my names tyler. At the age of 14 i was a very active kid. i lived at home with my mom, who was aabout 5' 6" and very beautiful with 34 double D's. and my lil sister jessica or jessie as we called her.. who was 11 and developing very quicly she had just recently started wearing training bra's, i only know this becasue i had spoted them while helping mom with the dad had left us when i was 4, for a waitress he meet at denny's.

it was a beautiful august day. school was still out for another two weeks. and as usual i was board out of my mind. jessie had got to stay the weekend with her freinds for the weekend.
mom dident really have a soical life. most of her time she spent working and the rest she spent takeing care of me and jessie.

when mom got home from work i could tell she had another bad day. she came in ploped on the couch smiled at me and started watching tv. i was getting kind of hungry but i dident want to bother mom so i cooked us some homemake mac an cheese. after supper mom took a bath while i cleaned the dishes.

when she came in to the living room i was sitting watching cartoons. i dident notice what she was wering untill she sat down. it was i hot pink silk night gown and a house coat that was a bit too small for her. as we sat watching tv i noticed her house coat was open pretty wide and i could see her brest bulging out of the night gown. iv never had any sexual thoughts about my mom before thats sick. but i just couldent help geting hard...eventualy i couldent take it any more i was about to burst out of my dinem shorts. so i kissed her good nite and flew to the bath room and jerked off my shorts. i sat on the toilet holding my 5 1/2 inch cock thinking to myself how wonderful it would be to have my cock sliding between my moms perfect tits. i pleserd myself till my rist hurt. and took a bath.

when i came back to the living room to tell her good night and to hopefully catch another glimps of her sweet clevage i found her half way slumped in the couch with a half bottle of jack danials beside her and a shot glass. i kissed her on the check and told her i loved her. as i was walking back to the door way she called back.
"tyler hunny come sit with me."
i shruged and sat beside her. she shut off the tv and turned to me.
"tyler (hick up) i just want you to know i appreciate everything you do for me."
"no problem mom. i love you." i said. she placed her hand on my knee never looking away from my face.
after about 5 min of silence she stated rubing my leg and took another shot. and said.
"tyler i need your help"
"anything mom"
" can you help mommy to her room." she giggled i could smell the whisky thick on her breath. so i helped her up and together we walked to her room. she fell back on the bed mumbling and then sat up. and looked me dead in the eye. and said
" you know you look more and more like your father every day." : i love you so much."
and at that moment she leaned forward and kissed me. not the kind of kiss you get from a mother but the kind that a lover gives you. i just stood there shocked. was this really happening? she scooted farther on the bed and told me to sit. i dident object. after a moments hesitation i leand in and returned the kiss. we laed there and kissed pasonitly for a while untill i was brave enogh to reach under the night gown. she dident resist she just leaned back and spread her legs a little wider. i sezed this opertounity and lifted up the nitey to her waist. she wasent wearing underwear. i slowly tickled her clit with my fingers. she started breathing harder. i leaned far down i was almost tuching her hair less mound with my nose. the smell was exelirating. like a dog in heat. at that moment i stoped thinking of her as my mom and started looking at her as a lover.
"uuuuh baby that fills mommys pussy. i let instinct take over and and my mouth went wild.tasting every drop of my mothers sweet cunt. she sat up and took the nitey off. for a womean with two kids she had an amazing body big firm full breast that stood strait out and a trim belly. i layed her back and craweld ontop of her and started pasionity kissing. she unbuttend my paints with out me noticing and yanked them down i hadent botherd to put my unerwear back on so my dick stuck way out and landed at the opening of her pussy. she gently gided my prick untill i was all the way in her. she let out a loung and grumbled moan and started thrusting her hips tward me. i thrusted back matching her rythem.
"ohh baby dont stop....uuuhhh god fuck me baby fuck momms pussy. i could fill my load rising and i couldent take it any more and i shot my load in my we lay there panting, me still ontop of her we held each other in a tight hug. after a few miniuts i could hear her softly snoring. so i got up gatherd my cloths and went to bed.

when i woke up the next morning she just smiled at me from the kitchen table and said...
"did u sleep well last nite......"

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