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MF, Multiple Male/Female, Male Dogs/Females, Very Detailed Sex between human females and dogs
Chapter 1

Drat that phone! I hate it when someone just rings, & rings, & rings when I am absorbed with details for my firm’s newest sex club. Oh well, “Hello, this is Aries Talent Agency, Betty speaking. How may I help you?”

“Sob, sob, Oh Betty something terrible has happened.”

I recognized my best friend Jane’s sobbing voice, “Jane, slow down, take a deep breath. What is the matter dear?”

“Sob, you will never believe this but Bob has left me – for a man!” Jane exploded, “And you of all people know how horny I always was, I always gave Bob everything he wanted, and now this. I just don’t know what to do, I am so down. I feel like I am not desirable.”

“Easy Jane. Tell you what, grab one of your sexy bikinis and go out to my beach house. You know where I keep the key. Just go on in, make yourself a pitcher of martinis and go on out to sunbathe. I am really tied up now but I will come out later this afternoon.”

“Oh, Betty, you are so wonderful. I knew you would be here for me. Thanks a million, I will head there right now since it is only 10 minutes away.”

Jane and I roomed together in college. We graduated last year with me going into an “official” talent business which fronts for my more lucrative zoo business (mostly training dogs for rich bitches in Hollywood). Jane rushed right out and married her beau, Bob. Jane and I are about perfect matches physically at 5’ 5”, 34c 24 32, 120 pounds, with me being a bright redhead and Jane a beautiful silky blonde. And I know she is a “real” blonde from having tasted her delicious pussy, with its silky white down, over many a night of girle love making. And her clit really stands out when I am sucking on it while running a lotioned finger up her ever so tight asshole. Now don’t get me wrong. We both love a good hard cock, but we also enjoyed each other’s juicy twats and tightly puckered anus when we didn’t have a guy around. A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

Chapter 2

I just knew Betty would come up with something, Jane thought. That secluded beach house of hers is just the perfect place to wind down. If I can reach the key above the door, ah, got it. Now for that pitcher of martinis.

After downing a long cold glass I look at myself in the full wall mirror of the lounge room. I can see the full length of my body in the mirror, my slender tan legs, the firmness of my stomach, the roundness of my tits, the perk of my nipples, and the tan lines at my waist. I reach up and caress my tits through the thin material of my bikini. My nipples are hard and ache to be licked. Moving slowly on down I rub my pussy which by now is wet, wanting a good hard dick. “Wow, I better get outside now or I’ll never make it out of the house.”

“Oh, that sun feels great. I feel as though I could lie here forever. With this area so secluded, I think I will take off my bikini top and rub myself with this heavenly scented lotion,” Jane thinks to herself. As she rubs the lotion on her chest, she caresses her perky boobs and pinches her nipples till they stand to attention. With her eyes closed, she imagines being touched and played with, she so wants to be licked and sucked. She begins to feel that familiar wetness between her thighs as she continues to massage her luscious tits. Sliding her right hand to her tight, flat belly, she starts to feel more tingles. Continuing to caress her lower stomach area she visualizes her womb, aching for it to be filled with hot cum seeking to impregnate her. Down lower she rubs lotion over her beautiful, soft mound which is almost completely visible due to the smallness of her almost g-string bikini bottom. The wetness of her pussy is driving her nuts, wanting it to be stuffed full. “Ohhhhh, I better quit this, someone could come upon me at anytime,” she thinks out loud. After lotioning her beautiful body, Jane turns over on the blanket and proceeds to soak the rays.

About 20 minutes later a group of four surfer studs round the corner of the beach and see Jane, naked as far as they can tell. “Bob, look at that, it is just as Betty told us,” Ted gasped, hardly believing his eyes. In their early 20’s, the four, including Mike and Russ, did a few gigs for Betty’s various businesses while going to acting school. All wear speedo trunks and there is no hiding the fact that each is very well hung.

They walk closer to the beautiful blonde and at about 20 feet away from her Bob calls out, “Hey.”

Jane, startled, raises up and turns toward them, forgetting that she has taken off her bikini top. What she sees is four gorgeous hunks carrying surf boards. Having been on numerous nude beaches before, both with Betty and Bob, Jane quickly forgets her near nudity and says, “Hey to you. You guys look thirsty. I have the makin’s for martinis inside if you would care for some.”

Almost as one the four studs answer, “We’d love some.” They are obviously entranced with her stunning beauty and exquisite body as Jane rises with glass, towel and bikini top in hand. “Come on with me guys, it is too hot out her to really enjoy a cool drink.”

