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I made myself horny writing this!
"Lunch time!" Matt one of the counselors called. All of the juniors and intermediates ran into party room one for lunch. Tina and Erin checked their lunches to make sure no one had peanut butter, some did so they had to sit away from Aiden. Jeff and Brady walked in to the room and sat across and diagonal from me. I wanted both of them so badly, and every time I looked at them I got wet and my heart began to beat faster. I saw Brady look at me and then I turned away only to catch Jeff staring at me. I was wondering why they were looking at me.

"Katrina?" I asked. She was one of my little friends sitting across from me.


"Is there anything on my face?" she shook her head no.

"Nope, not that I can see." I nodded.

"Thanks." I looked at Jeff who was chatting with Tina. I felt like he liked her but then why did he always give me a glance. Brady was still staring at me every now and then while he talked with the kids.
Once everyone was done with their lunch we went out to the courts and played Mafia. The whole time we played Brady kept glancing at me and Jeff did too. One time he licked his lips and smiled at me. My heart fluttered. I tried to calm down. "Tina! I need your help with something." Christina said.

"Okay." She said. She headed over to Christina. I was left with Matt, Jeff and Brady.

"Okay! Lazer Tag time!" Brady called.

"Whoo hoo! Lazer tag time!" Matt said. All the kids got up and I walked with Katrina.

"Lany are you gonna play?" she asked.

"I hurt my ankle so not today." She hugged me and then ran ahead.

"You playing today?" Jeff asked me.

"Uhm..,no I don't think so." I saw him get a big smirk on his face.

"Good, I mean cool." He walked ahead of me and we entered the lazer tag room. The kids lined up at the end and I took my usual spot.

"Okay everyone, you all know the basic rules, no hitting, no climbing, no running." Matt said. Brady walked in the room and sat down in the chair. "Just so everyone knows, I'm playing as well." Matt stated. My heart beat faster.

"Okay." Brady and Jeff said. Matt divided the teams up and then they headed in. I was sitting there listening to Brady and Jeff talk. I heard them say my name at one point and I thought about asking, but I didn't. I could tell that Brady got up and went over to the door.

"Lany you want to come over here?" Jeff asked me. I stood up and walked over to them.

"Will you do something for us?" Brady asked.

"Sure." I said.

"Go lock that door." He pointed to the door that entered into the actual lazer tag room.


"We wanna keep them out of this room." Jeff said looking me up and down.


"Please just do it." Brady said and licked his lips. I was totally confused but I had an idea of what was happening. I looked at them.

"On the floor." Jeff said.

"What?" I asked. "Why do you want me on the floor."

"Get on the floor!" Brady yelled. I got on the floor, hands and knees. "Crawl over here and sit at our feet."

"Okay if you are just trying to have funny entertainment, this isn't going to-"

"Just get over here." Jeff said. I crawled over. I couldn't believe that I was on the floor crawling.

"Are you done humiliating me?" I asked. Brady and Jeff looked at each other and then at me. Brady stood up and looked down at me. He unzipped his pants and my eyes grew wide. "What the-"

"You're the only C.I.T who's been sexy, mmmm me and Jeff thought we'd have you together. Now suck my dick." He raised his voice. I looked at Jeff who was stroking his own cock. I looked back up at Brady and smirked.

"With pleasure." I took his cock in my hand and then slipped it into my mouth. I moved my head back and forth.

"Oh yeah...ohhh fuck." He slightly moved his hips forward and lightly fucked my face. He pushed it down further which made me gag.

"Mmmm lets see how wet your little pussy is." Jeff said. He crawled on the floor and pulled off my shorts. "Oh I see you're wearing a thong, mmmm what a beautiful ass you have." I felt him smack it. He pulled my thong off and ran his finger across my clit. He slipped a finger inside of me, which made me moan out a little.

"Oh shiiiit, suck harder Lany." I ran my tongue over his slip and gagged myself.

