. Zaelia started riding him again, breaking the kiss to moan as she quickly reached another orgasm.

Cowlen pulled Zaelia's legs out infront of her and sat up with her in his lap. Cradling her torso in his strong hands, he dragged his lips over her breasts, flicking his tongue over her nipples as she undulated in his lap.

Zaelia's tail snaked beneathe them and poked its thin tip into Cowlen's ass, making his breath catch. Fucking him energetically, Zaelia threw her head back and collapsed in another fit of orgasmic spasms, only to keep rocking her hips once her motor control returned, coming to yet another orgasm.

Cowlen moaned the name, "Thalrisa," several times, but Zaelia didn't really notice.

Panting, Zaelia twitched her tail as she came for the fourth time, hiting Cowlen's spot. As her loins convulsed, the Night Elf exploded within her, his cock violently twitching as it shot his hot seed against her cervix. His orgasm lasted a solid fifteen seconds; mixed cum dripped from their loins, soaking into the sand under them.

Cowlen collapsed against Zaelia's chest, closing his eyes as he caught his breath. She cradled his head, running her fingers through his wild silver hair and holding him to her sweaty breasts. It was suprisingly comfortable to sit like that, holding each other up.

"I'm sorry," Zaelia said.

"For what?" Cowlen rumbled.

"For whatever has so striken your heart," Zaelia told him.

"Thalrisa," Cowlen whimpered again.

Zaelia didn't say anything more just then. Cowlen's softening manhood oozed out of her with a massive quantity of cum.

"How long has it been for you?" Zaelia finally asked.

"I don't know," Cowlen said tonelessly. "Months, I think. You're the first sentient soul I've seen since the sky split open and my family died."

"Two months and six days," Zaelia remarked. "This Thalrisa, was your mate?"

Cowlen nodded against her breasts, silent tears leaking onto her blue skin.

"Light. You poor thing," Zaelia cooed.

She sat on Cowlen's lap until the stars began to shine, holding and gently stroking his head.

"I'm sorry," Cowlen said suddenly.

"For what?" Zaelia wondered.

"Being weak in the face of my grief," Cowlen rumbled.

"What do you mean?" Zaelia asked.

Cowlen only shook his head. "Nevermind."

He shifted his legs and Zaelia moved to let him up. Cowlen grabbed her arm and pulled her back into an embrace, kissing her intensly. "Thank you."

Zaelia smiled at him, and went to retrieve her things. She pulled her top up to cover her breasts, but her pants were history and the only other piece of clothing she had was her cloak. She picked up the cloak and shook it out before draping it around her shoulders. Lacking a better option, Zaelia simply resolved to go on naked from the belly down.

Cowlen pulled up his pants and retrieved his bow, which he slung over his shoulder. He went to Zaelia's side when he was ready to go.

"So what are you doing out here anyway?" Cowlen asked.

Zaelia chuckled. "Actually, I was lost. Got chased off the road and couldn't find it again."

"I live just on the other side of that rock there," Cowlen told her, pointing up the beach, "in what's left of my cabin."

"Show me," Zaelia said.

Cowlen seemed to brighten a little. "Alright."

Zaelia followed him over the hillock and saw a tranquil beach littered with debris, and a mostly-destroyed cottage closer to the treeline. Instead of heading for the ruined house, Cowlen strolled down to a small dock where a small campfire was burning and a large cloth draped over the branches of a beach tree provided shelter.

"I usually like to sleep out here," Cowlen told her. "The weather is always peaceful."

Zaelia sat down on a smoothe log with her cloak wrapped around her. Cowlen lowered himself next to her, stirring the fire absently. He turned to look at her, his eyes searching.

"What?" Zaelia asked.

"If you don't mind the question, what exactly are you?" Cowlen asked her.

Zaelia laughed and told him.

The End

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