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Three boys and a girl after school have some fun
The following took place on a warm afternoon in September of 1968.

There were three of us boys who hung out together. Julie often spent
time with us, alone and together. She was a tease if not a heartbreaker
with guys in the neighborhood, having left many brokenhearted more than
once over the years. Best part of all this is that she was known for being
an easy "feel".

Not only did we learn how to kiss from her but also about the female
anatomy. Separately we had carefully groped her body finding what
treasures a girl had to offer. Her breasts were small with puffy nipples
just waiting for someone to suck them. On the odd occasion she would allow
a hand to drift southward resulting in a rather stinky finger.

The new school year had just begun, tenth grade. It all went down on a
Friday after school. We were at Rob's house shooting pool in his basement
when Julie entered the scene. She was different that day, in one of those
happy go lucky moods. Whenever taking her turn she would deliberately bend
over just enough so her dress rode up revealing the cheesecake on her
thighs. At that age it didn't take much to get us going. Rob was the
first to act taking up residence right behind her. When she arched forward
over the table he pushed into her ass with his crotch while hunched over
her back showing her the best way to accomplish the shot holding her hands
and cue stick at the same time. Not once did she shy away, she actually
began to wiggle back against him.

It was apparent that all of us had stiff dicks in our tight pants. Then
all three of us were showing her the best way to handle her shots. Over
the next hour she would twitch her ass against our dicks sending
butterflies scurrying throughout our gut. Not that anyone was surprised;
after all she was nothing but a tease to us. But the flaunting of her legs
and the display of the snaps of her garter belt was wearing us down.
Pantyhose were uncommon back in 1968.

The particulars are fuzzy as what took place and who took them during
the next hour, but I do remember we each took turns sitting on this
overstuffed sofa swapping spit while feeling up her titties before it
happened. With her tongue down Rob's throat he pushed her down onto the
sofa as David and I relished the offering in front of us while he dry
humped her. Her dress had ridden higher and now her panties were in plain
sight making us really hot. Then it was David doing the humping before I
got to have a turn.

It entirely got out of hand in a matter of only a few minutes. All four
of us were undeniably horny and without doubt wanted a little more from
her. Without any resistance from her Rob unzipped his pants before laying
his body on hers. With her dress traveling high up past her thighs onto
her hips there were only two layers of cotton between them, and then there
was only one when he pulled his underwear down. We all knew where this
road was leading us too. While David and I gazed at the two sets of bodies
we knew in our imagination what was going on between them.

Only minutes afterward on the floor beside the sofa lay her dress in a
rumpled clump, her bra then her panties lay scattered on top of it. All I
remember was a pair of legs still swathed in nylons snapped only once on a
black garter belt rising up while Julie made Rob promise, essentially swear
on his grandmother's grave he wouldn't "do anything inside her".

After a mere few minutes a request came for something to clean up with.
Quickly finding a towel in the other room I laid it across Rob's back. Not
taking my eyes away I watched as he rose, his dick shrinking as she wiped
away a pool of thick cum from her belly. Then it was David who was on her
while Rob and I listened to her giggles of excitement. Julie was intently
enjoying this as much as we were. We figured he must have penetrated her
when he let loose with a long sigh followed by her faint moans of

I was the last. I stood at the end of the sofa looking at this ecstatic
bare assed girl beckoning me with an extended finger. Despite being wiped
away there was a still a glistening sheen of David's watery sperm smeared
over her lower tummy. I looked down at her spread legs; her bush was
almost scary, extremely thick, and untrimmed. The lips to her cunt parted
halfway showing pink innards moist with her secretions and sweat and who
knows what else. In the midst of the dark brown patch was one of the
others cum. White jizz clinging tightly against her thick pubic hairs
matting them down flat. Without delay or hesitation I lay on her body
before pulling my underwear down. Never having done it before I didn't
know what to expect. I found Julie's pussy not only tight as it stretched
around my modest size dick but also noticeably wet, more than I ever
expected. As I sawed in and out of her I could feel a slight wetness
gather onto my scrotum and the hair surrounding my dick.

It then occurred to me what had happened. Either David or Rob had "done
something inside" her. As the thought of one of them actually letting
loose with a wad inside her cunt I couldn't take it anymore and went over
the edge. My two minutes of bliss had come to an abrupt end. I swear to
this day that I pulled out in time. But you never know. I was young, it
was my first time, and I had no control. Maybe, just maybe I unleashed
some of my sperm in her. Clearly there were some swimming sperm in my
pre-cum. But was it mine that made the journey up her internal tubes?

When we were finished using her body the three us stood back watching
her seductively position her bra and panties into place before finally
pulling her dress over her head covering most of her exposed skin.

She told us she was going away to a relative's house for Christmas
vacation. She would never return. She never told her parents who she did
it with. No one would admit to cumming inside her, but David told me she
was dripping wet when he took his turn. I didn't know who to believe. I
guess that Rob did some inside her before pulling out and when David felt
Rob's cum he did a spurt or two as well. Then again, thinking back, maybe
I also left my calling card.

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way more fun without them


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