They follow Jane the fifty feet or so to the back deck of Betty’s cabin, her tight, melon shaped buttocks just inviting them. The g-string bikini bottom leaves hardly anything to the imagination and boy are all four of them imagining how they would like to play with her. Up the steps Jane climbs with Bob almost touching her cute, perfect ass with his nose as he looks up and practically sees her sweet pussy lips with each step up she takes.

As they all come into the air conditioned lounge with its ultra plush carpet, bean bag chairs, full bar, and floor to ceiling mirrors around 3 walls, the guys act as though they are impressed, not letting out that they had been in this room several times before with Betty and her crew or friends.

“Hope you boys like your martinis strong, that is the only way I know how to make them,” Jane says. “I’ll put on some music too so you can relax with your drinks,” as she reaches under the bar and switches on a Hawaiian song.

Drinks in hand the boys plop down onto bean bag chairs as Jane dreamily moves to the center of the room and starts to slowly sway to the hypnotic Hawaiian tune. As she slowly rotates her beautiful hips, she rubs the bottom of her tits and tight tummy below with eyes closed and tongue slowly circling her full lips. The young studs are mesmerized at Jane’s awesome beauty and perfect shape. Her Brigitte Bardot face with its button nose and sensuous lips make all of them so horney that all they can do is stare and get harder and harder in hopeful anticipation of what might transpire with this Angel of Sex dancing before their very eyes. She spreads her legs and slowly glides her hands over her lightly covered pussy while doing an erotic bump and grind. Then she reaches to each side of the bikini and pulls the strings allowing the bikini to at last fall free and she is truly now in the nude.

Jane’s pussy lips are prominent in their swollen pride with their silky white down. Continuing her slow grind to the music, she slips a finger into her pussy and rotates it while beginning a slow rhythmic moan. Slowing sliding her finger out of her wet pussy, Jane moves it to her sensuous lips and licks off the pussy juices clinging to it.

After about ten minutes of the solo dance the music changes tempo and Jane opens her eyes and says to all of the sex hungry looking studs, “You boys want to dance? You can all four line up around me, one on each side, one in front and one in back. As the music changes you can each make a clockwise turn around me. Ok? And by the way, you need to get rid of those swim suits first!“ Jane says. “Awesome,” they exclaim as they scramble to their feet and walk to her swimsuits flinging to the floor.

Bob gets her front first planting a long deep kiss on her lips. She immediately opens her mouth and sucks in his tongue. Ted goes around to her back side and slides up close to her. As he massages her tight, melon shaped hips, Mike gets on her right side and slips in a hand between Bob and her to put an eager finger in Jane’s hot, wet pussy. Russ is on her left side and reaches below her hips with his right hand and gently probes a finger into her tightly puckered ass. In their respective positions all seem to actually flow with the music and between eagerly sucking Bob’s probing tongue, Jane begins to moan as the multiple stimulations are bringing her to an orgasm.

As the music changes tempo, Jane abruptly breaks her feverish kiss with Bob and huskily moans, “I gotta have hard cock in me now, OMG I feel so goooooood. Quick guys, while I lean over a couple of pillows on my hands and knees, one of you put your dick in my pussy, one in my mouth, and the other two lie perpendicular under my tits with each having a nipple in his mouth. This way you can suck my tits and look either way to see the sucking in front or the fucking in back. As the ones in front and back finish cumming, rotate around clockwise.”

Hardly believing their good fortune, the studs move into position. “Oh MY GOD your dick feels good entering my p…. mphhh,” Jane mumbles as just then another cock starts brushing her lips and slowly enters her eager mouth.

Oh, I am not sure I am up for this, Jane wonders, as the head of Bob’s huge swolen dick enters her pussy, wet as it is he is stretching my vaginal walls. Bob goes in slowly at first, one then two inches. The heat and wetness of her tight pussy are driving Bob mad and he grabs her waist with both hands lunging forward with all of his 8 inch cock impaling Jane to the hilt. “Oh, it feels as though my pussy has never had a dick before,” she thinks to herself as she is jolted forward onto Ted’s cock by Bob’s mighty slam into her. Swirling her tongue around the cock in her mouth, she feveriously sucks on it as it rams to the back of her throat. Mike and Russ are fondling and sucking her tits like mad as they watch the action from both ends. They are both fondling their hard cocks with their free hands in anticipation of trading places with Bob and Ted.

