Dark fantasy about being betrayed, dying and sex.
John was, without a doubt, one of the luckiest men to ever live. Here he was, driving down Route 101 along the Pacific Coast in a convertible and a beautiful woman. He looked over at his new wife, Sherry, and smiled. She was stunning, and not just because he loved her. She was tall but not overly thin. No supermodel anorexia for John Gilks. Sherry had long auburn hair, a hint of freckles running down her neck into her perfect chest.
And here John had to stare for the briefest of seconds before turning back to the road. Sherry’s size C breasts were so perfect he felt himself stir. If he was lucky, once the nearest car to them was left behind and they were alone on the road, he might be able to entice her into a blowjob on the road. Just thinking about her tongue on his cock made him twitch even harder. Mulling it over as he took in the scenery, he believed he might not even make it much further than the next stop that might have a motel or a secluded area to pull over in.
Luckily, the next little off ramp had a nice sign stating that gas and lodging could be had.
“Why are we getting off the highway?” Sherry asked as he took the exit. He glanced at her. She was asking, but she already knew the answer. He could see it in her eyes.
“You look so fucking good I think I might have to tear your clothes off and fuck you silly,” John replied. He smiled as he watched her spread her legs for him.
“Is this what you want,” she asked coyly. There was nothing coy about how she slipped a finger into her panties. He groaned. Where was this damned motel?
And at that, as he rounded the corner, he saw it. A tiny little place, with a few bungalows. “Close To The Edge Lodging” read the sign over the main building. An odd name, John thought to himself. Sherry was still rubbing in her panties, so John really didn’t have much time to even think of anything else. He pulled in to a parking spot and nearly jumped out of the car. His cock was raging in his pants and he couldn’t wait much longer.
Inside, Sherry pressed herself up against his back while they waited for someone to come help them. He could feel her breasts against his back – there was no way he was going to be able to hide why they had stopped from whomever came out. He found he didn’t really care. All he cared about was plunging his cock into his wife as soon as he could.
At that moment the door behind the counter opened and an extremely handsome man came walking toward them. He had dark hair and the bluest eyes John had ever seen. They were piercing – and the moment their eyes locked, John knew that this man knew exactly why they had stopped, and that he completely approved. The dark haired man smiled and said, “Good afternoon…almost good evening. Are we needing a room for the night?”
“Yes,” John nearly stammered. Sherry was radiating heat against him – he could barely contain himself.
“Might need it for two nights, I might want to stay and go crazy,” Sherry whispered from behind him.
The dark haired man smiled. They made a brief transaction, a key was given and John prepared to run to the room with his wife.
“If you need anything, please call,” the dark haired man said. “My name is Alex, and anything you need, it will be my pleasure to attain for you.” With that, he looked at Sherry, and his eyes smoldered for a moment. John was sure this man was basically looking at his wife and lusting over her right in front of him. What really threw him off was his wife’s reaction. From over his shoulder he heard her gasp, and her pelvis thrust slightly against him. It was almost as if she had had a mini-orgasm just from being looked at!
Once in the room, John had no time to think about what had just happened. He had meant to ask, but Sherry’s hand was in his pants so fast he could only think of one thing…her mouth. She pulled his cock free of his pants and was instantly devouring all eight inches of it. She wasn’t even bothering to lick it, just pistoning up and down, taking my entire length without even blinking. Without thinking or being able to stop her, John suddenly came harder than he’d ever come before. Wave after wave of cum shot from him cock, shooting down Sherry’s throat. He could feel her throat working as she tried to swallow everything.
“Oh my god,” John said, falling back onto the bed. Sherry was licking cum off her fingers as she scooped it off the sides of her chin. “I’ve never come that fast or that hard.”
“Just means it’s my turn even faster,” Sherry said. She stood and removed her shirt, letting her tits fall free. He didn’t even remember her taking off her bra! She shimmied out of her jeans and fell onto the bed next to him. He sat there staring at her perfect long legs as she removed her panties. He dove into her pussy as soon as her legs were apart. The smell was heaven.
He licked her clit teasingly, already tasting how wet she was. She bucked, and he knew she was as excited and close as he had been to orgasm.
He wasn’t wrong – a few flicks of his tongue, running it up and down her lips, which were sopping wet and puffy with insane desire. She suddenly grabbed his head and ground his face into her pussy, something she had never done before. He could hear her grunting as she fucked his face. Her orgasm was long and powerful. When she finished shaking and had let go of his hair, his entire mouth and chin was drenched with her juices.
They fell asleep in each others arms, having not even truly fucked yet, their orgasms had been so powerful. John’s last thought before he passed out was “I am going to fuck her silly when we wake up!”

