My Mom caught me Jerking off when I was a teenager
The 4th time I banged my MIL :

We had to go to my brother in law’s surprise 30th birthday party at a fancy banquet hall . He wasn’t getting there till 7:00 , we had a hour to kill so we ate from the buffet, drank the beer and wine on the table. My MIL hit the wine hard. She sat right next to me the whole time talking my ear off, our backs to the wall of the hall so no one could see what she was doing to me under the table. I never experienced her drunk. She rubbing my thigh, working her way up to my rock hard cock saying things like , you look so handsome in your suit. Do you like my dress? I of course said yes. She did look amazing; It was a vintage cranberry red knee lengh one piece. Her nipples stood at attention when we hit the air condition banquet hall. I love her big tits and round ass. That dress showed every curve. Now I know why my father in law couldn’t keep his hands off her, she couldn’t keep her hands off him (may he rest in peace) We were alone at the table everyone else was playing the casino games they had. It was a casino theme party we got $1,000 in fake chips upon entry. I was more interested in her. I couldn’t let anyone else know what was going on. If my wife or anyone came by my MIL just said “I got one of my migraine headaches again” I told them I didn’t feel like playing the games so I would keep mom company. When the coast was clear my hand found its way up moms dress. The sly fox didn’t wear panties. She was so wet when I started to play with her hairy pussy. She whispered to me I want you so bad, lets go home. We calmed down so my hard on could get soft. I got up and went to my wife at the Black Jack table and told her “Mom migraine is getting worse she wants to go home” She said “Is it OK if I get a ride with my brother, I’m having too much fun. I said “Sure I’ll see you at home”
My MIL and I walked out to my mini van no one knew nothing. Everyone said “goodbye, hope you feel better” She put on a good act, so did I. I knew I was going to fuck the shit out of her drunken ass when we got home. When we got to the first traffic light she started kissing me on my neck, taking off my tie. Her kisses were so wet and sloppy , the AC gave me a chill as she unbuttoned my shirt and took off my suit jacket. My free hand was rubbing her long leg up to her gorgeous thigh and waiting pussy. I couldn’t wait to get home, good thing we were only 2 miles from home. When we got to the house I felt like two teenagers running into our parents home to have sex before they got home. She went into the fridge and got another glass of wine , I started kissing her neck rubbing her fat ass. She jumped on the counter wine glass still in her hand and said now its time for dessert lifting up her dress so I could eat her dripping wet pussy. She tasted so good her dew dripping down my chin. She was moaning everytime I hit the right spot. She said “ Lets go upstairs I want to feel you inside me now. I followed her upstairs never taking my eye’s off her big white ass as it jiggled up each step.
When we got to the bedroom we stripped the rest of our cloths off and went at each other like animals . The sweat dripping off our hot body. My cock was thrusting her tight pussy . Her tits were bouncing off her face with each thrust. She was screaming out, OH GOD it feels so GGGOOODDD . I turned her over and started fucking her doggie style she said I love the way your balls slap my clit. FUCK ME OOOHHH FUCK me YOU MOTHER FUCKER. That sent me over the top I shot my first load deep into her wet pussy, OH I feel it dripping she said , don’t stop. I just kept on fucking. All the cum was on my dick slurping and making pussy fart sounds. She turned over putting her Fat ass in my face and I ate her cum filled pussy while she sucked my rock hard cock. Oh you taste so good she said, I said so do you. She really knew how to suck a cock. She said I want you inside me again . So she spread her long legs on the floor and I entered her from behind. Her ass jiggled with each thrust. Oh it felt so good. Then I pulled out and slid it in-between her ass cheeks letting my second cum shot shoot all up her back. She collapsed on her bed . She crawled under the covers and said “Good night” I took a hot shower and went to bed myself. I have no idea when my wife got home.

Another story :

Mom caught me Jerking off
As long as could remember I was and always had sex on my mind. When I was a kid waiting in the dressing room for my mom to try stuff on. I would peek at the ladies trying on cloths and get all hot and bothered. I didn't have a real girlfriend until I was 18 because I was Fat, full of pimples and very shy. But, I always had a lot of adult magazines. For some reason my mom would find them, Yell at me and make me feel like I was going to Hell. I didn't care, I just got more and the same thing would happen. I would jerk off in the bathroom and she'll bang on the door and say I know what your doing stop it right now. It would make me more hot knowing she knew I was stoking my cock only 5 feet from her.

Now for my story, I borrowed a XXX tape from a friend. Since my dad was away on a business trip and mom was asleep I watched it on our only TV with a VCR (this was early 80's) the movie had a plot and looked like a real film until the sex scene. I started playing with myself not knowing my mom was watching from the dining room. She walked in and said, "What's this?" I said "Oh mom, I can't help it" She figured she was going to teach me a lesson so she said "Don't stop on my part" and she sat next to me on the sofa. We watched the movie together my soft cock still in my hand. She watched the show and said; "You know this is all fake" Sex isn't really like this. I said "

I wouldn't know I haven't even kissed a girl. She said, "That's good wait till you find the right one" I said, "I'm never going to find the right one. Even if I do I don't know what I'm doing I'll look like a goof. I wish I could find someone to just teach me how.

She said what I thought she's say, "I know what you’re getting at, and you have to realize. I love you unconditionally and will never have sex with you or anyone else. If I did it would ruin your life. You may think it would be fun, but later on it will make things really weird.

What we can do is just finish watching this movie and if we want to pleasure ourselves that’s fine, but I'm not going to touch you and you’re not going to touch me. I want to see the rest of this movie. Just promise me you keep this between you and me. I said, "I promise." So we watched the movie and moms feet went on the coffee table and she opened her nightgown. She looked gorgeous naked. I just looked at her touching herself. She was moaning and really getting into it. I stoked myself and shot my first load, never stopping, she was rubbing her nipples, rubbing her clit slowly. She would stop get herself together and watch the movie. Then she would start over again. I was done after my second load. Good thing the movie was just had liked a half hour left. We just said good night she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said good night. That was the first and only time I ever saw her naked. She never bothered me again about my masturbation.

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