"Oh fuck you're so wet baby." Brady took his cock out of my mouth. I looked up at him and smiled at him. I put the top of his cock near my lips and spit on it. "Mmmm I think she needs a big counselor cock in her Brady." Jeff said.

"Mmm I think so too."

"But I'm a virgin..." I said. The guys looked at each other.

"Too bad." Brady said. He sat down on a chair with his cock in the air. Jeff pulled off my shirt and he Brady unhooked my bra.

"Damn your tits are awesome." Jeff said and his hands went and caressed them. Brady pulled me over to him. He massage my tits and kissed my neck.

"Me and Jeff both know you want it bad Lany." Brady whispered.

"You don't think we can't see how you look at us." Jeff said getting closer. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock.

"Hey Brady, Jeff, Lany! The door is locked, Aiden needs to go to the bathroom.

"Shit." Brady said.

"You want me to hide under here?" I asked.

"Brady you take Aiden to the bathroom." Jeff said.

"What? I'm the one with my cock out like this."

"Fuck dude just take him." Jeff and I hid under the table that had a little curtain.

"Sorry we were playing a game, anyway okay I'll take AIden to the bathroom. Come on." Jeff's hands rested on my butt and I held onto him.

"You wanna lose it to me or Brady?" he asked.

"Are you serious? You''re making me choose, I wanna lose it to both of you." I said beginning to grind my hips.

"Fine if you let Brady rip you apart I'll fuck you so hard I'll make you lose it all over again by making you bleed." My heart practically stopped.

"Okay." He kissed me. He licked my bottom lip and our tongues began to massage each others.

"Alright continue with the game." Brady said and locked the door again. Me and Jeff came out and Brady smiled. "Mmm I think I need a little bit of a blow job, my cock got less hard." Brady said. I smirked and crawled over to him. I kneeled and stuck his cock in my mouth. "Jeff lock the door." Jeff did that and then came back over. Brady's cock got bigger.

"Mmmmm ah oh fuck I want that inside me." I moaned out.


"Mmm I want your big cock inside me Brady, mmmm fuck the shit outta me." I begged. He sat down on the chair and I stood up. I turned my back towards him and slowly sat. I closed my eyes and lowered myself onto his cock. Jeff put his hand over my mouth.It hurt so bad but at the same time with two guys who probably have fucked girls, it was easier.

"You're doing good, slowly." There was a little bit of blood. Once he was fully inside me Jeff took his hand off my mouth.

"Beg for it now." Brady said with his hands on my hips.

"Fuck me hard." I felt his cock slide in and out of my pussy faster and faster. Jeff put his hand over my mouth again as I moaned out loudly.

"Oh shit look at that tight pussy eat that big cock." Jeff said. Jeff took his cock out and stuck it in my mouth. He began to fuck my face. Brady's pace began to get faster and faster.

"Oh shit! Oh my gosh." Jeff moaned. I was moaning loudly. Brady grabbed my hips and fucked me harder. Jeff shoved his cock further to stifle my moaning. I gagged and took the major pounding Brady was giving me. I felt Brady take my hands and hold them back so I couldn't move. This turned me on even more. Brady didn't seem to mind the small little droplets of blood. He took his cock out of me. Jeff then began to suck on my pussy.

"Oh my fucking gosh...mmmm ahhhh!" Brady turned the music louder in the lazer tag room.

"Scream baby, I wanna hear that fucking voice scream." Brady said and grabbed my tits.

"AHHHHHHH OH FUCK J-JEFF!" I basically yelled.

"Yeah shit yeah! That is what I like to hear." Brady said. Jeff sucked harder on my clit and ran his tongue inside my cunt. I was beginning to shake because of all this pleasure.

"Oh my gosh! Grrrr shiiiit! Jeff I want you to fuck me now, please." I begged. He pulled me on to the ground and put me on my hands and knees. I felt him slide his cock in me. He began to thrust forward faster and faster.