It was dark when John awoke. And immediately he knew something was wrong. He was actually in a chair, arms and legs tied to it. How had this happened and he not woken?
“Ah, we’re both waking up,” a voice said. John recognized it at once. It was Alex, the owner who had checked them in. “How nice.”
“What’s going on,” John asked, his voice thick.
“Oh, I felt like having some fun,” Alex replied in the darkness. “And your wife was just the thing I needed.”
Lights suddenly sprang on, hurting John’s eyes and making him blink back tears. As his eyes adjusted, he realized he was naked, tied to a chair, and straight across from him, perhaps twenty feet away, Sherry was tied to a strange device that kept her set doggie style. She was facing him, awake and extremely scared. “Why are you doing this,” she asked. It was dark everywhere around them, almost as if spotlights were on them.
“Oh, I have different needs than you,” Alex replied. “You see, I’m not what you would call human.” He stepped out into the light beside where Sherry was bound, still insanely handsome, and now completely naked. His cock was easily eleven inches long and thicker than anything John had ever seen. It glistened on the end with precum. His eyes, however, had a subdued red glow coming from them. Had the room around him not been so dark, John was sure he wouldn’t have even noticed it.
“You see, we demons love sex as much as you do,” he purred, kneeling near Sherry.
“Don’t you touch her!” John screamed, straining against the bonds. They didn’t budge.
“Oh, I’m going to do more than touch her, dear John. I’m going to make her feel more pleasure than she’s ever dreamed.” He smiled, his cock still rigid and huge, and stood. Sherry stared at his cock in dismay. John knew what she was thinking – it was too big, it would tear her.
He walked behind her and knelt down. John could hear him inhale the smell of his beautiful wife’s pussy. She was crying, staring at him with eyes pleading for him to come save her.
She suddenly arched her back and moaned, “No…no…” was all she said. Alex’s head was moving slowly side to side as he ate her out. His tongue flittered in and out of her, touching on her clit and making her slowly wet. Her body betrayed her to his expert tongue. John watched, helpless and filled with rage, as Sherry cried while Alex buried his face in her pussy.
After a while, he came up smiling. Sherry wasn’t crying as hard anymore, and had a look of disgust mingled with excitement. John was horrified. Surely she hadn’t started to enjoy that!
Alex positioned himself behind her and thrust his cock into her. Her head snapped back and John strained to free himself. The demon quickened his pace immediately, his cock glistening with Sherry’s juice. For how huge his cock was, it had slid inside with complete ease. Sherry bit her bottom lip, her eyes wide. John stared at her, crying as he said, “I’m so sorry, babe, I can’t get out. I’m so sorry…”
“Oh my god,” she whispered. “He feels so good…I can’t describe it. Oh, god. It’s so big…it feels so…so…good” She could barely say the last word, her head had started to rock with Alex’s thrusts.
“Yes, it does feel good, doesn’t it?” Alex asked. “And now you will see how good it can really feel.” He spoke these last words with such glee and picked up his pace. John was amazed – the demon was fucking his wife so hard he was sure she would be hurt. Instead, she threw her head back and moaned, “OH FUCK! That’s amazing! Right there, oh…my…GOD! RIGHT THERE!!!”
Without warning, Alex stopped. Sherry whimpered, and John could see she was trying to move herself backward on his cock. “What are you doing?” John asked her “Baby, he’s raping you!”
“It feels so good…I need to come. I’m sorry, baby…I need it, I was so close…it was going to be amazing, I could feel it” Her eyes met his and they were blazing with lust.
Alex had stood up and was walking away. “Not today, little one,” he laughed. “You need a little more priming.” And the lights went out.
“Are you ok?” John asked, wishing he could get to her.
“It’s amazing, you have no idea,” she whispered. “I can still feel it…I’m so close to cumming.” She nearly wailed the last part, beginning to cry.
“Sherry…baby,” John said. A strange, oppressive sleep began to steel over him. He knew it was not natural and that Alex was causing it. He fought but lost quickly as true darkness overtook him.
When he awoke, he was strapped into a strange device. His head was poking through a wooden hole and his body was tied and strapped below. Soft light suffused the area. Sherry was still strapped across from him, slowly waking up.
