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My research at that library led to a lot more than just books.
Fbailey story number 396

Research Library

When I retired at sixty-two I decided to research the area when I lived and to write a comprehensive book unlike any written before me. It combined several of my previous hobbies of reading, writing, investigation, genealogy, and history.

I went to every library in my area and then I was sent to a unique and little known library in the state capital. Before I could even get inside the building I had to submit an application as to who I was, what I was attempting to find, and what I was planning on doing with the information. Not only that but once I was accepted I had to pay a pretty high membership fee, which the library used to maintain its collection.

Upon my first arrival I had to produce two forms of identification, get fingerprinted, and have my picture taken. A few minutes later I was handed my membership card.

After searching the card catalog file I picked out my first book to look at. That’s right look at, none of the books could leave the library. The chief librarian called a handler to escort me to my destination. She was just eighteen years old and fresh out of high school but she was cute as hell. She was handed a key, told where to take me, the name of my book, and reminded about the white cotton gloves and not letting the book leave her sight. Wow!

I followed Heather down a long narrow passageway, up three flights of stairs, and through a maize until we got to room four seven nine. She unlocked the door, entered, and turned on the lights. Well actually she turned on one single overhead light and two table lamps with that switch. She looked at the instruction sheet that she had been given and moved a ladder over to another rack. She climbed the ladder, picked out a book, and then asked me if it was the correct one. Since she didn’t come down to me I had to go up to her. As I took a step up her ladder I was treated to an unobstructed view up her short skirt. Heather was wearing bright white panties and they hugged her pussy nicely. I verified that she had the correct book and stepped back down but never taking my eyes off her panties until there was nothing more to see.

She placed the book on a desk and made me put on a pair of white cotton gloves before I could open the cover. Heather then sat at the other desk to watch me. After an hour she got bored and rotated her chair in the other direction while I continued to read through my book. However, I was distracted when her breathing changed. She started breathing heavier and then I saw her go into a convulsion of sorts. I was just about to ask Heather if she was okay when she tilted her head back and softly said, “Oh, God, that felt good.”

I had witnessed her masturbating and it was incredible to be allowed to watch her. The height of her sexual arousal and the intense pleasure that she had given herself was almost too much to fathom.

When her eyes rolled back into her head she turned and smiled at me. She then told me not to go anywhere while she went to the lady’s room. I told her that she didn’t have to go anywhere that I would love to clean her up. I rolled closer, grabbed her hand, and started sucking her fingers clean. At the same time I smelled her strong aroma and it gave me a hard-on. I got down on the floor between her legs, her bright white panties were still pulled to one side, then I started licking her clean taking extra care to clean her slit right up to and including her clit. She had another incredibly powerful orgasm.

Heather said, “No man has ever done that for me before. I am always the one that performs oral sex and swallows. One girl did me once but she wasn’t as good as just were.”

I started to get back to my book but she noticed the lump in my pants and asked me if she could help me with my problem. She suggested a blowjob but I suggested a nice missionary position. She smiled and said okay but only because I had given her such a great feeling. I didn’t really care why as long as I got to make love to that sweet little angle. At sixty-two I could not remember making love to an eighteen-year-old ever.

Heather went to the door and locked it then she walked back to me and stood before me. I slid my hands up the back of her legs and under her short skirt. I hooked my fingers into her panties and pulled them down below her skirt line. She allowed them to drop to her ankles and then she slipped out of them. I reached up and started to unbutton her blouse from the top down. When I had finished I reached up to slip it back off her shoulders and down her arms. She had on a bright white bra that looked like a match to her panties. She put her breasts in my face and I reached back to unhook her bra. She smiled and backed up, pulling her body away from her bra and leaving it in my hands. She then removed her own skirt and stood there in just her shoes. It was my turn to get naked. She smiled at me as I did so. As my old withered sagging body was revealed she didn’t run out of the room screaming, so I held her and started kissing her.

It was Heather that lowered herself to the floor where there was a rug runner about as long as she was. I got down on the floor next to her and took her into my arms and kissed her. Her body was so smooth and so nice to run my hand over. She melted in my arms.

I spent many minutes exploring her youthful body with my fingers, my lips, and my tongue. I had fine-tuned her to the point of perfection. When I slipped my cock into her pussy she was ready to surrender her body to me unconditionally. Every time that I slipped it all the way into her, she let out a soft grunt followed by a soft sigh. The volume slowly increased until finally neither one of us could last one second longer. That was when we climaxed together. I pumped my load into her body and she shook under me as her orgasm ripped through her body.

Heather was without a doubt the sexiest most interesting young lady that I had ever made love too. I certainly did not want it to end anytime soon.

We both got dressed and then we put the book away for the day. As we walked back to the main librarian’s desk Heather told me that I had completely blown away everything that she had ever thought about sex including everything that she had heard from her girlfriends and read in those women’s magazines. I thanked her for the compliment.

At the main desk I thanked both of the ladies for their help and told them that I would see them in the morning.

Each day for the next two weeks other than Sunday, I went to that library and then Heather took me up to that obscure research room where I read that book and several other books, cover to cover. I took lots of notes but that was just a portion of the research that I had left to do. It would be very easy to write two books on my Local History.

Every morning Heather would wear a different but very sexy outfit. She had quite an exotic underwear collection too. I never knew that an eighteen-year-old girl, could seem so mature.

We started out the day with me performing oral sex on her until she had her fill of orgasms. Then I would read until about an hour before closing time. That became our time to finish out the day by trying out a new sexual position with her. She was very open to anything and everything. On my last day in town Heather brought in a big tube of K-Y Jelly and told me that she wanted her first anal experience to be with me. I had given her so much pleasure in the past two weeks that she felt confident that her last virgin hole should belong to me.

Pleasantly she was not in the least bit up tight, nervous, or in any way hesitant about allowing me to insert my stiff cock into her rectum as far as it would go. I used plenty of her lubricant and inserted just one finger until she got used to it and even seemed to enjoy it. The same was true for two fingers and then for three fingers. She was on her back with her knees up under my armpits. My cock head slipped inside her waiting ring easily. She smiled up at me. Then I inched my way into her slowly. Once my balls bounced off the tip of her spine and her mouth formed a perfect “O” I waited patently for her to take a few calming breaths. After that her ass was all mine to do with as I wished. Slipping my cock up her ass was a real thrill even after slipping it up her wonderful pussy several times. She soon loved the feeling. She fingered her own clit for a minute or two but stopped and just enjoyed the feeling that I was giving her. I swear to God that she had two orgasms with my cock up her ass. The second one was while I was pumping my cum into her rectum. The smile on her face, her closed eyes, and her soft cries of pleasure told it all.

I hated to give up my teenage lover but in another week I would have died in the saddle from a well-earned heart attack. She was the best lover that I had ever had…all eight of them.

Thanks to Heather’s lack of sexual knowledge, I now had plenty of research information to write a “Teenage Sex Manual” too. I will have to dedicate it to “Heather my research assistant.”

The End
Research Library
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