This is my first story, please forgive any spelling mistakes, I have proff read and use spell checker but some mistakes are bound to get through, please say if you like this true story and how I might improve my stories. The language might not be of an 11 year old but this was some 40 years plus ago, so i cant remember it exactly, but the actions are fact.
I’m 14 years old, in my last year at school, and I find myself the head boy, I can’t for the life of me think why, it wasn’t down to my academic’s, I skipped as many class’s as I could, not that I was thick, dad had books at home covering most thing and I would read these, so my education was full, but not as taught at school.

From an early age I found it easy to make friends, even kids in class’s below mine, would come up to say hello and hang about with me, even thought I didn’t have a clue who they were. For some reason they felt safe and comfortable around me.

It was strange at first having much younger boys and girls wanting to be my friend, most being 11 to 13, but some were as young as 8 years old.

My story began in the Easter break, my friend John and his little 11 year old sister Kelly, came to hang out over the fields, being sandy, a lot of our parents had been over there and large but shallow holes were dug where they took sand from for building and such. It was in these we played a lot of games. Slowly more and more came to play, we had a wonderful day playing all sort of games, we would make them up as we went along.

It was the same the following day, but then after lunch Kelly, asked if we could play another of her favourite games, at that time there was, me and John and Peter and about a dozen girls aged 11 and 12. I asked what she wanted to play “Kiss chase” she replied with a smile across her young face, I wasn’t shore, but John said he had more or less promised Kelly we could play. So I agreed, naturally being able to run faster then the girls we held back so they could catch us, a few of the girls would chase me and then it was a quick kiss, then another would catch me, I had been kissed more times than I could remember, often by the same girl four or five time’s, then Kelly came after me, when I let her catch me she pulled my head down and kissed me full on my lips, her tongue trying to push into my mouth.

We played for another half hour and slowly the group broke up, until it was John and Kelly, Diane, Susan and me. The three girls went into a huddle and then Kelly said “Can we play ‘mommies and daddies now”? John said he had to play this with her at home and if we played, it would make her happy and she might give him a rest. So he and I agreed, Kelly told Diane and Susan they were the babies and she was mommy, I was daddy and John was their uncle, he was sent off to another pit a short distance form where we were.

We started playing, with us being asleep, Kelly laying with her head resting on my shoulder, then Susan started making baby crying noises, “Go on daddy, see what’s wrong with the baby, so I went and picked Susan up and talked baby talk, asking what was wrong, as she was supposed to be about two she couldn’t answer, so I had to find out, I pretended to get a bottle and feed her, she kept moving her head away so she wasn’t hungry, I rocked her asking if she just wanted a cuddle, she still kept on crying, after about ten minutes Kelly said, “Baby needs her nappy changing” I lay her down and went through the motions of changing her, Kelly told me “No, do it properly, you have to take her panties off and wash her and put her clean one’s on” I couldn’t believe she had told me this, I looked at Susan and she was smiling, so I lay her down and pushed her skirt up, she was wearing little pink panties with butterflies on them, I knew I should have just gone through the actions but I found myself pulling her panties down, she helped by lifting her backside up, with them off I looked at her young bald 11year old pussy, she was showing signs of developing, her slit was starting to split and her outer lips were just showing their potential.

As I started to put her panties back on Kelly asked if baby was dry, the only way to find this out was to touch her, as I did, Susan shook, “Yes hun, baby’s dry” I put her panties back on and gave her a cuddle, Diane then started crying, picking her up I asked if baby needed changing, she smiled, I lay her down and pushed her skirt up and pulled her panties off, again I was looking at an 11 year old pussy, she wasn’t as developed as Susan as she only had what looked like a slit to pee through, I touched her to see if she was dry and then put her panties back on.

