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While Kakashi and Yamato continue to work Naruto to the bone , Naruto begin's to feel hot , horny and stressed. Luckily for him , Sakura is there to help
Thump! Naruto collapsed to the floor , completely exhausted , his lungs straining to get air into them.Naruto heard the quiet thud , thud of Kakashi's boots as he walked over , barely audible over his own furiously beating heart.Kakashi gave him a few moment's to get his breath back then knelt down beside him. "That will do for today Naruto-Kun"."Yes , Kakashi-Sensei". Naruto got to his feet , wobbling slightly but managing to stay up.He began to walk away from Kakashi , already thinking of his cozy bed and cup ramen , maybe even some Ichiraku ramen.He began to drool slightly. "The mouth-watering noodles , with pork slices and delicious sou-".He was cut off in mid-thought as he crashed into Sakura."Ouch!Watch where your going idiot!" she said."Sorry , sorry , i didnt see you there" he replied then cast a glance at the tree she had been hiding behind."Why were you hiding?" he asked , in a confused voice.Lately Naruto had taken to removing his shirt when he was training , considering the pressure he had to put on his body , heating him along with the hot glare of the sun.Sakura was staring at his chest , a rosy glow to her cheeks.Naruto , being the idiot that he is , wondered if Sakura had a fever , or maybe a cold."Are you ok Sakura?".She didn't reply.Naruto tried again , "Sakura , are you o-".He was forced to a halt when her lips were suddenly pressed hard against his , her tongue pressing against his lips , desperate to enter his mouth.Automatically Naruto's mouth opened and accepted her tongue as he realised what was happening and began to kiss back.She started sucking on his tongue softly and biting his lip gently in a odd , kind of sensual rhythm.Naruto was clearly enjoying the kiss , as the bulge in the front of his pant's began to grow larger.Sakura had noticed it , pressed up against her stomach and began to stroke it softly , through the material of the orange material.Naruto gave a soft moan , which was replaced by a groan of annoyance when she pulled away , moment's later."Can we go back to your apartment Naruto?".The lust in her voice was evident and even Naruto knew it."Yeah , lets go".They began walking back , through the forest that surrounded the training area , kissing and groping until both were as aroused as possible.They could now see the edge of the forest and Naruto couldn't wait to finally relieve the stress and frustration in his body.Preferably inside Sakura.

Bang! Naruto's door shot open , kicked in by Naruto himself and luckily not blown off the hinges.He shut it quickly , directly after Sakura had entered and grabbed her , spinning her to his bed and dropping her onto it.He knelt over her and leaned down , kissing her softly and sliding his warm tongue inside her mouth , sucking greedily on her tongue.Her hand travelled the length of his body , to the hard erection still stuck inside his pants.She slid his pants down , still kissing him and grabbed his cock , stroking it slowly.Naruto moaned quietly and kissed Sakura harder , thrusting his cock in between her fingers.Sakura smiled and said "Someone's a horny boy".Naruto just nodded , to busy moaning to give a reply.She stroked him faster , her hand a blur , then stopped as his cock began to throb.Knowing he was already close to cumming made her want him , but first she wanted him in her mouth.She bent down and flicked her tongue across the head , a small moan escaping Naruto's lips at the pleasure that had just been sent through him.She grabbed the base of his 8 inch cock and began to stroke him while she sucked and licked the head of his cock.Naruto moaned louder , his back arching slightly.She slipped his cock further into her mouth and began to bob her head on him , her lips pressed as tightly as possible as her tongue slid over every inch of skin she could touch as she sucked him.Pre-cum came from his dick , salty and sweet.Sakura licked it up instantly , moaning at the delicious , warm taste.She wanted to make him cum now.She wanted to taste it , to have it slide down her throat and stick to her tongue.She began humming on his cock , the vibrations running throughout the entire length of his cock as he moaned louder and thrusted into her mouth , forcing his cock down into her throat.Her first instinct was to gag but instead she moaned.She loved having his cock so far inside her.She gave his head one last lick and waited , feeling his dick throb and throb before finally a small shot of cum came from his cock.Sakura was momentarily disappointed until , 2 seconds later , 3 large shots of cum shot into her mouth and down her throat , some of it spilling out of her mouth and dribbling down her chin.She swallowed all of his cum in one gulp , moaning at the taste and the licked the rest from her cheeks and chin , making sure to get each and every drop.Naruto finally felt relieved and Sakura still wanted more.Her pussy was wet , soaked , saturated and waiting for his cock.His cock was already growing back to full size , having seen the look on her face and knowing what was going to happen next.They leant in , kissed passionately and got into position , Sakura dying for Naruto's cock , Naruto dying to give it to her...

See the rest in part two. Hope you enjoyed it , comment and rate please.

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