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I'm a big fan of the show so here is the first chapter of a series of stories.
It was a hot day in Arlen Texas. The setting sun cast a red glow over the small town giving it a beautiul shine. In the Hill residence Peggy worked at cleaning her home. The heat was making her sweat and her cool green top was becoming very wet. She was bent over cleaning the tolit and her ass was showing. She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled at how she looked much younger then she was with her perky breasts showing and her ass hanging out of her jeans. She pulled her pants lower and examined the look. She sighed it would have reminded her of her younger years but sadly she was a very plain and straight laced girl back then. How she had wished that she had been wilder and really gotten out more instead of studying longer. She looked at herself and frowned. No one except her husband Hank and their friend Bill would touch her now.

She left the bathroom and looked at her house, it was so empty. Hank was at work and wouldn't be back until the evening, Bobby was on school trip and wouldn't be back until the end of the weekend and Luanne was on a hot date all night. She would have the house to herself for at least a couple of hours. She sat in Hanks recliner and turned on the tv but there wasn't anything on. She sighed, she had never been this bored before. The heat continued and a bead of sweat traveled slowly down her body and went across her clit. The sensation caused her to breath a small moan. She smiled slightly it had been a long time since she had a good cum. She looked around and she was still alone so she shurgged and decided to do something bad.

She slowly unbottoned her jeans and pulled them down with her panties. She looked at her love button and began rubbing it. She was a little dry so she began flicking her clit then gently rubbed it. She loved the sensation so she grabbed her clit with the tips of her fingers and genly twisted it. She liked it rough and Hank was never willing to be kinky with her. She started to leak pussy juice so she knew it was time. She began fingering her pussy slowly but increased the speed as she went along begining to really enjoy the sensation. She put in two fingers and started to go wild. Sweat poured from her body making her cloaths super wet and her soaking wet back lifted off the chair as she began to spasam. Thoughts filled her mind of Hank suprising her in the shower and fucking her stupid. She began panting his name and pushed her fingers in deep. Her whole body quaked as she reached her climax squirting pussy juice all over Hanks favorite chair. She knew that Hank would be mad but she would make it up to him. The masterbation made her hornier then before and she knew that tonight she was going to get Hank to hive her some.

That night Hank pulled in the drive way with his red pick up trunk much later then usual. Peggy had been busy the past few hours preparing their bedroom with candels and rose peddels from the garden. Peggy heard the car door open so she lied on the bed spread legged. She wore her best black lace langerie and waited for Hank to walk in the bedroom to find her. After a few mintutes Hank had not come in and Peggy looked out the window to check it out. There was Hank with his three buddies Dale, Bill and Boomhower. Peggy frowned at the fact that drinking time in the alley was more important to him then his wife. Peggy lied back in the bed and began reading a book she was working on reading. She heard a loud laugh from the alley, someone had truly said something funny. Peggy grunted and went back to her book.

Almost an hour later Hank walked in the bedroom. "Jeez Peggy it's so dark why don't you turn the light on?" he said as he flicked on the light. Peggy started at him "Forgive me for trying to set a nice mood for the evening!" Hank shook his head "Peggy if you want a good mood for a book turn the light on so it's easier to read." Peggy shook her head annoyed by his cluelessness. "I tell you what Peggy I had the craziest day at work. We had a guy come in asking for 45 gallon tank and he pointed to the 50 gallon tank." Hank smiled and laughed at his own joke. Peggy rolled her eyes she was so sick of stupid little jokes and was even sicker of hearing about propane.

Peggy got an evil little grin and moved over to Hank and put on her best sudduction voice. "So it sounds like you had a little bit of a boring day." Hank nodded completly oblivious to Peggy's attempts to sudduce him. "Yeah aside from the uneducated customer it was just a regular day." he said with a little fear in his voice. Peggy smiled more "Well lets make it an exciting day." she said well circling his penis with her finger through his underpants. Hank pulled himself back. "Peggy I'm not in the mood tonight." Peggy's smile turned to an angry face. "What is a little passion too much to ask at this point?" Hank neveriously shook his head. "No Peggy it's just been a long day and I have to be up early tomorow to open the store." Peggy frowned. "Fine but your gonna be making your own breakfast in the morning. Peggy turned and went to sleep with anger in her features.

