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An unexpected meeting after a train journey
I sat down at the table on the train, putting my photography equipment on the seat nearest the window. The female opposite me was perhaps 10 years younger than me, reading a paperback book, while headphones delivered classical music to her delicate ears. She was sophisticated looking, mid 30s with her dark hair styled elegantly. She made eye contact briefly acknowledging my presence.
Stretching my legs under the table we shared we inevitably bumped each other’s legs and apologized, laughing together at the situation.
Across the aisle, 3 younger dark haired girls and a blonde girl read magazines, and were generally noisy, giving me a valid excuse to look over at the table, studying the 2 girls facing my general direction. The blonde girl stretched her denim clad leg into the aisle and attracted my attention on doing so, her blonde hair with slight curls, blue eyes and just the lightest dust of make up on her pretty face. Her denim jacket covered a yellow cotton top which in turn covered her small to medium sized breasts. I made eye contact with her several times and looked away quickly. She was young enough to be my daughter and she knew it.
The 50 minute journey gave me plenty of time to read the interesting articles in the photography magazine and I began to plan the journey at my destination, marking various points on my street map.
When the train neared my destination, my backpack was secured in preparation for the journey through the bustle of the mid morning train station. The dark haired beauty opposite me slid across and up in one swift movement and I watched her remove hand luggage from the overhead rack. Her silky blouse stretched over her large breasts while showing a smooth olive skinned belly button as her arm reached over her head. Her brown trousers covered her toned thighs and firm bottom. The need to watch her from behind intensified with each second.
All too quickly the dark haired beauty disappeared from my sight as the majority of the passengers departed from the train. I wandered towards the main exit and was interrupted from my thoughts by a sharp thump on my arm. Standing closely to my left was the blonde girl who had caught my eyes briefly on the train. As her blue eyes stared into mine, her perfume in my nostrils, her full lips and bright teeth talking to me, she introduced herself to me Crystal, 19 years old student, on her way to her sister’s wedding
Are you a professional photographer? Would you take photos of me? Can we go somewhere to talk?
Crystal and I found a cafe where we each had a sandwich and a drink while flirting outrageously with each other. I was teased about the ‘tart opposite me on the train’, and agreed that I had found her reasonably attractive. On insistence I removed one of my cameras from my backpack and captured a couple of pictures of Crystal in the cafe.
Crystal explained that she had been travelling for almost 20 hours and needed a power nap , and then proceeded to invite me to her hotel much to my surprise.
In the hotel, Crystal passed me off as her father and proceeded to call my dad all the way into the lift.
In the lift the mood changed and suddenly I found myself responding to a sexy kiss, feeling Crystal’s tongue in my mouth, and her hand pulling my head closer. The lift opened at our destination and Crystal grabbed my hand as we rushed along the corridor towards the hotel room. No longer were we in the room than we were again locked at the lips, my right hand cupping her young tender bottom, my left reaching up towards her right breast. We manoeuvred towards the large double bed and collapsed on it together.
Separating, I quickly released my backpack and removed my jacket when I was told to stop where I was. Crystal wanted to undress me. Nibbling my ears with her teeth, she finally removed my underpants and grabbed my erect cock with both hands, complementing me. Telling me it was her turn to be undressed, Crystal stood up while pulling me by my cock. Her denim jacket was removed, and I undid the small buttons on her top and continued to pull it over her head, I quickly turned Crystal around and undid the clasp on her pale yellow B cup bra and reached to cup her breasts. They felt beautiful. On turning around I undid her belt and zipper without taking my eyes from her breasts. Small but firm with no need for support, and pale almost not existent nipples.
Quickly we sat on the edge of the bed and together we removed the denims, leaving Crystal in a pair of matching pale yellow panties. Crystal started removing them while I watched in awe at this blonde beauty. The panties were no sooner removed when I opened Cristal’s legs to reach for her pussy. My hand was swatted away, and I was told “just fuck me”
