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“Oh boy what’d you do now?” I asked as I sat in the hall with m best friend, Jasmine.
“Nothing! I just jerked him off a little is all…” she said.
Jasmine and I had been best friends for as long as I can remember. Lots of people viewed her as one of the sluts in our high school, but I’ve known her for so long that I just can’t not be her friend. She really is a sweet girl if you look past all the hookups she’s been through.
“Come on Jas I know you better than that…” I said.
“Ok ok, so I gave him a handjob. BUT WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE! I SWEAR!”
“Haha don’t worry I believe you. But why Jas? Why do you keep doing shit like this?”
“Andy I told you. I just love sex and anything associated with it. I can’t help it it’s like something overtakes me.”
“Yeah someone- I mean thing overtakes you alright.”
“Oh stop! You’re just jealous cause you’re my best friend and you’re afraid to do anything with me” Jasmine said with a mocking tone. “Andy you’re nervous doing anything with any girl for that matter”

I’d never been that good with getting girls. I mean, I was able to rope a few in but nothing to serious ever happened or lasted. Jasmine and I never hooked up for that matter either. We were just too good of friends that it felt like siblings. I did get to see her boobs one day though. She was over my house just having some fun. We made a small friendly bet over something silly. The loser had to show the other something. She lost so she stood in front of me sitting on the bed and lifted her top right up. Man was that a sight to see! Jasmine has a nice big pair of breasts. Not the kind that are huge to the point where you don’t like them, but just large and round enough to be drooled over by practically every guy in the school….probably literally too. They were a 36C. We shared that kind of stuff being so close and all. She told me I could touch them if I wanted but I passed as not to make the situation too awkward.

“Shut up.” I said. “I don’t get nervous. I’m just not as experienced and relaxed as you is all.
“Well that just comes from loads of practice…..and loads of something else too” she said with a wink.
“God you’re such a whore!” Of course I was joking. I was the only one who could call Jasmine that without getting a stab right in the gut.
“Yeah if only you got some of it too” she replied with a smile. “I gotta run I’ll catch up with you later.”

And with that my best friend had run off to her next class, leaving me alone watching her nice plump ass jiggle as she walked away. I will admit I did find Jasmine attractive. More like incredibly hot actually. She’s been my friend for years but all those years I just couldn’t help but be attracted to her beauty. She was only about 5’5 but had nice bronzed shoulder-length brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes to die for. Her breasts were so perfect they way they hung from her chest. Round, big, and plump. The perfect pair. Her ass always jiggled when she walked. Any guy would get lost in it like it was a black and white spiral just sucking them in. She told me she shaved too, which just thinking about her bald pussy would make me get hard.

Over the course of the next few months, Jasmine kept blowing guys in the bathroom stall while I began to start flirting with this one girl, Megan. She had invited me over to her place a night when she was going to be home alone. When I told Jasmine, she at once had to help me out.
“We need to make sure you’re prepared for whatever may happen!” she said over and over again.
“Ok, but Jas, how prepared can we be? I know what to say, what to wear, what to do, how to act…I mean, I’m not going out with her, we’re just harmlessly flirting and all and getting to know each other.”
“Yeah I know that but home alone….only you two…..something is bound to happen. That’s kind of why I came over today. I know I’ve helped you a lot recently and I know how good of friends we are so I just want to help you a little more. STRICTLY as help though…nothing more!”
“What are you talking about Jasmine?” I asked. She moved closer to me while we both sat on the couch in my basement. She took her soft and tiny little hand and placed it right over my pants. Needless to say my dick became instantly hard.
“Jasmine, what---what are you doing?”
“Relax hun I just want to make sure you’re comfortable with someone doing this to you so you won’t freak out tomorrow night. DON’T read too much into it.”
She slowly reached her hands inside the waist of my pants and boxers and wrapped her five fingers around my already throbbing dick. She gently massaged up and down my shaft working all over her fingers. She flicked right under the tip of my dick. She put her thumb on that hot spot and just started rubbing all around. Then she moved her hand even further down and starting rubbing my balls and gently squeezing them.
“Oh wow Jas! That feels amazing!”
“Yeah, they do say I have some magic fingers.” She said with a smile. “And I haven’t even stroked you once!”
“Hey Jasmine…uhm---would you let me feel one of your tits? You know for, erm—practice?”
“Weeeeeeeeell if you must” Jasmine said as she rolled her eyes.
With that I took one big handful of Jasmine’s voluptuous breasts. They were like heaven to squeeze. So nice and tender; and oh so large. Jasmine’s lips began to part a little. I wasn’t sure if she was just acting like she usually does with the guys she’s with or if she was truly getting turned on. I think it was the latter because so quickly decided to wrap her hand around my dick at the base and ever so nicely just start moving that hand all the way to---RIIIIIIIIIING RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING. Her phone was going off. She took her hand out of my pants to answer it. It was her mom telling her to get home for dinner. Funny, my mom wasn’t even home to cook dinner yet her mom just had to call at the opportune moment. Ain’t that just fine and dandy. I could have got somewhere with my best friend who I’d been crushing on.
“Sorry Andy. I gotta run. I’ll finish up sometime though, don’t worry” Jasmine said with a smile. I couldn’t tell if she was just messing with me or if she was actually serious…..