Bob continues to hammer into Jane’s hot pussy, practically bumping into her cervix on the instroke as his balls slam against her tight bottom. After all the sexual excitement of watching and touching Jane, Bob can’t keep it going too long. As he hollers his swolen dick pulsates and shoots a stream of hot juicy cum into Jane’s welcoming pussy, filling her channel to overflowing. Almost at the same time Ted grabs Janes head and gives her one last slam into her wet, sucking mouth, entering her throat as he releases his load of hot cum. Jane, also coming to orgasm sucks and swallows as much as she can of Ted’s hot cum but the volumn of it is too much and it begins seeping out of her mouth onto her chin just as Bob’s mighty load is too much for her engulfed pussy and his cum is leaking out down her thighs. Ted finally pulls out of Jane’s mouth and she screams, “AAAAARRRRRGGGGG, I’m cummmmmmiiiinnnnnnnng!!!” And even tho Bob has finished his load he is still hard as she backs into him with a force that almost topples him over, and would have had he not been still holding onto her tiny waist.

Mike and Russ quickly get into the positions just vacated by Bob and Ted as the two sated members slide their heads under Jane to take their turns as sucking and fondling her tits, wet from the saliva left by the other two. Mike quickly urges Jane to open her mouth as he pushes his mighty swolen dick to her inviting lips with Ted’s cum still dripping from her chin. Jane, still in the throes of her orgasm greedily sucks him into her waiting mouth and immeduately tongues the tip of his cock. She can taste Mike’s pre cum and her excitement starts growing again, never quite going down from her ongoing orgasmistic state.

At the same time Mike is entering Jane’s eagerly sucking mouth, Russ takes a hold of his 8 inch dick and rubs it up and down in Jane’s dripping pussy. He gets the head thourghly moistened with Bob’s spent cum which is still flowing from her pussy lips along with her hot juices. He then spreads her round butt cheeks with one hand and probes Jane’s anus with his mighty member. As he slowly moves in so as not to injure her, Jane initially stiffens at the assult to her nether hole then starts relishing the feeling as Russ slowly pushes more of his cock into her. He then pulls out a bit and then slowly pushes back in. This time, although still extremely tight around his huge dick, he can tell that she has loosened up and he then rams all of his dick deep into her bowels.

Having never had a dick in her butt before, Jane winces and moans with the initial pain of the assualt. Then the feeling goes from dull pain to one of pleasure as Russ starts fucking her butt in earnest. Each inward thrust brings his balls crashing into her and also rams her forward onto Mike’s dick as it too is pushed down her throat. Mike grabs Jane’s head and hammers her mouth till his dick starts to swell and then, not being able to hold it any longer he shoots his cum down Jane’s throat. Again she swallows and almost gags there is so much but continues to swallow to no end. Her mouth is overflowing once more with hot sticky cum which rolls out of her mouth to mix with that of Ted’s cum from before.

As the sucking and swallowing is going on Russ has hit a peak and goes into overdrive slamming into Jane’s bowel. He gives a mighty yell and unloads so much hot, sticky cum into Jane that it feels as if her lower abdomen has extended from the mass he spent in her.

Chapter 3

Betty was finally out of the office. I thought I was never going to get those accountants out of here. Oh yeah, I know they are only trying to help me move around some of the money that is coming in from the zoo business. But it sometimes it irates me that one cannot legally do a business that so many people want and enjoy.

Now to something more enjoyable (actually most enjoyable, and the reason why I love this business so well). After Jane’s urgent phone call this morning, I had to send out four of my up and coming stars out to help her with “her problem.” Then a quick phone call to John to have King ready to go as well as the newbie Jake.

As I pull up to the kennel I notice that the only vehicle here is John’s and the open sign is off. Great, kennel customers gone for the day and I can get down to doing something realllllly enjoyable. It is a good thing I have my key to get in. I unlock the door and go in. As expected there is no one in the lobby so I go through the door behind the counter and enter the front of the kennel area.

“Hey John. I see you are giving our newbie a shampoo. Isn’t he awesome looking! Sure am glad those factory breeders do not like the ones that are large for their breed size. Jake is a good 6 inches taller at the shoulder than what a lab is supposed to be,” Jane said.

“Yeah, he is a looker alright. You want to finish him up while I go get the bitch in heat smell rags?” John asked. “He just needs rinsing and drying.”

“Sure I’d love to. I think I will get out of my clothes first tho,” Jane said as she kicked off her sandals and pulled down her short skirt. She rarely wore underpants and today is no exception. Next she pulls her blouse over her head and lets the air feel free on her naked breasts and her pink pussy. Then she puts on some knee pads John keeps there just for her.