John came over and we hung about for a short time, before Kelly announced it was time to go to bed, John left and I lay down, Kelly lay in my arms and as I pretended to fall asleep I felt Kelly tugging on my zip, I stopped her and asked what she was doing, “Just what mommy does with daddy” I told her she shouldn’t do it with me, she started to sulk telling me I was playing right, I should have ended the game then, but I lay back and continued with the game, Kelly got my trousers open and slipped her hand into my underwear and rubbed my cock, which got hard, she then pulled my hand to her and pushed it under her skirt and down her panties, I knew what she wanted me to do and I did it, rubbing my fingers up her slit she opened her legs as wide as she could, I hadn’t seen her pussy, but I guessed she was a little more developed than Susan, as it wasn’t long before I found I could slip a finger into her tight hole.

She gave me a kiss and sat up saying it was time to wake the babies up and change their panties, Kelly called John over and told him to help me change the babies panties, with them laying side by side we pulled their panties off, the girls looked at each other then back up to John and me then they opened their legs wide, we took the invite and started rubbing their pussy’s.

Kelly came up behind me and unfastened my trousers and pushed them down freeing my cock, she then did the same to John, she then knelt behind but between us and started rubbing our cock’s, John told her to stop it, but she didn’t take any notice, like me he was lost in his own world while fingering the girl in front of us, I had no idea if Kelly had done this before with John and he was just putting on an act for our sake, if she hadn’t done it before she must have seen someone doing it as she had a good technique, it wasn’t long before I felt that tingling in my balls and I knew from when I jacked off, I was near to coming, I could see by the look on John’s face he was close too.

With a few more strokes we were spurting our spunk over the girl’s legs and stomach’s. The three of them giggled and all John and I could do was drop back onto our heals panting heavily, as he got his breath back John asked “Christ Kelly how did you learn to do that”? “I saw mommy doing it to daddy when she said it was the wrong time of the month”. She looked at her friends and said “Babies are all wet, you will have to clean them up now” I picked up Diane’s panties and wiped them across her stomach, cleaning up my spunk, as John did with Susan, with them cleaned up they said they should go home for tea now, as they stood up Diane said she couldn’t go home with out her knickers on, so I helped her put the soiled one’s back on, Feeling the damp patch of my spunk against her pussy she said she hoped her mom didn’t want to check her to day to see if she was still wearing her knickers, as she was in the habit of doing. John and I dressed and he said they should be going home too.

It was wet the next day and I was settled doing a jigsaw puzzle, when the door bell rung, on answering it Kelly was standing there, as she walked in she told me John had to go to work with their dad, I asked why she had come, “Oh silly, I know you would be on your own so I’ve come to kept you company” I asked what her mom had said about this, “She doesn’t know, she’s gone to work” she asked what I was doing, then sat with me for a time helping with the puzzle, she then said she wanted to play something else, “What”? I asked, “What about mommies and daddies”? I asked how can we play on our own, adding “Don’t we need a baby” “No we can play without one” she got up and said she was going for a shower, I thought she was pretending but I heard the shower running, I went up to see if she was in deed taking a shower, she was and she had left the door open, she saw me looking at her and said “Come on daddy, come and have a shower with mommy” after what she had done the previous day I wasn’t going to argue and stripped off and joined her, we washed each other and then dried off, “Come on daddy, time for bed now” as we went down the landing she asked which was my room.
I pushed the door open and we walked in, she slipped into my bed and I got in beside her, she turned into my arms and kissed me, she then eased down the bed and stopped at my cock, when she started kissing and licking it I pushed the sheet down, she looked up and said “Mommy and daddy do this” I hate to admit it but I was as much a virgin as Kelly, and what she was doing to me was beyond my wildest dreams. I just lay back and let her continue, after a few minutes of her bobbing her head up and down my cock she came back up the bed and sat over my face and said, “Now daddy suck’s mommy’s pussy” I hoped I could do as good a job on Kelly as she had on me,

I pushed my tongue out and licked up and down her slit, then as she opened up a little I was able to get my tongue into her little body, for ten minutes I sucked and lapped at her slit and she became soaking wet, I thought she was maybe too young to have an orgasm, but her pussy could make enough juices to get her wet.