The next morning Peggy sat the the table sipping a cup of coffie. Hank had gone to work before she got up and there was nothing to do. Peggy senced another presence in the room and she turned to discover Luanne was up and had came into the kitchen. "Morning Aunt Peggy." she said her her ditsy high pitched voice. Luanne looked very tired and she seemed to have a pain in her lower back. "Oh good morning Luanne you seem to be up early." Luanne gave a half nod "Yeah I promoised Bobby that I would tape his favorite saturday morning show for him." Peggy nodded and just now remembered it was saturday. "Odd I thought that Strickland propane opened late of saturdays." she thought to herself. "So what did you and Uncle Hank do last night?" Peggy shook her head "Oh nothing he worked till late. How was your date?" Luanne smiled "Oh it was awsome Brad and I hung out all night and we tried a lot of new things." Peggy nodded what she wouldn't give to be young again.

Peggy grew sad and Luanne could sence it. "Are you ok Aunt Peggy you don't look so good." Peggy started to cry. "Oh it's Hank, he never touchs me anymore and all he wants to do is work and hang out with his friends. Sometimes I fear that he is unattracted to me anymore." Luanne listened and nodded "Thats weird because I think you look great." Peggy smiled that was the nicest thing anyone had said to her in a long time. Luanne looked at her with a look of intrerest. "How often do you masterbate?" Peggy looked at her with shock this wasn't the kind of thing she liked talking about with her neice however Luanne was being very nice and helpful. "I do it once and a while but my fingers can't do as good of a job as a man's penis." Luanne nodded "Have you thought of an alternitive?" Peggy looked at her with confusement "What do you mean?" Luanne smiled and said "Come with me I'll show ya."

The two travaled to Luanne's room. Luanne went under her bed and pulled out a large black bag. Peggy stared at the bag with intrerest wondering what could be in it. Luanne opened it to reveal a large variety of sex toys ranging from dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, ball gags and other devices. Peggy marvaled at the barrage of items in front of her, she had never used a sex toy in her life yet Luanne seemed to have an army. Luanne went into the bag and pulled out a large pink dildo. "Show me your technique." she said with a smile on her face. Peggy was startled, never did she imagane her neice asking her of such a thing. "Oh I don't think I can I'm not really wet at all." Luanne gigled "Then show me how you suck it. I'll give you tips on how you can please Uncle Hank." Peggy smiled at the idea and put the dildo near her mouth. She put it into her mouth and began sucking the tip. Luanne closed her eyes and shook her head. "I have a lot of work to do with you."

Luanne went into the bag and pulled out a large strap on and put it on. She moved over to Peggy and put her hands on her shoulders. "Now your going to pretend I'm Hank and I'm going to give you pointers. First of all a guys penis isn't in the air it's here." she said as she forced Peggy to her knees putting her face to face with the strap on. "Now next off, you never go straight to sucking you have to warm a guy up first." Peggy nodded and questioned what to do. She grabbed a hold of the strap on and began gently rubbing it. Luanne gave a fake moan of pleasure and Peggy looked up at her with a look of a little girl discovering love for the first time. She leaned forward and licked the tip gently then began licking the shaft up and down. Luanne smiled "Good your learning fast now show me that inner slut." Peggy smiled and looked at her with the look of a 16 year old teenager. She began sucking it hard and fast wraping her arms around Luanne's ass. Peggy went deeper and deeper and being brave shoved a finger against Luanne's shorts entering her ass a bit. Luanne gave a very real moan and smiled. "Excellent Uncle Hank is very lucky to have you." Peggy blushed and her pussy became soaking wet from the sexy act. Luanne smiled "Looks like your ready for the next lesson."