Jake is watching her with disinterest and starts to shake the shampoo off just as Betty crawls over to him. “Oh, hold it big boy. Let me run this warm water over you and get all that soap out of your beautiful coat.” Jake settles down with her gently rubbing and massaging of his beautiful black coat. As Betty gets to Jake’s underside, she leans down and looks at his cock sheath. OMG, she thinks he has the biggest sheath of any lab she has ever seen. Gently she places her hand on it and slowly rubs it back and forth. The swelling where his knot would be is a good 9 inches back from the tip which is now starting to peek out of the sheath. She leans in further and sticks out her tongue, touching the tip which is now out a good inch. The pressure from her tongue makes him really start to come out with his beautiful red cock. Gently Betty takes Jakes growing cock into her mouth with a sucking sound as she sucks it and at the same time swirls her tongue around it, urging him to come out all the way.

Just then John comes in and stops in his tracks as he sees the gorgeous redhead sucking on the dogs cock. Her beautiful ass is sticking up in the air and the hint of soft red hair she leaves on her otherwise well shaved pussy is too much for him to take. Even tho he has seen Betty do this many times before, he immediately gets a tremendous hardon. He sets the jar with the bitch rag in it down and starts taking off his clothes in anticipation of what he knows will come next. As many times as he has fucked Betty here in the kennel, each time is a new adventure as she has such a tight and EDUCATED pussy. And her beauty is absolutely stunning.

Hearing John behind her, Betty reluctantly releases her sucking mouth from Jake’s ever growing dick. “Hurry John, let’s move to where Jake can watch us, and you fuck me doggie style. Let him smell the bitch rag first tho so he will be sure to know what is happening.”

Betty gets around in front of Jake so he can’t reach her and wiggles her luscious butt in the air as an immediate invite to John who is more than ready to FucK her. “Betty, you are so beautiful with your ass up in the air like that. Here goes,” as he aims his dick to her hot, wet pussy. With a quick dog like lunge he impales her with his throbbing meat. Betty squirms and moans with desire as she accepts him. His first thrust almost topples her over and would have had he not been holding her by her tiny waist. She can feel her pussy walls stretch to accommodate his onslaught. There is no holding him back, he has been thinking of this ever since Betty called him this morning. He hammers her back and forth like a dog on a bitch. Betty is now his bitch and he can’t get enough. Occasionally he gets in far enough to bump against her cervix and Betty squeals with delight. She is almost frothing with the oncoming orgasm and screams out as John slams her and unloads his pent up cum deep into her womb. Betty immediately cries out “AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG, I’m CUMMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNG!!!!!!” Holding it there while his member continues to throb and spurt more cum into her he finally is spent and pulls out of her now gaping pussy which is leaking hot, sticky cum out and down on her thighs.

Quickly John looks over at Jake and notices that his dog dick is hanging out and he is doing a humping motion. John gets up and undoes Jake’s leash from the wall and leads him to the back of the still moaning Betty. Jake immediately starts licking the cum dripping from Betty’s well fucked pussy. This puts Betty into another round of orgasmic ecstasy.

From Betty’s previous sucking of Jake’s dick, the smell of the bitch rag, and watching John’s performance, he is humping and jumps up onto Betty’s back. She is ready for the onslaught but still she is shoved almost down from Jake’s weight. Now she leans further down so she can place her head on her forearms and not only give a better pussy presentation for Jake’s probing dick, but she can also watch the action which is always an awesome turnon for her.

John guides Jake’s monster dick to Betty’s pussy lips. As soon as Jake feels the hot, wet entrance nature takes over and he plunges in. Betty’s pussy walls are immediately stretched as she expands to hold Jake’s monster dick which is half again bigger around than John’s big dick. She feels it immediately slam against her womb and cries out in pain and joy. “Yessssss, FucK ME, FucK ME, FucK ME, FucK ME,” she screams.

Jake hammers her pussy with a ferocious banging, each thrust bring his balls against her upturned ass and the tip bouncing against her womb. She can feel her cunt being stretched then she feels, and knows, the beginning of Jake’s knot trying to make entrance into her tight pussy lips. She is watching herself being fucked and continues orgasm after orgasm. Finally Jake gives a mighty lunge and succeeds in impaling Betty’s tight pussy with his knot. At this point he slows a bit but continues to hump for short strokes as the knot will not let him pull out. Then it happens, Jake howls and rams her again HARD and lets go with his hot, searing, dog cum. Betty screams even louder, “AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG, I’m CUMMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNG I’m CUMMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNG !!!!!!”

Her womb is pumped to the fullest extent possible with Jake’s hot cum as it fills her to overflowing. From her vantage point looking underneath herself, she saw her belly expand and contract with Jakes thrusts and then when the knot entered she saw the tremendous bulge just past her pussy lips. When he shot his buckets of hot cum into her she could see her abdomen actually stretch out as the tightness of Jake’s knot kept it inside her.