"Oh fuck!" Jeff moaned and grabbed my hips.

"Fuck her tight pussy hard.." Brady said.

"Oh yes, yes, yes mmmm fuck me Jeff." I moaned. Jeff went faster and faster. "Ooooooh fuuuuuuuuck yes! yes! Ahhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck!" I screamed.

Brady sat down under me and I put his cock in my mouth.

"Shiiiiit! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna ahhhhhh fuck yes! yes!" I moaned out loud. I came on Jeff's cock and then waited for them to cum. Brady and Jeff jacked themselves off.

"Cum on her face!' Jeff said. They came all over my face and I loved it. I ate up their cum.

"Oh shit. That was fucking awesome." Brady said. I kissed him.

"How about we do this again?" Jeff suggested.

"You better believe it." I kissed Jeff too. We all got dressed and then the lazer tag game was over. A little while later we headed for pick up which was outside today. Katrina looked at me.

"Lany you have some sun tan lotion on your face." My heart stopped. I quickly wiped it away.

"Thanks for that." I gave her a hug. She ran ahead and I walked by myself for a little bit, go all crazy inside me head. Brady came up behind me and scared me. "Oh my gosh! What the heck was that for?" I asked with a smile.

"Hey uhm would you ever want to come on a lunch break with just me? Like on Monday?"

"Well I'm not gonna be here Monday but of course...I'd love to." He smiled at me.

"Aiiight, cool." I felt my face get hot. I had just been sort of asked out in a way.

"Thanks Brady." I said.

"No problem." He walked ahead with the intermediates. I walked ahead to and caught up with the juniors. Someone tapped my shoulder, it was Jeff.

"Hey..." I said. He pulled me a side and made it look like he was going to tell me something "important" because Tina was watching.

"About earlier, hah I'm sorry I didn't rip you apart again." My face was hot.

"D-Don't worry." I smiled.

"Might you want to hang out sometime? At my place?" my eyes grew wider.

"Sure....I'd love to." He smiled.

"Cool." We walked with the juniors out. I couldn't believe at what just happened, I mean I loved it, I just hope I wouldn't be fought over for. I went home that night and found out that Brady accepted my friend request but Jeff didn't so, I was gonna blow him off anyway haha.


"I'm the last one again." Isabella said.

"Don't worry," I said. "I'm usually last at a lot of things too, like my mom picks me up late at my tutor a lot." She smiled. I saw her mom walking towards the play ground. "Looks like your mom is here." I said.

"Isabella your mom's here." Athena said.

"Bye Isabella." I said and walked towards the full day kids who were playing on the playground. I sat down and saw Brady walk over to me.

"Hey Lany." He said and smiled. He sat down next to me.

"Hey Brady." I said.

"Still want to come on my lunch break with me?" I nodded but sort of a little bit upset. "Are you okay?" I shook my head no.

"What's wrong?"

"Jeff ignored my friend request on Face Book." He put an arm around me.

"Don't worry, he's an asshole. I think he has a girlfriend or he likes Tina who the heck knows." I smiled.

"Aren't they gonna ask why I'm leaving with you?" I asked.

"Don't worry, I'll tell them I live near you."

"Okay. Are you taking 12 or 12:30?"

"12 so we could take our time." He said sexily.

"Alright, lunch time!" Jeff called.

"I'm happy I lost it to you." Me and Brady stood up.

"I'm happy you lost it to me. I'm nicer than he is, sorry that when we played mafia I didn't know your name."

"Don't worry its okay, at least I got to hear you yell it." I walked right next to Brady.

"Brady are you taking off?" Jeff asked. He nodded.

"I'm taking Lany with me, she lives near me so she needs to get her lunch." Jeff looked at me with a hunger. Brady rolled his eyes at him. "Sure thing dick head." Brady said.

"What? What did I do?" Jeff asked.

"Way to not accept my friend request."

