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Some of these poems are written from a female viewpoint, some from a male. In case anyone wondered, Will Shakespeare did it too.
For a Man I Miss

I want to feel you enter me again,
To penetrate me totally and fill
My cavity with hard and pulsing flesh
And send me into realms of utter bliss.
I want to be run through by your warm spear,
To split like butter for your blood-heat knife.
I want to feel fire run along my nerves,
And feel your semen wash away the world.

It's been too long since I last lay with you,
And held you in my arms, much less my legs.
I hunger for your body over mine
And ache to have you thrusting deep in me.
Please hurry back and give me all of you;
My cold bed needs you there to make me hot.

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2011-01-04 15:35:32
Beautiful! I loved it!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-06 03:23:01
"To split like butter for your blood-heat knife." What about : To melt like butter under your blood-hot knife.(Same syllable count )Up until the fourth line I thought he was her dentist. Don't get me wrong Otz, I like your work but you might consider getting some one to read them first - a second, unbaised opinion sometimes helps.

Cheers from Piquet

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2009-09-01 07:56:57
use are all fucking cracker jacks u fucking call that a poem fucking scruffs fuck ur ma

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2009-08-25 21:26:17
hello my name is Shay-Marie Jones and i just want to let you know that your pomes is one of the bests pomes that i have ever read. thanks because it helped me out alot.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-08-15 22:17:06
the person who said that comment is a retard any type of poetry is beautiful, & this poen is as such..

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