Oh, God, I feel soooo good. My climax just keeps climbing, there is absolutely nothing that exceeds a good dog fuck. Oh, I can feel Jake still throbbing in my tight pussy as he is humped over my back and breathing, panting in my hair and ear. His slobbers on my neck make me think of having cum dribble on me, it is sooooo erotic. Jake continues to give short, hard bumps into my overstretched love canal. He seems to have a never ending supply of firey hot dog cum trying to push its way further into my tight womb. Continuing to look underneath, my ever buldging lower abdomen looks as though I am entering my third month of pregnancy. I feel so full of cum and he just continues with jet after jet of hot love juices.

His hot dog cum continues to spray inside me, flooding the deepest parts of my sex with a never ending spreading stain of heat. It spreads around and through me and my body jerks with pleasure, my cuntal walls spasming around his great prick as his balls continue to empty themselves inside me. His hot cum is expanding my uterus as it is held in by his magnificent knot stretching my inner pussy walls. He humps and fucks slower now but each hump from him causes a further expansion of his knot and more hot doggie seed seeking entrance to my already expanded pussy well. I continue to cry and moan from the pain of my over stretched pussy and womb and scream out with my ever increasing orgasm.

Finally, Jake is completely still. He then starts to turn off my back as is natural for dogs to do, but John is right here to keep him on my back. I reach back and pet him and tell him what a great job he had done in fucking my pussy and giving me so much of his hot cum. In this way we were teaching him with his very first fuck to stay on a lady’s back till his knot allows complete withdrawal instead of being hung up butt to butt. The majority of my customers prefer that the dog stay on top so as to not hazard the chance of injury to their pussy lips while the dog tries to pull his dick out before the knot is down.

After about 10 minutes I can feel Jake’s knot receding and I allow him to slide off my back. Then it happens, the sudden sliding of his still monster dick across my G-spot combined with the tremendous gushing out of his pent up hot, sticky dog cum from my stretched insides sends me into yet another agonizing orgasm. Cum gushes out of my pussy almost like I am pissing and flows down onto my stomach, thighs and floor. I plop over onto the floor, momentarily emotionally and physically exhausted. Jake turns to lick the cum from my pussy, legs and stomach which turn me on again even after having had countless amazing orgasms. I just whimper and moan in my ecstasy. When satisfied that he has cleaned up his bitch, Jake wanders off to start cleaning himself.

John comes over and squats down beside me. My eyes are closed and a through a weak smile I manage to utter, “Oh, my god. That was so fucking awesome. I’m sorry John, you are certainly good, but there is nothing to compare to a big dog’s dick ramming into my tight pussy, forcing itself into my womb, then filling me with immense loads of very hot, and sticky dog cum. And that knot of his, every time he moved it just inside my stretched pussy lips he hit my G-spot, each time spiraling me to higher and higher orgasms that a man could never achieve. Training dogs has to be the most wonderful business imaginable.”

As I slowly push myself up with John helping me, he says, “Do you want me to turn on the warm water so you can rinse Jake’s doggy cum from your pussy?”

“Thanks, but no. I will just wipe my face a bit and wear a super maxi pad so I will not leak onto my car seat. Where I am headed and what I plan to do, I want to have all of the dog cum scent left in me. Just go and get King for me. I am taking him for me and take Jake to train with another beautiful pussy I have all ready for him. John, he was soooooo good fucking me, and for a first timer too. He just might become a close second to my King.”

As John goes to get King, first snapping Jake’s leash to a post, I get a clean wet towel and wipe my face and neck to make myself at least somewhat presentable, not that anyone where I’m going will notice.

Driving down Highway 1 in my completely restored red ‘57 T-bird convertible with the top down, I think back to my first days of getting fucked by my family pet. That was a totally awesome time of my life. Oh, but I digress, that is another chapter of my life altogether. I need to keep focused. Jake is in the back seat and I reach over and rub King’s neck as he sits in the front passenger seat looking for all the world like he is enjoying being driven by his bitch. I grin as I picture his reaction as John brought him to me. He instantly put his nose under my short skirt and sniffed. He then gave a small growl as he smelled strange dog cum.

I laughed at his antic and kneeled down. “It’s ok King, I am still your bitch and I will be showing you real soon with action,” I said giving him a big hug and kissing his face. While licking my face his tail is wagging seeming to sense that he is going to get some hot, tight pussy soon.

Looking at him now I feel so much joy, love and passion. He is absolutely beautiful. The biggest German Sheppard I have ever seen, in sheer physical size as well as the size of his magnificent dick. Oh My God, I practically cream myself every time I think of his huge cock slamming into my tight pussy seeking to empty his pent up hot sperm deep into my womb with his huge knot spread just inside my pink, swollen pussy lips. Oh, shiver, gotta quit this before I wreck on one of these sharp curves.

