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A guy and his wife had been married for over 40 years when one day after returning from a visit to her doctor, the wife relayed some horrible news. Her doctor had diagnosed her with terminal cancer and told her she only had six months to live! The husband was terribly distraught and decided to pay her doctor a visit to see what he could do to prepare himself for the rough patch ahead.
At the doctor's office he asked, "What can I do to help my wife through this time in her life? How can I keep her comfortable while cancer destroys her body?"
The doctor answered him: "You need to be there for her and try and comply with whatever she needs from you without asking questions. She needs your support and help, not your pity and she doesn't need to see you unable to help her."
The guy thought it over and realized the advice was good and wise and he would do whatever his wife requested from him. It didn't take long before his wife asked him this: "Honey, since I don't have very long to live, could we do something I always wished we could do in bed?"
"What is it dear," her husband answered.
"I would love to have oral sex with you just so I know what it feels like."
"Sure," the husband responded back without hesitation. And that night in bed the couple shared oral sex for the very first time and enjoyed it immensely. In fact they enjoyed it so much that's all they did every night for the next five months. Then upon another doctor's visit for a check-up, the doctor discovered that there was no trace of the cancer whatsoever inside the woman's body. So he called the couple in for a consultation in his office.
The doctor was seated behind his desk in his office and seated in front of him in chairs was the couple. He told them that he had performed all kinds of tests including x-rays and MRIs and the cancer had miraculously disappeared from the woman's body and for all practical purposes, she was now cancer free; that he had no idea what they could have done to cause this to happen; that something strange must have occurred to alter the course of her life. The woman was delighted to hear the news and joy spread across her face. The doctor looked over at her husband and noticed how sad he appeared. There were tears running down his checks and he was noticeably disappointed and upset. So he said to the husband, "Didn't you hear me tell you both the good news? Your wife is cancer free. Whatever you both did worked! Why do you look so sad?"
The husband replied dejectedly, "If only I had known, I could have saved mom."
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