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It can pay to go shopping
It was a cold day outside when John walked into the Mall. He walked across the entry way intent
on reaching the shop he knew his girlfriend was in. He’d only met her recently and they’d got on
like a house on fire. Today she’d invited him to come shopping with her. Not his favourite pastime
but this relationship was rapidly becoming something more.

He entered the store. He hadn’t really realised it was a lingerie store until he saw it, the name sort
of hinted at clothes. He saw Janice stood by the tills talking something over with the girl behind the
counter. She looked around when the girl glanced in my direction and her radiant smile lit up the
room for me.

Taking me by the hand she led me towards the changing rooms “I’ve picked out a few pieces hun, I
thought you might like to take a look.” My nerves spiked at this, we hadn’t done anything yet but
obviously she was opening the door for later.

“That’s great hun, I’m sure anything will be very nice on you”.

“Oh I know it will” she said I saw her smile again.

She ducked back into the changing rooms and said “Wait here.”

I looked around taking in the lingerie that was hung around the room. Gently feeling one of the
bras enjoying the feeling of the lace between my fingers. I whirled as I heard the curtain whipped
back in the changing room and out walked Janice in the sexiest slip I’d ever seen. It was topped
with white lace, the dark blue body of it drapped sensuously down her body.

“Wow hun that looks gorgeous” She smiled at me again and pulled me to her, kissing me. When
we finally came up for air she spun around and I could see her firm round cheeks outlined by a
thong. I watched as she walked back into the changing room.

A couple of minutes later she again came out, this time whering a very see through nighty. I began
to stammer a little over this. She was definitely making sure I knew what I wanted.

She smiled, kissed me again and went back to the changing room. I waited impatiently for her to
come out, hoping that she’d wear something more revealing. Suddenly I hear a frustrated cry
come from behind her curtain. “You ok love?”

“No I’m not, come here and give me a hand will you.”

I went down to the changing area to her cubicle and suddenly her hand reached through the
curtain and pulled me inside. She pulled me to her and the first thing I noticed as I fell against her,
pushing her into the wall of the cubicle was that she had nothing on.

She planted her lips on mine kissing me as she began to work my shirt up my body. Her hands
beginning to roam under my shirt deftly stroking across my chest. I wasn’t going to say no, so my I
began to wander my hand up her gorgeous sides, the heel of my hands clanking along the side of
her breasts.

I felt her hands pull on my belt, and then loosen it around my waist as I cupped Jan’s breasts in my
hands, kneading them gently, pinching her nipples, which caused her to gasp and moan slightly. I
started kissing her face as well as her mouth now, as I felt my trousers and my briefs get pulled
down by this gorgeous woman.

My dick instantly bounced out, slapping against her long legs. She pushed me back, pulling my shirt
up and over my head. I was now standing very nearly naked and I stood back to take in the sight of
Janice, her face smiled at me as I looked down taking in her ample tits, my hands were
automatically drawn back to them, as the begged me to play with them. Looking down her
stomach to her bush, neatly trimmed keeping her pussy warm just for me. I leaned forward and
began kissing down her breasts, taking first one nipple, then the other in my mouth, sucking and
nipping them lightly between my teeth, rolling them around with my tongue.

Then I moved down leaving my hands behind to keep her breasts company. I kissed the top of her
mound as I pushed my head gently between her legs, and began to kiss the lips of her pussy. I
flicked my tongue out to penetrate her for the first time, then licked her clit, rolling it in my tongue.
This produced a gasp from Janice. I was fully expecting the girl out front to come find out what the
hell was going on, but I didn’t care anymore. I began to lick her, suck and kiss her clit and pussy,
feeling her moisture begin to ooze out of her. I tried to snatch every last drop.

She grasped my head and pushed my face hard into her. I felt her shudder above me and I heard a
muffled scream erupt from her as she desperately tried not to announce her oncoming orgasm to
the world. I smiled and carried on licking until, panting she pulled my head away. I smiled at her
and began stainding up pulling her to me as she leaned easily into me instead of the wall. I
positioned myself between her legs and looking into her eyes I carefully fed myself into her. Her
eyes widened as I entered her. Slowly I thrust myself in, picking her up holding her backside in my
hands, kneeding it gently with my hands.

She raised her legs and wrapped them around me as I pushed forwards leaning Janice against the
wall of the cubicle. The coolness of the wall makes her jump slightly, and I feel it pulse all the way
down, flexing her muscles around my cock which I have now buried completely within her
I pull slowly out of her, her legs tighten around me trying to pull me back inside, but I pull as far out
as I can, then this time I power hard into her, quickly filling her once more. She groans.
I began to pull out of her again, thrusting back into her slowly, as I take one of my hands and slap
her backside gently. She jumps again at the light stinging pain, that coupled with my thrusting into
her once more.

I kiss her on her lips now as I thrust in and out loving the sensation of her wet pussy trying to keep
me inside, sucking me back, gripping me tightly every time I enter her. I feel her breath coming in
ragged gasps as I thrust harder into her. I slap her again then move my hand up to knead her left
breast. A low moan begins to escape her. I’m not going to stop now so I thrust harder, mauling
her breast a little less gently now. She stops moaning and I hear her grunt then shudder. Her
pussy muscles tighten around me and begin to shudder them selves. I hear her scream into my
shoulder , her fingernails cutting deep into my back as her second orgasm tears through her body.
The sensations all send me over the edge and I explode deep inside her. She let’s out another
scream as a second orgasm rips through her body as I come. I hold her in my arms gently as she
comes down from her high.

Finally as we leave the girl behind the checkout gives me a knowing look and smiles. “Thank you
for your custom. I hope you enjoyed your purchase.” I left very satisfied. And I little poorer. But I
looked forward to seeing all that lingerie again soon.

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2009-08-08 04:44:49
you moved way too fast.
you didn't build your characters at all.
If you would have built any of the characters other than them being sex driven, it would have been more interesting.
maybe even add the clerk walking in to see whats going on, show how the guy and or jan react to this sudden interuption.

maybe make the fashion show alittle longer. Jan knows what she wants, and she is going to tease your male character. TWO doesn't do that. atleast 6 would be nice.

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