California’s Highway 1 has exquisite scenery and the smell of the ocean with the splash of the waves against the rocks is well worth the attention one must pay to one’s driving. Almost flying by my driveway, I stop in time and pull in. I pull up beside Jane’s car and use my remote to open the double garage door. Easing into the empty garage I immediately signal for the door to close and exit with Jake’s leash in hand. He has had obedience training but I am not sure how to trust him around dogs, especially my Alpha dog King. King stays in his seat as he knows that he is not to move till I tell him.

“OK King, heel,” I command. We all three slip in the kitchen door. All is quiet as I figured it would be. I had instructed the boys this morning to fuck Jane 3 or 4 times apiece and by now they are probably all sprawled out asleep on the floor.

Slipping out of my skirt and top I peel down my bikini panties I had to put on to keep the maxi pad in place. I always go prepared for just such situations and it certainly paid off this time as during the whole drive I could literally feel Jake’s hot cum sloshing around in my womb and vaginal canal. The pad I throw in the trash. Again I can feel Jakes slippery cum sliding out of my pussy and down my legs. Both dogs give me a sniff and King gives a short growl at Jake who realizes instantly who is boss and backs off.

Slowly tiptoeing to the lounge room, I can smell the aroma of sweat and hot fucking sex. Both dogs smell it too and give out short whines, anxious to investigate. My pussy is starting to heat up in anticipation of our tryst.

There they are, all sprawled out, naked as jay birds. Jean’s right leg is cocked up a bit and I can see her red, puffy pussy with cum glistening on it. Her head is lying on her arm and she has a smile on her beautiful angelic face as though she is dreaming and there are droplets of cum still on her chin.

I quietly tell King to stay and lead Jake over to Jean’s beautiful cunt, having to go around Mike and Bob who are conked out on the floor between Jane and me. Jake can smell the exciting aroma emitting from her cunt. As he puts his nose to her ass he slurps out his big K9 tongue across her labia. Jane gives a little moan and Jake starts to lap more vigorously as he tastes the cum from all the fucking she has received. He wants to get inside her pussy to taste her even more. Jane is starting to moan louder which awakens the boys who are now sitting up watching Jake’s expert foreplay.

As Jake continues to excitedly lick Jane’s beautiful pussy I ask Bob and Mike to grab a couple of pillows then have them lift the moaning beauty up and place her over the pillows. This places her at just the right height for Jake to continue to minister his now dripping tongue into her quivering love channel. Jane is starting to awaken but the moaning she continues is a sure indication that she is starting to orgasm. All at once Jake, whose glistening red and purple dog dick is a good 6 inches out of its sheath, jumps up onto Jane’s back, grips her tiny waist with his powerful paws and humps forward. Missing several times, I grab hold of his throbbing dog dick which is spraying pre cum all over Jane’s tight buns and guide it to her waiting, wet pussy lips.

Feeling the hot, wet channel of his new bitch, Jake rams home with all his might. This brings Jane to a screaming howl as she is impaled by the now jack hammering dog whose dick has increased to a good 9 ½ inches and 2 ½ inches around. Jane screams, “Ooooooh, give me that cock, fuuuuuccccckkk me. Oh, it hurts” as she convulses and shouts with her orgasm, “I’M CUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNG, I’M CUMMMMINNNG.” Jake, turned on even further by the tight clenching and unclenching of the hot vaginal track he is so expertly pummeling, puts his full 11 inches of red hot dog meat in her and bangs faster and faster, his heavy balls slapping against her tight butt, the tip of his dog dick slipping past her cervix and into her womb with each mighty inward stroke. His powerful legs and hips propel him on and on as he seeks to push his knot past her stretched pussy lips.

Jane screams out again in pure agony, pain, and confusing delight as his knot finally makes entrance to her tight pussy and bangs against her G-spot. His thrusts are shorter now due to his knot being tightly embedded in Jane’s hot, throbbing pussy, but he manages to push in the final 3 inches behind his knot which puts the tip of his pulsing dog dick well past her cervix and deep into her womb with each stroke.

Jane is now delirious with the unbelievable sensations her body is feeling. Just then Russ kneels in front of her, holding his now turgid dick, glistening with pre cum to her full lips, bruised from the many mouth fuckings she received earlier. She eagerly opens her mouth and Russ slams forward, the tip of his enlarged glans making entrance to her tight throat. As Jane almost gags she relaxes her throat muscles and feels the length of him with her tongue as she deep throats him. As he holds her head and flexes his muscular hips back and forth pushing him to climax.

