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The night I'll remember for the rest of my life...
This is my first story so if you hav criticism that is productive for me please leave comments. Thank you.

My girlfriend and I hav been going out for some time. Since our freshman year of high school, but since her parents are strict Catholics we havn't been allowed to officially go on a date. Let me give you some images of my girlfriend and I. Nicole, my girlfriend, is about 5'3", latina but not very dark, muscular legs and a tight ass from playing water polo, a nice flag stomach but not a six pack, and ample breasts, a little under a C cup. My name is Matt and im about 6'2", pretty muscular with a defined six pack, and according to Nicole I have the most amazing green eyes. We're an interesting couple because I tower over her and am as white as snow with a lot of freckles.

For our first dance we were both pretty excited because we realized that we could finally go on a date. We laughed and joked about how it would feel being able to see each other outside of school. So the night comes and I pull up to her house in the Aston Martin Vanquisher my mom had bought me for my 16th birthday and I walked to her front door. When I got there I knocked and her mom answered the door and my voice got caught somehwere between, "Hi my name is Matt," and "Holy shit don't kill me!" Eventually afetr clearing my throat I managed to say in a calm voice with a smile, "Hi Mrs. Garcia, I'm here to pick up Nicole." After a very awkward conversation while we both waited for Nicole to finish getting ready she walked down the stairs and it took all the energy I had to keep my jaw from hitting the floor and my cock springing up instantly. She looked stunning in a purple Prada dress she picked out and I paid for and high heels that made her legs look...well beautiful would have been an insult.

As I was walking with her back to the car she intertwined my arm with mine and I helped her into the car and when she was down and moving her legs in her legs spread just the slightest bit and I saw the smallest black lace thong they could make. I made it look like I hadn't seen anything and walked around to my side with a growing erection and when I got in and started the car her hand moved onto my cock and started to rub softly.

She smiled at me and said, "So how do you like the panties?"

I smiled back and said, "You noticed huh?"

"Baby if you had been staring any harder a hole would've burned through them." She said as she giggled softly.

"Well I can't help it babe, you look stunning and i wanna see what those skimpy panties are hiding." I said while moving my hand up her thigh to her panties which were soaking wet. "I think somebody liked being on display like that."

She smiled and bit her lip as my fingers slowly pulled back the thing silk layer and found that she was shaved clean. This turned me on evn more and I spread her legs wider and buried my fingers deep in her tight pussy, making her scream out in ecstasy and hold my hand in place while grinding her hips onto my fingers. When she came she clamped down on my fingers and moan a deep moan and when she finally came back from cloud nine she smiled at me with lust filled eyes and starts ripping at my belt trying to free my cock. When she got it loose she slowly licked it from the base to the tip and then slowly bobbed her head up and down on it before taking it all the way to the back of her throat and making this swallowing motion which made me cum right down her throat and she swallowed everything.

We finally arrived at the restauraunt and when we sat down she immediatly went below the table and started sucking me off again, alternating between long, deep strokes with her hands rubbing my balls and short quick head bobs wit her hands working on my shaft. after a minute of this in a public place I came again and she swallowed it all. She came back up and looked at me and bit her lip and smiled. "You're a dirty little girl today aren't you?" I said while readjusting my cock in my pants. She smiled seductively and nodded. "Don't you just love it daddy?" It was my turn to nod and smile. We ate dinner while she moved her foot up and down my leg, trying to get me hard enough to cut a diamond with my cock, and she almost had me there a couple times.

When we were done with dinner we realized we had about 30 minutes before the dance started so we went out back to the car and I got her to lay down and lifted her dress above her head and slowly pulled her panties down and put them in the glove compartment. "You won't be needing those anymore tonight." And with that I dove my mouth in and started licking her pussy lips slowly until I found her clit and then sucked on it with true abondon. She was almost about to cum when I stuck 2 finger in her pussy and she wrapped her legs around my head and moaned and came like a volcano.

We got cleaned up and then headed to the dance where i was made fun of for still being with a girl who they thought didn't give out after 2 years. If only they knew...

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2016-09-11 11:17:00
Don't mislabel there was no spanking in this


2009-08-05 21:42:23
Good story just expand the story a little more when describing her going down on you and you going down on her.

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2009-08-05 21:19:20
that was horrible and sounded fake

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