“Now comes the fun part,” Alex said as he walked into the light. Once again, his cock was huge and already hard. Sherry stared at it, and to John’s horror he could tell she was hungry for it. She looked excited and hornier than he’d ever seen her.
“The machine you are strapped into is a sort of guillotine – one that is remote controlled.” Alex held up a small device with one red button on it.
“You’re going to kill me?” John asked. “Like this, in front of my wife while you fuck her again?”
“Oh, no, nothing like that,” Alex replied. “I am going to fuck your luscious wife again, however. And, if she wants to cum, and cum harder and longer than she’s ever come before, she has to decide to want it. And, to get it, she has to kill you. She needs to press the button. Then, and only then will I let her have her orgasm.”
Sherry looked openly shocked and disgusted. All color had left her face. John was immediately relieved.
“Here you are, little one,” Alex said, placing the device in her hand. And don’t drop it, or it will automatically go off.” Sherry’s hand tightened on it.
He walked behind her and pressed his cock against her pussy. Sherry started grimacing, but a strange look came into her eyes. Alex’s hands were on her hips, slowly pushing back and forth against her…
John could see her lips open slightly and a soft moan escaped. He knew she was getting wet and that that huge cock head was slowly pressing into her. Alex pressed harder and slid deeper inside her. Her head dropped a bit and a louder moan came out of her.
Alex was deep inside her now, his cock thick and pressing so far in.
“Sherry, look at me,” John said desperately. “Please…look at me!”
She looked up, and the horror was gone and replaced but complete lust. “It feels so fucking good, John. He’s so huge! Oh, fuck, it feels like I’m going to explode!”
“Anytime you want,” Alex said. “Just press that little button and I promise, the orgasm will be more than you ever imagined.” He started fucking harder and faster. Sherry’s head whipped back and forth, her eyes nearly rolling back in her head.
“Fuck me, fuck me,” she began to whisper. “Oh, fuck me harder…it feels so amazing.”
John started to cry, he couldn’t help it. Her was his love, his beautiful wife, and she was loving fucking this other being. And, horribly, any moment now he might die!
“I’m sorry, John,” Sherry said. “I can’t take it…I have to cum, it’s so close. I have to have it!” Alex was laughing behind her, fucking her even harder.
“NO! Don’t baby! Don’t! John cried.
Alex’s thrusts had become deep and sharp. One of his hands reached down and under and began rubbing Sherry’s clit. She screamed in pleasure. She looked up and stared at John. Her body was rocking with the insane fucking she was receiving. Slowly, the device came up and John watched in horror as she smiled. “Fuck me, fuck me harder and make me cum!” She screamed and pressed the button.
The blade came so fast and hard that John’s head merely wobbled a second in place. He knew it had cut his head off…but so quickly and cleanly that for a few moments he was still alive to watch as his wife threw her head from side to side in complete and total abandonment. He watched as the light grew dimmer and dimmer as she thrashed and screamed in pleasure…the last thing he saw was Alex grinning and him and the last words he heard were, “Now it’s dinnertime…”

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What a great evil story

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2015-04-04 09:19:24
There should be more stories of betrayal from women like this one. Females are lustful betrayers, it is in their nature. Men might cheat, but women go an extra mile and fuck their lovers in the same bed their husbands sleep in because they love the thrill of possibly getting caught. While men go out of their way to avoid getting caught. Not that I am condemning females, I happen to be turned on by their wickedness. This story was a big turn on for me because it reflected the modern liberated woman to me and felt realistic. If a wife who married for material wealth first, love second was pressed by the ultimate bad boy alpha and promised with insane supernatural pleasure and all she had to do was press a button, yeah I suspect many would press it. How many females out there agree with me? How many cuckold males out there agree with me?

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I am also a professional writer. And this was the best story I've read on this site.

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I am also a professional writer. And this was the best story I've read on this site.

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This was the absolute worst story ever and I am a professional writer!!!!

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