The double pounding Jane is receiving sends her into yet another orgasm as Jake’s huge dog dick starts to unload massive jets of hot dog sperm into her womb, hotter than anything she has ever experienced. Her insides are sprayed and sprayed with what seem like gallons of sticky dog cum which fills her womb and tries to squish out her tight pussy channel. The exit is completely blocked by Jake’s massive dog knot which continues to throb and bang against her G-spot sending her into almost convulsive waves of orgasm. Wanting, trying to cry out with her excitement Jane can only muffle incoherent sounds as Russ continues to fuck her mouth and throat with his throbbing dick. With one last mighty flick of his hips Russ screams and starts shooting his hot sperm down Jane’s throat and into her tight belly. She gags and tries to swallow as much as she can but the sheer volume of his hot sticky cum makes it impossible and it begins running in streams out of her mouth, covering her chin and neck.

Russ slowly pulls out of Jane’s beautiful lips and she continues to moan and groan from the sensation she is receiving. Jake has now completely stopped pumping and relaxes on top of Jane’s back, his dick continuing to throb and shoot more and more hot dog cum into her now expanding womb. With each throb of the giant dick in her Jane cries out until finally Jake’s knot relaxes enough that he slips out of his bitch’s tight pussy channel. In doing so his knot scrapes and rubs across Jane’s G-spot again and she agonizes with a final screaming orgasm and passes out with dog cum gushing out of her ravaged pussy lips, covering her stomach and thighs.

I am watching these happenings from a strategic vantage point. I have slipped my head under Jane’s abdominal area with a pillow under my head. I watch intently as Jake’s monster dick and knot are rapidly moving in Jane’s stretched pussy channel. I chance it and with perverse anticipation I open my lips, stick out my tongue and taste Jane’s pussy lips as well as Jake’s red meat hammering rapidly into her. Their mixed juices are awesome and set me on fire.

I open my mouth a bit wider and start licking Jane’s clit then start to gently suck on it as it has lengthened and hardened like a miniature penis. While continuing to suck (only a woman knows how to properly excite a clit) I roll it around my mouth with my tongue. I can hear Jane screaming with pleasure and know that I am playing a small part in making her cum harder than she has ever cummed in her life.

As Jake’s enormous cock finally withdraws from her stretched pussy lips I lick the hot juices starting to leak out. When the supersized knot, dwindling in size but still huge, finally emerges my face and mouth catch almost a cup of Jake’s hot, sticky dog cum. With mouth open I try to catch as much as I can and greedily swish it in mouth, tasting its hot, salty stickiness before swallowing, swallowing, and swallowing it down my throat and into my tummy.

Meanwhile, King, highly trained and obedient dog that he is, is patiently waiting by the door. Nature has taken its course though as he is not only drooling but his huge red dog dick is sticking out of its sheath at least 6 inches in anxious anticipation of being allowed his turn to fuck. And being the horny bitch that I am, my pussy is so wet from my own juices that I am leaking down my legs. Watching Jane get pummeled by Jake and taking Russ’s hard cock down her throat has gotten me to such a state that I can hardly stand it. I have to have King’s giant, hard dog dick in me NOW.

Crawling over in front of Jane, I call King and slap my butt. “Up King, I need your beautiful cock in me NOW!” Being the well trained dog that he is and as horney as he is, King immediately jumps up, putting his huge hairy chest on my back while wrapping his powerful paws around my tiny 24” waist. He wastes no time in finding my hot, wet pussy lips with his massive red dog dick. In he sinks the first 7 inches and I scream in pleasure, “IIIIEEEEEEEE, FUUUUUCK ME.” He backs out till the tip is barely inside my hungry pussy and rams forward again, banging through my cervix and into my waiting womb. His massive size stretches my pussy channel and the well lubricated pussy walls, (from Jake’s cum), expand sending extreme pleasure throughout my entire body.

Jake’s now 11” meat is punishing me with his jack hammer speed. His powerful legs and hips acting as a pile driver to ram that wonderful, hard meat of his in and out of my tight pussy with each mighty thrust bringing more and more of his hot cock into my womb. He is leaking more precum than any man ever cummed in his life. It is hot and sticky as it sears my pussy channel, cervix, and womb. “AAAAAAAGGHHHH, I’M CUMMMMMINNNNG, I’M CUMMMMINNNNG,” I scream as Jake continues pummeling my pussy at breakneck speed, his balls slapping at my tight butt with each powerful stroke. As his butt hunches upward to get the maximum benefit of each powerful thrust, I feel the hair on his belly grazing my anus as my hips are splayed open for him as a true dog bitch should be.