My “date” didn’t go so hot as I had planned. Megan was just chatting me up to learn more about my friend Mark then me. I had to say I was pretty disappointed. Jasmine felt sorry for me also. If only I could say “oh Jassy! It was awful! You can make it all better by just coming over and finishing what you started that one afternoon!”……….yeah but no. That wouldn’t be right.

A few weeks later Jasmine and I were sitting in our usual spot just throwing the shit around, like always.
“Andy, listen, about that one afternoon….”
“Jasmine it’s fine, honest. We can forget that it happened if you like. I got too much into something that you just wanted me to practice with.”
“Actually I was going to say I enjoyed it but if you didn’t, well then I guess I just won’t say what I planned then” she said rather depressingly. All the while I’m thinking “Oh great fuck up idiot.”
“Oh! No, no, no. Jasmine, honestly, I love it! I really couldn’t stop thinking about it all that week. Hell I’m thinking about it up till now! It was just so amazing!”
“Oh, way to be forward…” she said. Great, another nice fuck up, stupid. “Relax Andy, I’m kidding,” She said with a smile, “I really enjoyed it too. Actually I wanted to show you something. Will you follow me?”
I got up and started to follow Jasmine down the hallway. As we neared the end of the hall where the bathrooms are she stopped, turned around, and quickly shoved me inside. In the bathrooms I was hurried into one of the stalls.
“Jas! What are you doing?!”
“Andy, hun, relax. I told you I’d finish someday. You should be happy I got a huge crush on you that’s telling me to come back to you for more”
Well I’ll be damned! Jasmine had a crush on me! And all these years I thought I was silly for liking her. While I was too busy processing this information, Jasmine had already pulled down my shorts and boxers and was quick at work stroking my fast hardening dick.
“Oh wow Andy, I knew you were 7 inches but this looks huge!”she said.

Jasmine gently and quickly stroked my dick up and down the shaft. I felt all five of her soft fingers wrapped around it just jerking it. But then the fingers stopped. And I looked down to see Jasmine was topless, her gorgeous tits out for the open breeze. Have I mentioned these breasts were amazing?
“I know you like them Andy,” she said with a smile, “They’re all yours for now.”
I reached down and began to cup each of her juicy breasts in my hands. They felt even better than that one afternoon. Her nipples began to harden so I began to pinch them and flick them with my fingertips. Jasmine’s mouth parted and this time I knew she wasn’t just acting. My best friend of so many years, the girl I’ve have a crush on for just as long, was enjoying how I pinched her nipples and made her feel good. That open mouth was only empty for so long. I noticed Jasmine start to move downwards toward my at-attention dick. She stuck out her tongue and slowly began to lick all along my shaft. She flicked back and forth right underneath the head. She grabbed my dick with her hand and massaged it as she began licking my balls. She jerked and licked –oh-so-wonderfully! Her quick-moving, moist tongue slowly made its way licking all the way from my balls up my shaft and to the tip of my dick. She wasted no time sticking her entire mouth around my rod, engulfing it. Her head bobbed up and down lubing up my stiff dick very fast. She only would briefly take her head away to spit on my dick and jerk it while she caught her breath. She was so good at sucking dick it was an incredibly feeling. At that moment my love for my best friend was finally realized.
“Ohhh god Jasmine you’re gonna make me cum if you keep doing that!”
She wasted no time going into overdrive. Jasmine sucked and sucked on my dick like there was no tomorrow. Her tongue flicking under the tip while her head bobbed. I couldn’t take anymore and I began to fill her mouth with my sperm. Squirt after squirt she sucked up every last drop not pausing once. After she swallowed it all, she cleaned me up by licking all over my dick finding any traces of leftover cum. She stood up as her tits bounced.
“Told you I’d finish the job,” she said with a wink and a smile, “who knows, maybe next time I can show you more of my amazing skills and my hot body best friend.” She threw her top back on and casually left the bathroom with a smile. I could only sit there smiling as well.

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