"Brady is Lany going with you?" Alison asked. He nodded.

"Yeah she is."


"Since I live near her she needs to stop home and get her lunch."

"Okay..." me and Brady walked away and once we were out of the playground area we continued to talk.

"Where are we gonna go?" I asked.

"Lazer tag room." He smirked. He grabbed my hand and we walked to the lazer tag room.

"In the actual room?" I asked. He smirked.

"Oh yeah." We walked into the vest room and he turned on the music and locked the door. We then walked into the actual lazer tag room and before he shut the door he turned off the lights.

"Why did you do that?" I asked.

"You wan them on?" he asked.

"Hell yeah, I want you to see my face when you fuck me." He smirked.

"Yes ma'am." He turned the lights back on and we went over to the red base. I pushed him up against the wall and he kissed me.

"Oh god...this tension...I need you right now." I said. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"I fucking need you too. Oh my gosh." He then put me on one of the structures that they say not to climb on. He pulled off my pants and panties. He spread my legs and sucked my pussy.

"Mmmmm yes!" I moaned out and pushed his face closer. "eat my pussy...mmm yeah oh fuck eat that pussy." He slipped his tongue inside me and I thought I would pass out. He pulled away for a moment.

"You're pussy is amazing." I smirked.

"Mmmm eat it then." He went back to sucking on my clit. He then put two fingers inside me. "Oh fuck Brady!" his fingers were huge, and they felt so good inside me. "Yes...yes...oh my gosh." He took me down from there and put me on my knees. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I put it in my mouth and began to suck on it hard.

"Oh fuck yes! Suck my cock." He moaned out loud. I gagged myself on his cock.

"Oh gosh you taste so good. Mmmm."

"You want my big cock in you?" he asked.

"Mmm fuck me hard please."

"Get on your hands and knees." I got on them and I felt him get behind me. He slowly slipped his cock inside my pussy and I moaned. I felt him slide it in and out.

"Oh fuck Brady....yes...yes...mmm your big cock feels so good." I could hear the sound of our skin slapping against each others.

"Jeez your pussy is still tight, oh my god." He fucked me harder and harder.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck! Fuck me harder! Harder!" I screamed. I was sweating so much. He grabbed my hips again and really fucked me.

"Holy shit! Lany...ohhhhh....ohhhhh Lany! Fuuuuuuuck!"

"I'm gonna cum Brady, fuck harder until I cum." He kept on ramming my tight pussy. "Ahhhh! Ahhhhh shiiiiiiit I'm cumming I'm cumming!" I felt my orgasm come and I fell on the ground. I was panting so hard.

"Turn over." He said. I turned over and looked at him. He jacked himself off a little bit more and then came on my face. "oooooooh yeah oooooooh yeah oooooooh ooooooooo!" I ate his cum which tasted so fucking good. He got down and kissed me. "You wanna fuck everyday like this?" he asked me.

"Yes please." He kissed my lips and picked me up. He hugged me for a moment.

"Don't think about dick head Jeff, okay." I looked up at him and nodded. He kissed my cheek. "Come on we need some real food."

"yes all that fucking got me hungry." We got dressed and walked out only to see Jeff there.

"So what were you two doing in there?" he asked. Brady stepped in front of me.

"Jeff what the heck dude?" Jeff walked over and grabbed me. "She doesn't like you."

"Yeah I don't like you anymore."

"Fuck I don't care, I like you."

"You ignored my friend request." I said.

"How the fuck do you know?"

"Because I checked." I pulled his hand off of me and walked over to Brady. He wrapped his arm around me.

"He's a pedophile Lany, don't-"

"he's fucking younger than you." I yelled.

"Dude just get away, your loss." Brady said and we exited the room.

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2009-08-06 07:37:24
The story was fine but it got fucking confusing when more than 2 people were talking. Especially at the end. It was difficult to figure out what was being said by who, to who.

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