As I reached over Crystal, her hand had grabbed again at my cock, and I felt the warm entrance of this girl’s pussy, followed by a tightness I had left behind in my youth. My first thrust saw me enter half of my 7 inches when I heard a cry in my ear to stop, and I lay still.
“It’s too big for me” Crystal repeated several times before explaining her lack of experience.
I removed my medium sized cock from Crystal, and lowered my head towards the stretched pussy. With little blonde hairs around this delicate pussy, I found very large sensitive lips, and a wonderful taste. Swapping between sucking on the large lips and the almost hidden clitoris I also entered my middle finger deeply into Crystal and within 10 minutes Crystal had reached her first orgasm. My cock was still hard throughout all of this and Crystal wanted to “return the favour” as she delicately put it.
Crystal grabbed my cock and started licking the head and eventually entered the head into her warm mouth, and kept on feeding on my cock, before gagging and removing my cock completely. Apologising, she was almost crying when she declared herself to be useless at sex. I explained that she had been doing great and didn’t have to deep throat me. With guidance Crystal licked the head of my cock, and continued to the underneath, enveloping the head softly and removing to nuzzle on my sack and balls. This continued for perhaps 15 minutes before I came in her mouth while Crystal played with my balls, and I was met with a screwed up face from Crystal. It tasted funny.
I lay back for around 30 minutes, watching Crystal sleep in my arms, my mind wondering how long I would spend with this pretty girl before reality would set in. Crystal woke and quickly asked if we could fuck, and proceeded to play with my cock, eventually placing her soft lips around the head again. I stretched out and played with Crystal’s moist pussy, and entered a finger, thrusting it in and out, and eventually using 2 fingers attempting to stretch this delicate pussy. With Crystal lying on top of me I grabbed first one then the other of Crystal’s small breasts and quickly found the growing nipples when all hell broke loose and Crystal had forced herself onto my cock and was riding me like a woman possessed. This once frightened girl had turned into a wanton whore.
I felt a sharp pain in my side and found Crystal’s nails gripping tightly and watched as sweat poured down the breasts that were mere inches from my face, tempting me to taste the flavoursome liquid. As much as 5 minutes passed before we lay quiet, both experiencing the calm after an explosive orgasm, only the sound of our breathe disturbing the silence.
“I’ve never seen my nipples like that before” Crystal commented, as we both looked to see 2 reddened swollen nipples, as I reached out to stroke the nearest, Crystal screamed in almost pain, while pulling my lips towards hers. My cock recovered to its hardened state almost instantly and I felt a hand grab at it again while Crystal forcefully enveloped it again with her wanton pussy. We tried several positions, however Crystal, always seemed to be in charge and insisted I pull at her nipples to ‘keep her going’
My orgasm arrived when without warning Crystal filled my mouth with one of her nipples, and most of her breast, forcing me to struggle for breath. I also realised that not only was I covered in sweat from both of us, but Crystal was leaking more than just my come. The sheet below us was soaking and Cristal admitted to having a peeing sensation after her orgasm.
I had fallen asleep and was woken by Crystal wearing nothing but her yellow panties, explaining that her nipples were back to their normal, but not like other girls’, “don’t worry” I replied, and explained that her nipples were inverted and rather sexy.
After a shower as I dressed, Crystal explained she had lost her virginity painfully at 16 years old and for the next 3 years had feared she was not normal. Her reason being as all her friends had boasted it of ‘being the best feeling in the world’, while her breasts had grown very little since puberty, her nipples hadn’t even popped out yet
I left Crystal’s room 5 hours after I initially entered it, and couldn’t persuade Crystal to pose for me.


2009-11-29 07:13:19
I agree with others you could have got it the write way round.


2009-08-09 12:33:35
could have been better,

she wanted him to take pictures of her, then she refused to pose after their fucking. the posing should have come first and moved into them fucking

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2009-08-07 02:55:59
why cannot people lay out a story the right way...
I mean spelling and the use of paragraphs!!!!!!!!!!!

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