At this moment I am completely his bitch and he knows it. He is panting hard and slobbers onto my neck and red hair, thoroughly engrossed in impregnating his bitch with the oncoming rush of the massive explosion of his hot dog semen. I continue to orgasm, one after another, not even being able to count when one ends and another comes on.

Screaming out with each one it is no wonder that Jane has awakened and is watching, mouth open and wide eyed. She has never witnessed such a lewd act in her life. At first she is shocked and disgusted, and then begins to have a tinkling thought that this is possibly what just happened to her. My obvious enjoyment and the sight of King’s massive cock punishing my tender pussy starts to make her feel a renewed wetness between her own legs, even though she still leaks copious amounts of cum from Jake’s ravishing of her pussy just moments before.

Jake is banging and banging me much harder now as he is endeavoring to push his knot past my swollen and stretched pussy lips. Finally, with a lunge that practically knocks me over he slams his hard, massive dog knot home. It stretches the opening of my tight pussy channel and presses against my G-spot sending me into another scream of ecstasy, “AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH, GOD THAT IS SENDING ME OVER.” And I begin to whimper, not being able to do more.

Now, even though Jake’s jack hammer pummeling of my pussy has slowed, he continues banging into my cervix and womb even more as he has a good 3” of hot red dog meat behind his knot which he uses to penetrate my womb to the fullest extent. By now I am panting and moaning with a continuous orgasm that does not let up. Although slower, Jake bangs me just as hard if not harder than before his knot savagely pushed into me. His intentions are real now. I can feel his knot start to spasm as his massive dick swells to even greater proportions to a diameter of over 3”. He hammers forward with his balls mashed against my butt and howls with the primeval sound of a wolf as he starts delivering his searingly hot, pent up dog cum into my womb.

I feel as though my lower abdomen is going to burst from the expansion caused by the massive amounts of hot, sticky dog cum King is pumping into me. His hips continue to make slight inward thrusts with each explosion of cum spewing forth from the end of his magnificent cock. My G-spot feels as though it is being excited beyond all imagination and I scream out again, “AAAAAAAGGHHHH, I’M CUMMMMMINNNNG, I’M CUMMMMINNNNG, I’M CUMMMMINNNNG.” It seems as though this will never end as Jake pushes what seems like gallons of his searing dog semen into me.

With the ending near, I start to relax with just slight moans emitting from my lips and parched throat. When King’s knot finally deflates after fucking and spewing his hot cum into me for almost 15 minutes he slides off my back. He immediately starts licking the onrush of hot semen from my now raw pussy lips. Amazingly, his licking across my labia and pussy hole sends me into further delicious orgasms even after having had more than I can ever remember having in my life.

The boys have departed and Jane and I are relaxing with a cold martini. Both dogs are lying in opposite corners sound asleep.

“Betty, exactly what happened earlier? I was so enthralled with that awesome hammering of my pussy and Russ’s dick sliding in and out of my throat that I was completely oblivious of anything or anyone around me. It was as though it was a continuation of the fucking action going on earlier today but even more fantastic. I don’t believe I have ever cummed so much in my life, it was utterly beyond my imagination. Then I see you in front of me being humped by a monstrous dog and you screaming out your orgasms. And there are obviously two dogs here with us. Was I fucked by one of them? If so, I definitely want more of that, I will forever have in my mind the feelings I had and the orgasms I experienced. I thank you so much for that, you have truly brought me out of the depths of my depression from Bob leaving me for that, ugh, so called man.”

“Yes, Jane,” Betty replies, “that was Jake fucking you and only the second time he has ever fucked a human. He is a natural and I am sure he will be a tremendous asset for my business.” I then begin to tell her a little about my “real” business, supplying rich bitches with well trained dogs. The more I tell her, the more attentive Jane becomes.

“You mean your talent agency is just a front for your, uh, dog business? That is so freaking awesome. Do you get to try out the dogs before they service your clientele? I mean, that would be just totally mind boggling,” Jane rapidly blurts out.

Laughing, “Yes, Jane. Aries Talent Agency, although legit and does make some money, is just a front for my real beast training business. It sounds like you might be interested in helping me,” I ask as I notice that she is starting to feel agitated.

“Oh, yes Betty! I would dearly love to assist you with your, uh, duties. That sounds like it would be lots of work for you, I mean, YES I wanna help!!!” Jane excitedly replies.

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good ideas but horribly put in words. mixed first and third person pov, mixed past and present tense, terrible grammar make it impossible to enoy.

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what ius this shyt that people put out as stories that they think are worth the time to read!!!!!!!!!!

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