Luanne put Peggy lied her on the bed and lied her down. She began taking off Peggy's shirt well kissing her neck slowly, licking it around in circles. Peggy moaned softly and kissed Luanne's cheek. Luanne smiled "Your so sweet but I want a whore." she said has she unzipped Peggy's pants. Peggy pulled herself back. "Luanne I love you but your my neice." Luanne grew angry. "Yeah were family but not blood related. I want you now!" Peggy had never seen this side of Luanne, so demanding and forceful. Luanne stared at her "Maybe you need a little incentive." She pulled off her top exsposing her exstremly large and perky breasts. Then she slipped off her shorts through the strap on. Peggy stared at her beautiful naked body, she was perfectly formed with all the right curves in all the right places. Peggy's pussy juiced all over her panties, she wanted her so much and she couldn't hide it anymore.

Luanne got on the bed and pulled off Peggy's pants and underpants throwing them on the floor. She spread Peggy's leg apart and gently rubbed her hips. Peggy moaned and released more pussy juice. "God you want this so much don't you Peggy." Peggy blushed and smiled. "Oh Luanne it's been so long since I've had some please be gentle." Luanne smiled and nodded pushing the tip to her lips. "Peggy would you like to do the honors?" Peggy smiled and grabbed onto Luanne's shoulders and gently pushed herself onto the strap on. She yelped because it was much bigger and thicker than Hanks. Luanne pulled Peggy into a hug and began gently gryating the dildo into her going slow. The two began kissing flipping their tounges around sesually as their fucked. Luanne lied Peggy down and held onto her hips and began going faster and faster. Peggy bit her lip and grabbed a hold of the best posts for support. Luanne held Peggy down and went into to overdrive. The bed shook with the force of the humping and Peggys moans filled the room causing Luanne to smile wildly. Peggy turned beat red and Luanne knew she was ready. She grabbed a hold of Peggy's clit squeezing it with all her might. Peggy spasamed and screamed as she came the hardest she ever came in her life coving the dildo with cum.

Peggy fell down on the bed panting. "Oh god it has never been that good before. You are the most amazing girl I have ever seen." Peggy smiled and closed her eyes wanting to rest and give herself a relaxing day. Luanne shook her head. "Oh your not done theres something left to do." Peggy looked at her confused they did oral and then sex what was left. Luannes eyes stared at Peggys lower back and she understood. "Oh no Luanne I have never done that before I don't think I can take it." Luanne stared at her with fury in her face. "You will take it and you will like it!" With suprising strength and agility she grabbed Peggy and flipped her over. Peggy tried to squirm but Luanne sat on top of her and tied her hands to the post. "Luanne no you can't." Luanne grew angrier "Shut up bitch!" She bought her hand down and spanked her hard. Peggy let out a loud scream. "Now we can't have the neibours listening in." Luanne grabbed a ball gag and put it around her mouth. Peggy was stuck there was no escape.

Luanne climbed over and rubbed Peggy's face. "I'm doing this because I love you and I know deep down you want it." Peggy turned away in truth she did want it but couldn't imagane the pain the would come. Luanne spit on her fingers and began fingering Peggy's ass. Peggy's face clentched it was a new exsperience but she grew used to it and liked it. "That was the warm up and here comes the real thing." Luanne went over to her and pulled her cheeks apart. She pushed the tip to her asshole and pushed it in fast. Peggy's eyes widened it only went in a inch and a half but she was so tight that it felt like she was kneed. Luanne continued to fuck her wild pushing it in deeper and deeper. Peggy let out several muffled screams, even the extra lube of her cum didn't help. Luanne laughed and spanked her. She took out a special curved tip dildo and shoved it up Peggys pussy. It didn't take Peggy long to discover why it was curved because as soon as it went it it touched her G spot. Luanne fucked her in both holes and Peggy felt like she had to orgasim, shit and pee all at the same time. Finally she couldn't stand anymore and she let out a blissful orgasam spraying cum everywhere. Her body gave out and she peed from the sensation of the G spot stimulation.

Luanne stared at the broken Peggy now lieing on her piss soaked bed. "You ruined my bed thats gonna come with a penelty." Luanne went to grab something from the bag when the door bell rang. Luanne threw off the strap on and threw on a gaint t shirt. She went out to the door and Peggy heard voices from the living room. Luanne came back in with a big smile on her face. "Looks like we found a third party for our fun." Peggy turned and saw who it was and fear filled her eyes. Her day of sex was just beggining and all across Arlen and beyond people were having haveing just as much fun.

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