She then slipped down my body and stopped to kiss me, then she reached down and took hold of my cock and I felt her fumbling between us, then I had the most fantastic feeling I had ever felt, she was slowly sitting down on my cock and the warmth of her pussy, around my cock was absolutely fantastic.

I looked into her eyes and said “I know, mommy and daddy do this too” she stopped when she had about half of my length in her, I thought she had reached her hymen, I kissed the top of her head and told her it might hurt for a little now, looking up she said she knew as it did when she pushed one of the things mommy has that’s shaped like daddies cock, into her pussy.

Realising she had took care of her hymen I told her it shouldn’t hurt her now, she lowered herself a little more, and she felt no pain, then a little more, until she had my full length buried deep in her pussy. Pausing for a second or two, she then started bouncing on my cock, as she sat down I felt my head hit the back of her womb. Her pussy was so tight around my cock it didn’t take long before I felt my balls tingling, I lifted her head and told her I was going to cum, and she should get off, “I don’t want to, I want to feel it in me” “I don’t think this is a very good idea” “Please, let me feel it in me” I was too late to pull out and came, it felt like I had that much force I would have blown her off my cock, as she felt it filling her pussy she giggled, “Oh Dave, it’s warm and OH, OH” her little body shook and trembled, “Oh Dave I feel funny” I guessed she was having an orgasm.

It was like she had passed out as she just dropped onto my chest, her head just under my chin, I asked if she was alright, I felt a slight movement in her head, I put my arms around her and let her rest. Being a healthy young male, I was still hard and buried in this wonderful pussy, so after a few minutes I started thrusting up into her. With her being so wet there was little friction and I thrust and thrust into her, I was starting to get tired and I turned us over so I could pound into her easier, finally after ten minutes my cock swelled and I came again.

I wondered why Kelly hadn’t said anything and when I looked at her she was fast asleep. I rolled beside her and cuddled her close, half and hour later she lifted her head, “Oh Dave, is it like that all the time”? “I don’t know, I suppose it has a lot to do with who the boy is, as to how you feel”, “Well I really, really liked it, can we do it again”?

I moved down a little and started rubbing her pussy and nibbling the little bud she had for breasts, I was then disturbed by the door bell ringing, I looked out of the window, it was Susan, I quickly put my trousers and shirt on and went down to see what she wanted.

“Is Kelly here”? “Yes, do you want to see her”? “I was wondering if she was coming to play” Kelly came down the stairs she too had put something on, “Susan, why don’t you come and play with us, Dave is being daddy and I’m mommy and you can be baby” “Can I be mommy today”? “If you want” Susan came in and followed Kelly into the lounge, I closed and dropped the latch on the door and went to join them.

Sitting on the floor with her legs up and open a little I saw Kelly hadn’t put her knickers on and my spunk was running down her legs, she had Susan sat beside her, she then asked Susan if she knew how to play mommy, “I think so” “Well I had better tell you” Kelly went on to tell Susan she had to have a shower with daddy, then go to bed, she then had to play with daddies penis and kiss and suck it, then daddy would kiss and suck her pussy, after which she was to help daddy put his penis into her pussy. Susan sat listening to all this and she was nodding along with it.

Minutes later I was taking my second shower with an 11 year old girl, but this time I knew what was to come. Susan was just as good as Kelly and when I had fucked her for the second time Kelly came and climbed in bed with us, for the next three hours, I enjoyed their young bodies, fucking them a couple of more time’s before I showered with them again and they went home.

That summer break I left school and started work, Kelly came down one Saturday when my parents were out, and we went to bed, but that was the last time I saw her as her father changed jobs and had to move to the other end of the country, but I will never forget Kelly, she was inexperienced but having seen her parents doing things she wanted to copy them, I was pleased she had picked me to be her learning aid.

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